Green Lantern: The Animated Series s01e10 Episode Script

Regime Change

Previously on Green Lantern This threat may turn to be nothing more than a few extremeses.
If the truth does come out, many will wonder why it isn't recorded in the book of Oa.
Because, Sayd, history is written by the victors.
1x10 - Regime Change So, you've come to gloat.
****1**** That's not why I'm here.
The power ring chose you over me.
You get to be the all powerful Green Lantern Queen Iolande.
And I, your poor, ordinary relation, I get to decay in a cell.
I'd give back the ring if it could change what happened.
You broke my heart, Ragnar, the day you killed Green Lantern Dulak and raised your sword against me.
- And now I'm your prisoner.
- But also my brother.
And I thought you'd like a good meal.
Get out! Get out of here! I should be a Green Lantern, not you.
I hate you! I'll destroy you all! The Green Lanterns, you, everyone! Ragnar of Petrasis, you have great rage in your heart.
A Green Lantern force is leaving Oa.
Even in light of my concerns, I persuade the Council.
Don't take it personally, Ganthet.
Like you, Appa acts only with the best of intentions.
I only hope it was a wise decision.
In their absence, Oa is vulnerable.
Hal Jordan and the other Lanterns have been alone in the frontier.
Now, in mere months they'll have help.
In a year and a half they'll have help.
I may have a way to help them now.
Green Lantern of sector 2814, what is the reason for this call? According to the files Aya downloaded, there's a massive Red Lantern fleet headed to guardian space.
Naturally, we're wondering if you and the rest of your blue man group have a plan.
We're deploying the corps to defend against the invasion.
What? You went right into attack mode? Did you actually read my report or just skim it? Rest assured, your report was submitted to the Council and taken into consideration.
What is your point? My point is, the Red Lanterns are convinced that your army of robot assassins, the Manhunters, slaughtered their citizens and annihilated their entire sector.
They think it was a calculated attempt to wipe them out.
Yes, a dramatic and emotional story to be sure.
Atrocitus is merely using propaganda to rally his troops.
But if this whole invasion is based on lies, wouldn't that be a reason to try diplomacy? If we could convince them of the truth Do not presume to question us, 2814.
The Guardians are the greatest minds of the universe and have come to this decision as one.
Jordan, you've got to hear this.
We have picked up an SOS signal originating from planet Petrasis.
2814, what's going on? Explain Sorry, got to take this.
We'll finish later.
This is Queen Iolande of Petrasis.
We are under attack by Red Lanterns and desperately need immediate assistance.
Please come.
Iolande? Guess again.
- Ragnar.
- He's a Red.
Like the outfit? I have you to thank for it after all.
I used to think being a Green Lantern would give me everything I ever wanted.
But I wasn't good enough, was I? Well, it turns out my hate for the Green Lanterns did give me everything I ever wanted.
And more.
I rule Petrasis, as it should be.
Where's Iolande? Don't worry, she's perfectly fine.
Or should I say perfectly confined? We're not leaving here without the Queen.
Kill them! Correct me if I am wrong, but is a withdrawal not in order? We're getting creamed out here.
If we don't pull back now, we're dead and the mission's over.
- Ok, let's blow this montour stand.
- Hey, that's my line.
The Red Lanterns have blocked our access to the ship.
That's what we get for parking in a bad neighborhood.
Let's go.
Hello, Green Lantern.
You've made a fatal decision returning to Petrasis.
Kothak, after all that we've been through, ****2**** you still want to kill me? I'm trying to keep us from being spotted.
Their patrols are hard enough to avoid without a Red Lantern manhunt going on.
Ragnar and his new friends captured Iolande and took over Petrasis.
I've been leading the resistance since.
But yesterday things went from bad to unthinkable.
I've heard them call it a Liberator.
- Can you imagine? - Yes.
Yes, I can.
We must do something immediately.
That device will blow this planet to dust.
So you've dealt with these before.
How did you defeat it? Uh, that one didn't go so good.
- Then you are less than useless.
- Not quite.
You must disarm the weapon before it destroys Petrasis.
This is not a sparsely populated colony, it is a planet of 2 billion.
Maybe there's a way to diffuse the situation, show the Red Lanterns that Atrocitus has been lying through his weird teeth all along.
What are you speaking of? The Red Lanterns believe this crazy story where billions of years ago you guys sent an army of killer robots to wipe them out.
Atrocitus told everyone, so they want revenge.
If we could convince them he's lying, we could stop this war.
We cannot do that.
Because it did happen.
Wha I mean, the robots were real? And killed all those people? The Manhunters were created by the Guardians long ago.
They were the forerunners of the Green Lantern corps.
For awhile the Manhunters were the perfect police force.
They were never swayed by emotion, only right and wrong.
But this is not a universe of absolutes.
Their inability to understand and interact with emotional beings ended in tragedy.
The Manhunters destroyed people, planets, entire sectors, forming what we now call the forgotten zone.
The Manhunters are our greatest shame, the Guardians' darkest secret.
It's time for the source of collected guardian guilt to face the light of day.
You focus on disarming the Liberator.
I may be able to assist you, but I must first speak with Appa.
We're counting on you, Ganthet.
Hey, Red, any chance you and I can get our ship back? I believe we can handle that little errand.
Kothak, we have a Queen to rescue and a bomb to disarm.
The fact is we will never be able to end this Red Lantern threat without admitting to our own tragic part in their history.
You indulge in guilt, Ganthet.
It clouds your better judgment.
The Council, you with us, decided silence was best.
The corps only need know what we tell them.
We must not allow Petrasis to pay the price for our sins.
The loss of a planet, however unfortunate, is inconsequential against maintaining peace and order on a million others.
I disagree strongly with your moral calculus.
And there is still hope for Petrasis.
Before Hal Jordan borrowed the interceptor Stole, you mean.
- Ahh.
At your urging.
- I put something aboard, something that could boost their power exponentially should the need arise.
Not your prototype.
Ganthet, an experimental device based on a theory about hope and will is emotional madness.
And to do this without the Council's knowledge? Hal Jordan needs our help.
We must act now.
Perhaps you are right, Ganthet.
It is time for the truth to come out.
- Hal.
- Come on, there's not much time.
Guardians of Oa, you have been called here to discuss a grave matter.
There has been an unforgivable breach of trust that must be brought to light.
What he says is true enough.
There is a traitor among us.
And his name is Ganthet.
Consider what you are doing.
According to Guardian law, the accused will not speak before the charges are brought before the Council.
By his own admission, Ganthet aided and allowed Hal Jordan to take the interceptor without Council approval.
But worst of all is Ganthet's blatant use of an unreliable emotion.
It is true.
I believe willpower is not enough.
We need hope.
We all need hope.
Embracing a base emotion is a violation of the trues that we hold sacred.
And for that, you are banished.
I'm sorry for getting you all into this mess.
Oh, don't apologize.
We love this kind of stuff.
What are you doing here? The Liberator is under attack.
They think me weak? Kill Iolande.
Dunce! Your sister is one of the Green Lanterns attacking the device.
Send everyone! I will lead the counterattack.
All units report to the Liberator at once.
Your treachery threatens everything we believe in.
I am not the threat here, Ganthet.
You are.
The citizens of guardian space put their trust in us, come to us for guidance.
What would happen if they learned the truth about the forgotten zone? All order would be lost.
There would be chaos and suffering beyond anything the Manhunters had done.
You maintain a lie.
Ganthet, you are hereby banished, sentenced to live out the rest of your days cut off from your species and civilization.
I almost feel the base emotion pity for you.
Only almost, though, Appa? And there's the pity.
Hold on.
I've still got an ace up my sleeve.
Guardians of Oa, this is Green Lantern of sector 2814 calling for Ganthet.
I need immediate assistance.
I'm afraid Ganthet is no longer with the Council.
Where is he? My apologies, 2814, but as you say, I must got to take this.
- What did they say? - We're on our own.
They're closing in! ****3**** - Excellent aim.
- Thank you.
The cavalery has arrived.
- Sayd.
- Ganthet, I've come to trust you.
I reprogrammed the ship's destination.
You could be banished for what you've done.
If there's a chance we can help Hal Jordan, we must try.
It's sealed.
Get that door open.
Lantern engine overheating.
- Will it work, Ganthet? - I don't know, Sayd.
But we must have hope.
You've lost, dear sister.
I am the ruler of Petrasis.
Do you understand me? Ragnar of the Red Lanterns! That's never happened before.
It's it's a miracle.
See, the gods are with us! Do you guys see this? Hoo hoo! Yeah! It's like I'm super charged or something.
- Why is it doing that? - It's about to blow.
If we can't disarm it, we'll get rid of it.
You've got to be kidding.
How are we supposed to lift this? I can get used to this.
You don't think that whole blue light show was Ganthet, do you? I don't know what just happened.
But I'm glad it did.
Thank you for all you've done, Sayd.
But still, I must leave Oa.
I wonder if what we did today helped.
It did.
I can feel it.
- Telepathy, Ganthet? - No.