Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) (1999) s01e30 Episode Script

Money Talks, GTO Walks

Love song sung For a million people I don't just feel it This street makes me love Easy love! Easy come! Easy go! The future looks more realistic Than we ever imagined Cars don't look like they will float In the air anytime soon And today, I get on the subway Like always Silent strangers leave me behind On the streetso then Lonely, lonely, Even in the painful and frail night Lonely, lonely, keep on Giving me your original love Lonely, lonely, longing for you, My life is so cold I decided I won't do What I can't put into words Only she can caress my heart, I want to forget Love me, love me With strong and fragile heart Kiss me, kiss me, I worry in the lonely night You lost it? What are you talking about? What do you mean? I'll look for it harder.
Please wait for a week.
It must be somewhere.
I beg of you! Please! You didn't steal it, did you? What are you saying?! Of course not! Do you know he's from a family with five children? Five?! You said you couldn't buy what you wanted.
He borrowed my lead for a mechanical pencil but he never returned it.
That's right.
Me, too.
Is his family an example of religious families having many kids His parents tried too hard.
Then their son becomes a criminal What are you doing?! - Stop, Fujiyoshi! - Shit, shit! I have a headache from my hangover.
Take roll.
Can you see this scene, Stupid Onizuka?! Why are you making a fuss? What's up? Fujiyoshi lost the money for our school trip.
All right.
How much did he lose? Sorry, I misheard you.
How much did you say? What's this 1,120,000 yen?! No, it's just in my jacket Wow, you're rich! I just picked it up.
Let's use it all! That's right! I didn't know why there was money in my jacket yesterday.
But the amount was exactly 1,120,000 Without realizing it, I was taken to the girls bar I drank a lot, got excited Underwear and bras Onizuka! Hey, Onizuka! What are you doing?! Suddenly I have a stomachache.
This is serious.
I have to hurry, otherwise I may die So study by yourselves! Hey, wait! Hey, Onizuka! Oh, shit! This isn't a joke! Fujiyoshi lost some money.
The exact same amount of money was in my pocket.
And I used it all in one day?! What's going on?! I don't understand what happened yesterday, either! Did it really happen?! Yes, you were terribly out of control yesterday.
Are you serious? You were giving away money.
You did as you liked and you were a grandstander! Money? You held the gal's breast with your hands and called it a human bra! Bra?! You got naked and said, "Here is an elephant, paoon!" Elephant?! Then you said, "I'll give you Bathe?! Paoon?! I heard when you came back to school you were wearing only your underwear.
I wonder what kind of things you were doing with the gals after I left Oh, Onizuka-sensei Don't you have a class now? Fuyutsuki-chan! Please stop! Don't look at me like that! Something happened? As a matter of fact For you, Fuyutsuki this may be too shocking Shit! Did I really do those things to those girls? Why don't I remember it? What a waste! No! That isn't the point! It's the money! Did I really use it all? What are you going to do, Onizuka?! Think! Onizuka! That's right! School uniform! They said they're current high school students! If I can find out their school from their school uniforms I can explain my situation to them and ask them to return some money, I gave too much Found it! Green collar and one straight line Scarf was pastel cream Six pleated skirts No doubt! This is it! This school uniform is the costume for special effects! Teacher You surprised me! Oh, Fujiyoshi.
I'm not doing anything Teacher Teacher! What should I do?! Teacher, everyone is calling me a thief I didn't steal it! I didn't do it! I want to die.
Teacher Teacher Fujiyoshi Don't cry, Fujiyoshi.
Don't worry.
I'll take care of the money.
The homeroom teacher for 3-4, Eikichi Onizuka, will take care of it.
Teacher! Excuse me I asked for 1,200,000 yen We can't do it with your credit history.
Credit history? Why?! You went shopping with your credit card didn't pay the bills.
It happened twice.
We got the report.
The only thing I bought was underwear on sale! You didn't pay.
That's the point.
Please, Madam No, beautiful Miss.
I really need money.
Please consider helping a person in trouble.
I beg of you! Well, then If you have collateral, we may be able to give more Collateral? Condo, land, cars You accept cars? Yes, I do have one! Here it is! It's a Kawasaki Z750RSZ II.
How about that?! Isn't it cool? It's the best of the best of Kawasaki.
In Shonan, this is a legend.
It can run really fast.
I made a lot of improvements.
I bet I spent over 3 million yen Then another 1,000 yen.
Thousand? LOANS YOSHIDA One thousand yen? You! Old woman! Are you saying -my precious Z II is worth 2,000?! - Calm down! - What are you doing?! Police! - All right! - Call the police! He'll attack me! - Who will?! Don't mess with me! I'm in trouble All right.
Let's think about an alternative.
That's all right, teacher.
What are you talking about? It isn't all right yet.
Don't worry about it anymore! I can't trouble you anymore.
Wait! Hey! Fujiyoshi! It isn't any trouble! Hey! Fuji! Fujiyoshi! Aizawa! What's up? Do you have a minute? Onizuka! Are you there, Onizuka?! Get up! Oh, shut up.
I'm busy now Fujiyoshi is! Fujiyoshi is missing! When I came to school, I found a suicide note He'll take full responsibility with his death Onizuka-sensei! Wow! He's really like a professional cyclist.
He looks very serious.
Of course! Because it's his fault Fujiyoshi is going to kill himself That may happen! What are you talking about, Miyabi? Did you guys plot this? Of course.
We stole the money from Fujiyoshi, and we made Onizuka spend it all.
How about that? Isn't it great? Just wait a little bit longer, Anko.
This time we'll get him kicked out.
Instead of cowardly Kikuchi and others, we are going to do it.
Hey, Miyabi.
Should we do the next thing now? Yeah Is everything ready? NINGEN BURAJAA (HUMAN BRASSIERE) Everyone, I'm sorry that I troubled you.
I have no chance of returning the money.
I'm too ashamed of myself to face you.
I'm going to take full responsibility with my death.
Teacher, Murai, Kusano, Kikuchi, Yoshikawa and everyone.
Thank you very much for everything.
Koji Fujiyoshi.
Don't mess with me! Where are you?! Fujiyoshi! Where are you?! Why are we? But we're so conspicuous that What's up, Onizuka? Found him? - Does anyone know Fujiyoshi?! - Idiot! I can't see the front! AROUND HERE - Answer me! - Teacher! - Fujiyoshi! - Police, police! - Move! Or help us find him! - You idiot! Yeah, that's right Okay.
Let's talk after I get there.
Who did you call? Police.
I have a friend there.
Hey, don't you know any other places he might go? Not anymore.
Oh, shit.
What should I do? It's all my fault.
What do you mean? It's your fault? As a matter of fact As a matter of fact - As a matter of fact - As a matter of fact - As a matter of fact - As a matter of fact It seems I was the one who used the money for the school trip What do you mean? Did you steal the money and blame Fujiyoshi for it?! No, no! I didn't steal it! Really! I found many bills in my jacket, but I decided not to worry.
Sakurada-sensei and I went to the secret gals' bar.
Then I drank so much that I couldn't remember anything.
I woke up in a garbage can and my clothes and money were gone.
That's the truth! Believe me! I really didn't know! I wanted to tell Fujiyoshi, too.
But I couldn't.
And he's going to do such a stupid thing So it's all my fault.
That's why I I have to find him no matter what.
Teacher Vice Principal! There it is! Hey, you guys! Go away! THE CROOKED TEACHER ONIZUKA'S TRUE FACE!! ONIZUKA PUT THE BLAME ON FUJIYOSHI!! He embezzled Fujiyoshi didn't come in today - Onizuka, either.
- This is the reason.
Hey, move! Why don't you take them down right now?! Yes! What's this? Onizuka did this? I can't believe it.
You shouldn't! Don't believe these montage photos! No, these aren't montage.
They expanded it but the size of the pixels is consistent.
These are real photos.
Hey, they're real.
So he really did it.
Vice Principal! In the gym, too! What?! How could he?! Hey! - There're more on the third floor! - Let's go! Why did you volunteer to say that? If they check them, they'll find out soon enough.
It's better to tell them now before they figure it out later.
Other than that, what do you think? What do you mean? I mean He'll definitely be fired.
Everyone has found out who he really is He did such a disgusting thing.
Let's kick the immoral teacher out of our school! It's very easy.
Yeah, he went to Sakurada-sensei.
He remembered that.
I see.
Now we can see the connections How was it? The meeting with all members will be held tomorrow.
Hey, what did you find out? Yesterday's mess about the lost money and other stuff was preparation for this situation.
What? I mean everything was a set-up to get Onizuka fired.
First, the money collected wasn't direct deposit but cash only.
Sakurada seems to be part of it.
So it was easily done.
Then they had honest Fujiyoshi collect the money.
When the money was collected, they stole it from him.
They put it in Onizuka's pocket and let Sakurada invite him to a fake bar.
They took the money from Onizuka when he was drunk.
Then they threw him away.
Now we have a case of a teacher embezzling.
Who on earth would do such a terrible thing? Don't you get it? There is only one person who hates Onizuka and would set up a trick like this, like we used to do.
Aizawa?! Correct.
Terrible! It's too terrible! Because of that, Fujiyoshi is! Hey, Kusano Was Fujiyoshi's note hand-written or typed with a word processor? It wasn't hand-written.
Does he have a word processor? No, he doesn't.
That's right.
They must have made it up in order to back up their plan but it's poorly done.
But Right now Fujiyoshi is They wanted Fujiyoshi to be somewhere no one can contact him.
Maybe they told him about a job which he had to stay in for a while.
To make the note trick work, it is best to kill him You! Kanzaki! Don't get so serious.
I'm joking of course.
Don't yell.
When you say it, it doesn't sound like a joke.
Fujiyoshi should be fine.
His role was over.
And they finished with the revealing posters.
This is the worst trick.
Too amateurish.
Why?! Because of this, he is in trouble right now! Their purpose isn't distributing montage photos to annoy him.
If the genuineness of the photos is the weapon for the plan their way of doing it is pretty bad.
What? Don't you get it? Listen.
Here are photos which are put on the board.
That means someone took the photos and put them on the board.
If they had stopped when he used the money it could be a perfect crime.
They did too much work so it's like they're shouting, "Someone is behind this!" They thought they imitated the way we used to do it, and they won.
They were ignorant and happy kids.
Because of that, we can plot something against them though.
What are you going to do? This photo.
It's proof that Onizuka used the money.
It's also proof that he was set up.
It's done.
You took more time than we thought.
- What's that? - I made it using software.
Wait a minute.
It shows up soon.
See Wow! Incredible.
It's really taken.
Hey, Kikuchi, I have a favor to ask No.
- This girl - What's up, Yoshikawa? Yoko Sato of Higashi.
That one is Miki Miura of the private school, Koyo.
She's hiding with make-up, but with this mole near her eye I'm sure that's her.
She can't deceive my eyes.
This uniform is for the Sailor Seven, isn't it? Well, if you know them, it's easy to move forward.
We'll be busy tonight.
I'm counting on you, everyone.
All right! No, no, no.
No suicide, no children's custody, no missing person, nothing at all that's all for the report.
Is that right? Then I'll be back again later.
Please continue to keep your eyes open.
It's been a while since the last time we saw each other.
Is that all now? I have a good story, hey! How could he call himself my friend? Oh, Uehara.
Don't walk around in the middle of night.
I'm busy.
It's a waste to look for him around here.
I'm saying Fujiyoshi isn't here.
Yes! Excuse me! This way! Yes, thank you! Hey, long hair! It's time to shift.
All right! Fujiyoshi! Fujiyoshi! Teacher! - You! Shit! - What's the matter? Stop it! You're alive! Do you have your legs? Where are you touching?! Don't you get it? You guys were set up by Miyabi.
Oh, I haven't eaten anything since this morning.
Is that right? I did a terrible thing to everyone.
Why are you telling us? I happened to hear it.
I can't ignore it, can I? This isn't like Miyabi.
Since Onizuka came, she became weird Listen to me! You troublemaker! Yeah, I'm listening.
In short, everything is Aizawa's fault.
Let's pay her back.
Shall we, Fujiyoshi? I won't go.
What? Why, Fujiyoshi? You, too I used it What? I used the money for the trip to buy this G-Shock What? I was thinking of returning it right away, but I couldn't.
That's why I couldn't talk back when they called me a thief.
Aizawa told me to work to earn money I felt like I found something to do I thought I should return the 50,000 yen I used.
I want to finish my work like a man.
You're great! - You're great, Fujiyoshi! - Stop, Onizuka! - You have guts! - Wait! All right, I have decided, too, to make 1,070,000 by myself! That's impossible.
That's different than my situation I've decided! I've already decided.
He must be an idiot! Hey, you guys.
Do you understand the situation? Get serious! Salt seaweed is done! Anyway it's too dangerous to have him here at the school any longer.
The proof that he used the money for the school trip is all here! In order to wash away the distrust spread among students toward the teachers, he should be fired! - Agreed! - That's right! - Yes, that's right! - We have no choice now.
Principal, you need to make a decision now! I understand.
I have no choice then.
Then, Principal No.
What was lost is the students' money.
What should be done to Onizuka-sensei and the lost money the final decision for these problems should be made by the students themselves.
Principal Now we're going to have an all-school assembly.
Come out, thief teacher! Don't mess with us! Bring Onizuka out! What's going on?! Return our money! Quit it! Thief teacher! You can't love everyone It's only for the one you love No breaking your faith or doubting Don't you judge or hate? Just stay innocent Am I hurting anyone? My emotion quietly blazes Deep inside my eyes I am so happy that I found you In the infinity of eternal time What is there for me to do? It may be small now But the fire cannot go out A tear is about to drop Hold it back in your chest Live strong every moment Like a single drop of your tear NEXT EPISODE Onizuka! Hi, everyone.
I'm Onizuka, charged with embezzlement.
Greetings! You are a criminal! How could you come here without shame?! That's interesting.
Let him do it.
Just watch me.
I'll show you how I finish my work.