Green Lantern: The Animated Series s01e16 Episode Script

Steam Lantern

Green Lantern: The Animated Series Season 1 Episoide 16 "Steam Lantern" Previously on Green Lantern No Jordan, get out of there! Hal! Two for style on that landing.
Green Lanterns, come in.
Aya respond, please.
Anyone? Do not whistle happily in the morn as you make your way to the factories.
Each and every turn of a wrench is a symbol of of Duke Nigel Thortonberry's tyranny! Attention.
You are in non-compliance with several public safety ordinances.
Please disperse or face imprisonment and a fine.
No, you are in non-compliance of our basic dignity.
There is no happiness without freedom! You have plenty of freedom.
Don't listen to this barmy woman! I saved the planet.
We'll live happily if you do as I say.
[ people cheering ] Listen to Lady Catherine, people! She always makes right good sense.
Don't root for that radical! Anyone cheering will be sent to the work houses! He's an upstart and a fraud! Cheers! Follow us.
Glad you could join us.
I am Lady Catherine.
And this is my associate and beau, Gil Broome, Esquire.
Hal Jordan, nice to meet you.
Cor blimey! Are you a real and true Green Lantern? I am! And you're what? I'm a Steam Lantern.
I'm not having a laugh.
I modeled myself after a bloke who saved our entire planet.
Called himself Green Lantern.
Proper hero he was.
Wore a red shirt and a cape.
Do you know him? A Green Lantern with a cape? Doesn't ring a bell.
- So, you built this thing? - Course not.
Lady Catherine is the brains of this outfit.
I just discovered the Hardtofindium.
The what what? Hardtofindium.
It's the rare element that powers the suit's boiler and flange combustion motivator.
We named it Hardtofindium because it's really, really Yeah, I get it.
So, basically you're wearing a nuclear reactor you cobbled together with chicken wire and string.
We had to build it, so we could fight.
It's not all wine and hoses here.
Duke Nigel rules with an iron fist.
The old guy you were fighting? What's his problem? For ages now, the stars have been blinking out, one by one.
Nigel Duke, our most brilliant scientist said could save our world if we did exactly what he told us.
Became a proper tyrant, he did.
Turned our world into one massive industrial nightmare.
Cat and I couldn't take anymore.
We're leading a rebellion against him from "Battling Bathilda", our dirigy blimp ever since.
Our defiance is indefatigable.
Even in the face of that horrid space dragoon the Duke tried to frighten us with.
Space Dragoon? It calls itself the Anti-Monitor.
Anti-monitor huh? - I was just fighting it.
- But that's impossible! My Gil defeated the beast.
Sent it packing to another universe.
Hit it so hard to the very sky ripped.
See? Is that true? Oh, righty right! Too true.
Like Gerka Stew.
I say perhaps you're from the Universe where Gil chased the dragoon.
So that's why no one's answering.
I must have been blasted through.
If only there was some way to contact my friends.
Signal the other side? I don't see how.
It'd take a shocking amount of power.
Might be enough electro-volts in Duke Nigel's laboratory.
But he's not the kind of fella to be giving out prezzies.
Well, maybe we'll just have to take a prezzie.
Your Duke Nigel certainly seems interested in the sun.
Even a despot needs a hobby.
Almost in.
Getting closer.
If I use this setting should amplify your ring signal trans-dimensionally.
If Jordan died, we would have saw his ring fly off to find a new owner, right? I didn't see no ring, did you? Lantern Kilowog, what happened is obvious to everyone but you.
Jordan's one of the toughtest ring slingers in the Corps! - Where do you get up the - Kilowog, come in.
Shut your talk hole Jordan, I'm right in the middle Jordan? It's Jordan! Ha ha ha! Told ya! Where are you kid? You OK? The sensors are not reading his location.
The Green Lantern Hal is not registering in this sector at all.
That's because I'm not in your sector, or universe.
That thing we were fighting? Calls itself the Anti-Monitor.
Comes from a parallel universe.
When it hit me, I was knocked where it came from.
Well, how do you bring back? There's a big rip in the sky here, just like the one over Biot.
The Anti-Monitor used it to cross over.
So maybe I could use it to get back.
Theoretically, perhaps.
But the power to breach the barrier between the universes would need to be monumental.
Well, evidently a Green Lantern has been here before.
And if he can find a way back, so can we.
Rendezvous in 12 hours.
With both of us applying power from each side, hopefully we can make a opening for me to slip through.
This time you won't escape me Steam Lantern! In fact, none of you are leaving here alive! Uninvited guests, the affrontery! So Steam Lantern has it come to this? Involving others in breaking and entering? We will never be your slaves! Slaves? I only wish credit where credit is due, madam! I saved the world, and this man This.
Man! Stole the credit and my glory, isn't that right? We Thortonberrys have a way of dealing with thieves, be it for a jar of jamberry preserves, or my spotless reputation.
If you bother these two again, I'm gonna have to bring this place down around your ears.
- You get me? - I say! My hero.
You were wonderful! I think you were watching a different musical revue.
- Hal here saved us.
- Pish posh! Hal helped, of course, but he's leaving.
You're the one everyone counts on, Gil.
I'll prime the internal combustinators for our journey to the stratolayer, and the scar.
You'll be home in time for tea.
To both of you.
Do you really have to go? It's kind of important.
The fate of our universe and all.
What's eating you? My conscience, I suppose.
You see, Sir Nigel's right.
He's the one who saved the planet, not me.
Our Universe was about to snuff it.
That space dragoon was eating it piece by piece.
Nigel Thortonberry said he could save us.
But didn't say how.
Turns out he made a deal with the devil.
Told the beast if he spared our planet, he'd invent a ray to cut through to another dimension.
Give the dragoon a whole new universe to feed on.
Our planet went on a single-minded industrial sprint that changed it forever.
Lost our freedom on the way.
I decided to fight that.
Didn't know about the Professor's bargain with the creature, but when it showed up to use the portal, I gave it the old one-two.
I took my suit to the limit, hit it with everything I had.
The monster didn't even notice.
I was less than a flea to him.
At that precise moment, the Duke was preparing his beam.
And sent that dragoon away, just as he had negotiated.
But everyone here, like Cat, thought I'd won.
Think I'm a hero, they do.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
Right blinking fraud I am.
Is there any way you could stay and help me fight Duke Nigel? The Anti-Monitor's in my Universe, and I have to face it.
Have a better go than I did.
You're doing a better job than you think.
Being a hero isn't always about fighting.
It's about protecting those who can't protect themselves.
The engines are ready to our trip to the scar.
And if you can't force your way across, my Gil can simply throw you through, just like he did with the Anti-Monitor.
It's good to know we have a backup plan.
Then Tally Ho! Gil, be a dear and get the bellows, won't you? Oh! Righty right, sugar plum.
We got the right place.
Now just wait for the right time.
Bathilda can't go much higher.
She's maxed out.
Throttle back, you've done enough, and save me some ring power.
I need every bit to blast through.
Top floor, Mr.
Top coats, top hats, various dry sundries and the gateway to your Universe.
I'd wish good luck but I don't you need it.
See ya.
I hope this works.
Thought I'd add a few pot-shots of my own.
Inter-dimensional rift is now opening.
You are under arrest.
Land your lighter-than-air craft immediately.
Failure to comply will result in gunfire directed at you.
Get home, I'll deal with him.
Come on Jordan! Jordan! What are you doing? Cat, are you alright? Oh, if anything happened, I'd be lost.
Had her all the way, Gil.
But it's now impossible for you to get to your universe.
This had gone on long enough! Stay where you are.
If you use that ring, Green Lantern, I'll be forced to fire.
You'll never stop resisting.
As much as it pains me, I have to think of what's best for the world.
Do your worst! You'll never be half the hero my Gil is.
Stop! Both of you! Duke Nigel, if you'll let my Lady Catherine leave, I'll give you what you want.
I will admit to everyone that I'm well and truly a fraud.
And it was you who saved the world.
You'd do that? On my word as a gentleman.
No, Gil! Don't let him force you to lie.
That's just it, honey pip, it's not a lie.
He really did save us.
Let him go.
I will release the lady after your confession.
Now, let's set the recordium straight.
Hello, my name is Gil Broome, Esquire.
Or as you know me, Steam Lantern.
I'm a fraud.
It was Duke Nigel who saved the world from the Space Dragoon known as the Anti-Monitor.
His deal with the monster spared us all.
I fear I've tarred a good man's name in Duke Nigel Thortonberry.
Everyone was so pleased with me, and you Well, I liked how proud of me you were.
Oh Gil, I've been proud to be your girl since we were sweethearts.
Nothing will ever change that.
- Steam! Steam! - What is that? - What are they saying? - Steam! Steam! Steam! Steam! Steam! What? How? Why? Because people recognize a hero when they see one.
Whether Gil knows it or not, he is a hero.
People would rather die fighting than live crawling.
They appreciate his efforts against you.
Against me? I'm not the villain here.
I only created my mechanoids to bring the people any news I had in a timely manner.
Oh my, what have I done? I am the villain.
Stand down.
You're all free to go.
And now my failure is complete.
While the Anti-Monitor did not harm our planet, it ate most of the nuclear atomic fuel in our sun before it left.
It tricked me.
I didn't save the world, I merely postponed it's demise a few months.
This at the price of trillions of lives in another universe.
It seems I am a most despicable person in not one, but two entire universes.
Can you forgive me? In the short bit we have left? Of course.
- Time for one last tea then.
- Quite.
Whoa! Whoa! There's no time for tea now.
Right! How selfish of us.
We may be doomed, but our friend Hal Jordan should not share our fate.
It was your ray, Professor, that sent the dragoon to his universe.
Can you help Mr.
Jordan find his way home in the same manner? Yes.
Draining the remaining power from the world gridiron should provide the energy to cut through the fabric of this universe once more, before our planet freezes into a lifeless ball of ice.
For the best, then.
Don't think I want to live on a world without a sunrise.
Me neither.
How'd we know when it was time for tea? Oh, enough with the stiff-upper-lippery! No one is gonna die on my watch! [ ring beeping ] Everything all right? Yeah, sure, nothing to worry about.
Plenty of power left.
It'll be a walk in the park.
We're in position.
Duke Nigel? By the map of their universe that Green Lantern Jordan provided, I believe I know the coordinates where the new rip must be made.
But to create a fissure in space the size you've asked for, there's only power to do it once.
Then, my equipment will burn out for good.
This is our only option, so let's make it count.
I'm in position, fire the ray.
Firing! Oh, now is not a good time to run out of juice! Come on, Jordan! Green Lantern! We're through, and it's brilliant here! You know? This isn't bad! I believe I have found your friends.
One of whom is quite an angry fellow.
So help me if this is some kind of joke, I'll come over and It's no joke Kilowog, we made it.
Hal, what do you mean by "we"? Me and a couple billion new friends.