Green Lantern: The Animated Series s01e05 Episode Script

Heir Apparent

1x05 - Heir Apparent Previously on "Green Lantern" We fight them, we stop them, whatever it takes.
Just how are we gonna stop who knows how many superpowerful Red Lanterns with just the two of us? I'm getting more comfortable in my human/robotic form every day.
I can now assemble myself in 2.
1 seconds.
And up until two days ago, you weren't much more than a real smart disembodied voice.
Jordan, back me up here.
Any girl who can get ready in less than 3 seconds has my stamp of approval.
Sensors have located the energy signature of a Green Lantern power ring approximately 18.
2 teraquads from us.
Great work, Aya.
Plot a course directly to that signal.
We're doing a little recruiting.
Which if successful will bring the total of your Green Lantern Force to 3.
Atrocitus will be shaking in his boots.
And there would be 5 of us if you included me.
Right, and how I could forget with you constantly bringing it up? Jordan, you got stuff the genie back in her box.
You can't let our nav computer get used to walking around like a real person.
You may be unaware that I can hear every sound on this vessel.
Aya, I appreciate the enthusiasm, but I think It's best if you stay with the ship.
Our queen and sovereign.
- Great timing as usual, Hal.
- It's a gift.
Observe their garb and manner.
They are Green Lanterns and friends.
I am Queen Iolande.
I welcome you to Betrassus.
Dulac used to tell me stories of other Green Lanterns, but I thought they were nothing but tall tales.
This is my brother Prince Ragnar.
Iolande, your name sounds like a waterfall.
Worst line ever.
We're looking for the Green Lantern that serves your planet.
Green Lantern Dulac.
He has protected Betrassus for many years.
We need his help to fight a deadly threat on the frontier.
You speak of the Red Lanterns.
Several of our off-planet outposts have been attacked by these vicious marauders.
You're probably the only ones strong enough to fight off the Red Lanterns.
Enough! Betrassus doesn't need Green Lanterns.
We need a king to command its army, and that will be me! Kothak, once again you overstep your bounds.
It is our custom.
If the queen is coroneted without a husband, then the greatest warrior may claim her hand and share the throne.
Face it, princess.
You don't have what it takes to rule this kingdom alone.
Will no one challenge Kothak for my sister's hand? I will challenge Kothak for the hand of Iolande.
I think we found our man.
I've seen the destruction caused by the Red Lanterns with my own eyes.
I would be proud to join your fight against them.
It will mean leaving the queen.
Iolande has no love for a tired old warhorse like me.
I'll marry her to keep her throne save from Kothak.
He is not to be trusted, but once I win her hand, I can best protect her and our world by joining your crusade.
It's pretty easy to see why you were chosen by your ring.
Happy to have you aboard.
I still can't believe you're here, another actual Green Lantern.
I am sir Dulac's greatest supporter, and now I'm here to offer you equal devotion.
Excuse me for overhearing, but you said the ring chose you to be a Green Lantern.
Were there many tests of your strength and bravery? No.
I was nearby when the Green Lantern in my sector died, and his ring came to me.
Anyone can seem like a warrior when wearing the most powerful weapon on the planet.
The terms of the challenge state that we face each other equally armed.
Then you'll see I'm more a hero than Dulac will ever be.
We shall see.
He ought to be on a leash.
I will put a stop to Kothak's scheming tomorrow.
Then you shall have my aid.
Boo! Milady, sir Dulac cannot be found.
Clearly your precious green knight has fled.
That doesn't make any sense.
Name one Green Lantern you've ever known to run away from a fight.
So Dulac forfeits the challenge.
Iolande is mine.
We saw yesterday that there is no one else on Betrassus brave enough to face me.
No, but the is one brave enough now.
Here we go.
I will fight for the hand of Iolande.
I will not allow it? This Green Lantern is an outsider with no royal blood whatsoever.
If you win, you're gonna have to stay here and rule.
We've got an agenda, an intergalactic menace to destroy.
Don't get your regulation undies in a bunch.
I'll defeat Kothak, then release Iolande to rule in her own right.
Everybody wins, happily ever after, boo-yah.
Does he understand the challenge must be fought without his precious power ring? He does.
He's also right here in the room, so you don't have to talk about him in the third person, and he looks forward to kicking your butt tomorrow.
The ship is primed and ready to leave.
Why aren't you back here with the Lantern we tracked? He's gone missing.
I can easily find him.
You can't just go running around in that Red Lantern getup.
We've got enough on our hands without you starting a panic.
My talents are wasted waiting here.
Stay with Aya.
Have her run a scan for Dulac's power ring.
Sensors have located a weak energy trail.
It is possible that it is Green Lantern Dulac's ring.
The energy trail is too distant to make that determination with total confidence.
So you're saying we need to be closer.
It would aid me, but our orders are to remain on the ship.
I was ordered to help you trace the power ring, which is exactly what we'll be doing if you put yourself together and go with me.
Only 2.
1 seconds to assemble.
Are my components properly aligned? You look fine.
You also look fine.
You'll need practice.
Kothak is very skilled on his machine.
I could help you.
Back on my home planet, I'm a test pilot for supersonic aircraft.
I don't think this little sidewalk skimmer will give me any problems.
In fact, I'll probably invent a few new moves while I'm feeling it out.
You're right.
That was new.
For future reference, when in my physical form, I prefer not to be pushed into the dirt.
Some hero.
I look forward to destroying you in the tournament tomorrow.
You know, I think I'll gratefully accept a couple of pointers.
Well, come along then.
If you can keep up, that is.
She fell for the waterfall line.
I thought you might be thirsty.
I like a little more slime floating on top, but thanks, kid.
Have I told you what an honor it is to have you here? Over and over.
My beloved kingdom is under threat and not just by the Red Lanterns.
There's an internal threat, as well, so having two Green Lanterns here is a great comfort.
soon as we track him down.
Heck, 4 if you count Aya.
She'd love that.
I had no idea these machines were so unstable.
They aren't.
You think someone did this deliberately? Kothak is capable of anything.
This situation is getting far too dangerous.
I want you to back out of the challenge, for your own protection.
Back out? Not on your life.
This just got interesting for me.
You are brave.
I don't know if fighting for my throne is even worth it.
A queen must be wise, strong, clever, and a million other things that I don't know if I am or will ever be.
You're all of those things and so much more.
How can you be so sure? I'm a pretty good judge of character.
My sensors indicate the energy signal is getting stronger, but it seems our search is over.
Not quite.
There doesn't seem to be any signs indicating a struggle.
So he didn't go down fighting.
His ring is gone.
Has it gone back to Oa? The interceptor's sensors would have noted that.
The signal is still near here.
It's time we notify the others.
Great job obeying orders.
Do I need to write them down from now on? A warrior acts.
A warrior listens to his superiors.
I'll give them the insubordination lecture later.
What have you found? We found his body in the catacombs.
We're still trying to locate his power ring.
If it hasn't chosen a new bearer already.
My sensors indicate that the ring is somewhere within the castle walls.
My gut instinct tells me so is the killer.
Then we must find this murderer and bring him to justice.
It is what Green Lanterns do.
We will, but we have to do it carefully.
We'll need proof.
You go back to the ship.
We'll call if we need backup, but we might have to make a quick exit.
Kilowog and I have a trap to set.
And here, another flagon of that ale you so enjoyed before.
Hey! You remembered the slime! Iolande, prepare to wed as soon as I defeat this peasant.
Know your place, Kothak.
Queen Iolande, I fight so that your people might have the capable, honest ruler they deserve.
Keep your chin up, Jordan! Focus! Come on, Jordan! Poison! He's been murdered! Kilowog! Come on, buddy.
Speak to me! Please.
Hal, he's gone.
No! Whoever did this will pay.
The death of the outsider is inconsequential.
I demand my challenger return to the field so I may defeat him and become the rightful king of Betrassus.
Look! The ring! Finally.
It's mine! The power I've dreamed of! Again, I protest this delay.
Your silly contest no longer matters, Kothak.
What matters is that I'm a Green Lantern, the most powerful citizen of Betrassus.
I shall be your ruler.
Bow down and grovel to me, your new king! You did this! You murdered my friend! I had to.
You told me that when a Lantern dies his ring searches for the next worthy person.
Knowing myself to be most worthy, I killed Dulac so that his ring might come to me.
Do not judge me! I loved Dulac more than any of you.
That's why I killed him, to honor him by being his successor.
And Kilowog? Why him? Dulac's ring didn't come to me, so I had to try again.
I had to! Sorry, but I can't let you get away with this.
You don't have a choice, none of you! What happened to my ring? Where is it? I want my ring! I still have it.
The ring you thought chose you was a construct I made while playing dead.
Bravo, Kilowog.
Excellent performance.
Aw, gee.
I thought maybe slobbering the grog all over a was a bit much, but I sure has heck wasn't gonna drink any.
Oh, Ragnar, I am heartbroken.
This is my planet.
I was born to lead! I'll show you all! My queen! Your reign is over, sister.
Look at how easily I paid off your guards.
If I cannot rule Betrassus, then neither will you.
Attack now! Kilowog, my ring.
Give it up, Ragnar! Don't be a fool! Close the gates! Stay back! Let me go, or I'll kill her.
Iolande, put the ring on now! Please! I beg for quarter.
The true enemy is defeated.
We thank our lantern friends for bringing him to justice.
Guards, round up the traitors and take my brother to the tower.
You'll all be sorry.
I will be a Lantern, and then you'll pay! You'll all pay! You will be nay.
You are a great leader.
You are my queen and sovereign, and to you I offer all my loyalty.
Better late than never.
Our queen and sovereign! Did you know all along Ragnar had killed Dulac? No, but he was a little too curious about how you become a Green Lantern.
Then Kilowog remembered that Ragnar was happy to have two Green Lanterns on Betrassus.
Only someone who knew Dulac was dead wouldn't include him in the count.
But how did you know I had the ring? Once I found out Dulac was dead, I knew his ring would go to the most worthy person, and like I said, I'm a pretty good judge of character.
Thank you for everything.
Now that you're a Green Lantern, will you join us in our fight against the Red Lanterns? I would love nothing more than to go with you, but I'm more than a Green Lantern to my people.
- You're their queen.
- Yes, and duty to them comes first.
Unfortunately my birthright is not a choice.
In fact, there are very few things I can choose, but this is one of them.
Good-bye, Hal Jordan.