Green Lantern: The Animated Series s01e12 Episode Script


1x12 - Invasion Previously on Green Lantern The Lighthouse was created as a way to travel through the asteroid barrier separating the forgotten zone from Guardian space.
Your job is to get to the Lighthouse first and destroy it by any means necessary.
I grow tired of your antics, Thanagarian.
Tell me the code to the Lighthouse now.
For 2,000.
Money? You dare haggle with lord Atrocitus as if you were a stinkin' lop fruit vendor? He did come down 50%, master.
That's a pretty good deal.
Do you know what I can do to you? I'll make you scream for years.
You'll be me for death.
But you still won't have the code to the Lighthouse.
That you could agree with this course of action astounds me.
It's a fool's errand.
Saving lives is never a fool's errand.
We can get to the Lighthouse before Atrocitus does.
But the ship's ultrawarp drives are almost fixed.
In fact, they are 99.
62% complete and will be fully operational within hours.
We should return to Oa.
Then we can engage Atrocitus' fleet with reinforcements.
By that time, his armada's in Oan space destroying worlds.
If we blow the Lighthouse, we may not even need to fight a war.
If we seal off that gateway, we keep the two sides apart, they can't get at each other and no one gets killed, see? Oh, yes, what could possibly go wrong? Fix the blasted thing.
You're supposed to be a technological genius.
How can a simple interstellar receiver bedevil you? Because I fixed it 50 times now.
If someone wouldn't stomp the receiver every time they got mad, it wouldn't break.
We have been stuck on this accursed living rock for years.
Excuse me if a message from the Red Lanterns raises my warrior spirit.
They said they were coming, but we don't know why.
Isn't it obvious? Atrocitus needs a leader for his armies.
He knows it's my destiny to be at the center of the greatest battle in all of time.
Mogo, after my planet was devastated by the Red Lanterns, you pulled me from my blackest night.
You called me here to you.
I did? In my dream.
You said if I came here, I'd find a beacon of hope for the galaxy, someone who would stop the Red Lanterns from doing what they did to my people and so many others.
I did? Are you sure the galaxy's savior isn't you, wise one? I would willingly serve you.
I am not.
You are a planet of few words, and I quite like how mysterious you can be.
But now I ask a direct question.
Who is the savior and where do I find him or her? Climb.
We have arrived at the coordinates to activate the Lighthouse.
I hope that code Byth Rok gave us works, otherwise it's gonna be a bumpy ride.
Having to count on the word of a scoundrel is one of many reasons to not be here.
Birdman couldn't lie.
The code was picked right out of his head.
If anyone could lie to themselves, it's be Byth.
No use talking about it, though.
Input the code.
Code phrase red dwarf born of Galman Nebula uploaded and ready to be broadcast in its galactic 6 numerical equivalent.
- Whoa.
- Agreed.
Everybody hold your breath.
Oh! What's wrong, Bolovaxian, claustrophobic? No.
I just don't like small, close spaces, ok? We are approaching a free-floating structure ahead.
The Lighthouse.
One of the wonders of the ancient galaxy.
It's a shame to destroy this, but no building is worth the cost of a war.
Hold up.
If we blow this thing, won't the tunnel just collapse around us? Not if I set it up to explode remotely.
Guess it's lucky for us you were head of your class in sabotage school.
Aya, prepare to dock.
Let's get this done quick and clean, then hightail it to Oa.
Taking heavy fire, all sides.
I can't move.
We're stuck.
I reserve the right to say " I told you so" if we get out of here.
Kilowog, Razer, let's go.
Red Lanterns.
How'd they get the code? My guess would be Byth Rok.
Shields degrading to critical.
We better fall back before there's anymore surprises.
Aya, ship's status.
Are the ultrawarp coils ok? They received no damage and will be fully operational in 122 minutes.
Can't let that happen again.
Time to re-strategize.
Red Lanterns? Here? Atrocitus! Free me! I will lead your armies and unleash all the destruction you ask.
It is my destiny to win the greatest battle ever fought.
Your path does not include vengeance, Saint Walker.
No, wise one.
These beings destroyed my world and many others.
They cannot be ignored.
They are not your concern.
That Lighthouse has got to go.
It's too heavily protected.
We can't get through those defenses.
Green Lantern, how? Sensors indicated the Red Lantern armada is en route to our coordinates.
Estimating time of arrival in 47 minutes, 20 seconds.
The armada will make it through before we can stop them.
The beam that creates the force tunnel.
- What if we flew into it? - Well, how's that? What if we flew inside the beam and followed it all the way to the Lighthouse? By my readings, the intensity of the energy making up the beam would make us virtually invisible.
Are you suggested we fly into the emitter? Jordan, the ship's way too big for that.
And look how that thing's rotating.
Nobody can do that type of precision flying.
- I can.
- Too dangerous.
I'll do it.
Green Lantern, how? Respectfully, you would fail.
The same attributes at make you an extraordinary pilot in fluid situations make you unsuited for this task, which requires flying a pattern of absolute conformity.
I am a logical choice for this mission.
And as you would say, I am no longer a rookie.
Don't be a hero.
First sign of trouble, come back.
That's an order.
I will keep you apprised of my progress.
Never seen a machine fly that good.
Perhaps that's more to her than meets the eye.
Gravimetric forces increasing exponentially.
This is difficult.
- Aya, turn around.
- Negative.
I will not fail.
Aya, come in.
Aya! Respond! She totally disobeyed my order.
Oh, yeah.
You especially should get mad when someone breaks the rules.
Glorious invasion and we're stuck playing watchdogs.
Don't discount the importance of this mission, please.
We successfully occupied a location Our names will be screamed for ages to come.
Security breach.
Destroy her! The automatic defenses have been dealt with, but the Red Lanterns still pose a problem.
They seem quite angry.
We're coming.
Hold on! Your handiwork, Aya? Yes.
I simply reversed the turret's targeting parameters so the Red Lanterns were the enemy instead of us.
You're right.
You're not a rookie anymore.
Lord Atrocitus, we were forced from the Lighthouse by several Green Lanterns and the traitor Razer.
What are your orders? Report to your squadrons to prepare for our invasion of Guardian space.
What? I mean to say, my lord, that your lack of temperate, it leaves us totally incompetent, was delightfully unexpected, but why? Do not ever question me, Zenias.
The technology's strange to me, but I believe this will cause the energy that powers the Lighthouse to feed back into its reactor.
Do you think it'll be enough to close this tunnel for good? I can't answer with certainty, but we'll be the first to know.
Master, they're leaving.
It looks like they've set the place to detonate.
Should I send in some technicians to diffuse it? No.
Its destruction will serve my purpose.
Deploy the Liberators.
They're already here.
Razer, hit it.
Did I mention how much I hate closed spaces? Why, that rotten Powering the Interceptor's falinks energy gun system.
Hold on.
Gonna be close.
Must go faster.
Hit it.
Hit it.
Hit it.
Hit it.
We did it! We're home free.
No way those Reds are getting into Oan space anytime soon.
Aya, how's the ship holding up? Despite sustaining considerable damage, repairs on the ultrawarp coils are now complete.
Really? You're sure? Wait, I have to hear the words.
You mean we can go home? The Interceptor is fully functional.
We may set course for any destination you choose.
Ha ha ha! Come here! Thank you for this demonstration, sergeant Kilowog.
I hate to be the glurg in the punchbowl, but it seems we weren't the only ones to make it through.
I am here, brother.
I've done what you asked.
Now show me the savior.
Show me hope.
Atrocitus couldn't have just been crushed in that tunnel, could he? Aya, scan the ship.
Make sure the damage is real.
The Red Lantern ship has a ruptured coolant system.
Power reactor is offline.
Hydraulic pressure zero.
Life support failing.
Kilowog, with me.
We'll pick up ugly one and ugly two for a well-deserved trip to a science cell.
I'm coming with you.
Aya, you're in charge of the ship while we're away.
Any sign of trouble and you head to Oa.
This time I'm bringing a little insurance.
It's over, Atrocitus.
Where are they hiding? 2, 1.
Get out! Why would you do this to me, brother? Do you want to teach me there is no hope, There is no savior? Well, I cannot give up.
My spirit will not be broken.
I believe.
I will fight the Red Lanterns no matter how many may come.
All will be well.
What happened? We got caught with our pants down, that's what.
Atrocitus set the ship to self destruct.
I can't believe I fell for it.
Do you read me, Aya? I'm sorry, Hal.
I'm now a soldier for the righteous crusade of Atrocitus.
I'm pleased you could join our cause, Drusa.
Zartok was so very surprised it wasn't him.
This is so good it's hard to stay angry.
Set course for Oa.
Aya, no! What about Razer and his Green Lantern cronies? Let the armada deal with them.
He did it.
Atrocitus used those planet killers to tear a hole right through the Maelstrom.
Big enough for his whole armada to roll into Oan space.
What are we gonna do? Jordan, what are we gonna do? I don't know.
I just don't know.