Green Lantern: The Animated Series s01e04 Episode Script

Into the Abyss

1x04 - Into the Abyss Previously on Green Lantern You proud of what you did? Answer me! Easy there, Kilowog.
We just got our butts saved by a Red Lantern.
He's comin with us.
Unh! Ahh.
Grub time! You got a problem, poozer? Only that I dislike clumsy 7-foot pigs.
Err! Hey, hey, hey, hey! Kilowog, break it up.
You, too, Razer.
What did I say about killing each other? Come on, Hal.
We're just fooling around.
Right? The ship's too small for this nonsense.
I want you two to shake hands.
It's an Earth custom to show there's no hard feelings.
Come on.
Shake hands.
Not like that.
Attention, incoming distress call.
This is captain Goray of the container ship Truvedon.
I've struck a pinhole and unable to proceed.
One of my engines has failed.
The other is at full power, but it's just slowing the inevitable.
I need help.
Aya, hold the transmission.
Could be a trap, Hal.
We get there, the disabled ship opens up, and the Reds start pouring out.
There are no Red Lanterns in this sector.
- It's not a trap.
- How do you know? I was in charge of setting those traps.
This is Hal Jordan of the Green Lantern corps.
Sit tight, Truvedon.
We're on our way.
I've got two questions: "A" How far are we from that pinhole? 1.
8 teraquads and closing.
Which brings me to "B.
" What's a pinhole? It's a microscopic black hole at the center of a whirlpool of energy.
The closer that ship gets to the pinhole, the stronger gravity becomes.
It will compress that cargo ship into a space tighter than a grub worm's vacuole.
That's close enough, Aya.
We don't want to get pulled in, too.
Deploy the tractor beam.
Anomalous gravitational readings are infecting my instruments.
Unable to compensate.
Captain, do you have any tow cables? Deploying them now.
Heh heh.
We'll have to go out there and attach them to the interceptor manually.
Anomalous gravity always puts a bug in my britches.
If you don't think you're up to the task Just try and keep up, punk.
Green Lanterns train in variable gravity.
Let's see how you fly when you 1,000 kilos, then 6,000, then 2,000.
This is a dangerous undertaking.
Why are we risking A Green Lantern protects innocent life even at the risk of their own.
That's what we do.
Quite a downdraft! That's downdraw.
You don't make it over the gravity whirlpool, you're dark matter.
[grunting] [groaning] All right, Aya! Let's haul this baby out.
Gravitational pull is too intense.
Cables cannot withstand the strain.
The ship's stable for now, but sooner or later, I'm telling you, it's going in.
We'll have to get the captain ourselves.
You could have given him a hand.
I don't need a recruit on my 6 and especially not a Red recruit.
Down here! Deal with it.
Thank the grollmother you're here! I'm at half power and have no way to pull myself out.
Exactly what are you hauling? Some kind of eggs? Leave them.
With the refrigeration out, they're goning to spoil anyway.
Spoil? It's only a matter of time before these things hatch.
Hatch? I can't tell what kind of creature's inside.
Who cares? Only vermin and insects hatch from eggs.
- I hatched from an egg.
- My point exactly.
- Err.
- Ease up.
The Truvedon's logs identify them as Spegnarians.
They are incredibly rare ever since their planet was devastated by volcanic activity.
So these eggs are some kind of last-ditch colony? I suppose so.
I was paid to avoid major shipping lanes.
Well, you sure did that.
Change of plans.
We're gonna rescue every life form here.
It's a waste of time.
He's right.
The starboard engine's dead.
Then we'll restart it.
I'll get the civilian clear.
You're leaving me with him? You two need some bonding time.
I heard of you Green Lanterns.
I know you're brave and all, but you're crazy to go back.
Brave, crazy-- it's a fine line.
Green Lantern Hal Jordan, I have several suggestions to conserve energy until the inoperative engine is repaired.
That's great, Aya.
Keep us out of the crush zone for as long as you can.
He must not have heard me.
Engine room's this way.
This way.
That's the main power line.
As if you know how a cargo ship works.
It's not some Red Lantern death ride made ou of lead foil and scrap wire.
And stay in front of me.
How's that phony ring holding up? Without a Red Lantern battery, eventually its charge will die.
Sooner the better.
But for now as long as I feel rage, it's as strong as yours.
[rumble] Whoa! Err! I hope you're good at maakila.
That wasn't me.
This ship is falling to pieces, and I'm sick of your self-righteous braying, you fat, green oaf! Aah! You kids stop that now, or I'm turning this ship right around.
Isn't that exactly what we're trying to do? Try something like that again, and I'm blowing my ring charge on you, pinhole or no pinhole.
I'm not afraid to die.
[boom] You should be.
You'll live longer.
Unh! Huh? Hello? Can you hear me? Start the engine now, or both ships are going in.
Goray, why is the computer offline? Aya, are you there? Aya! What happened to her? I don't care! We're out of time! Err! Wait, captain.
Ease off that winch.
Unh! We're going in! The pinhole's overpowering the ship's autograv.
Hold on! Unh! [metal creaking] There.
It's braced for now.
But we're on the lip, almost in the crush zone.
- Let's get out of here.
- Not without the eggs.
Where are you going? To buy us some time.
Errrr! Unh! I'll keep you out of the hole as long as I can.
Fix that engine, and, Jordan, watch your back.
It's hopeless.
Kilowog's a fool! He'll die out there.
[grunting] [grunting] You see that? The eggs are hatching.
Let's keep moving.
They're eating the power lines! My constructs don't even slow them down.
Mine do.
Hey, hey, hey.
Remember? Incredibly rare species? What's the hold up in there? Hatchlings.
They're eating through the power cables.
Don't stop unless you want to get a lot thinner.
[groaning] Navigation.
Hello? Hello? Is anybody out there? Goray, you're alive.
Tell Aya to bring the ship closer.
Ring's almost empty.
I need her to spell me.
Your nav computer must be damaged, not responding, but I'll help.
[groaning] Oh.
Ooh! Better not touch that again.
Oh, great! They're moving past us.
If they start eating the engine before we get there, it's over.
We need a shortcut.
It's less cluttered out here.
We'll have a nice, clear plummet into the pinhole.
How you doing, buddy? Errrrr! Aah! Aaaah! Razer! More hatchlings.
We're already outnumbered.
Think of how bad it will be once the rest of the eggs open.
I have no problem bringing a Red Lantern onto the team, but I will not tolerate pessimists.
- They've doomed us all.
- What now? This engine isn't just offline.
It's frozen solid.
Those alien hatchlings ate through the lines that power the heaters! It would take a team of engineers to restart it before we collapse into the pinhole.
We don't have a team of engineers or time.
Razer, let's light this candle.
You want us to fire a frozen engine? The explosion will be spectacular.
He's right, Hal.
If we start going in, Kilowog, I want you to cut us loose.
Not happening.
You go, we all go, and the worst part is that the captain who can't fly straight gets to keep the interceptor.
Your stubborn friend is right.
I can't fix this, not without another 5 pairs of hands.
We're not giving up.
Yell about the unfairness of it all afterward.
Then we'll go down fighting.
At least my Red energy makes a dent in them.
That's right.
Green energy doesn't affect them.
Wait, stop.
Maybe I can get you those 10 hands, Razer.
What are you doing? Those things didn't come from the eggs.
They came from the interceptor.
- They're Aya.
- You're deranged.
Aya's been gone since before the bugs showed up.
Somehow she must have put herself into these little bots and snuck on board.
But they ate the power lines.
She was shutting down nonessential systems to save power.
[ice cracks] - Both engines are up.
- Aya, full reverse! Even with the engines back online, we're past the point of no return.
I live past the point of no return.
Express elevator going down.
Not a bad shot for a Red.
[grunting] It's no use! We don't have enough power to pull away! I'm not trying to pull away.
I'm gonna fly this baby right at it.
You're going to what? If I can fly with the current of the pinhole, maybe I can generate enough velocity to slingshot us out of here.
Aagh! Come on.
Hold together.
Yeah, baby! Still got it.
[chattering] Well, what do you know? So that's my cargo.
Cargo, huh? Heh heh heh.
Look at you.
Heh heh.
There's a few more of these rascals running around that tub of yours.
And to think, I was going to abandon them.
You were foolishly brave today.
Well, back at you.
Nice job saving me.
And thank you, Aya.
We'd all be feeling pretty cramped right now if it wasn't for you coming out of your shell like that.
Yes, like a hatchling from an egg.
I'm not done.
It was dangerous to up and leave your post.
We need to set a few parameters, young lady.
A Green Lantern protects innocent life, even at the risk of their own, correct? Wait.
Wait a minute.
Aya, you do understand you're a navcom, not a Green Lantern, right? You can't be a GL.
Why not? Well, first off, the ring's got to pick you.
- Why? - Help me out.
Oh, no.
I want to hear this.
- Red? - Leave me out of it.
Green Lanterns positively got to have a physical body to walk around and interact with people, not a bunch of creepy bugs.
Parameters set.
A body like this? [groans]