Green Lantern: The Animated Series s01e15 Episode Script


1x15 - Reboot Previously on "Green Lantern" The Manhunters.
Their prime directive was to hunt and destroy the criminal element.
Somehow, they decided that included all life forms with emotions.
Congratulations, Hal Jordan.
You have been promoted to Honor Guard of the Green Lantern corps.
Now that we have completed a week of work, what do you think of Honor Guard duty so far, Hal Jordan? It's an honor, Tomar.
Can I call you Tomar? - I prefer Tomar-Re.
- Of course you do.
I requested your help on this mission, Hal Jordan, because of your experience in this area.
Looks like the Manhunter temple I saw on Earth.
Do you think there's a sleeper cell like this on every planet in every sector? If so, we would have a universe-wide catastrophe on our hands.
There's not much we can learn from here.
Let's go inside.
I believe the proper procedure is to call the Council, inform them of our plans, then await permission.
There's an old saying on Earth sometimes, it's better to apologize later than to ask permission first.
You can use that.
Three of them, just like on Earth.
That must be the standard contingent.
The Guardians made these things, right? You don't think that they had something to do with turning them back on? No, and my research has not shown a master communications signal of any kind, not even on subsonic frequencies.
- Really? - I am very thorough.
Well, at least these 3 are offline.
Or maybe not.
- You go low.
I'll go high.
- Understood.
Nicely executed, Hal Jordan.
Did I mention I hate these things? That won't hold them for long.
Let's go.
More? Where'd those second-string Manhunters come from? If there are multiple Manhunters for every temple, we may be in more trouble than I initially surmised.
This problem's way bigger than the two of us.
Let's consult the Guardians.
It is a fact.
After the great Manhunter incident, the robots were all deactivated and vanished.
They are not scattered about the galaxy.
The science branch has found no evidence to substantiate your hunch that these Manhunter appearances are anything more - than isolated incidents.
- Look, my gut tells me that there's an outside force orchestrating this.
We need to assemble as many GLs as we can and find the puppetmaster.
Tomar-Re will back me up.
I hate to disagree with Hal Jordan's digestive juices, but I have found no controlling signal.
However, the Manhunter reactivation is real and must be investigated.
In deference to his new status as Honor Guard, perhaps we could allow Hal Jordan to assemble a small team to map the Manhunter structures in Guardian space.
I won't let you down.
But I do have one small request.
I'm going to need to cover a lot of ground in a very short amount of time, so I'll need my ship.
Your ship? Very well.
The "Interceptor" will be made available to you.
Yes! I mean, yes, sir.
Was that a construct, or did your ring backfire? You're training to be Green Lanterns, not members of the Guardian Council choir! I've seen a hundred-year-old queezilbug with broken legs climb that obstacle faster than your posers! Do you hear me? Sir, yes, sir! I forgot how precious you are in your natural habitat.
Jordan? I thought you were on Honor Guard duty.
I am, but now, I have orders to get the band back together.
Want in? After you dragged me to frontier space, and I got stuck fighting the whole Red Lantern invasion by myself? As fun as that was, I'll pass.
- What? This is a shot at real action.
- I'm happy here.
Molding, guiding, and nurturing young recruits so they realize their potential.
In a way, they're like my children.
You useless, stumbling piece of stinkin' oonsplat! You go over, not under! Do it again! Where's the challenge here? How about a little wager? I'll take on your best recruit, and if I kick his butt, you have to come with me.
- And if he kicks yours? - Like that's going to happen.
Sector recruit 1014! Now, remember, just like I taught you.
Attack! Get it off! No mas! No mas! Ok.
I think he's had enough.
- How did that happen? - That was rich! Ok.
I'll get my gear and meet you on the "Interceptor.
" But I lost the bet.
I was going to go with you anyway.
I just wanted to see you fight the squirrel.
Ahh, loser.
Hey, Aya.
We're back.
Let's get going.
Did you miss us? Aya? Hello? Aya is no longer installed on this vessel.
I am Lanos, the lightspeed astronomical navigation operating system.
- Lanos? - More like Lameo.
Shut that thing off before it hits someone! Guardian spacecraft regulations require me to be operational at all times.
Very smooth, Lameo.
You got a real light touch.
We've got to find Aya.
Aya is no longer installed on this vessel.
I am Lanos, the lightspeed I got that the first time.
Find Aya, now! Accessing.
Hey! What are they doing to her? Research subject Aya scheduled for dissection in 2.
3 hours.
- What are you doing? - Maneuvering per your request.
When I said "most direct route," I didn't mean go through a building to get there! Just set us down right next to the science branch without hitting anything else.
Complying with your request.
Now what? We can't just go in shooting.
Hal Jordan, accessing my datacore will result in my disconnection.
I advise that you stop.
No worries.
I have a plan.
Sector recruit 017.
How are you today, Larvox? This isn't a social call, poser.
It's a surprise inspection.
Are you getting sloppy? Show me your log records! Now! Right now! In case you can't tell, I'm not happy! Hang on, Aya.
I'll get you out.
What is going on here? Hey.
I'm checking the power couplings in all the lab stations.
You must be lab security? Yes.
I am Green Lantern Chaselon.
You are? Green Lantern Sir Jets-a-lot.
It's nice to meet a new face around Oa.
Did you hear something? No, no.
Say, I've always wondered, how do you beings keep your facets so shiny? You think? Mom always said I was the dullest.
So really, as a condition of my crystallized structure, I remain dirt-free.
Oddly, few other Green Lanterns are interested in this.
Their loss.
Tell me more.
Is there something wrong with your limb? Huh? Oh, this? I have Lantern elbow from overcharging my ring a few too many times.
Your species have any problem with that? No.
My arms are non-organic.
I do, however, get silica mites.
Perhaps we could consume refreshment together and speak of our adventures.
I have so few friends.
Sounds great, buddy.
Maybe next week? Right now, I got loads of couplings to check.
- Good talk.
- Bye! - Who was that? - That was Green Lantern Sir Jets-a-lot.
He was kind enough to check our coupling assemblies.
See to it I'm not disturbed.
I want to end this Aya experiment once and for all.
But I am not Aya.
I am Lanos.
I can see straight through your ploy of self-preservation.
But I am not Aya.
I am Lanos.
So, uh, get your act together.
Hey, 1014.
Nice work.
We must speak, Hal Jordan.
- Busted.
Look, I can explain.
- No, I must explain.
You were correct about a signal activating the Manhunters.
Thank you for coming to my assistance, Green Lanterns.
Aya, you're ok! I am operating at full capacity, thanks to you.
Nice to have you back, Aya.
That Lameo was getting on my nerves.
Sorry we had to leave your body behind.
- Where's Razer? - He's on Sabbatical.
I'm sure he'll show up eventually.
I was at the science branch researching your theory about various communication signals.
I discovered a low-level antimatter pulse, almost undetectable.
It may be activating the Manhunters.
I knew it.
And you asked the Guardians if you could check this out? Well, no.
But sometimes, Hal Jordan, it is better to apologize later than to ask permission first.
You don't say.
Triangulating the signal of known Manhunter temples, I located its source the planet Biot.
I don't like the look of this place.
Some kind of super junkyard.
Worse we've stumbled into the Manhunter graveyard.
I've just detected a low-level antimatter pulse.
Now, the fun starts.
No man escapes the Manhunters.
No man escapes the Manhunters.
No man escapes the Manhunters.
- No man escapes the Manhunters.
- Sorry.
What were you saying? Let's create some personal space! You still got it, Tomar-Re.
That building.
Get there and set up a perimeter.
- On the move.
Jordan, cover our rear.
- I'm on it.
No man escapes the Manhunt - What is this place? - It's some sort of bunker, a lot like the one Tomar-Re and I found in our sectors.
But bigger.
According to my measurements, I can approximately trace the source of the antimatter pulse to this structure.
It's a factory.
They're all factories.
That explains where those extra Manhunters came from when we were on patrol.
This is way worse than we thought.
The facility was activated by the antimatter pulse.
Our arrival was coincidental.
Aya, we have to abort the mission.
Target our location with the "Interceptor's" weapons array.
Weapons will be online in approximately 10 seconds.
We could use it now.
Weapons array online.
Targeting solution computed.
Firing in 3, 2, 1.
Green Lantern Hal, what is your status? Sergeant Kilowog? Tomar-Re? We're safe, Aya.
Nice shooting.
I'm still detecting an Alone, I have conquered an entire universe and reduced trillions of planets to antimatter, feasting on each one by one.
But still, I hunger.
These factories are scattered to the far regions of your space.
once activated, an army of Manhunter slaves will aid me in my mission of destruction.
You will merely be the first I consume.
Aya, target the big guy with another full-power blast, just like you did on the temple.
I am on it.
Yes! You will all be consumed.
Move, Aya, now! No, Jordan! Get out of there! Hal! He's gone.
To be continued