Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) (1999) s01e31 Episode Script

Destination: Okinawa

Hyakuman nin no tame ni utawareta love song nanka ni Boku wa kantan ni omoi wo kasanetari wa shinai Koi seyo to semeru kono machi no kihon kouzou wa Easy love! Easy come! Easy go! Souzou shiteita yori mo zutto mirai wa genjitsuteki dane Kuruma mo shibaraku sora wo hashiru yotei mo nasasousa Soshite kyou mo chikatetsu ni nori Mukuchi na tanin to machi ni okizari ne Dakara lonely, lonely, setsunakute kowaresouna yoru ni sae Lonely, lonely, kimidake wa original love wo tsuranuite Lonely, lonely, aitakute kogoesouna mainichi ni Kotoba ni dekinai koto wa murini shinai kotoni shita Ano hito dake kokoro no seikantai Wasuretai ne Love me, love me, tsuyoku yowai kokoro Kiss me, kiss me, aseru hitorino yoru Strange rumor, you said? At the kiosk, I heard that recently teacher "S" seems weird or something I'm wondering who teacher "S" is Is the teacher "S" me? Sakurada? By the way, Sakurada-sensei About the collection of money for the school trip why did you change the collection method to cash this year? The reason is that the company in charge asked us to do it.
Oh, well Excuse me! I've had problems with my stomach, head and heart They're all bad! I'd like to take a medical leave for a while! Everyone.
Be quiet! Calm down! Now we'd like to take your votes on whether we should fire Onizuka-sensei.
Before that, explain the situation, Baldy! That's right! We have the right to know! Don't give us a vague answer, Baldy! Hey, you guys! Be quiet! - Don't throw anything! - Shut up, PE teacher! We're just saying he should tell the truth! That's right! Back off! Leave me alone! You're treating me like a criminal! You set up our teacher because you wanted the money.
You're the same as a criminal.
I was just asked to do it by Miyabi.
Shut up! Don't make any excuses.
If you testify, Onizuka can stay at the school.
Shut up and come with us! What are you guys doing? Onizuka Fujiyoshi was safe.
I'm so glad.
Where were you?! While you were gone, it's been a mess at school! Look at this! These letters say you're charged with embezzlement! Miyabi set up all of them.
She stole the money from Fujiyoshi and put it in your clothes.
She gathered students from other schools and made up the bar.
I knew that.
What?! What is it?! Without make-up, you look much better.
It isn't time to be easy! We troubled you.
Please go home now.
All right? What? Don't mess with me! What's going on at this school?! Hey, Onizuka.
What are you thinking? She's an important witness.
Don't say such a stupid thing.
When the witness says I was set up by a young female amateur I'll be too ashamed of myself to walk outside.
But if you didn't do anything! Just watch me.
I'll show you how I finish my work.
Finish your work? You're going to the gym?! It isn't a good idea to enter there now! Don't you understand I'm saying "Be quiet"?! Hey, Baldy! If you don't explain it to us, we won't pay our tuition! Don't call me Baldy! Now then, we'll take your votes.
Raise your hands if you agree to fire Onizuka.
Onizuka! Onizuka Fujiyoshi is safe.
Don't worry about him.
Why did you come here? You are a criminal! How could you come here without shame?! Hey, are you listening to me?! Why is your attitude so arrogant? Put down your arms! Hey! What?! Hi, everyone.
I'm Onizuka, charged with embezzlement.
Greetings! What?! Did he really do it? I can't believe it! I really did it.
I'm Onizuka, responsible for embezzlement.
- Why are you proud of it?! - You're an arrogant thief! That idiot Shut up! You'll be happy if I return it, right?! I'll return the money down to the penny! If I do that you won't complain, will you?! If that's all, we don't need police! Go away, you con man! Then I'll give you an extra 10, 000 yen with cash! How about that?! Isn't it great?! That's not enough! Don't bribe your students! You evil teacher! I can't believe this! How dare you bribe the students?! Shut up! All right! I got it! You've said this much, I've made my decision! Listen, third-year students! Clean your ears and listen to me carefully! I won't talk about this little school trip! Instead of the trip to Mt.
Yatsugatake I'll take all of you to the blue ocean full of kiwi, papaya and mango! I'll take you to Okinawa! Three nights and four days at a luxurious hotel! "Poisonous snakes and mongoose show!" is included! It's a deluxe plan! Outrageous service plan! He said Okinawa! Take us there! Count on me! If you don't take us, we'll get you fired! All right.
Go ahead! Bring the Ministry of Education or whoever you like! What is he talking about? All the third-year students to Okinawa? Considering it'll cost about eight million yen.
Eight million?! It's impossible.
He can't even afford his own cigarettes.
There is no way he has that much money.
- Do you want to see the blue ocean?! - Yeah!!! Amazing The students were accusing Onizuka-sensei so fiercely.
But he has drawn them to him in a blink of an eye.
As usual, he's amazing.
Rather than drawing in the students, he used bait for them.
It is an unforgivable method for a teacher.
It's interesting.
Let him do it.
Onizuka-sensei, I'll be watching your ability as a teacher, no, as a human being Well, what kind of performance are you showing me this time? What are you going to do?! You were showing off.
Eight million yen! Eight million yen! There is no way you can make that much money.
Idiot! Do you think I'm stupid enough to promise something like that without having any plan? What?! I have something I'm counting on.
I have a winning lottery ticket for ten million yen I got it from my friend as collateral.
No way! Here! Isn't it great? I lent my friend, who is a police officer, 100,000 yen.
In exchange, I got this as collateral from him.
I feel sorry for him.
But I guess I have to use it.
Is this really a winning ticket? Of course! Do I look like a monkey who can't tell if this is fake? Here it is! Look at this! Here is a copy of the newspaper.
This can't be a fake ticket.
All right! Let's cash this and maybe have a good meal! Teacher, this is a fake.
What? This number is hand-written.
What?! There's no way! You're right! The number 7 is bigger! It's wise to change the newspaper instead of the lottery ticket.
Even a monkey can figure it out.
It is a winning ticket, though.
Really?! Just for 100 yen.
Saejima! He took advantage of my innocence! I've made the estimate report.
What? Onizuka-sensei, you're great to take all the third-years to Okinawa with your personal funds.
Oh, principal, as a matter of fact Here is the estimate.
We can't change our plans anymore.
Please pay it within a week.
A week? That's right.
I don't care if you have to go tuna fishing to do it.
Just get the money.
You may look good as a man of the sea.
Don't convince me like that! Hey! Where are you going?! KIUI PAPAIYA MANGUUSU (KIWI PAPAYA MONGOOSE) Hello.
Oh, Chikako? Did Onizuka say that? I guess that idiot panicked and dug his own grave.
I see.
Just in case, I acted sick and took today off I guess I didn't need to do that.
All right.
I'm going tomorrow.
See you.
Attempted suicide? Yes.
Our bank used to finance a small factory called Hiramatsu Metal.
But our bank was in bad condition like everyone else.
So we stopped financing it.
The president tried to jump in front of the car right then.
Oh! I'm the director, but I can't do anything.
Everything is determined at the upper level.
Do you have to go on a business trip to the countryside in the middle of all this? I leave tomorrow.
I was pretty mad, and I took paid time off today.
Is that so? Oh, Miyabi-chan.
How about school today? I have a summer cold, and I took a day off.
This was a rare day off so I was thinking of going out for dinner.
What?! I want to go! No, you have a cold.
Shoot! No fun.
Hello! It's me, Saejima, the producer! What? You want me come to the store? Well, I've been busy these days.
Location hunting and others things What? Autograph? Sure.
I can get it for you! Before that, let's do it once I mean, let's go out on a date Hey, Saejima.
Hey, Eikichi! What's up?! What's up?? You gave me a fake lottery ticket! Do you want your head to be split? Wait! Calm down! It was a winning ticket.
Just the winning amount was different.
I didn't say that it won ten million yen.
That's fraud.
Are you going to open up your head? It would be like a red flower! Let's negotiate.
I'll give you an alternative.
Alternative? I'll give this to you.
So sell it secretly.
If you sell it all, it'll be way over 100 million yen.
This is just regular flour.
You! Saejima! You're trying to deceive me again! I can't forgive you now! I'll kill you and myself! Take him out quickly! Onizuka! What are you thinking?! Leave me alone! Let me die! Eikichi! You can challenge me anytime! Shit! I'll kill him and myself! Stop it! If you consider even death, you can manage anything.
Consider death Don't kill yourself! I have to do it! I really need eight million yen! I need to get hit for compensation! But why do you need to jump onto the metropolitan highway? The more badly I get messed up, the more money I can get! What are you doing? If I can't get hit by a car, I have to go with counterfeiting.
Look at this.
Doesn't it look good? What could be better than this? With such an obvious counterfeit you can't deceive even a grandma at a candy shop.
That isn't true! Look at this masterpiece.
Why does Yukichi Fukuzawa have a regent hair style? That's my style This isn't the character for one on a 10,000 yen bill.
Then what should I do?! I have an idea! How about digging in Inogashira Park to look for hot springs? You can't find a hot spring in Inogashira Park.
All right! No other way! I'm a man! I'm going to use my last weapon! Sell my internal organs.
Don't joke! I hear the length of the intestine is about ten meters.
If I sell it one million per meter It isn't a speaker cord! How can you sell your intestines by the meter? Then what do you want me to do?! That's the only way What?! Do you have an idea? Getting on the tuna boat.
You! I'll kill you! Calm down! Making eight million yen in a week is impossible! Impossible or not, I have to do it! All right.
We have to use an illegal method.
What? PACHINKO How is it, teacher? How is it? Great, great! Can you see these treasure boxes? You're great, Kikuchi-chan! Hide a strong magnet in the wig and lead the balls.
You're a genius! Really! Idiot! You're too loud! Great power of the magnet! Young man, what about the magnet? Do you want us to flip you a little? Withdraw! Return the balls! Expected three-year-old Great Goblin didn't win! No.
6, No.
3! Then No.
4 is coming! This is a surprise! I just saw teacher.
He looked like a ghost.
Shit! Even if he got an extra job there is no way to make eight million in five days.
Then he will really get fired? Don't say that.
As long as he hasn't given up, we can't give up.
But Hello! How's it going? Making money? You! Oh, excuse me! The great teacher Onizuka wouldn't say that without having enough money.
And with so many smart people helping I'm sure something will work out.
Right? Aizawa! Don't give that scary look.
We were friends as members of Class 2-4 until just recently.
Oh, well.
Hang in there.
Hey, Aizawa! Wait! You! Really, you're a stupid guy.
It isn't your fault this happened.
But you do this anyway.
Uehara Why can't you just say it's Miyabi? Uehara Are you wearing Hello Kitty underwear? What?! Listen to me seriously! Teacher Yoshikawa Here is 60,000 yen.
I made this by selling all my game software.
I thought it might help a little.
And use this account, too.
Three million yen is in there.
Three, three, three million? Don't worry about it.
My parents saved it for me in my account.
I don't need it for a while.
Are you stupid?! It's your parents' money! If you give it to him, he'll never return it! Do you understand? Oh, how irritating! This is why I want to bully you! That's all right.
I just want him to stay at school even a little bit longer Because of him, I'm becoming All right! There is one way! I think you can cash at least one million yen.
I'll report a stolen cash card in one hour.
So take the money by then.
Uehara Hey! Why don't you go now?! Put these away! Please put these away! Quick! Otherwise, I may really use them! What are you talking about?! Within several hours, you'll have only four days left! It's impossible for you to make eight million yen! That's right, teacher.
Please use it! Idiot.
How can a teacher borrow money from his students? Don't worry about it.
I'm a man! I'm the man among men! The man may not have money but he has a great treasure called best friend.
Best friend? Yeah.
We went through life and death together.
When my life is in danger he'll come to help me at the risk of his own life.
If he finds out my situation, he'll definitely Eight million yen? Of course not! Idiot! They may put me on the tuna boat! Aren't we best friends? A tuna boat? Sounds good.
Why don't you go to the Indian Ocean? And make another 870,000 which I lent you.
What happened to the legendary Onibaku Pair? I forgot.
You! Ryuji! What? What's this?! Are you going to put off our strong friendship with the raffle ticket, sponsored by the neighborhood stores? Yep.
I am putting it off Oh, I'm busy, busy.
You! I'm home.
Welcome back.
Your friend is here.
Hello Subete no hito wo aiseru wake ja nainara semete aisuru hito wo Uragi razu ni utagawazu ni semetari nikundari shinai de Mujaki de irukoto ga hito wo kizutsukete shimau no? Shizuka na jounetsu ga hitomi no oku de sawagi dasu Anata ni meguri aete Hateshinai toki no naka de jibun ni nani ga dekiru Ima wa mada chiisaku temo kagayaki keseya shinai yo Kobore souna namida no tsubu nagasazu mune ni tamete Isshun wo tsuyoku iki yo ichizu na shizuku ni natte NEXT EPISODE Of course, this is revenge.
You're still a kid.
RAFFLE TICKET Drawing? SPECIAL PRIZE Look! Extremely, super-duper, ultra, miraculous, lucky man Eikichi Onizuka.