Green Lantern: The Animated Series s01e11 Episode Script

Flight Club

1x11 - Flight Club Previously on "Green Lantern" Red Lanterns? Their power rings fire some sort of red energy.
They have rings? - Powered by what? - Best guess? A huge desire to mash us all into pulp.
Initiate gateway from the Lighthouse.
Broadcasting access code "Silver moons of Sentus 7".
Not working.
Are you using galactic Of course.
You dare question me, Veon? My guard got the code directly from the prisoner's mind.
It'sit's not our fault.
Atrocitus will not tolerate excuses.
We need that code to open the gateway.
The entire invasion depends upon it.
So do our lives.
Are you sure none of you have seen it? It's a Lantern battery for crying out loud.
It's not like it grew legs and ran off.
I can't believe you, Jordan.
First you forget to charge your ring, and now you lose your battery like some rookie.
I am receiving an incoming transmission from Oa.
Guardian Appa Ali Apsa.
After what he did to Ganthet, let it go to voicemail or something.
I don't feel like talking to that backstabbing blue munchkin pain in the Ahem.
Yes, communication with you, 2814, is equally unpleasant.
However, the Guardians have need of you.
We have deciphered more of the red lantern plans you obtained from shard.
The invasion will begin sooner than expected.
Atrocitus plans to enter Guardian space using the Lighthouse.
That what now? The Lighthouse was created millions of years ago by a lost civilization as a way to travel through the Maelstrom, The asteroid barrier separating the forgotten zone from Guardian space.
When those ancients vanished, the secret of the Lighthouse was lost, sealing for countless millennia.
Some years ago a Green Lantern archeologist named Tauverus made the long trek to the frontier in hopes of finding the secret code that would activate the long dormant Lighthouse.
Unfortunately, he disappeared without a trace.
And you're telling us this why? The Red Lantern armada is headed full speed for the gate.
We believe Atrocitus may already have the code.
If his armada crosses the Maelstrom into Oan space, they will destroy everything in their power.
Your job, Green Lanterns, is to get to the Lighthouse first and destroy it by any means necessary.
It's too bad we can't just ask this Tauverus what the code is so we can destroy the Lighthouse from the inside out.
We can do precisely that.
While interfaced with the security system on the prison asteroid, I downloaded their records.
An inmate named Tauverus is in fact being held captive there.
Jordan, I hope you remember how these yellow stones make our rings completely useless.
Don't sweat it.
There's no one to fight.
It's a friendly prison now, remember? - Trust me.
- I hate it when you say that.
Green Lanterns! You have been gone too many days.
Too many! And you promised Goggan that Goggan was only temporary warden.
Goggan work, work, work.
Goggan is a slave to work.
Maybe prison is better.
Goggan, this is important.
We're looking for a prison that was here when Myglam and his spiders ran the place.
His name is Tauverus, a Green Lantern.
The records indicate he is being held on level H, sublevel 6D.
My circuits are experiencing micro failures.
The yellow stones are very draining.
I'll take her back to Goggan's office.
She'll be safer there.
Tauverus, I presume.
Sad, sad.
Very sad.
Death by mind-altering torture device.
If you thought you were going to die, wouldn't you find a way to pass on an important secret? Wait.
Tauverus did leave us a message.
"If you want the code to the Lighthouse, free Byth Rok.
" Goggan, did you just ink yourself? Byth Rok is a prisoner, a Thanagarian prisoner.
Horrible, horrible birdman.
Dangerous! Brutal! We put them in there, the birdcage.
Guards go in, but guards don't come back out.
Hawkmen? I love Thanagarians.
They're real soldiers Organized, disciplined, and very clean.
Clean? I don't think they're even paper trained.
Outlaws and pirates.
Pirates and outlaws.
All with prices on their heads and death sentences.
Wasting time.
Go in, pull this Byth Rok out, and get some answers.
Good idea for you.
Goggan will watch from here.
Ahh! We're looking for a Thanagarian named Byth Rok.
I'm Byth Rok, Valiant leader of these men.
But temporarily not in charge.
A minor setback.
Look, we want Shh.
The code to the Lighthouse to get through the Maelstrom.
I know.
Keep it down.
If these cutthroats think you're here for something I have, they're gonna want their share.
So, Tauverus didn't make it.
Poor guy.
We shared a cell, you know.
He left the code with me 'cause he knew I was a tough nut to crack.
Enough noise.
You're coming with us.
Not likely.
They're not gonna let you walk out of here with me.
And I don't think your Green Lantern rings work with all this yellow ore around, so you can't blast your way out.
But you have a suggestion.
All you have to do is challenge Bumpy to a fight.
Bumpy's the usurper in charge.
Don't worry, should be easy for a big, tough guy like you.
You look like a fighter judging by that face full of scar tissue.
Or were you born that way? Save it for Bumpy.
Got a challenger here.
This big flatfoot wants to fight Bumpy.
The wager? He wins, I go free.
He loses, you get to take my new friends here prisoner.
Wait, wait, wait.
Nobody's agreed to that.
Don't worry, Jordan, this will be over real quick.
Come on! You can beat him.
Your big man can really take a hit.
- Oh, he'll win.
- No, not a chance.
Bumpy can't be beat, not like that.
His armor's made of Imp metal, he's invincible, and he cheats.
Dirty flying Nicely done.
Nicely done.
Now, how about double or nothing? My man here, this skinny Green Lantern, wants to fight Bumpy.
Avenge his friend's honor and all that.
If, by some miracle, he wins, not only do I go free, but I get to be your glorious leader once again.
And what do we get when I win? If skinny here loses, we forfeit our lives.
All of them.
Are you kidding? Your lives were forfeit the moment you walked in.
The only way out is if I'm in charge.
What about it, Thanagarians? Yeah! One sec.
One second.
Look, under confidence has never been a problem for me, but my ring doesn't work here, and old Bumpy just wiped the floor and ceiling with Kilowog, who taught me most of what I know about fighting hand to hand.
I got you covered.
Bumpy can't see out of his right eye.
Use that to get on his back and hit him really hard between the wings.
That's his weak spot.
It'll put him down.
If you knew his weak spot, why didn't you finish him off before this? Oh, that's how I ended up here.
He saw me coming.
My wings are just too big and beautiful for even a half-blind lughead to miss.
You're scrawny.
He won't see you.
- This had better work.
- Trust me.
Well, strange being on the other side of that saying for a change.
Did I win? Fellow, Thanagarians, It's good to be back on top.
I am the King! Come on, your majesty, we had a deal.
The code to the Lighthouse, if you please.
I am not pleased.
I've had a little thinksy about it, and I've altered the deal.
How about I pluck your feathers and roast you like a fat hen.
Easy, Kilowog.
Let's hear the birdman out.
Now that I'm the leader of my group, I need to think about my men.
They're a proud but simple folk and need to be taken care of.
So in exchange for the code to the Lighthouse, I want freedom for myself, freedom for my men, and Tauverus' Green Lantern ring.
- How about you take it from me? - Deal.
You realize the ring ran out of energy a long time ago, and even if it were charged, you couldn't use it.
I'll take my chances.
I mean, look at it.
Such fine Oan craftsmanship.
Oh! That's bad.
Very bad.
This is Bleez of the Red Lantern corps.
Prepare for our arrival.
We demand to see the warden immediately, or we will kill him and everyone else.
I'll give you one guess what they're here for.
You've got to get me out of here now.
Right now.
Those guys are trouble.
- What about your men? - Them? Forget them.
They just had me chained for a wall for crying out loud.
Don't worry, I got an idea.
Warden, you're fired.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you! Thank you! They just said they wanted to see and probably kill the warden.
Well, we'll just have to hire a new warden.
Where warden? You're talking to him.
Not talking, ordering.
Take us to Tauverus now.
Jordan, you can't really believe this pirate is gonna willingly give us the code.
Trust me.
Hey, it does feel better when I say it.
Byth, we accept your terms.
We free you and your men, but the ring stays with us.
Where I come from, we like to look a man in the eyes when we shake on a deal.
Your helmet.
By the way, I'm in the market for a new wife, and I'm not too picky.
My eighth wife, Mailbok, was a Salatio.
Word to the wise, never marry a Salatian.
She Ahem.
Byth, the code.
Oh, right.
Remember this well.
It's your key to the Lighthouse and past the Maelstrom.
Broadcast "Stretch the hunter's bow and aim true" in gau 7 numeric.
You'll be good to go.
Now, let's get you out of here.
This way.
Kilowog, keep an eye on Byth Rok.
Make sure he's Aw, nords.
Attention, Red Lanterns.
This is Byth Rok.
I'm having a prison sale.
Hottest item on the menu? The secret code to the oh, so lovely Lighthouse.
So come down and let's make a deal.
I am open for business.
Something tells me we better leave.
And fast.
What will you do about Byth Rok? We don't have to worry about him.
Sounds like he's more than capable of making his own deal.
Too true.
The only problem is you Green Lanterns are part of my deal.
For me? You shouldn't have.
But since you did, I like it.
Give us the code to the Lighthouse this instant.
With pleasure, beautiful.
The code phrase is, "wings of life, fly to oblivion" in gau 3 numerical, of course.
That's very important.
Now get out of my sight.
If we catch you anywhere near this sector, we'll skin you alive.
Your command is my greatest wish.
Kiss my wingtips, suckers.
And now for the real code.
"Red dwarf born of gauman Nebula.
" Translate to galactic 6 numeric.
And broadcast.
Thank you very much, Byth Rok, for the real code.
Nice work, Aya.
Mind control.
You you tricked me.
Me? That's low.
No, we made sure you lived up to your end of the bargain.
And now we'll live up to ours.
Is anyone forgetting the Red Lanterns all over the place? No, but I have a plan.
Trust me.
Right this way.
Where is this Byth Rok exactly? Heh.
Stop him! Green Lanterns? Destroy them! Shut the door.
Not much time, but it may be enough.
Byth, we're going to set you free.
All of you.
But we need you to do something for us.
What we're facing is big.
The entire universe is in danger from the menace of the Red Lanterns.
Byth, if you and your men join our attack, we just might succeed.
That was never part of the deal, but you guys have shown me the error of my ways.
I'm traveling a high road from now on.
Glad we could help.
Aim for the roof.
Byth, lead your men straight at the warship.
Right now.
One moment.
Men, my every thought and effort has been to free you from this horrible prison.
Now we have a chance to fight the Red Lanterns, attack their giant battle destroyer on the side of the mighty Green Lanterns.
Well, I say this isn't our war.
We don't need to help them.
We should help ourselves by getting out of here as fast as we can.
So follow me to freedom! - Boy, that double crossing - Wait for it.
So long, suckers.
- You let him get away.
- Yes.
Yes, I did.
Back to the ship, now.
We have to get that code or the entire invasion fails.
As soon as they're out of range, we'll leave.
I don't get it.
We could never have won that fight.
And Byth would only run if it was his idea.
You tricked him.
I've underestimated your deviousness.
Good work, Jordan.
You got the code and we got to keep the ring.
That that thief! Well, you did tell him he could have it if he took it from you.
Oh, such fine Oan craftsmanship.