Green Lantern: The Animated Series s01e07 Episode Script


1x07 - Reckoning Previously on "Green Lantern" You belong to the Red Lantern corps.
How's that phony ring holding up? Without a Red Lantern battery, eventually its charge will die.
Sooner the better.
Kilowog, get ready.
Should be in view right now.
There it is Red Lantern mother ship.
Aya, make sure we have max resolution and magnification.
Full spectrum scans.
I want to know everything about this rock.
Yep, waste dump at 06:00 mean sola time, like clockwork.
After weeks of stalking Shard, you've unlocked the secret of when they dump their garbage.
Can total victory be far behind? I'm not hearing any better ideas coming out of your talk hole, Red.
Hold on.
We're repairing the ship so we can use the ultrawarp and bring reinforcements from Oa.
While we're waiting, I'm gathering as much intel as I can without getting us killed or letting the Red Lanterns know we didn't die when they blew up that planet.
Let me tell you what Atrocitus would do.
He'd come after you relentlessly.
He'd keep coming until you were dead, even if it meant his own death.
I was a fool to join you.
Soon I'll be as useless as you two.
You have no chance of victory if you aren't willing to die for your cause.
- What are you doing? - None of your business.
You must have permission to leave the interceptor.
Explain yourself.
I'm not a crew member.
I just quit.
Technically, you are a prisoner.
Now please return to the ship.
I do not want your actions to be misunderstood by the others.
- Heh.
Misunderstood? - I know you are not evil.
Then you don't know me at all.
You have forced me to alert Green Lanterns Hal and Kilowog.
They will help me bring you back.
No, you'll all be busy saving the ship.
I've got a quadruple failure in the ultrawarp reactor.
Is that even possible? Life support offline.
Float controls offline.
Internal grav offline.
Does anything on this bucket work? We're not floating, so we have internal gravity.
I'm reading the boards right, Jordan.
And where's Aya? I am here.
Scanning systems.
Contrary to the readouts, all functions are nominal to profile.
Maybe she's right.
Cycle the rocker switches for a hard reboot.
- So this was a what? - A diversion set by Razer.
We fell for the oldest trick in the book.
Where's our little saboteur now? I'd like to congratulate him on his success.
He left the ship.
I do not know where he went.
Oh, I know exactly where he went Shard.
Intruder! Seize him! Have you forgotten me so soon? Legion leader Razer? But you're dead! We went to your memorial service.
You died a hero.
Not yet but soon.
Lord Atrocitus, Razer is back.
He's at battery square.
He's about to recharge his ring.
Zilius, prepare a proper welcome for our Razer.
With blood and rage of crimson red, we fill men's souls with darkest dread and twist your minds to pain and hate.
We'll burn you all.
That is your fate.
Ah, a lost son has returned to me.
I have.
I was captured by the Green Lanterns.
But it was only a matter of time before I gained their trust.
Then I blew up their ship.
You did well, Razer.
I could only think of being here by your side.
To do this! Did you really think I'd allow you to recharge your power ring without finding out your true intentions? What you received was a mere light show.
Now tell me, what have you really been doing all this time? See? I told you he was a lost cause.
And I say good riddance.
Who knows? Maybe he was planning this the whole time! If that were true, why didn't he just kill us when he had the chance? Instead, he took the time to create a very convincing diversion.
The program is nearly undetectable.
My subsystems are studying how it works even now.
My bet is he went to settle his score with Atrocitus.
Then he should have made funeral arrangements, 'cause that's a one -way ticket.
And he knows it, which is why we have to stop him.
Of all your stupid ideas, Jordan, this one wins the prize! If you trust no one, Razer, you're never disappointed.
Master, I can't believe you're bringing out your personal battery to power his interrogation.
He doesn't deserve this.
Elements of your story are true.
You have been with the Green Lanterns.
And by the end of our talk, you'll tell me everything you know about them.
Now, let's begin.
This could go quick or slow, but I really hope you choose slow.
They're shooting at the asteroids, Jordan.
No more.
I'll talk.
See? A matter of time.
Speak up.
I'm going to miss you, Razer.
Schedule his execution.
We'll make an example of this one.
Aya, do you remember the plan? You won't forget anything? I am less likely to forget than you, Green Lantern Hal.
- How's she gonna get in? - With ease.
- I forgot she could do that.
- Patrol.
Come on.
It is by hate alone I set my will in motion.
It is through the breath of rage that vengeance is made manifest.
For Wrath only do I live and die.
All hail who's there? I warn you, I can defend myself.
You hide.
I'll stall.
What are you doing here in the middle of the night? Official business.
Sorry, sir.
Do I look like a "sir" to you? I'm cleric Loran.
Lucky for you, soldiers are always welcome in the house of our lord Atrocitus.
Cleric Loran, it's been a long time since I've been here.
I'd love to hear the story behind these beautiful stained-glass windows.
Of course, my angry child.
The city represents the capital of Ysmault before the guardians arrived, but it would be any city on a thousand worlds in our now-ravaged galaxy.
And then the guardians descended upon us.
They said they would bring peace and order, but as the book of rage tells us, lies tumbled from their mouths.
They said, "kneel before us, and you will want for nothing.
" but we would not worship them, and their wrath was deep and terrible.
The blue devils unleashed their automaton manhunters, and the guardians' soulless avengers snuffed out every life, stealing every breath and stilling every heart.
It was his holy hate that bore the first fruit of a Red Lantern, he, our lord Atrocitus of the five inversions.
So, by Red Lantern's light, we shall bring vengeance to those who laid us low.
Just what do you think you're doing? Does this look like your mess hall to slam my door like that? Have you no respect? Pardon, cleric.
We're searching for two missing gunners.
I'll sweep here, men.
You go down the street.
Hold your fire.
- Do you trust me? - Uh Remember this lesson well.
This is what happens to those who stray from my righteous path.
- Zilius, proceed.
- This might sting a bit.
Who dares? I just caught this stinking Green Lantern in your shrine.
Oh, boy.
So, it seems Razer wasn't the only one to survive the explosion of Colony 12.
You Green Lanterns are harder to kill than I thought.
Uh, master? Permission to cut off Razer's head? What's your name, soldier? Uh, Wrath, my lord.
You can execute the one you caught at the same time Razer meets his doom.
Let's get started.
Death to all enemies of Atrocitus.
Aya, now! Warning, power controls overloading.
Retreat to interior safe zone immediately.
You were foolish to come! I made my intentions clear! Do you even have a plan to get out of here? Don't need one.
And you're coming with us.
They've infected our reactor with a virus.
It's a trick, you buffoon.
You! With blood and rage of crimson red, we fill men's souls with darkest dread and twist your minds to pain and hate.
we'll burn you all.
That is your fate! I know you'd willingly die today, but do you have the strength to live for a cause? Because we sure could use you right now.
Aya, we are go.
Table for 3.
Finish them.
I don't want prisoners.
I have shut down shard's automated defenses to allow the interceptor to pass through.
Estimating arrival at docking bay 22 in 8 minutes and 40 seconds.
Meet us there.
My own arrival may be delayed.
I am currently downloading a large file.
Don't be late for dinner, baby.
Over and out.
Ok, I've had about enough of you posers! Everything's spinning.
Aya, ETA 30 seconds.
Where are you? Your plan didn't work, guardian lapdog.
If you'd like to reclaim your toy, meet me at battery square.
- It's a trap.
- Of course it is.
But we don't leave anyone behind.
I'll get the comp Aya, I'll get her.
Not alone, you won't.
You've got to get the sergeant to safety and prep the ship for takeoff.
We won't get away from a dozen Red Lanterns with only ring power.
We need that ship.
Too risky.
We board the ship now, and then I'll find Aya.
By then it will be too late! You're always going on about having the courage not to fight, so do you have the courage to leave this to me? I'm trusting you to bring back a member of my crew, Razer.
Don't make me regret it.
- Leave her alone.
- You want her? Anything for you.
I hoped you would choose wisely.
I hoped you'd be an ambassad for my legacy.
A legacy of murder and hate.
I had such high ambitions when I created you.
You didn't create me, I did.
If only I had listened to If only you had listened to your sad little farm girl? Do you think what she said to you, what you felt for her, mattered in the least? It was I who conquered your world, who set your warlords against each other to create destruction and chaos and hate! It was I who saw your potential and recruited you.
And when I saw you needed only a nudge to become a truly hateful creature, then I sealed your fate.
It was I who slaughtered your precious Elana.
Razer, we have to get to the interceptor.
I have vital information for Hal Jordan, but my mobility has been impeded.
Will you aid me? No.
Do the best you can.
You die now.
If we do not leave now, we will all die.
Aya, are you all right? I am fine.
Although my repairs shall take some time, that is inconsequential.
Your actions put us all in danger.
Atrocitus knows we're alive now, and he'll be looking for us.
Our job just got infinitely harder thanks to you.
Attention, I have unlocked the encryption on the files I stole from the Red Lantern mainframe.
Warships, hundreds of them.
Better keep your ring charged, Red.
Looks like we all should.