Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) (1999) s01e15 Episode Script

The Great Sacrifice

My adrenaline's always flowin' So it feels like I'll overheat Even if I explode and turn to ashes I'll probably still be laughing Just like this Blowing past the town To the ends of the world Let's burn rubber And die together like lovers Let's cut loose Until we reach our limit So we can reach the horizon Crash! Into the rolling morning Flash! I'm in the coolest driver's high Toward the finish line HOLY FOREST ACADEMY What? Not here? He hasn't come yet? He left so early this morning! If he's not just running late, I wonder what happened.
The exam is about to begin.
Onizuka-kun Oh, crap.
I'm so unlucky.
When I don't have much time to spare I witness a kidnapping! Boss, that paper delivery guy's still following us.
He's so persistent! Helpplease What are we gonna do? He's like an annoying fly.
Smash him dead before it's too late! Yes, sir.
You've done a horrible thing! Murderers! No! Oh, poor thing.
Well, let's go.
FOR ONIZUKA ONLY He's not here yet.
What is he doing, that Onizuka fellow? If he doesn't score the highest on this exam he's gonna get fired on the spot.
Doesn't he know that? Hey, it's exam time.
Be quiet! Onizuka-sensei FACULTY ROOM I really admire you, Teshigawara-sensei.
You're a graduate of Tokyo University and you still have a humble enough spirit to take a Junior level exam.
I also wanted to make sure there are no errors in the questions.
Whoa, wonderful.
On the contrary, that guy seems to have run away.
Well, I guess that's probably wiser than making a big fool of himself nationwide by scoring lowest on the exam.
Come on! What in the world happened, Onizuka-sensei? That's right.
Gently cut up her clothes.
Are you too scared to talk, young lady? Don't worry.
Your daddy, the assemblyman, treasures you.
Keep quiet and you won't get hurt.
This is a request to get your daddy to do a little favor in his field.
That's all there is to it.
Hey, bring the video camera.
Oh, it's easy.
You just ask your daddy to do us a favor.
Use a little sex appeal.
When he sees you in the tape I'm sure he will cooperate with us.
If you want to go home safely I suggest you do what I've told you to.
Well, our young friends are a little rough and impatient.
They give me a headache.
Hey, hurry up and bring the video camera! Umm.
It's nice.
I wonder if X-rated videos are shot like this.
Well, spread your legs more However, due to my vocational obligation I can't let such a thing go on like this.
What are you mumbling about? Ouch, owshit.
Hey, come on, let's get it over with.
Sorry, but I'm in a bit of a hurry.
I'm supposed to be in the middle of taking a national exam.
Whoa, my nose Who the hell are you? Are you trying to stop us? Huh? Which gang sent you? Bastard! Gang? Whoa! I'm with Class 3-4! You dummy! Ahsorry! Please continue.
Never mind What happened? Please, please hurry hurry and show up, Onizuka-sensei! It's appalling! A supposedly mature, middle-aged man kidnaps a female student and shoots a video? Don't you have any morals? What kind of mumbo-jumbo are you talking about, you bastard?! Well, I rent "uniform tapes" now and then but if those videos are made like this forcing kidnapped girls to pose Wow! as a humble teacher I wouldn't be able to enjoy them anymore! Here! This is a lesson you won't forget! On behalf of the Ministry of Education Phew I can't believe it! What do those guys think they're doing? Hey, are you hurt anywhere? Behind you This is not child's play, all right, teacher? If you want to play your game, do it in the afterlife.
We're doing this without permission from our boss and we're risking our lives, too.
So, we can't afford to stop now Sorry, but we need you to disappear! Then, good-bye.
One more period left.
Don't tell me Onizuka will get fired without even taking the exam.
It'll work out.
He'll show up.
I'm sure he willdefinitely! HmmWhat will he do, even if he does show up? It's impossible to answer every question in all subjects in an hour.
Now, everyone, please be seated.
Fuyutsuki-sensei, what is Onizuka doing? Why hasn't he shown up? Fuyutsuki-sensei! That's right! Where is he? What happened? You studied so hard nevertheless Be quiet! Vice Principal! If he's not here, he's not here! That guy gave up on the exam! Now he will definitely get fired! Ha ha ha hah? Whoa! Onizuka-sensei! Onizuka-sensei! Whoa! It's Onizuka! Whoa! He showed up! Gosh! We knew it! Sensei! Vice Principal, sorry to bother you but could you take her to the infirmary? Hey, who is she? Now, give me the exam papers, Fuyutsuki-chan.
I don't have much time.
I need a perfect score in all five subjects, right? Yes! I'll go get the exam papers in the other subjects, too.
Now, please start working on the last subject.
We're currently investigating the crime scene in an abandoned building at Naka-machi block in Musashino City.
There seems to be several critically injured people.
Please send ambulances right away.
I repeat Ganbatte! (Good Luck) Oh, my goodness! Phew.
SCHOOL INFIRMARY Who is she? I wonder if that bastard Onizuka was doing something indecent to this girl Huh? Whoa! Whoa! What is it? What the hell is this? Umm, umm Hmmit doesn't look like my own blood Where is he? Onizuka-sensei! In the middle of taking an exam.
But how in the world Hurry! Take Onizuka-sensei to a hospital! Take Onizuka? He got shotwith a pistol Three times! Is that so? A pistolwhat? O.
That's it! Finished! Done! Oohwe're free! All right.
The person at the end of each row please collect the answer sheets.
Thanks, Kikuchi.
Wow, Onizuka-sensei answered every question! All five subjects! In only an hour! Amazing! Is it true? Studying so hard really paid off, didn't it? Come on.
Please wake up.
Onizuka-sense Onizuka-sensei! Onizuka-kun Principal You look very tired.
Why don't you go home? I'll stay here in your place.
But He'll be fine.
No matter what because Onizuka-sensei is the "immortal hero" of our school.
OPERATING ROOM Isn't it true? Principal Come on.
Cheer up and stand tall.
The most crucial moment has yet to come for Onizuka-sensei, as well as for us.
ATTENTION: CONCERNED PRESS What a fool! He found a way to get fired on his own.
I didn't even have to take the test.
But I will press harder, Onizuka! Even if you live, I'll make sure you won't be able to survive socially.
Please give us a comment on this case from the school's standpoint.
What kind of teacher is Onizuka-sensei? Could you confirm the rumor that he is involved with Mafia gangs? Aren't there unsettled feelings among students? How is the school going to deal with this? Look at that media crowd! What has Onizuka done? This is why we should have fired him immediately! What are we going to do, Principal?! TEACHER HAS YAKUZA CONNECTION Calm down, Vice Principal.
How can I calm down? It's the wildest scandal in the history of our school! Even I can't believe that Onizuka-sensei was involved in Enjo Kosai and drug dealing.
It's hard to believe he would sink so low Oh, my God! That's not true.
But they said so on the morning TV news But the police have not released any information on the cause of the case! Besides Onizuka-sensei is in the middle of fighting for his life.
You guys are too cruel! Anyway, it is a big problem for our school! Huh? Ah, is that Could they be? Assemblyman Ohta and Ohta-san, the representative of "The Society of the Study of Victimization in Education.
" Hee! Those two have come to our school! Hee! It's all over! Our school will be shut down! If I lose my job Now, fighting with our back against the wall, Principal please leave it to me.
Oh, I wouldn't be able to assume the role of Vice Principal if I couldn't take on a mere assemblyman or two.
I will take him on fair and square! Please let me beg for your forgiveness! A part-time teacher here did something so scandalous to disturb the public peace.
I apologize sincerely Please! Principal, where is Onizuka-sensei? Umthat's Speaking of that man to tell you the truth, we fired him as of yesterday.
Therefore, sorry to say our school has nothing to do with himtechnically Vice Principal! Would you be quiet? Principal! Hee! Hee! It's all over! Principal! We were touched.
He is truly dedicated! What? Our daughter told us what happened.
An unforgivable fellow kidnapped my daughter in order to blackmail me regarding the public construction bidding I'm in charge of.
Onizuka-sensei rescued Hidemi risking the exam he was about to take and even his own life! Please tell Onizuka-sensei that I am grateful to him from the bottom of my heart and apologize for my wife's past rude behavior.
Please reverse the decision to fire Onizuka-sensei.
I beg of you.
But we can't really ignore the result of the national exam.
I'm pretty positive that he didn't score too well The results are in! The breaking news on the results of the national exam have just been released! How did Onizuka-sensei do? Umit's #3 SUGURU TESHIGAWARA #2 YOSHITO KIKUCHI #1 EIKICHI ONIZUKA Perfect score? You mean that good-for-nothing bastard? Principal! EIKICHI ONIZUKA NO VISITORS ALLOWED Onizuka-san? KICHIJOJI HOSPITAL Doctor! Onizuka-san escaped! GYOZA MISO RAMEN SHIO RAMEN According to police, teacher was the prime suspect in the criminal case in which over a dozen were injured.
However, it appears he was the one who rescued the daughter of an assemblyman who was targeted for his involvement in public construction bidding.
During the incident, teacher was shot three times and was critically injured.
He has been in the hospital fighting for his life Hey, old man! RAMEN KING CHINESE NOODLES Give me another bowl of rice with an extra scoop on top.
And add liver and gyoza! It was you, Kikuchi, wasn't it? I certainly prepared two answer sheets and switched one with Onizuka's sheet when I was collecting them.
Butto tell you the truth it's a little strange What? His answer sheet had one extra correct answer with two points.
Since my total score was 492, his total should have been 494.
But he got a perfect score.
What does that mean? It means there are people other than us who want him to remain a teacher.
It was your doing, wasn't it? You even made an arrangement with the board to let that man score perfectly.
What a dishonest act! No matter how much I'm criticized, I won't regret it.
That's how much this school needs him.
We need a teacher like him desperately CONGRATULATIONS #1 IN JAPAN Hurray, Onizuka.
Cool! Awesome! Well, well, well Though I got a perfect score and finished at the top nationally the exam was no more than junior high level.
I would sayif a teacher didn't score perfectly THAT would be a shame! Ha ha ha Whywhywhywhy? Teshigawara-sensei! Ah, there you are! Huhyou live in a place like this? Oh, it's you.
Hey, that's rude! I wish I could go back and be a junior high student and be in Class 3-4 in this school Huh? What about Class 3-4? Umnothing! If you don't have anything specific to say, hurry up and go home.
Your dad and mom must be worried.
You don't need to tell me to go home! I can't stay in such a filthy place too long! What the hell is that girl thinking? OnizukaEikichi I wonder what his real score was.
JUSTICE This is Onizuka! Kikuchi! Come to school for a little while! The most terrible thing happened! What's the most terrible thing? I wanted to see some girls on the Internet but the computer broke.
You're the only one who can fix it.
So, please! I led such a stoic life at Fuyutsuki-sensei's for a week! So I'm starving for that kind of stuff.
Hey, teacher! Huh? About the national exam what did you think your score would be realistically? Huh? It was obvious! What? Perfect score! Indeedwhat an admirable guy you are! What? Did you say something? Why are you in your underwear? I'm doing laundry after letting it pile up for a long time.
So I have nothing else to wear.
It's better than being naked! You and me, let's go away To look for new emotions today Together we can overcome Because I want to enjoy A new tomorrow Open your eyes and open the door The world in front of your eyes I want to go out With my favorite sounds I will taste my childhood emotions I'm here to enjoy the sunlight I'm enjoying myself More than in the past I want to see you, but I can't So I just embrace my love Even walking on a crowded street Your smile makes my head spin NEXT EPISODE Yoo-hoo! Kanzaki! It's obvious.
Whoa! What are you plotting? It looks like I'll be able to kill some time soon.