Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) (1999) s01e26 Episode Script

Onizuka Meets His Match

Love song sung For a million people I don't just feel it This street makes me love Easy love! Easy come! Easy go! The future looks more realistic Than we ever imagined Cars don't look like they will float In the air anytime soon And today, I get on the subway Like always Silent strangers leave me behind On the streetso then Lonely, lonely, Even in the painful and frail night Lonely, lonely, keep on Giving me your original love Lonely, lonely, longing for you, My life is so cold I decided I won't do What I can't put into words Only she can caress my heart, I want to forget Love me, love me With strong and fragile heart Kiss me, kiss me, I worry in the lonely night All the street racers respected her.
She was like a queen.
In the wild "Last Signal" race, where traffic lights went ignored she never lost, and her fame became legendary as the "Queen of Hakosuka.
" That's Nao Kadena.
No doubt about it.
Queen of Hakosuka.
The 30 million yen which was promised I have deposited in your account.
So is the preparation for the operation proceeding? SCHOOL INFIRMARY Yes, as soon as the schedule for the operation is set I'm going to tell my brother about this.
I'll wait for your call.
Thank you.
KICHIJOJI STATION This is what I bought from Kadena-kun.
It's the technologically-advanced "Miracle Scope" developed by NASA to search for planets.
It's supposed to see through any material.
So if I use this This becomes this then this Our technology sure has advanced with time.
This is for me to keep up with the new technology.
Switch On! What? This way? What's this? Strange! I can't see through anything.
This cost me 200,000 yen! What's going on?! Return my money! Return my money! What's this? Weird.
What did you say? No returns? Don't joke with me.
It isn't reasonable that the damaged merchandise cost 200,000 yen.
What does this mean, Kadena-kun? To call it damaged merchandise is a false allegation.
But you Oh, don't tell me you had a nasty plan to see under women's clothes with this device.
Why would I think like that? That's what I thought.
There is no way that Vice Principal, the model educator would have a dirty thought like that.
I didn't say you could do it, either.
Wait a minute, Kadena-kun.
Anything else? I'm hearing rumors about you.
You seem to have many problems.
You gather students in the infirmary, students who are skipping classes.
You work as a hostess at night.
Don't you know the school prohibits our teachers from having another job? I'm going to report this to the principal.
Be prepared! Do whatever you like.
Do whatever I like? What's with that attitude?! All of those young teachers! Like trash teacher, Onizuka! It's strange.
I can't see through it.
Onizuka-sensei? Oh, that is! Fuyutsuki-sensei! What's up?! Nice weather, isn't it? Teacher! Teacher, bad news! The Vice Principal wants to fire Nao-chan.
Leave him alone.
He always tells me that.
But nothing happens.
It's different in this case.
Do you know anything, Fuyutsuki-sensei? I'm not sure - Let's go and see.
- Yeah.
SCHOOL INFIRMARY Are you sure you want to quit school? What can I do? The Vice Principal seems serious.
He'll talk to the principal.
Anyway, I have enough money now.
RESIGNATION I knew this would happen sooner or later.
So I'm prepared.
We'll do whatever we can.
You don't need to quit! That's right.
We're getting along well now.
Thank you! I'll be your friend always.
But Murai.
I don't think you can change her mind.
This was her plan all along.
She would quit school right after she got enough money.
Is it wrong? No.
It's your choice.
Don't quit, Nao-chan.
Well, it sounds bad because you say "quitting" and "firing.
" Nao-chan has reached her goal, and she's leaving this school.
We can call it "graduation.
" Let's give her a nice farewell.
Right, Fuyutsuki-sensei? I don't know! What are you angry at? Fuyutsuki-chan? Fuyutsuki-sensei! Fuyutsuki-sensei, do you think it's our fault? We are skipping classes and staying in the infirmary.
Not only that But we weren't just playing around in there.
We were getting advice about our homes and the future.
Me, too.
My mother is young, and I don't know what will happen.
Girls were also telling her things they couldn't talk about with anyone else.
Is that so? She doesn't look like it, but Nao-chan has had a hard life.
She needs money for someone in her family who was injured in an accident.
What? NERIMA DAIICHI MOTORS Don't you specialize in motorcycles? Don't you specialize in motorcycles? In the future we would like to expand to used cars.
GARAGE R MANAGER RYUJIDANMA That's why I would like to ask for your advice.
Our business is gloomy, too.
I'll think about it.
Thank you! I envy Eikichi.
Teachers don't need to lower themselves in order to make sales.
Aren't you Danma-san? I'm Muto.
I used to be head of the Nerima Massacre Group.
Remember? We challenged Shonan and were beaten by Onibaku.
That's you.
It's been a while.
Takashi, this is Ryuji Danma, a partner of the legendary Onibaku.
I'm Takashi Kadena.
I've heard about you from Muto.
Kadena? He was a street racer in Yokohama.
But he was a mechanic, and his sister was more famous.
That's enough.
He doesn't like to talk about the past.
But he was the best mechanic.
Of course.
A little praise makes you too snobby.
Hey, are you? - What? - What's up, Danma-san? Onizuka-sensei, your cell phone Onizuka-sensei is away from his desk now.
Oh, Danma! What? Kadena-sensei's brother? Hey! Can't you get down?! You're not doing it right at all! Everyone needs one-on-one lessons! Only the body is growing up It really hit him Good job.
Soldier Anne.
Wonderful! Did you see it hit him?! The next one is ready! Onizuka He's disturbing my class again.
I won't allow him to do it today! TERRESTRIAL DEFENSE FORCE Attention, Terrestrial Defense Force! TERRESTRIAL DEFENSE FORCE Destroy Pervert Monster Hokuroder! Yes! There isn't any reason for you to call me a pervert! Yeah! Go, go! We did it! Kadena-sensei What's up, Fuyutsuki-chan? I acted like I was better than you, without really knowing you Forget about it, join us instead! This is fun, Fuyutsuki-chan.
It's pretty good.
Our object is gone.
We're just starting to have fun! Hokuroda! You chicken! Nao-chan.
You're aggressive! Hokuroda was crying.
We still have this much! I wanted to stay at this fun school a little bit longer.
Well, it's too late, I guess.
I'm surrounded by beautiful women and having free Sukiyaki! I guess this is heaven! No one said it's free.
We're having the best beef.
It would cost a lot, wouldn't it? Yes, Sukiyaki and the service fees.
The total will be 125,000 yen.
Payday is coming up, so Onizuka-sensei can pay.
Then I want him to pay everything when he gets paid.
No way! Just kidding.
What a dirty trick! They've ganged up to put me down behind my back.
Let's have a party tonight.
We'll celebrate my graduation and save the 30 million yen! Thirty million yen?! What's that for? A member of my family was in an accident.
I was told that it would cost that much for the surgery in the U.
There are many foreign objects in his body.
We don't know when those objects will reach the heart.
But I have already paid in full.
Now I'm just waiting for a call from the person who arranged all of this.
It's been a long time.
It was three years ago.
Good evening.
News time.
A con man is wanted by the police.
He's told victims he can arrange for famous doctors MEDICAL AGENT FRAUD MEDICAL AGENT FRAUD to perform operations abroad.
MEDICAL AGENT FRAUD He scammed quite a bit of money from his victims and then ran off.
MEDICAL AGENT FRAUD The con man Is this? Kadena-sensei? What are you talking about? This can't be true.
No way.
TONIGHT'S DINNER IS SUKIYAKI Street racer? How did you know? Even Murai and the others don't know that.
Onizuka-sensei's friend saw you back then.
At that time, racing was my life.
I was called the Queen of Hakosuka.
I was famous among the group.
But one day you caused an accident and lost a race then left the group.
You knew that, too.
The unexpected loss by the Queen of Hakosuka is still a mystery among the group.
I'm wondering if the driver in your car wasn't you but someone else.
Maybe it's the person who needs that operation in the U.
Takashi Kadena, my little brother.
Takashi liked being a mechanic more than racing.
He was driving my Hakosuka without telling me and was challenged by someone who thought I was the driver.
He couldn't decline, and he raced "Last Signal" for the first time.
It's a miracle that he survived and recovered.
But there is still a problem with his eyes.
That's a major obstacle when it comes to being a top-notch mechanic.
So he disappeared from my life.
I was just too caught up in being called the Queen of Hakosuka.
It is, after all, my fault for getting him involved, and then taking his dream away.
I heard that he'd completely recover if he has surgery in the U.
Since then I concentrated on making money.
But when I thought I finally had enough, it ends like this.
It's strange, isn't it? Sorry.
It's a gloomy story.
Kadena-sensei You and I had different opinions, but it was fun.
Thank you.
What are you going to do now? Well, I don't have any money now.
I feel like I just lost everything that kept me going.
I don't know what to do.
Don't worry.
I'll survive.
See you.
Can you say that you're really living your life? Leave your brother alone.
Live your life! You're all outsiders.
No one understands how I feel.
I don't understand.
I don't want to understand how you feel.
What are you doing? Let's get the thing back the one thing that's more important to you than money.
What are you thinking? You brought us all the way here.
Thank you for waiting.
Hey, Ryuji.
Your order, one Hakosuka.
Here it is.
It's aged a bit.
But its performance should be as good as it used to be.
I can guarantee it.
Let's start the "Last Signal.
" What are you thinking? Rather than thinking about the past, isn't it better to die doing this? You would feel better if you went quickly.
Or are you afraid, Queen of Hakosuka? Let's start! This has nothing to do with me.
You really could die.
That's the way! Can you say you're living your life? Idiot Stop!! Whew, it's a tie.
When I was in Yokohama I heard rumors about Onibaku in Shonan.
You lived up to the rumor.
You, too.
You're both alive.
Takashi Your brother built that Hakosuka.
He asked us to get you back the way you used to be.
Sorry that I didn't contact you for so long but I wanted to escape from you.
I liked when you drove Hakosuka.
I don't want to see you wasting your life for me.
That accident was my fault.
Takashi you have an unpredictable problem with your body.
Don't worry.
I'll make money by myself and have an operation.
You live your own life.
I'm not giving up.
I'm still chasing my dream.
Someday, I'll be someone you can be proud of.
Definitely! I'm stupid.
Without knowing how you felt I thought I was carrying the burden all by myself.
Really stupid Sis What's going on, everyone? Why are you hurrying? Nao-chan Sounds like Nao-chan doesn't need to leave the school! Really? SCHOOL INFIRMARY Vice Principal?! Good morning, everyone.
Vice Principal.
Is it true that Kadena-sensei doesn't have to leave school? Well, there were many problems.
I think we need a passionate teacher like Kadena-kun in our school.
I've decided not to report it to the principal.
As I thought about it, education comes from passion.
Passion! Well, then, I'm leaving now RESIGNATION You can't love everyone It's only for the one you love No breaking your faith or doubting Don't you judge or hate? Just stay innocent Am I hurting anyone? My emotion quietly blazes Deep inside my eyes I am so happy that I found you In the infinity of eternal time What is there for me to do? It may be small now But the fire cannot go out A tear is about to drop Hold it back in your chest Live strong every moment Like a single drop of your tear NEXT EPISODE Okay, then.
I'm going to eat all their staff's lunches.
Please eat with me! To make her popular, we need commercials.
Mellow melon! Although we're amateurs, we know Toroko's charm better than you.
If you say so, I want you to do it.
I finally got Toroko some work! Don't interfere.
It's thick and hard.