Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) (1999) s01e33 Episode Script

Search and Rescue

Hyakuman nin no tame ni utawareta love song nanka ni Boku wa kantan ni omoi wo kasanetari wa shinai Koi seyo to semeru kono machi no kihon kouzou wa Easy love! Easy come! Easy go! Souzou shiteita yori mo zutto mirai wa genjitsuteki dane Kuruma mo shibaraku sora wo hashiru yotei mo nasasousa Soshite kyou mo chikatetsu ni nori Mukuchi na tanin to machi ni okizari ne Dakara lonely, lonely, setsunakute kowaresouna yoru ni sae Lonely, lonely, kimidake wa original love wo tsuranuite Lonely, lonely, aitakute kogoesouna mainichi ni Kotoba ni dekinai koto wa murini shinai kotoni shita Ano hito dake kokoro no seikantai Wasuretai ne Love me, love me, tsuyoku yowai kokoro Kiss me, kiss me, aseru hitorino yoru Thanks for your work at the Uniform Pub! That's right.
I think that we totally ruined Onizuka! What? A party? Yes.
A party to celebrate Onizuka getting fired.
I'm thinking about reserving a suite at a hotel and celebrating with an extravaganza! Really?! Are you serious? I'm in! And where is this happening? Yeah, I know Seven o'clock tonight? Okay, okay! I'll be there! Hey, you guys! Listen! Yoko said That's what you wanted, right? Very good.
Very good.
Thank you, Yoko.
What are you going to do to Miyabi? Hold on.
You'd better not ask any questions.
Do you want me to tell your parents about the Uniform Pub? Don't worry.
The deadline is two days away.
The Mercedes Benz will be back by then.
But if it isn't Oops, I have to go to work.
I'll make my afternoon class a study period.
Could you check on them from time to time? Who knows what they could be up to if we're not watching.
See you later.
Onizuka I guess he tends to trust others too easily.
You're right.
The possibility of getting the Mercedes back is almost zero.
Are you going to wait anyway? Yes.
A deadline is a deadline.
What's going on? You called us up here.
I wanted to tell you something interesting.
This is so outrageous that I called only those of you with real guts.
Here it is.
Miyabi It's a plan to punish you.
You need to pay for what you did.
This is what the ignorant little princess deserves! Kanzaki, what did you do? Kanzaki! Well see Here! This is it! Suite No.
2801! Wow! This is the penthouse! All right! Let's get ready! Congratulations on Onizuka's retirement! It's dark.
Maybe no one has arrived yet.
But it's 7:00 now.
What's this?! Don't mess with us! Lights! Quick! So you gave him the Mercedes Benz? Well, it's called an act of mercy.
You're stupid.
It's a typical game run by a petty con-artist.
That's what everyone told me.
Even if his story is true if the student he cosigned for does not return the money then it's all over.
That may be true.
But I wanted to believe in him because the fact that the student asked for help means that he thought that his teacher could help him.
I admire that kind of teacher a teacher who is trusted by his students.
I don't know if I should call you optimistic or idiotic.
What are you looking at? You don't need to see this.
Keep cleaning the windows.
That's not fair! - Let me have them.
- No, let go! Look out! We're going to fall! Kanzaki! What did you set up?! I want Miyabi and her friends to come up with the 8 million yen.
I think their parents can pay a ransom.
You mean?! You've gone too far! Really? Are you serious? It's no use trying to hide.
Open up! What's going on? I don't know! Miyabi! Hello.
Hello! Urumi! How's your party? Having fun? You set us up! What are you going to do?! which comes to 60 million yen.
Out of that, well take 8 million yen to cover Onizuka's debt.
It's called ransom.
This is just the natural outcome of what you started.
Do you know what you're talking about?! I'm going to call the police! If you do, I'll tell them everything including the money you embezzled.
That's if you can make it out alive! I told you if you made me angry, you would regret it.
Miyabi Go to hell! Hey, where is it? Which room?! I told you I didn't see anything.
You're lying! You said, "Oh!" No! Do you want to listen? Hey, even though they're bad, they are our classmates! What are you talking about? We can get 8 million and punish Miyabi and her friends.
It's like killing two birds with one stone.
Get real! I'm out of here! Kikuchi! Get your hands off of me! I said get your hands off of me! I'm telling you! Let me go, damn you! Stop it! What are you doing?! Let me go! What are you going to do?! Get away from us! No! Don't come any closer! Shut up! Hello! Eikichi Onizuka.
Oh, Kikuchi Miyabi Aizawa, Chikako Shirai, Saeko lijima.
Right? Answer me! That's it! You're there?! What good timing! Anyway, we don't have time! I'll let you deal with it, teacher! All right.
! What?! Are the address and phone number correct? Yes.
All right.
Make the call.
Yeah Help! Someone! Dad Mom Police officer Teacher Please I was wrong.
Please help me.
The Aizawa residence.
Hello? What's that?! Onizuka! Hey! Get up! You came to help us, didn't you?! Then help us quickly! Hey! Quick! Who is he?! Quickly! Beat them up! What are you talking about? I just came to watch as a social science teacher.
What do you mean?! Don't act innocent.
You set me up.
The Uniform Pub deceived me completely.
Why should I help such a big liar? You're our homeroom teacher, aren't you?! Helping students is a teacher's job! Are you stupid? If it's just a job, our work is over when the bell rings at 5:30.
Idiot! Usually you look down on your teachers and show it in your attitude.
But when you're in trouble, you want a teacher to help you? You underestimate teachers.
What are you doing?! I haven't finished my speech! Get your hands off of me! Teacher! I want you to calm down.
Miyabi You call me a teacher only when you need something This teacher doesn't do things that aren't in the Education Guidebook.
You idiot! If you want me to help you, apologize.
Don't mess with me! Why should I have to bow down to a stupid teacher?! Then suit yourself.
Oh, shut up! Now what are you going to do, Miyabi? Are you going to apologize or not?! I told you to shut up! Are you deaf?! So you won't apologize, Miyabi? Damn you! Now what are you going to do? Make up your mind! Aizawa! I'msorry You owe me one, then.
Damn it! Run! Take that guy on the floor with you! It was you who called Onizuka.
Right? Kanzaki, you feel better now, don't you? Onizuka is stupid.
Now the 8 million yen is gone.
He has only two days.
Here's some rice gruel.
You said you felt like you have no energy.
Make sure you go see the doctor later.
I'll let the school know.
Dad called this morning from his business trip.
He asked if you were all right.
You're really the apple of his eye.
Remember? When you were in elementary school we went to Mt.
Yatsugatake It's just an alibi, isn't it? No more jokes! You know the truth, too! It isn't a business trip! He's on the trip with that woman! Right? Don't treat me like a fool! Do you think I'm blind?! Miyabi-chan I've had enough of acting like we're a happy family! All adults are conceited liars! I don't owe you anything.
Who wants to owe an adult? Only one day left.
Miyabi returned 1,070,000 yen 280,000 from Pachinko and the amount he got from his part-time job is Don't start calculating! I'm getting irritated.
No matter how you figure it, it's way short! He will be gone, then? Hey! It's been a while! Fujiyoshi! All right! It's been a while! You had us worried! I have something.
Can you give this to teacher? This is the amount that I took.
I'm returning what I'm responsible for.
I caused a lot of trouble, but now we can go on the school trip, right? As a matter of fact Don't joke with me! How could we let Onizuka get fired?! It's pretty high here on the roof of the school.
Are you thinking about something? No, I'm just looking to check if I can see the ocean.
It's impossible.
You can't see the ocean from here.
But why? Even if I leave here and get on a tuna boat I want to remember in which direction this school is located.
Principal, I'm handing this to you now.
Rather than staying here uncool as a teacher, I want to teach them one last lesson about how to take responsibility.
You have a full day before the deadline.
Murai and the others preached to me a lot.
Life is not that easy.
I still have faith in him, though.
Is that so? Are you sure that it's true? Yes, it's true! Onizuka-sensei submitted his resignation as of today and has left this school! What?! I heard he's getting on a tuna boat or something.
Is it true?! Are you all right? Didn't you wreck the Vice Principal's Cresta the other day? That's because I didn't know about the emergency brake! I did manage driving by myself.
By the way, whose car is this? Don't worry about it! Just hold on! Train! Let's go by train! Principal There is no way.
I've done everything I May I see Onizuka-sensei? You are? Let's find him fast! He is somewhere in this port! Everyone, let's spread out and search for him! Why is Onizuka's Mercedes Benz here? Thank you very much.
Hiramatsu-sensei asked me to tell Onizuka-sensei that he was deeply grateful to him.
Is that right? Then you can arrange to get enough money? Yes.
I have made up my mind.
I'm scheduled to be on a tuna boat for a year.
With the advance, I was able to take care of my money problem.
It took a lot of time to make my decision and I screwed things up for everyone.
I see.
Good for you on making up your mind! Fuyutsuki-sensei! Doesn't Onizuka have a cell phone? I haven't been able to get a connection! There's no way! We can never find him! Hello.
Principal No.
I can't reach Onizuka on his cell phone.
What?! I see The Mercedes Benz came back! All right! Look! Over there! Oh, no! If we don't stop him, hell head to the Indian Ocean! Onizuka! Onizuka! Onizuka! It's like I can hear everyone's voice saying good-bye.
Thank you, everyone.
Good-bye! Onizuka! Oh, damn! Why?! Why did Onizuka leave without saying anything?! It's not fair! He got on the boat.
Now hell be gone for a year! It's no big deal.
What did you say?! Because that's a Tokyo Bay cruise boat.
It'll be back in two hours.
Subete no hito wo aiseru wake ja nainara semete aisuru hito wo Uragi razu ni utagawazu ni semetari nikundari shinai de Mujaki de irukoto ga hito wo kizutsukete shimau no? Shizuka na jounetsu ga hitomi no oku de sawagi dasu Anata ni meguri aete Hateshinai toki no naka de jibun ni nani ga dekiru Ima wa mada chiisaku temo kagayaki keseya shinai yo Kobore souna namida no tsubu nagasazu mune ni tamete Isshun wo tsuyoku iki yo ichizu na shizuku ni natte NEXT EPISODE Don't worry about me! Run! Don't be an idiot! Hurry up! My contract may be sold Damn! Let's go, Toroko! Onizuka-sensei! Don't be foolish.
I haven't given up yet.