Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) (1999) s01e25 Episode Script

Playing Doctor - GTO Style

Hyakuman nin no tame ni utawareta love song nanka ni Boku wa kantan ni omoi wo kasanetari wa shinai Koi seyo to semeru kono machi no kihon kouzou wa Easy love! Easy come! Easy go! Souzou shiteita yori mo zutto mirai wa genjitsuteki dane Kuruma mo shibaraku sora wo hashiru yotei mo nasasousa Soshite kyou mo chikatetsu ni nori Mukuchi na tanin to machi ni okizari ne Dakara lonely, lonely, setsunakute kowaresouna yoru ni sae Lonely, lonely, kimidake wa original love wo tsuranuite Lonely, lonely, aitakute kogoesouna mainichi ni Kotoba ni dekinai koto wa murini shinai kotoni shita Ano hito dake kokoro no seikantai Wasuretai ne Love me, love me, tsuyoku yowai kokoro Kiss me, kiss me, aseru hitorino yoru This is it.
Momoko Hoshino's first photo collection! What's this?! It should be illegal for a 16-year-old to have such a sexy body! But I don't think you should be enjoying this with us.
What's going on with Fuyutsuki-sensei? There was some chemistry between you two the other day, wasn't there? No, no.
An adult relationship is not that simple.
I'd rather get the kind of girl who is exuding pheromones What's a pheromone? Where is the faculty room? Gross! The faculty room? That way.
Thank you.
Are you a teacher at this school? I'm the homeroom teacher for 3-4.
Eikichi Onizuka, 22 years old.
A bachelor.
I'm Nao Kadena.
I'm working in the infirmary here as of today.
Call me Nao-chan.
Nao-chan? My measurements are secret! Nice to meet you, Onizuka-sensei.
Is that really a teacher? I'm so happy to be a teacher in this school.
As of today, Kadena-sensei is working in the infirmary.
Please Kadena.
I'm Nao Kadena.
Nice to meet you all.
Where is Onisomething-sensei? Onizuka-sensei must be spending his time somewhere.
He's always like that.
Right, Fuyutsuki-sensei? Well, yes.
As Vice Principal, I'll give you some advice.
It's better for you to stay away from him.
He's evil and a germ in our school.
By the way, Kadena-sensei as a person working in an educational environment isn't your outfit a little bit too flashy? Really? I chose plain clothes from my closet.
But you Don't you like these clothes? Well, no, I don't mean that I don't like them I'm so glad! Please give me useful advice from now on.
In front of other teachers They may misunderstand us FACULTY ROOM Hey, Nao-chan is really a nurse in the infirmary.
She's so sexy.
Good competition for Murai's mom.
Idiot! There is no comparison! The Vice Principal was very taken with her.
The rumor that he likes women may be true.
What? What are you doing, Onizuka-sensei? Your classroom is on the other side.
Well, ah I have a fever of 120 degrees.
I have constipation and diarrhea.
And I'm dizzy, too.
I have morning sickness and no appetite.
You don't look sick.
Your complexion is good.
Really? Ohhh, I'm dying.
I've gotta go to the infirmary.
That's pretty bad.
SCHOOL INFIRMARY No doubt about it.
She likes me! I put on new underwear.
I washed my hair.
Now I can play an adult version of Doctor with Nao-chan.
Nao-chan! What are you guys doing here?! We have stomachaches.
That's right! Liar! You, too, are planning to get friendly with Nao-chan by faking an illness.
I can see your plan! You said, "You, too" Well, no Welcome, Onizuka-sensei.
They told me that you were in a famous motorcycle gang in Shonan.
Not really I was just young.
It's quite a challenge to put together those violent motorcycle gangs in Shonan.
You know about them? Not really.
Rather than discuss that, why don't you have a cup of coffee? I have cake, too.
Everyone is welcome in my infirmary.
Let's all get along.
Please come to the infirmary anytime.
It's the oasis of this school.
I'll be waiting for you.
What's that? Looks stupid.
She's using her sex appeal to be popular with the boys.
She's just an old lady with heavy make-up.
I guess I need to greet her.
Watch me.
Excuse me! Are you okay? Yes.
I'm sorry.
Wait a minute! What type of cosmetics are you using? You have nice skin.
This kind isn't good for you.
Taking care of your skin is en vogue now.
There's a good skin care product on sale now.
I can talk to you anytime.
Why don't you stop by the infirmary? See you.
School is fun, isn't it? Banzai to teachers! Let's go to the next one! You're already wasted.
But everyone is suffering in this poor economy.
You are the only one without worries.
I guess something good happened at school.
For example an attractive nurse began working in the school's infirmary.
Is that true? I see.
You're jealous.
It's a pleasant problem! No.
I don't care about you.
My concern is the students who stay in the infirmary during class.
That's what you say.
But the truth is you're thinking of me Suit yourself.
I'd better go home now Listen, Eikichi.
I understand that you like women.
But if you keep looking around like that Fuyutsuki-chan may eventually hate you.
Stop! Don't throw up on me! Kadena-sensei What's the matter? Nothing.
Are you all right, Onizuka? Kadena-sensei.
The other girls in the class want that product you gave me.
The diet cream, too.
Everyone is asking about it.
Do you still have some? Of course.
But cash only, please.
And don't tell the other teachers.
Boxes of health food and diet tea have just arrived.
See you later, Teacher.
The Black Stars are in Class 1.
They've changed a lot.
Thank you.
Could you leave them there? Yes.
When you bring all of them, as your prize, I can give you this "Super Dynamite Protein" muscle builder and a "Gold Cat" for happiness with a 30% discount.
We don't have any more money.
We just got "Magic Turtle Charms" for getting girlfriends.
Then how about half price? Okay with me! Me, too.
What are those? Oh, well Never mind.
It's nothing.
A business in the infirmary? Yes.
And when I checked them, they were questionable goods.
Not only do the boys do whatever Kadena-sensei says but the girls, too.
Questionable goods? I wonder if I should report this to the principal.
But Kadena-sensei may need the money for something Please listen to me seriously! I'm here to ask for your advice.
Aren't they all? You, too, Onizuka-sensei? Oh, well, Fuyutsuki-chan when I played Pachinko with this Happy Cat pendant I was on top of my game.
I won ten in a row.
Ten in a row! So it may be working Would you like to have one? I can give you a good discount.
No, thank you! Wait, Fuyutsuki-chan! Ouch! THE BLACK STARS Is that so bad, Fuyutsuki-sensei? But you're doing it in school! The students are happy.
They say they can get what they want at low prices.
Has anyone complained about it? Not really If you want to tell the principal, please go ahead.
But I don't think you'd tattle on your coworkers.
Do you need money that bad? Bad enough to do business with the students at the school? Bad enough to work at a nightclub? You knew? I happened to see you the other day.
That job doesn't bring in as much money as it seems.
When we can't collect money from customers, we have to pay out of our pockets.
The worst case is when you lose money.
What? But when I get close to CEO's I can gain insider information and make a prof it from the stock.
Stocks, too? I'm not just earning a little money by doing business with students.
Although some kids are richer than some adults these days.
You aren't teaching as a volunteer, are you? Teaching is a sort of business, too.
I just need more money than others.
That's the only difference.
Whatever your reasons, don't use the students for your own prof it.
It's not fair to the students.
There's always teachers like you in the schools where I've worked.
They only worried about outside appearances and just talked about theories.
How dare you! Do you want to bet? Bet? What's the bet? Kadena-sensei says she will put Murai and the others in the top 50 when they take the next trial exam.
But Nao-chan is a nurse in the infirmary.
I don't think she studied to teach.
Of course, I didn't, either.
I think she looks down on teaching jobs.
If it was so easy to pad the grades, there wouldn't be a problem.
So how much was the bet? Of course, I declined.
Why?! Isn't it clear? I can't bet on something like that.
What a waste! You can make 100,000 yen without doing anything.
Murai and the others could never get in the top 50 even with a miracle.
As their homeroom teacher, I guarantee that.
Here's an idea.
I can bet for you.
Top 50?! It's impossible, Nao-chan.
Among us, the best one is Fujiyoshi's rank in the 200's.
Sorry, but If you get to the top 50, I can go out with you.
Don't you want to be with an adult woman? Study by yourself.
Yo Ro Shi Ku You're noisy! Be quiet! I can't study! I can't remember What? Your nurse in the infirmary who works at the nightclub.
Nao-chan? Is she working at a nightclub? You were drunk.
Fuyutsuki-chan told me, and I was amazed.
But I think I saw her somewhere.
She gets attention just walking in downtown Kichijoji.
She is so dazzling.
It's not in Kichijoji.
It was Mister, I need a second helping.
Give me a lot! Onizuka-sensei.
The results of the trial exam came in! Is that so? Murai and the others did a great job! What? Are you saying that the Three Stooges did it? Please! In the top 50! I'd be happy with 49th! KUNIO MURAI TADAAKI KUSANO KOJI FUJIYOSHI What a relief! Don't give me a heart attack, Fuyutsuki-sensei.
I thought they made it in the top 50.
Pity! Shit.
It's not a pity at all.
It's good! I made 100,000! But Murai and the others got scores they've never reached before.
Don't you think it's amazing? Amazing! It's a miracle! How did Kadena-sensei teach you? Well They cheated, of course.
We really studied hard.
We asked Kikuchi how to prepare for the exam.
You seriously studied? Don't joke with me! Tell me the truth.
It's true! Nao-chan said if we got to the top 50 she would teach us what it's like to be with an adult woman.
That's why What?! What?! How can you get such a good treat? Oh, no.
Now I see why you studied so hard.
I can't stand her anymore.
Fuyutsuki-chan! FAT BURNING PILLS Is what Murai said true? Yes.
If I was in on that bet, I would have lost.
Even though they didn't end up in the top 50 you did a great job getting Murai and the others to get such high scores.
But your method to tempt the students was wrong! Why? Because That's a little magic.
It was effective, wasn't it? Magic? All men, students or old bald guys, are the same.
They're attracted to something sexy.
Don't compare the students to nightclub customers! This is a school! Don't get so upset, Fuyutsuki-sensei.
I can't help teasing you, a naive teacher who doesn't know the real world.
Is that all? See you.
Wait a minute! Nao-chan Sorry.
I had a bet with you.
Here's 100,000 yen.
Are you serious?! Oh, not that If these guys had made the top 50 would you have really gone out with them? How disappointing You are going to preach to me like a holy teacher? I thought you would understand.
After all, you are the same as the others.
Nothing like that.
I just want to know if you really promised them that.
I'm jealous! Don't kid me.
I told you it was magic.
Get serious.
Magic?! You just tricked them.
I don't allow anyone to trick my students.
So what do you want me to do? I'll return this money.
Let's redo the bet.
Hey, Murai! You study hard and get in the top 50 this time if you want an adult relationship with Nao-chan.
What?! Onizuka-sensei! This time, no tricks.
Sorry, everyone.
But I was planning to go out on a date with you.
I was wrong.
You are different from other teachers.
As expected you're a former Onibaku who controlled Shonan.
Ohhhhhh! Oh, crap Oh, Ryuji? What did you remember? It's Nao-chan.
What? When we were in the middle of a turf war in Shonan I visited my friend in Yokohama.
He was a street racer.
There, I saw "Queen of Hakosuka.
" All the street racers respected her.
She was like a queen.
In a crazy race called "Last Signal" which ignored traffic signals, she never lost and she was a legendary racer.
"Queen of Hakosuka.
" That was the nurse in the infirmary Nao Kadena.
I heard this later she lost the race to an unknown racer and had an accident.
And she left the group.
But people couldn't believe her loss, and it's still a mystery.
Queen of Hakosuka Subete no hito wo aiseru wake ja nainara semete aisuru hito wo Uragi razu ni utagawazu ni semetari nikundari shinai de Mujaki de irukoto ga hito wo kizutsukete shimau no? Shizuka na jounetsu ga hitomi no oku de sawagi dasu Anata ni meguri aete Hateshinai toki no naka de jibun ni nani ga dekiru Ima wa mada chiisaku temo kagayaki keseya shinai yo Kobore souna namida no tsubu nagasazu mune ni tamete Isshun wo tsuyoku iki yo ichizu na shizuku ni natte NEXT EPISODE Do you really want to quit? NEXT EPISODE What can I do? NEXT EPISODE After all, you're all bystanders.
No one understands how I feel.
I don't want to understand how you feel.
What are you thinking?! Rather than thinking about the past, isn't it better off if you die? Well, let's start "Last Signal.