Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) (1999) s01e24 Episode Script

Compromising Positions

Love song sung For a million people I don't just feel it This street makes me love Easy love! Easy come! Easy go! The future looks more realistic Than we ever imagined Cars don't look like they will float In the air anytime soon And today, I get on the subway Like always Silent strangers leave me behind On the streetso then Lonely, lonely, Even in the painful and frail night Lonely, lonely, keep on Giving me your original love Lonely, lonely, longing for you, My life is so cold I decided I won't do What I can't put into words Only she can caress my heart, I want to forget Love me, love me With strong and fragile heart Kiss me, kiss me, I worry in the lonely night My name is Hiroshi Uchiyamada.
I was born in Kanuma City in Tochigi in 1946.
I'm a baby-boomer.
When I was little, I was called a genius.
I entered the Tokyo University of Education through a recommendation.
After graduation, I was determined to be an educator.
My current position is Vice Principal at the elite private school Seirin Gakuen.
(Holy Forest) As an educator, I have faced many problems.
School violence, sexual conduct among the young bullying, refusal to go to school However, I am facing the biggest problem of my career right now! It is Hey, Onizuka's class is doing something again! Let's go and see! Onizuka! Where?! Where?! Where?! Where?! Onizuka! I'm telling you again.
If you have a problem, please go see the principal.
She's the one who told us to repaint the wall because it's shabby.
She said, "Repaint.
" Who said to draw graffiti?! Don't call it graffiti.
It's artart! Don't you understand? How could you call it art? It's graffiti in bad taste.
Someone said all American modern art started from street graffiti That's not the point! You shut up! Why did you get your students involved in this? Of course, it's more fun to do it together.
Here's an idea.
Let's make it their senior project, shall we? It's already been decided their senior project will be a relief of Mt.
Paint over it right away! Oh, no.
I'm sorry!! Towel! Bring a towel! Are you okay, Vice Principal? Oh, I guess this doesn't work.
Onizuka! The paint is off.
but at least a hundred of my precious hairs are gone.
SHOWER ROOM I'm sweating like a pig! We have to hurry up! Class is going to start Glasses, glasses How irritating A female student's scream that can almost cut through silk! Who is calling me, Hajime Fukuroda, PE teacher and protector of justice? - Pervert! - The old guy is naked! No! You made a mistake coming in! This pervert! How did you get in?! No, wait, Fukuroda! Ouch Why me? They are the ones who came into the men's shower room.
He hit me because I looked suspicious That's stupid! How could I, the devoted model educator, look suspicious? - Look at that man.
- Spooky.
He looks suspicious Oh, boy The only peaceful place is my home.
My beloved wife, lovely daughter, my dear sweet home.
Here's an idea.
Let's have Sukiyaki for dinner tonight.
I'm home.
- Welcome home.
- You're home early tonight.
Here's a surprise, Yoshiko.
Wow, Sukiyaki! I love you, Dad! Let's eat! Yoshiko, Ryoko.
Wait for me.
I'm coming home now.
I'm home! Welcome home! You're late, Vice Principal.
What happened to you? You, you, you! Why are you at my house? The principal asked me to deliver some documents for the meeting.
She couldn't give them to you.
What? What's this? Meat? Wow, you're a good family man! Wow, Sukiyaki meat! Let's have Sukiyaki for dinner! That sounds good! There is no meat for you! Why don't you leave now?! You've invaded the only peaceful place in my life! Dear, what are you saying? He came all this way.
Onizuka-sensei, please have dinner with us.
You have a student who entered show business, don't you? Oh, Nomura.
Yes, I was her agent.
Wow, do you have a show business connection? I wouldn't call it a connection, but I have some acquaintances.
Can you get some tickets? There is a live show I want to go to.
What are you talking about? You need to study! Excuse me, may I have seconds? Sure, please eat as much as you want.
It's fun to have a young one visit.
Sorry, I'm an old man.
Beer! Don't worry, Vice Principal.
You don't need to treat me like that.
It's not for you.
It's mine.
It's in the refrigerator, of course.
Go and get your own beer.
What? Oh, Yoshiko.
After dinner why don't you ask Onizuka-sensei to check your homework? What? But No, you can't let this monkey in Yoshiko's room! You shut up! I heard it.
You had a perfect score on the trial exam! Well, I guess I did That must be a mistake.
You're going to have an entrance exam this year.
If you have any questions, it's better to ask a teacher.
Onizuka-sensei, please?! Count on me.
I, perfect score maker, will take care of your daughter.
Teacher, this way.
Thank you.
No problem.
What's happening? Both my wife and Yoshiko are deceived by the beast.
I'm the only one who can protect Yoshiko.
Cute! Tea-cher! This is the penis.
Oh, no! What?! What are you doing? Listen to me! Come here! Don't bite there! Don't resist! No! Yoshiko! What's the matter, Vice Principal? Golf practice? Oh, well, do I look good? Onizuka is tutoring at your house? That's pretty weird, isn't it? It's a nightmare.
Not only at school, but even at home that bully has invaded my life like a germ.
Then you can't get any rest.
A young man and a young woman under one roof My daughter is not a problem.
She's not stupid enough to get involved with him.
That belief is dangerous.
What? People often say, "My child is not a problem.
" Isn't it a problem to trust one's own child too much? A secret lesson without anyone's knowledge.
My body is your textbook.
So let's repeat after me.
Just kidding.
What? Vice Principal? SHIMORENJAKU GENERAL HOSPITAL Take care.
Again, stomach pain from stress.
The doctor tells me to remove the cause of my stress.
If I could, I would have done it a long time ago.
Hello, this is Uchiyamada.
What? Onizuka? Enjo-kosai? Sannomaru-sensei saw him walking with a female student in a uniform arm in arm in the hotel district of Shibuya.
No, I don't mean to be a tattletale.
I haven't confirmed it with Onizuka yet.
It was night, and I'm not definitely sure But if I don't say anything, I'll feel guilty, too.
I don't care about your situation.
I'm questioning if you saw it or not! So I You saw it, right? Yes.
I see.
Onizuka-sensei did.
SUUITO HOUMU (SWEET HOME) Is that so? Onizuka-sensei did He doesn't recognize his position as an educator.
He has been involved in sexual conduct with girls.
It's outrageous.
He is not qualified to be a teacher.
You have to make your decision now! Where is Onizuka-sensei? We've been looking for him.
But we can't find him.
I guess he's afraid his evil actions will become public.
He must have escaped.
It sounds like him.
Well, Principal But there is no proof.
Proof? Anyone can say he saw something.
Isn't it a bit reckless to accuse him without any proof? But Well, I have a photograph I took at that time.
Good job, Yama-chan! Why didn't you show it to her in the beginning? I didn't mean to take it as proof.
I happened to have a camera with me, and I pressed the shutter.
This is How about that? That's really Onizuka.
MY HAMUKO MY HAMUKO How cute! Isn't she? It's my Hamuko Never mind.
Where is Onizuka's photo? My mistake.
Here it is.
How about that, Principal? With this indisputable proof, Onizuka can have no excuse Yo, Yo, Yoshiko! This really is Onizuka with a female student.
There's no excuse! With such a pretty girl! Really, he shouldn't be a teacher.
Let's have an emergency faculty meeting tomorrow morning.
We'll decide Onizuka-sensei's future in the meeting.
Yoshiko! Is Yoshiko there? No.
She went to see Onizuka-sensei to ask some questions.
Where? She said they're going to meet in Shibuya.
Onizuka! That monkey! Does he want to take everything away from me? School, happy home life, and my precious jewel my lovely daughter.
I can't stand it anymore.
I'll kill you with my bare hands! Don't say such stupid things.
Do you like that? Yes! Yoshiko! Where did they go? What's that place? You can't escape anymore.
Give up.
No, please stop now.
It'll be heavenly.
I won't let it happen! I'm coming, Yoshiko! Yoshiko! Welcome.
Tonight we have a costume party.
If you would like, we can find something for you.
Where is Onizuka? Where is that monkey? What? That monkey! Bring me that ape! I see.
Please come this way.
What's this? It's an ape.
Don't play with me! Yoshiko! Yoshiko! Where are you? Yoshiko! Answer me! MIYASHITA PARK Where did you go? Yoshiko! Who are you? What are you going to do? I have to bring my daughter back.
Don't stop me.
Youyou are going to destroy what little happiness I have! My family, my sweet home.
Don't think I'm easy.
I may be small, but if you want to then I'll fight you! Even if I get killed! Come! You are the dogs controlled by the state! I didn't survive the '60s and '70s in vain.
Watch me! Ryoko! Yoshiko! Give me a hand! Give this powerless man the power to protect you! Yoshiko! Okay.
He's calmed down.
What?! What's going on?! What are they doing? Those tax abusers! You're supposed to catch Onizuka! I'm a head of the household.
I'm Vice Principal of Seirin Gakuen.
What's the reason to catch me? I'm naked?! VICE PRINCIPAL FOUND STREAKING Some shocking news! Police arrested a naked school vice principal in Shibuya.
Pervert teacher! Go away! I can't stand this anymore.
Damn you! You should die! I can't get caught before I get my daughter back.
What are you doing, Vice Principal? Onizuka! Streaking? It's not popular anymore.
Never mind.
Where is Yoshiko? Yoshiko.
You're safe.
Where are you? I'm here.
You're still wearing your raincoat? Yeah.
I guess it stopped raining.
So how was it? It was your favorite, wasn't it? It was the best! It was sensational! Sensational? I was not in time?! Then what I can do is! So could you take me here again? To the live show? Live show? I'm embarrassed to come here alone in the middle of the hotel district.
Isn't it more embarrassing for two? No way.
Then that photo was taken when she came to the live show Oh, look at the time.
My father is strict.
He doesn't trust his own child.
Oh, well.
What happened to your coat? I don't need it if it's not raining.
What a waste! That's okay.
Vice Principal, please don't get caught.
Principal! I beg you! Please cancel today's emergency faculty meeting.
Why? Onizuka-sensei is needed at this school.
He loves students, and he loves teaching.
There is no way he could do such a sleazy thing as Enjo-kosai.
I believe in Onizuka-sensei.
I want to place my trust in him.
I understand.
Let's cancel the meeting.
I'm very happy to know that you trust him that much.
Let's keep working towards building an ideal school.
My name is Hiroshi Uchiyamada.
I'm a baby-boomer.
Sometimes I have to do things I don't want to do.
Not bad.
It's too good to paint over.
But we can't keep it, either.
Why don't we take a picture of it before repainting? Everyone! Thank you for waiting for the additional paint! Vice Principal.
Are you okay? I'm sorry.
We have to wipe it off! Not blow it off! You can't love everyone It's only for the one you love No breaking your faith or doubting Don't you judge or hate? Just stay innocent Am I hurting anyone? My emotion quietly blazes Deep inside my eyes I am so happy that I found you In the infinity of eternal time What is there for me to do? It may be small now But the fire cannot go out A tear is about to drop Hold it back in your chest Live strong every moment Like a single drop of your tear NEXT EPISODE NEXT EPISODE Where is the faculty room? NEXT EPISODE I'm Nao Kadena.
I'm going to work at the infirmary of this school starting today.
Call me Nao-chan.
Nao-chan? My measurements are secret! Tell me the truth! Nao-chan said if we get to the top 50 she would teach us what it's like to be with an adult woman.
What?! If you get to the top 50, I can go out with you.