Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) (1999) s01e32 Episode Script

The Law of Probability

Love song sung For a million people I don't just feel it This street makes me love Easy love! Easy come! Easy go! The future looks more realistic Than we ever imagined Cars don't look like they will float In the air anytime soon And today, I get on the subway Like always Silent strangers leave me behind On the streetso then Lonely, lonely, Even in the painful and frail night Lonely, lonely, keep on Giving me your original love Lonely, lonely, longing for you, My life is so cold I decided I won’t do What I can't put into words Only she can caress my heart, I want to forget Love me, love me With strong and fragile heart Kiss me, kiss me, I worry in the lonely night So is Onizuka making enough money? I've heard that he's not even close.
I figured that it would be impossible.
Demands to fire him will swarm the school.
He deserves it.
He stole the money.
And then he showed off.
Come on in! RAFFLE DRAWING RAFFLE TICKET PRIZE VALUE 80 MILLION YEN A raffle ticket? Hello! I thought it was you.
What do you want? Is that any way to greet your friend since elementary school? I never expected you to go this far.
Someone sweet like you who lives in such a nice house has done this much.
Such a nice house? Your father is the manager of a bank and your mother is a happy housewife.
You live in a reasonably big house.
You are a typical daughter from a happy, upper- middle-class family.
I wonder how a girl who looks so happy can keep so much anger bottled up.
What don't you understand? This is about revenge.
Revenge for our friend who trusted a teacher and was betrayed and had to leave our school.
Because of the homeroom teacher's betrayal we lost our classmate.
I won't forgive him.
Ever! I guess it all happened.
Since I wasn't going to school then I couldn't tell you about it.
Don't play innocent with me! You know about everything! I guess it doesn't really matter.
It does matter! Teachers only think about themselves.
That's why he could turn on us like that without any guilt.
You're still a child.
Of course, they only think of themselves.
Teachers are human, too.
When they get cornered of course they will defend themselves first.
What do you expect teachers to do? You're old enough.
You should know that.
Even Onizuka is just a 22-year old man.
But at least he isn't pretending.
It's written all over his face.
And he doesn't try to hide it.
He isn't a hypocrite like the other teachers.
That is He puts on a good act.
All adults are the same! I wonder if that's true.
Of course it is! Urumi, I don't know what you're up to but if you interfere, I won't forgive you.
What do you mean? I'll tell the entire school about your father.
Miyabi, it wouldn't be wise to make me angry.
What do you mean?! I said what I mean.
Don't pull that crap! What will happen if I make you angry?! The friendship of Onibaku boils down to a single raffle ticket.
Next, please! You are a lucky guy! He has won the grand prize! Now we'll have the presentation of the grand prize.
Follow me! Oh, no, wait a minute! What's the grand prize? One year's supply of cooking oil? Excuse me, but I'm kind of busy.
And here's the grand prize! Wow! This is Well What's that? Excellent! Excellent! GRAND PRIZE Look! What's that? A Mercedes Benz?! Grand prize!? Raffle ticket?! Onizuka! He did it! Huh? It's a Mercedes Benz E430.
Its asking price is 8.
6 million yen.
If he sells it, he'll have enough money.
Are you serious?! It's the extremely, super-duper, incredible miraculously lucky man Eikichi Onizuka.
22 years old.
Greetings! He did it! Great job! Onizuka! Now we can really go to Okinawa! Yeah! He did it! Onizuka-sensei Everyone! Let's go out! Hey! Onizuka! You came onto sacred school grounds in a car! - What were you thinking?! - Shut up! Does that Mercedes really cost that much? Yes, it costs at least 8 million yen.
What's happening?! I can't believe that jerk has a car that's more expensive than my Cresta.
And his car will bail him out?! I can't let it go! - Vice Principal! - Calm down! Get your hands off of me! I'll kill him, and then I'll kill myself.
He's an incredibly lucky guy.
Yes, but there are still three days before the deadline.
I hope nothing happens in the meantime.
So this is the Mercedes Benz! See, you guys? Now do you see how lucky I am?! My luck is at a supernatural level now.
But isn't this muffler too noisy? Yeah, I cut a little hole in it.
You're selling this, aren't you? Hey, Miyabi.
What are you going to do? You're not going to quit now, are you? Don't be an idiot! I will crush him! I will absolutely crush him! But do you have a plan? Yeah.
We only have three days left.
We can't set up anything new.
Yes, we can.
What? I have a good plan.
Hey, Ryuji.
Man! How did you get that? Did you go crazy and rip it off? Fool! Did you forget how lucky I am? Don't you remember when I won the body board in the raffle put on by the Tsujido Business Association? You mean that raffle ticket? Yep! It's the grand prize! The grand prize! Eikichi! That was the raffle ticket I got at the supermarket! So then this is mine! Fool! I was the one who got the ticket! Think about the New Year's card with raffle tickets.
Whoever gets the winning card can claim the prize.
Shut up! Don't compare a Mercedes with portable bicycles! Leave this car with me! Move! We're selling this now! If you damage it and the value goes down, I'll kill you! Then with the money you get you can return the 870,000 yen you owe me! Hey, Baku you don't want to jeopardize our friendship over money, do you? From now on, as always consider me your best friend! Oh, you're home early.
I guess I'm not fully recovered from my cold so I left school early.
Miyabi, are you all right? We may have some homework.
I'm just going to use Dad's computer to download some data from my friend.
I'm going to sell it.
I kind of want to keep it.
Oh, well Damn that Miyabi! What's the matter, Kanzaki? Nothing.
Okinawa! I have to buy a swimsuit! Are you sure you're all right? Yeah, I'm back to normal now.
The homework is too hard.
I'm going to do it with my friends.
Don't stay out too late.
All right! I won't let him do what he wants! Never! I don't want to sell the Mercedes Benz now that I have it but in order to make 8 million, I don't think I have any choice.
I've got an idea! How about adding an AMGbody kit and saying that this is an AMG? Then maybe I can get another 2 million.
Then I can pocket the extra money.
And I can go to Hawaii for two months and spend time with a blond girl Hey! Hello.
Miyabi? He just jumped in front of him.
Yeah He didn't run over him.
He damaged the front end when he hit an electrical pole.
Does this mean the plan didn't work? Don't worry.
Just in case I gave several plans to that man.
Keep on watching them.
I'll be there in a minute.
Miyabi is making her move.
I'm investigating the details now.
Find Onizuka immediately.
Kanzaki! You! Hey, you! Old man! Why did you jump in front of me?! In order to avoid hitting you, I smashed the Mercedes! Hey, what are you going to do?! My Mercedes! I'm so sorry! I know it's wrong, but this is this is the only thing I could do! To die! To die? We can't find him! We've checked everywhere but he didn't sell the Mercedes anywhere.
He hasn't returned to the school yet, either.
Kikuchi, what's happening? Miyabi did it.
What do you mean, Kanzaki? Miyabi's father is the manager of the finance division at a bank.
From his bank's data, she found a small business client who was denied financing and desperate.
She got him to jump in front of Onizuka's Mercedes.
! Why would anyone do something like that?! Both the Mercedes and the man are okay but Miyabi is thinking about another plan.
You know where it happened, don't you? Yeah, I have an idea.
My name is Hiramatsu.
I own a company called Hiramatsu Metal.
It's just a small factory making parts for cars.
There are only 20 employees.
Our bank just cut off our credit.
It's pretty serious.
They know what will happen to a factory whose credit is terminated during this bad economy.
I bowed many times like the grasshopper.
But it's no use.
I have a promissory note for 5 million due the day after tomorrow.
I don't think I can pay it.
What a pity! If I could pay off the note, new equipment could be delivered.
It had all been arranged! I can't face my employees who've worked so hard.
If I knew this would happen, I would have folded the company when my father died.
I should have continued working as a teacher.
A teacher? Yes.
I was having fun at that time.
To tell you the truth one of my students asked me to be the cosigner for his loan last year.
He was a member of the baseball team and he was quite the delinquent.
But he was a good kid, and I was willing to cosign.
But he disappeared.
So I had to pay off his debt.
That was the beginning of my downfall.
That debt brought another debt, and it began to snowball.
No, I don't resent him.
I believe he's working very hard to return the money to me.
I got a call from him the other day.
He said he could return the money within three days.
But three days later, for some reason, he didn't show up.
Well, I think he can return it in a few days.
Unfortunately, our factory can't stay in business that long.
I feel bad for him when he's trying to pay me back.
Hiramatsu-sensei Your student will come through.
It's a good story.
It's the key to the Mercedes.
You need to pay off the notes, don't you? It's a little damaged.
But if you sell it, you can get 8 million yen.
But That's all right.
I still have three days before I need money.
If you can return the money by then I want to believe in him, too.
As a matter of fact, I'm a teacher, although I may not look like one.
If a teacher can't trust others, what's the point of it all? He's so stupid! He took it so seriously.
This is the end of Onizuka.
I'm worried a little bit, though.
I told you I have several plans.
Great, Miyabi! So was the man lying about being a teacher? Of course! I told the man Onizuka was a teacher.
In order to gain his sympathy, he must have made up the story.
Let's go to Karaoke to celebrate the defeat of Onizuka! - I'm in! - I'll sing all of the songs! You loaned it?! Are you stupid? It's all a trap set by Miyabi! But if I didn't give him my Mercedes, he might be dead! And he promised that he'll return the money in three days.
How can he guarantee that?! We have to see him right away and get the Mercedes back! No matter how you look at it, Miyabi went too far! Why don't you get angry?! Because she's also my student.
She's very energetic, but she's using it in the wrong way.
Listen! Don't worry.
I've decided to trust him.
All right, then Where are you going at a time like this? My part-time job! My part-time job! I'm scheduled to work up to the last day so I'm going.
What a clown! The Mercedes won't come back, will it? Of course not! There are no happy endings like that! Thenhe'll get fired anyway.
I won't let it happen.
We still have three days.
We haven't been beaten yet.
I told Miyabi she'd better not get on my bad side.
I guess they need a harsh lesson.
You can't love everyone It's only for the one you love No breaking your faith or doubting Don't you judge or hate? Just stay innocent Am I hurting anyone? My emotion quietly blazes Deep inside my eyes I am so happy that I found you In the infinity of eternal time What is there for me to do? It may be small now But the fire cannot go out A tear is about to drop Hold it back in your chest Live strong every moment Like a single drop of your tear NEXT EPISODE which comes to 60 million.
Out of that, we'll take 8 million to cover Onizuka's debt.
Do you know what you're talking about?! I'm going to call the police! What are you talking about? Are you stupid? SEE YA NEXT TIME