Green Lantern: The Animated Series s01e06 Episode Script

Lost Planet

1x06- Lost Planet Previously on Green Lantern Those power rings are currently in search of new hosts or en route back to Oa.
Once I found out Dulac was dead, I knew his ring would go to the most worthy person.
Now that you're a Green Lantern, will you join us in our fight against the Red Lanterns? All right, you jackwagons, sound off like you mean it.
- Aya.
- Present.
- Razer.
- Heh.
Jordan! Whoa.
Kilowog, there are only four of us, and we're all here.
We may be a half a universe away from Oa, but that doesn't mean we can't maintain a little discipline.
Discipline's overrated.
And I called this meeting so we could assess our situation.
We'll be dead within a month.
How about we leave the tactical analysis to sergeant Kilowog.
[sighs] That's right.
We're in deep umtec splat.
Just when things look a little hopeful, we lose our newfound Green Lantern lolande, 'cause she won't leave home.
So it's two Green Lanterns fighting the entire Red Lantern invasion.
Pardon my interruption, but I've completed my search for the late Shyir Rev's power ring.
There is good news and there is bad news.
Let's have good news.
The ring's signal emanates from a nearby planet.
Must have found a replacement G.
Could be another recruit for us.
Change course immediately.
I know I'm going to regret asking, but what's the bad news? The planet in question will be hit by that asteroid in 5.
2 minutes.
I say we blow that thing apart before it hits.
Due to the asteroid's huge mass, My canons will have no impact, even at full power.
Maybe we don't need to destroy it.
We just need to slow it down.
Asteroid bearing unchanged.
I cannot maintain this level of output.
What about our personal lanterns? Can you siphon an extra boost from them? Affirmative.
It's working! Power drum at critical level.
- Shut it down.
- No, keep firing! Field regulations, Jordan.
We don't let our batteries dip below 20%! Enough with the regulations! Keep pouring it on! [groans] [cracking] Main and portable batteries nearing failure threshold.
Talk to me, Aya.
Did we do it? Asteroid progress delayed.
We now have six hours until impact.
Yeah, great.
We blew all our power doing it.
Now when we go down there, our rings will be running on fumes.
No one will mind that our rings are only partially charged as we rescue them.
Scanners now at limited capacity, reading few scattered life forms.
Looks like we have six hours to find the new Green Lantern recruit down there and get him and any others off the planet in one piece.
Shooting from the hip as usual.
Gonna get us all killed.
Jordan, regulations exist for a reason.
They're not suggestions.
And since we're at war, we should follow them! I concur.
Putting the lives of two well-trained Green Lanterns at risk in an effort to save one untrained novice, is impractical.
Look, I may not have followed all the regs to the letter, but there are people on that planet who need to be rescued, not to mention a Green Lantern.
And one Green Lantern can make all the difference.
So, which way? A strange seismic interference is disrupting the scanner's ability to pinpoint the ring's exact location.
But it is in this vicinity.
Then let's move.
We come in peace.
- I've always wanted to say that.
- Why? Greetings, travelers.
You are well met on this desolate rock of a planet.
I am Zartok.
My fellow castaways are Drusa and Grood.
I'm Hal Jordan.
This is Kilowog, Aya and Razer.
Where did your ship crash? We didn't crash.
We landed just over that rise.
That, what you're holding, is a Thalian moon staff.
Only soldiers that fought in the last stand of Thalius Prime wielded that blade.
I know.
I was in that battle.
We're looking for a Green Lantern, here.
A search, I want to point out, that is pathetic and pointless.
Look around you.
There's no Green Lantern here.
Oh, ok, we should just give up.
Or we could look for ourselves.
That asteroid's going to hit in six hours.
We'll get you to safety before that happens, but in the meantime, we could use some help finding our Green Lantern.
You will have our aid.
We'll split into teams.
We can cover more ground that way.
I'll go with Zartok.
If you don't mind, I'd like to go with Aya.
Nice to talk with another girl for a change.
Must be losing my game out here.
I work better alone.
Well, I guess it's just you and me, pal.
So, Grood I bet you're like a senator on your planet.
A great orator, a voice to be heard.
No, no, no, wait, you're a storyteller who weaves a magic tapestry of words, charming everyone around with your ingenious turn of phrase.
What is it? Did you find something? I- I don't see anything.
What is it I'm supposed to- [groaning and grunting] Hey, hey, get off! [groaning] Ok.
That doesn't make any sense.
Hello? Anyone? Come in! Maybe this was a really bad idea after all.
I've been working with grunts and posers for so long.
It's an honor to be in the company of a soldier- A true soldier.
So your leader, Hal Jordan, disappoints you? Hal ain't exactly my leader.
In fact, I'm not even sure he's got the right stuff to lead this war.
But the defenders of Thalius Prime are legendary.
If it wouldn't be too rude to ask, I would love to hear of the battle- the last stand.
It was The greatest moment of my life.
A glorious battle.
Never have I seen such bravery, such soldierly duty.
The cartonian hordes were terrifying- murder in the eyes and thirsting for blood.
A good day to die.
I've been marooned on this planet for quite some time.
It's so exciting to see you- A walking, talking artificial intelligence.
Such technology.
Such perfection.
Perfection is incorrect.
I must continually adjust a 0,0001% flaw in my programming.
Well, you sure sound perfect to- oh, ahh! [groaning] Ohh.
I twisted it.
I can construct a field dressing and splint from surrounding materials.
I'd feel better if you took me back to your ship for medical attention.
[grunting] [laughter] Don't turn your back on me! [birds chirping] Hold it right there, Grood.
Whoa! There was much blood.
Many lives lost.
But my battalion still had fight in 'em.
My personal guards stood with me in the thick of battle.
The Cardonian horde were ruthless and relentless.
That Thalian moon staff has probably seen more action than any of us.
It has earned its place in history.
To be honest, we're here looking for a ring.
It can be tried to choose one of you to be a Green Lantern, like us.
Personally, I'm hoping it's you.
Such power would be a great honor.
This ship is more than my home.
I have never known anything else.
It is correct to state that I was born on this ship.
- Is this the infirmary? - That, and numerous other uses.
There is not sufficient space on the ship, so each room serves multiple functions.
What's this? That is the main access panel to my CPU chamber.
A graveyard of space wrecks.
Rashe pirate ships.
War ships of the Cardonian horde.
And those are space clippers of the Tarconian marauders.
Who are you?! One of the castaways? Those over there are catty slavers from Gur.
Quite the collection.
All of them seriouy bad people who have done seriously bad things.
Tell me who you are, or so help me The path they walked led to their doom.
It is the same path you travel now.
I am Saint Walker.
And you are? About to kick your smug rear.
That is not a very pleasant name.
Not in the least.
- You got a problem with me? - Do you have a problem with you? I only have one problem, but it's a problem I intend to correct.
[grunts] Come in.
Can anyone hear me? How am I going to warn the others if I can't find them? Ok Well, it's a stretch, but it's a better lead than anything else I've got.
And the great battle of Thalius Prime was over.
What an inspiration.
And what an honor to hear about it in your words, Zartok.
We would have won if my battalion hadn't been captured.
You did win! The Cardonian horde was defeated that day.
Because my battalion was the Cardonian horde.
And I was their general! [grunting] Taste the power of my rage! Rage has no real power, or taste, for that matter.
[grunting] It's the orphan child of fear and despair.
[grunting] Moon staff.
Only the defenders of Thalius Prime carry that weapon.
And I personally pried this one from the cold hands of one of their fallen soldiers as a trophy.
Ahhh! Your kicks need work.
A little higher at the knee, I think.
Speaking of taste, though, you really should try this melon, brother.
Very sweet.
[grunting] You don't deserve to wield that staff.
You're supposed to be a soldier.
How could you destroy such good people as the Thalians? They were brave warriors that stood with honor! I massacred them because they were weak.
[both grunting] My soldiers followed orders perfectly, with unquestioning loyalty! [both grunting] If you were truly a soldier, you would know that blind loyalty is far better than honor or bravery! [grunting] [gasping] Sit still so I can hit you! No, brother.
You sit still.
[groaning] There's a storm coming, brother.
And the galaxy will need everyone of strong and true heart to survive.
What in the name of Grotz are you talking about?! Your anger and rage may lead to your doom.
Personally, I think you should avoid that.
But there is always hope.
- You're the Green Lantern.
- No, not me.
I travel a different path.
Nice going, kid.
- You found the ring.
- Actually Funny that the ring hasn't chosen a Green Lantern yet.
Maybe one of the castaways.
[chuckles] No, those castaways are bad news, trust me.
We need to find the others and get off this planet now! [both grunting] Good fight, Kilowog.
It is a good ending.
[groaning] [yelling and grunting] No.
That's a good ending.
Luckily for you and your friends, it is a very good day to die.
[console beeps] General, what about Grood? Forget him.
We have his ship now.
Let's get off this horrible rock.
I look forward to watching that asteroid from a safe distance as it obliterates this accursed planet.
[groans] I'll knock that smile off his face.
Uh, Kilowog, is there a reason Aya's flying off and leaving us? She's not.
It's those castaways.
They stole the ship.
Unh! - Whoa! - Whoa! [console beeps] [grunting] - Unh! - Unh! [groans] [beeping] Aya's back online.
We're ready to blow this munktor stand! Jordan, now! It doesn't make sense.
Why did the ring stay here on this planet and not go back to Oa? Go! Go back to Oa! It can't be.
Kilowog, take off now.
Right now.
I have to stay behind.
There's something I have to do.
Jordan, time's up.
The ring didn't find a replacement.
We gotta go! It did.
Our hero's been here the whole time.
Get Aya and Razer off this planet.
Trust me.
I ordered you off this rock.
What are you doing? I'm disobeying orders.
[booming voice] I am Mogo.
Thank you, Hal Jordan of Earth.
You have saved me.
Rather, by giving me the ring, by knighting me, you allowed me the power to save myself from that asteroid.
Our pleasure.
For countless millennia I have trapped evildoers here on my surface until they reform.
I will keep these prisoners if you do not mind.
Knock yourself out.
You have given me new purpose, new power.
I am proud to be a Green Lantern.
Very proud.
And I will be here whenever you have need of me.
I gotta say, Jordan, you're gathering one unorthodox team, but it's an honor to be a part of it.
Welcome to the Green Lantern corps, Mogo.