Green Lantern: The Animated Series s01e08 Episode Script

Fear Itself

1x08 - Fear Itself Previously on "Green Lantern" Razer, we have to get to the interceptor.
If we do not leave now, we will all die.
Green Lantern, Hal, and sergeant Kilowog, these are the last of your emergency provisions.
A constant need for food seems to be a drawback of organic life forms.
Tell me about it.
You don't have to eat grilled cheese sandwich in a can.
- What'd you get? - Glazed mungtor.
Glazed? Hey, I'll eat anything glazed.
Donuts, cookies, ham.
Help yourself.
Tempting, but I'll stick with this.
What is cheese, exactly? It is curdled lacteal milk from a female bovine species on Earth.
From now on, how about you eat that in a closet or something.
I have identified a nearby class G planet in our current system that might be a source of food supplies.
Nice work, Aya.
A Green Lantern can not live on mungtor alone.
Shouldn't the kid be helping us out on this? Evidently his race has a snazzy food storage system that can go for months without refilling.
- Are you kiddin'? - Nope.
Besides, who wants to take Razer on vacation? Not me.
Hey, check this out.
I had Aya rig me up an EBD.
EBD? An Edible Biomass Detector.
She named it.
It should make it easy to find something to eat, though.
When it comes to food, I follow my nose.
Sure, follow your nose to the oversized cockroaches.
And I'll use this time-saving gadget to lead me to my all I can eat buffet.
You do that, Jordan.
Back off! Wow, this place is paradise.
Look at this view Ok, what was that? These things are supposed to be foolproof.
This is more like it.
All I need is a fancy straw and a little paper umbrella.
What is wrong with this place? Daddy! Daddy! Yeah! No! No! Not too fast.
You fell hard.
How long have I been out? A few hours.
I brought you to my village after you saved me from the Nadara.
I am Galia.
Name's Kilowog.
And I think you saved me.
Have some soup.
My home remedy.
It's delicious! I used powdered Orem in it.
My secret ingredient.
Don't tell anyone.
Tastes like a dish I used to love back home.
Does your wife cook? For you and your family.
Not anymore.
I had a family once, but, uh, they were lost long ago.
I'm sorry.
If you're feeling better, you can meet my family my tribe.
We are called the Zor.
Razer, it is good to see you venture from your quarters.
- Have you recharged your ring? - What business is that of yours? I am curious about the process and how it differs from the Green Lantern's.
Leave me alone.
Stupid beeping piece of junk.
And this is the village elder, Yarley.
You should be called "Kilowog the brave" from what Galia told us.
Well, I think she maybe exaggerated my abilities a little.
I did not! You saved me.
And this is our lead warrior, Leph.
Perhaps you are the one who can save us all from the dreaded Nadara with your special powers.
Thanks, but, you know, I've got to find my buddy and get back to my ship.
Please, Kilowog.
We need your help.
This is about survival.
The Nadara come and steal our Orem.
We use it for everything clothing, buildings, weapons, spice.
Our existence depends on it.
Please, Kilowog the brave.
Don't let the monsters hurt us.
I won't, little one.
Tell me more about these Nadara.
What are you freaks? Get get away from me! Wow.
Please tell me this isn't a dream, 'cause it's awful dull for one of my dreams.
Are you the chef? Measuring me for a bun or something? Aya, it's Hal.
Do you read me? Razer? Kilowog? Anyone? Incommunicado.
Nobody's talking to me.
Except you, Norm.
You look like a Norman.
Can I call you Norman? Guess you'll have to be my tour guide.
First things first any good takeout places in this neighborhood? "With blood and rage of crimson red, we fill men's souls with darkest dread" What are you doing here?! I told you to leave me alone! I was monitoring.
Your vital signs became abnormally high.
You you don't understand how hard this is.
I've turned from Atrocitus' cult of hate, but the ring stayed with me.
Which means the rage in my heart remains.
And so I must use the Red Lantern oath to recharge it.
I have observed how the ring affects your emotional state.
What is the rest of this oath? "And twist young minds to pain and hate, we'll burn you all that is your fate.
" - Interesting.
- Interesting? It's vile.
And I'm forced to say it again and again.
Razer, I did not intend get out! I may have Green Lantern powers, but I can't do this alone.
You must all train, and train hard, to defend this family! Yes, sir, Kilowog of the braves, sir! Have I not kept our people safe all this time? Yes, Leph, you have.
But you do have Kilowog's power.
The power to destroy the Nadara once and for all.
We'll see.
I should only have to show you these skills once.
Use this simple hand to hand pattern.
Engage, lock, throw! Keep together.
Watch your spacing.
Always stay in the wedge formation, always.
And protect the flanks.
Stop, stop! Back to position now and try it again.
- They're learning.
- Not fast enough.
These are very basic skills.
I don't even think I can turn them around.
You're an excellent teacher.
And you're my best student.
But it's not enough.
So let's get it right this time! I've seen these yellow crystals somewhere, Norm.
What are you doing? Get back! Oh.
Sorry, Norman.
Just touching that stuff gave me a serious case of the heebie-jeebies.
You're miners.
Now I remember, the asteroid prison.
This yellow crystal was there, too, and messes with the power rings.
But this must be even more concentratated.
The effects are much worse.
And you know the crystals are bad for me, don't you? You don't talk, but that doesn't mean you're not smart.
We have to find my friend Kilowog and see if he's figured out what this stuff is, too.
No! No! No! No, no, no! Kilowog! Are you ok? You were dreaming.
I know what we have to do.
Zor warriors, wake up! It's time to act.
We can't just wait and defend.
We risk being overrun.
Do you hear me? We don't let the enemy dictate the rules of engagement.
We take the fight to them.
Kilowog is right.
We must attack the Nadara.
Except the Nadara don't go out until sunrise.
So we march now and catch 'em at first light.
We work 'em out in one fell swoop! I was saving this for you, Kilowog the brave.
Thank you, Galia.
I'll wear it proudly as a member of the Zor.
Now, let's hunt us down some Nadara! Are you sure this is the way? I haven't seen you ask for directions from anyone, Norm.
There they are.
I should have never doubted you, Norm.
Hey, Kilowog! Over here! My friend is a traitor! He's one of them now! Zor warriors, kill 'em all! Zor, attack! Hey, hey, whoa, wait! What's going on? Kilowog! It's me! Hal! Traitor! Listen! These yellow crystals are making you cra Kilowog, you've got to listen to me.
I've got to kill you! Hey! Put me down! You can't stand against Kilowog the brave! Kilowog, you've got to hear me.
The crystals make you paranoid.
It's like the prison asteroid, only the effects are much stronger.
You're a liar, and I don't believe you! Fine, let's do it the hard way.
I didn't forget your training.
Engage, lock, throw! My powers have returned.
Because you're away from the yellow crystals.
They affect our powers and our minds.
Kilowog, I know the real you is in there.
Think, buddy.
Think about what you're doing.
Kilowog, it's me.
It's Hal.
You talk too much.
I knew it! You're a traitor, Kilowog.
Zor warriors, keep at them.
Don't listen to Leph! Galia's with them, too! She's trying to protect him.
We must kill them both! It's the Orem! These yellow crystals are destroying our minds! The Nadara are not your enemy.
They're miners.
They dig up the Orem and feed off it.
It's harmless for them, but they know it's bad for us.
They've been trying to keep it away from you.
They don't want to hurt us? - No.
- You figured all this out? By yourself? Well, my buddy Norm here helped.
The Nadara are very efficient creatures.
They don't talk much, but they do work hard.
You can cook many things with these sugar vines.
It figures that on this planet, everything that looks like it will hurt is actually delicious.
- I made this to remember you.
- I'll always remember you, Tila.
- I will miss you, Kilowog the brave.
- As will I.
I'm trusting you to keep your people safe.
They're our people.
You are one of us, Kilowog.
Will you come back to check on our progress? No.
But I'll come to see you.
Have you finished your recharging ritual? No.
I have something that might help.
I ran a detailed analysis of the rhythm and meter of your Red Lantern oath.
And I've created an alternative that should also be effective.
"The power of the crimson red" "can lead your soul away from dread" "and heal the deepest wounds of hate.
" "Let no one else decide your fate.
" I detect no change in your metabolic rate.
Have you recharged? Yes.
Thank you, Aya.
Your concern is appreciated.
I wish it were that easy.
"With blood and rage of crimson red, we fill men's souls with darkest dread and twist your minds to pain and hate.
We'll burn you all, that is your fate!"