Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) (1999) s01e18 Episode Script

How to Dine and Dash

Hyakuman nin no tame ni utawareta love song nanka ni Boku wa kantan ni omoi wo kasanetari wa shinai Koi seyo to semeru kono machi no kihon kouzou wa Easy love! Easy come! Easy go! Souzou shiteita yori mo zutto mirai wa genjitsuteki dane Kuruma mo shibaraku sora wo hashiru yotei mo nasasousa Soshite kyou mo chikatetsu ni nori Mukuchi na tanin to machi ni okizari ne Lonely, lonely, setsunakute kowaresouna yoru ni sae Lonely, lonely, kimidake wa original love wo tsuranuite Lonely, lonely, aitakute kogoesouna mainichi ni Kotoba ni dekinai koto wa murini shinai kotoni shita Ano hito dake kokoro no seikantai Wasuretai ne Love me, love me, tsuyoku yowai kokoro Kiss me, kiss me, aseru hitorino yoru La la la Beautiful my Cresta Hmm Hmm La la la Pearly white My car CrestaLa la la Finally she came back to me.
My Cresta 2500.
With pre-installed multi-AV station and GPS voice navigation.
Behold! The swift handling! The secure feel of grounding with 4-wheel double wishbone! Power steering with speed sensor for optimum weight! Each feature is the ultimate! Hurray! To commute by personal vehicle.
But I need to be cautious, because there is THAT guy at school.
THAT devil who destroyed this car many times! THAT Onizuka germ! I'll never let him destroy my car.
That's why I made sure I got here while he was still asleep.
I'll cover it with a tarp as soon as I get to the parking lot.
Whoa! Oooo NiZuKa.
! Good morning, Vice Principal.
Why is someone like you sweeping the school grounds so early in the morning? Were you waiting for me? Don't tell me you were going to target my Cresta.
! That must be it! Even if you try, you can't deceive my eyes.
Crap! Why do I need to do this so early in the morning? I'm not an Ojisan (Old Man).
That bitch, Kanzaki! Hey, say something! You are so envious of my Cresta.
That's why Don't come near me! Don't come! Don't come! Don't come! Don't come! Whoa! Hey, the vice principal's car is wrecked again! Never mind.
Never mind.
Come this way.
Good morning! Genie! Whoa! It's true.
Onizuka is really sweeping! We get to see something extremely rare It was worth getting up early! See? I told you so.
Teacher became a genie who makes whatever I wish come true! What the hell is that? He really makes any wishes come true for me.
That brat, Kanzaki! She's getting carried away.
Someday I'm gonna kill her.
Then next time I will be sure to take her to the forest at the base of Mt.
He says, "Pah-pa-ra-pah!" and Isn't it right, Mr.
Onizuka? Imprisonment.
Teacher! Isn't it right? Umsort of.
Aye-aye, Master! Then, next, shall I ask you to clean toilets? What? Your response? Aye-aye, Master! Awesome! She's Kanzaki, after all.
To enforce absolute obedience on Onizuka! He's practically a slave.
Onizuka let such a tricky person get ahold of his weaknesses Ah, by the way I think my genie is going to fulfill my wish to play hooky during social studies and go eat sushi.
Do you guys want to come with me? Not only that, but he will treat us to plenty of fatty tuna, full of DHA.
Did you say sushi? - Hmmsushi sounds good.
- Ahhow many years has it been? Heyyou guys have school lunch school lunch! But it doesn't taste good.
Whether it's horrible or smelly you students just need to eat without complaining.
I seethen you like prison food.
Would you like to eat prison food? Genie, come out! Pah-pa-ra-pah! Whoa! Genie, I want to eat plenty of Toro! Aye-aye, Master! STUDY HOUR! YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN.
ONIZUKA Have you heard, Principal? Kanzaki-san has been coming to school every day now.
I should have known that Mr.
Onizuka would make it possible.
I got depressed just by not being able to answer some questions.
I need to learn from Mr.
I wonder how he got her to like school.
I'm sure it's the power of love! Mr.
Onizuka has a lot of that I'm gonna kill her! I'm gonna kill her! That wench, Kanzaki I will definitely kill her some day! Does he have love? Maybe not Whoa! Awesome! The finest sushi from Kishijoji Sushi Restaurant.
Awesome! It looks greatseriously! Here is some Oh-toro.
Oh-toro! Are you happy now? I paid 9,800 yen for 5 servings.
Even I've never eaten sushi like this.
(Thank you for the food) Hmmm.
Tasty Hmm, whoagood This is notright.
It doesn't have enough fat and the color is kind of dark blackish.
It looks like it belongs to the tuna family but it's an imported, frozen, yellow skin tuna.
You dummy! It's Toro, Oh-toro (Fatty Tuna).
Look at the order sheet.
Here Real Oh-toro comes from blue-fin tuna.
So this is not real Oh-toro! What!? I said I wanted to eat Oh-toro.
Real Oh-toro.
All right, genie? SUSHI: KANAHAMA Sorry to have kept you waiting! Whoaaa! What is this? This isreal Oh-toro.
Awesome! They look like Kobe Beef! Thank you for the food! Whoa! So, this is real Oh-toro.
- Delicious! Delicious! - Ahhhit melts in your mouth! Yeah.
I approve of this! This is ultimate Oh-toro! Speaking of "toro," what happened to Toroko? I haven't seen her at school.
Ah, Toroko is There! That's her.
She's coming on TV.
What? Romeo.
Oh, Romeo! Where are you? She was awarded the judges' Special Prize at the Inogashira Park Image Girl contest.
Now she's in a commercial.
INTRODUCING THE LATEST MODELS - She's not that popular yet - Oh, Romeo, where are you? but she did debut in the entertainment industry.
That Toroko Ah, it's gone already! Let's order some more.
FATTY TUNA (OH-TORO) MARKET PRICE Waiter, second serving! Here they are! Delicious! The best! Torotoro Teacher, aren't you gonna eat? It'll be gone soon! Hmm.
Delicious! Teacher Oh-toro, add five more servings! All right! Whoa! Hmmmdelicious! Hey, chef, give me fresh green tea.
- Heyhey - DeliciousAhdelicious! Is he gonna be O.
? I'm sure it's already over 100,000 yen.
Abalone and sea urchin, five more servings.
Then bring a sashimi platter.
HmmDelicious! Add salmon roe and ark shell and sweet shrimp, 10 more servings.
Heyhey Delicious Teacher Well, when you eat sushi you need to go all the way Whoa! Wait! Eat and run! Wait! Eat and run! I just need to go get money! You guys can wait for me here! I can't trust you.
Then why are you holding such a thing? As a token! I can't believe it! Why did it turn out to be this way? If you think about it How can he have enough money to go to such an expensive restaurant? You should have thought about it beforehand! The only thing we can do now is to shake him off! That was your idea from the very beginning, wasn't it? Whoaaaa! Teacher! Teacher! Are you all right? Hang in there! It's not my fault.
He sprang out from nowhere.
I'm not at fault! What? Aren't you supposed to call for an ambulance? Is that what you say when you hit someone? Don't you have any feelings? I'm so sorry! I demand compensation! Hospitalization fee, consolation fee, worker's comp compensation for emotional stress and treatment for a total of 5 million yen! And you pay the bill at the restaurant! Get the money right now! Do you understand? Hey, you! Hold on.
I'm getting your bill paid.
That'soutrageous What's wrong, Mr.
Manager? Don't come out, Tomo-chan.
Piko-rin? AhMr.
Onizuka is just faking it for the insurance money.
Would I be bleeding this much if I were faking? Yoo-hoo! Toroko! Everyoneat such a place UruUruUrumi! It's been a long time I've wanted to see you! Oh, good girl, good girl - Have you been well, Toro-chan? - Yes.
- YayYay! - Is that so? - It's Urumi-chan! Urumi-chan! So, they've been in the same class since elementary school.
No wonder they are good buddies.
Instead of calling them buddies Sit! Shake! Good you are so cute, as usual, Toroko.
Yay, yay I was praised by Urumi! It's more like a pet and its owner.
I see.
But it's unusual that she'd be so attached to someone like Kanzaki.
Maybe it's because she is so innocent.
Ah, add more Toro.
Three more servings.
Then salmon roe and abalone Are you still eating? Wellafter I got hit by the car and started bleeding, I felt hungry all of a sudden.
Umexcuse me but the bill is over 200,000 yen already.
How are you going to pay? Don't worry, don't worry.
This guy will pay for all of it.
What? Me? It's impossible! I can't expense a receipt with such high figures! Ugh! All of a sudden I have a pounding headache! Whoa! My knee started to buckle All right! I'll pay! You'll be happy if I pay, right? This is why Onizuka hasn't wiped the blood off.
- Then can I use a card? - Yes.
What is it? Is it over already? We have more work! Tomo-chan has a magazine interview to go to.
Let's go, Tomo-chan.
Huh? You're already being interviewed by magazines? It's a magazine which features photos and articles.
There's a section called "Together With My Teacher" which introduces new talent.
She meets with her teacher at a memorable place and talks about their memories together.
Teacher? Wait! I'm Tomoko's teacher.
I haven't heard about it yet! A female idol's teacher is supposed to be female! Who decided that? Who? I don't know.
A female teacher? Yes! So, I asked Fujimori-sensei.
Remember? Our homeroom teacher in 5th grade.
Huh Fujimori-sensei Thisthis teacher is she married? I heard she's not.
How old is she? Let's see She said she became our homeroom teacher right out of college.
Then She would be 26 or 27.
Good! Within my range! Hey, can I come with you? I know that teacher, too.
What? Then I'll come along, too.
As her current homeroom teacher, I would like to meet her What? Um These clothes have blood stains.
Those stains are there because you hit me with your car! I can't meet with a beautiful teacher in these clothes! How can he be so energetic after being hit by a car? Falling from a roof didn't faze him! He's got such a strong body! Unbelievable Fujimori-sensei! Teacher! Nomura-san? Tomoko Nomura-san? Yes.
It's Toroko! It's been a long time! Have you been well? Yes.
I've been great! I'm with the monthly magazine Shashin Toko.
How do you do? I'm Eikichi Onizuka, 22 years old and a bachelor.
I'm the homeroom teacher of Toro uh, no.
Nomura-kun at Seirin School.
Please remember me Uhhuh He is a very fun teacher! I'm so touched to be able to meet Nomura-kun's homeroom teacher from elementary school.
How about exchanging numbers after this? Exchange numbers? In addition! We have another special guest today.
Urumi-chan! What? Urumi? Could it be? Ka Ka Kanzaki-san.
It's been a long time, Fujimori-sensei.
Have you been well? Youyou look well, too.
Are you still a teacher? Uhyes.
You're still a teacher Umm Kanzaki-san, I I have wanted to apologize to you for a long time French? Shit! Throw it away! It contains gas! Water! Get some water! Hurry! Teacher! Oh! Teacher! Fujimori-sensei! Kanzaki! What were you thinking? Look at what you did to your school teacher! A school teacher? It's the most despicable career! What? What do you mean? Why don't you ask her? Only if she talks, though.
What about you? Are you gonna talk? Like that time? Teacher! Mr.
She is your type, isn't she? What? You can do whatever you want.
Don't worry.
She won't resist.
Right? Fujimori-sensei? Now do it! Genie! Don't be ridiculous! That's enough.
Is that so? Then playing a genie is over, too, isn't it? Hey! Wait, Kanzaki! Apologize to the teacher! It'sall right.
I was at fault.
I was But what she did is far more than a bad joke! I need to reprimand her severely! As a teacher! It's O.
Really I was at faultthat's why she What happened four years ago? No Nothing.
Teacher I did something unforgivable, as a teacher and as a human being.
Urumi Urumi had the same look as that time What do you mean by "that time"? Our school went Boom! Is that brat gonna terrorize the class again? That's for sure.
It could be much bigger in scale than the previous acts.
It's my fault Crap! Teacher! We're gonna catch her! Yessir! Kanzaki! Ah, what's wrong, Kanzaki-san? Are you feeling sick or something? Seventy-seven, seventy-six seventy-fiveseventy-four seventy-three Twenty-nine, twenty-eight, twenty-seven Fourthreetwo one zero! This is.
! We were one second too late! Could this be Kanzaki's doing? There is no other person who could do a thing like this! I can't believe she went this far Kanzaki! As your teacher, I'm gonna beat the crap out of you to straighten out your utterly corrupt behavior! Subete no hito wo aiseru wake ja nainara semete aisuru hito wo Uragi razu ni utagawazu ni semetari nikundari shinai de Mujaki de irukoto ga hito wo kizutsukete shimau no? Shizuka na jounetsu ga hitomi no oku de sawagi dasu Anata ni meguri aete Hateshinai toki no naka de jibun ni nani ga dekiru Ima wa mada chiisaku temo kagayaki keseya shinai yo Kobore souna namida no tsubu nagasazu mune ni tamete Isshun wo tsuyoku iki yo ichizu na shizuku ni natte NEXT EPISODE It's all my fault.
Whoa! Very well done, Kanzaki-san! Now, as a reward, I'll give you strawberry short cake.
Yay! Because.