Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) (1999) s01e38 Episode Script

Great Treasure Onizuka

Love song sung For a million people I don't just feel it This street makes me love Easy love! Easy come! Easy go! The future looks more realistic Than we ever imagined Cars don't look like they will float In the air anytime soon And today, I get on the subway Like always Silent strangers leave me behind On the streetso then Lonely, lonely, Even in the painful and frail night Lonely, lonely, keep on Giving me your original love Lonely, lonely, longing for you, My life is so cold I decided I won't do What I can't put into words Only she can caress my heart, I want to forget Love me, love me With strong and fragile heart Kiss me, kiss me, I worry in the lonely night Teacher! What's the name of this shellfish? It's called a Chiraga Spider Conch.
It lives on the rocky shores around Okinawa.
In the old days, it was used as a charm to protect against evil.
Teacher! What about this?! Wait a moment.
That is Let's see Can I get a closer look? Here! Here it is! It's called a turban shell.
Oh, are you studying marine biology with your students Fuyutsuki-sensei? Well, yes I used to do that, too, when I would go on outings with the students.
When we observe living things with the students I really feel at one with nature Wow, you are, surprisingly, a romantic.
Sure I am! Vice Principal! There's a big blue fish! Is that right? Wow! It's pretty! It's called a parrotfish.
In Okinawa it is one of the most popular fish, along with a double-lined fusilier.
You know a lot Don't get too close.
The fish will be afraid.
Please admire it from a distance.
I understand.
It is swimming happily.
It's nice.
To be gentle in the treatment of even a small life like this is I've got my meal! Oni Oni Oni Yeah! Look at this! Wow! Great! He got it on the first try! I was called a Sea Man at Shonan.
Onizuka! What's up, Vice Principal? What are you doing?! While I'm teaching the students how important life is you murdered it in front of us! Would you like to eat it, too? I'm going to grill it on the beach.
Grill it on the beach?! It's really good! Especially this fresh parrotfish.
Oh, Kanzaki? Leave me alone! Because of your room arrangements I couldn't sleep at all! I was bothered by Gundam! Get ready! Get ready? A habu's got my penis! You! Kanzaki! Well done! Kanzaki! I support your doing this! Please, someone! Suck out the poison! Fu Fuyutsuki! What? Please! With your mouth! Definitely not! Fuyutsuki!! Damn that terrorist woman! I almost needed to cut it off! I survived because I sucked it out myself.
I can't believe it! I'm the one who can't believe this! This is the first time I've seen such a cheerful person after they were bit by a habu.
You deserve it.
It's your fault.
It's done.
Oh, thank you very much Please put the bandage on yourself.
All right.
Thanks You put Gundam fanatics only in Kanzaki's room, didn't you? I don't know why you made that room arrangement.
Kanzaki can speak five different languages but she complained that she couldn't understand their conversation at all.
Hey, what are you doing? Well, in my group in the chat room the secret treasures in Japan were once a popular subject.
When I told them I was going to Ishigaki Island on a school trip some people sent me information about a hidden treasure on this island.
Hidden treasure? They say it's known as a treasure belonging to a heretical religious group.
There is a secret treasure of the Christians who were in hiding and were led by Shiro Amakusa.
Some say a part of the treasure was carried from Shimabara to Ishigaki Island.
It's worth close to 2 billion yen by today's prices.
My guess is that this uninhabited island may be the one Are you saying there is It's really close to here! Of course, it's just my hypothesis.
That's the legend of Shiro Amakusa's Golden Cross, isn't it? Because of the curse no one has wanted to get close to that island for a long time.
It's a common story, isn't it? It surely is We can find that kind of legend anywhere.
Wait! I can smell strongly the scent of real treasure the smell of 2 billion.
! I told you it's a hypothesis! This needs to be investigated more What are you talking about? A short distance away, If we go home empty-handed, we should be punished.
Onizuka, are you serious? But if we are going to look for the hidden treasure we need a lot of man power.
Don't worry about that! Right now, I have plenty of laborers who work for free.
What? We have 40 young and healthy ones.
All right! All classes! Gather here! Now we're going to see a colony of Yaeyama Palm Trees.
Listen! Don't disrupt the group activity.
Please do not act selfishly What happened to Class 4? Didn't you give him permission? What permission? Onizuka-sensei said he got permission from you a while ago and he's going to do some special research.
Special research? He said the theme was "What does the sea turtle's egg taste like?" Don't you know about it? Sea turtle?! BIG CATCH Aren't we going to Yaeyama? Why sea turtle? You had 40 people ride on such a shabby boat! This isn't going to sink, is it? I'm scared! Teacher! Shut up! Be quiet! This is noble research we are doing by studying the sea turtle's eggs.
If you complain, I'll give you no points for social science.
What's that?! The sea turtle belongs to natural science, not social science! Shut up! That's an order from your homeroom teacher! Like I thought, it's not a good idea to deceive everyone and use them for treasure hunting If we find the treasure and take them to Hawaii no one will complain.
Besides, everyone seriously thinks this is special research If there are still some who complain I'll have them buried in the hole they have dug.
The hole worth 2 billion.
! I can't stop him What are you scheming? What are you doing?! - What a great turn of events! - Kanzaki! Help! - Watch out, Onizuka! - Hey! Help! What are you going to do, Anko? I don't know what's going on, but just watch us! All right! Let's play Shiritori (word game)! Doriya! I don't want to play! Hey! Hey! You guys! Show some happiness about being in the forest! Shall we sing?! We're not in a forest, we're in a jungle! I don't have the energy to sing.
How far do we need to go? According to this map, it's about 2 km more.
Two kilometers?! Are we going to walk some more? I don't care about the sea turtles! I want to go back to the hotel! - Me, too! - Me, too! If you want to go back, suit yourself! But you get no points in social science.
He must be a real idiot! I wonder if it is really okay to come this far by ourselves Uh spooky Yoshikawa? Hey! Step it up! Onizuka! Vice Principal! It's dangerous! Please don't go in the water on a jet ski, and then get on this boat! Shut up! Why would I get on such a slow boat?! If the students get lost because of that man what am I going to do? It will be my responsibility! I'll save the students with my own two hands and this time I'll kick him out of the school forever! Watch me! Onizuka! Where are you going?! The island Onizuka-sensei headed for was this island! Vice Principal! HABUTO POKOCHIN (HABU AND PENIS) Listen! The turtles' eggs are buried very deep in the ground! You should dig at least two meters deep! This is strange When I watched on TV before I thought sea turtles were laying eggs in the sand Oh, another thing! If you find an old box it is dangerous.
So do not open it! But let me know immediately! Understand?! Teacher.
It's better to stop If we don't find anything, the class will kill you! Well, if nothing comes of it we can blame the destruction of their habitat or something and we can avoid the issue.
As long as we can find the treasure I can't help Kikuchi I have something to ask you Teacher! Something strange, like a chunk of iron, is buried here! What?! Let me see! What's this? That's probably an unexploded bomb.
Oh, an unexploded bomb The sea turtle.
Wow! Bomb?! What?! Bomb?! Shut up! It's called an unexploded bomb because it doesn't explode.
You don't need to worry about it! Work hard! If you are not working, you will lose your lunch! No way! Shoot! Why did I have to come to Okinawa to dig a hole?! I will report Onizuka to UNICEF for mistreatment of children! Oh, I can't go any further.
I'm so thirsty.
Don't you have any juice? We already drank it all! What? Oh, I'm going to die! Here.
You can drink this.
Thank you Teacher! I've found something like a box! What?! Really?! Where is it?! There, down there, it looks like a box Which one is it?! Where is it? Where?! You, Kanzaki! What are you doing?! Here we go! What are you doing?! Stop it! What are you doing, Kanzaki? Don't play innocent! We have the evidence.
Evidence? I don't know what you're talking about.
Kikuchi confessed everything.
He said the special research was a big lie! You used and abused us as laborers in order to find the buried treasure, didn't you? Hey, Kikuchi! You sold me out to them! What are you talking about? I'm tied up.
Look at what?! The rope is loose! Everyone, what do you want to do? Should we just execute him? Yeah! Hey, wait a minute! I wasn't going to cheat you! If we found the treasure, I was going to share it equally Hey! It's true! All right, all right! I'll stop the treasure hunt immediately! Please! I'll do anything! Please forgive me this time! Hey, Kanzaki! For some time, since we've been here, I've been a little worried About what? I can't find them although I've been looking for them for a while Yoshikawa, Uehara, and the others.
Hey, walk quickly! You want me to, but with a blindfold Shut up! Don't complain! Yoshikawa doesn't deserve it! But you've thought of an outrageous plan! You'll have Yoshikawa get lost! If we have a victim on a distant island in the Southern sea like this it will be the homeroom teacher's responsibility.
I bet Onizuka is panicking now We're missing.
! Hey, we came pretty far.
Isn't it far enough? All right! Sorry, but we'll leave you here.
We'll loosen the rope for you so you'll be able to get away.
Now, sit right there! Well, if you're lucky, you'll survive.
If you're lucky.
! If you want to blame someone, blame Onizuka! See you! Bye-bye! It serves him right! It's just Yoshikawa.
It's his fault for pulling such a trick on us.
He must be crying right now.
But is it really all right to leave him in this jungle? If he loses his way back, he may really die.
It doesn't matter.
Society doesn't need that crybaby.
You must really hate him.
He makes me irritated.
He does whatever others say.
It's like "Please pick on me!" That's terrible, Anko.
What? How did you get ahead of us? What? I've just been sitting here the whole time.
What? Then we must have taken a wrong path.
It is strange That's right! This way! I see.
Sorry! We almost got ourselves lost Why? Strange There is no way Why?! There is no way.
! Wait a minute! This means we are also? lost? Why didn't anyone mark the way?! If we get lost, it isn't even funny! What?! It's your fault! Because you tricked us like that with Onizuka.
! What are you going to do?! It's your fault! We got lost! If I hadn't had on a blindfold I might have remembered the way back You're a man! Don't make any excuses, and do something! You're a man, aren't you?! It's not fair.
When you need something, you call me a man.
What are we going to do?! Can't we ever go home again?! No! I don't like that! Hey! Don't yell so loudly! Calm down, everyone! Anyway, let's calm down and find the way out.
Okay? How can you talk like such an authority?! You're just Yoshikawa! Don't act like a man! You say "Be a man" and "Don't act like a man!" Which is it?! Shut up! Hey, Anko.
Are you sure this is the right way? The trees are getting thicker I don't know! Hey, this is a tropical island, isn't it? Then there must be tigers and cheetahs, right? I don't think so.
How do you know?! You're just Yoshikawa! Look! It's the end of the jungle! It's the way out! Yeah! We did it! We'll live! It can't be true This is the ocean! What?! Where are we?! We must be at the opposite side Hey, do something! It was your idea to let Yoshikawa get lost! Take some responsibility! Shut up! I get it! You'll be happy if you can go home! Right? Hey! Where are you going?! Anko! If I go along the shore I may get back to the place we landed.
It's dangerous! Come back! I'm okay Are you all right? Yeah! I'm fine! Hey! I can hear people's voices! Someone may be down there Wow! She fell in! What shall we do?! Yoshikawa?! Yoshikawa! Where is our future going? Maybe it knows of this aimless journey And simply flew away If you can stop our gloomy days I will listen to all you say However much we have, There is always something lacking The wind will always blow And carry the scent away I am searching for our future now Don't laugh because It may really go away Remember these Strained words I say The night is almost over, So let's run through this moment All we have is this precious moment All we have is this precious moment Before the endless night begins Embrace this precious night NEXT EPISODE Why are you mean to me? Yoshikawa! Uehara! Where are you?! Where are you?! Of course I can't do it! Uehara-san No! I won't go! Miss Uehara! You can do it.
Trust me.