Green Lantern: The Animated Series s01e21 Episode Script


~ Previously on "Green Lantern" ~ - That's not Aya.
- Razer's right.
She doesn't know what she's doing.
I think she knows what she's doing, Jordan.
And doesn't care.
Season 1, Episode 21: "Babel" That's it.
- Aya's stunt left us high and dry.
- I can see that.
And my Ring is under 5%.
- Yeah.
I'm near that, too.
- It's a wonder we have any power left Ring or otherwise.
How's it look down there? The main battery is still as dry as the Sigocean desert.
What was Aya thinking? She wasn't.
At least not in the way she normally does.
Once you two wizards find a way to get the Interceptor moving, we can go find and help her.
All in all, it still could be worse.
Whoa! And now it is.
We've drifted into a planet's gravity well.
It's pulling us into the atmosphere.
We're in no shape for a crash landing! And our Rings are too low to abandon ship.
We need to get more power to the guidance system, so I can land us.
But how?! Are you sure we can't hook up a personal battery to do that? I told you, those things are sucked dry.
Nothing but junk now.
- Mine still has a charge.
- Well, do you think we can use it? Do it! We will not be getting the Seven Comet safety rating for this.
It's a plumber's nightmare, all right, but will it work? We have no choice but to find out.
Set your personal shields to maximum.
By the way, if we do explode, you two are acceptable souls to be vaporized with.
- Wait what now? - No time for good-bye speeches.
Fire up the engine! We've got power! Do your planet thing, Jordan.
- Razer, keep that rig running.
- I'll do what I can.
This is like trying to fly a brick.
Brace for impact! All right.
Any landing you can walk away from, right? You say that a lot, but I don't think it's true.
- Razer, you all right? - I'm fine.
But my personal battery looks worse than yours.
I may need to steal a new one.
Oh, great.
Now what? No biggie.
We'll wait for the main battery to recharge, power up our Rings and seal the cracks.
Back in business.
The main will take 10 hours to recharge, Jordan.
So we hang out till then.
I could use a nap.
I don't believe that would be wise.
This planet's atmosphere is mostly methane, and it's leaking into the ship.
- There! - We need to get to that settlement.
We'll use it as a life boat until the main battery recharges.
- Whoa! - Whoa! Whoa! Not enough juice left for flight.
That citadel is easily And nothing like a brisk mid-day run for our lives.
Try and keep up.
Heart of gold and suit of green Lantern Core are lean and mean - Guardians make my head hurt Appa's face is old as dirt The cadence is supposed to keep you moving.
That doesn't even rhyme.
Really? It does, in my language.
Our Rings just translate other languages.
They can't make 'em rhyme.
Or make them less irritating.
- Who's irritating? - Who's irritating? - Anyone wearing green, apparently.
- Well, you're no picnic, either.
Luckily, we're here.
Hal Jordan, Green Lantern sector 2814.
These are my associates.
Green Lanterns! Kill them! Apparently they're not big fans of the Law around here.
No kidding.
Let's think up a plan before our Rings run out.
Don't you remember anything from boot camp? There's a Lantern protocol for this type of situation, but it takes precision timing, and above all, communication and teamwork.
So listen carefully [speaking native language] Come again? [speaking native language] [speaking native language] What did you just say? [speaking native language] Your Rings have no power.
Your translators are offline.
Then how come I can understand you? [speaking native language] The same reason you're still breathing.
But I don't have much power left, either.
So I suggest we find a way inside that dome.
So Kilowog, is that formalwear or just something you threw together? [speaking native language] He said he likes your outfit.
[speaking native language] - What? - He likes yours, too.
That's our ticket inside.
When it passes us, we need to slip under the last vehicle.
[speaking native language] I suppose fashion plate here has a better idea.
He says that's our ticket inside.
When it passes us, we need to slip under the last vehicle.
Good plan.
Get ready.
[speaking native language] Go! [speaking native language] [speaking native language] [speaking native language] Let's get somewhere safe to hole up.
We need four more hours until the battery recharges, Then we have to find a way to get back to the ship.
Razer, can you run that again for Kilowog? [speaking native language] What's that? [speaking native language] Oh, great.
OK, no worries.
Think, Jordan.
Got it! Me, Hal.
OK, three words.
First word, two syllables.
[speaking native language] [aliens speaking native language] [speaking native language] This way.
[speaking native language] [speaking native language] [speaking native language] I think he's offering us a ride.
That thing would come in handy getting back to the ship.
[speaking native language] [speaking native language] Oh, you want us to pay you.
Let's see what I have on me.
A set of keys, half a pack of gum It's all I have.
Kilowog, what do you got? Gross [speaking native language] The phone? It's yours.
Probably coming out with a new one next month.
[speaking native language] You want Carol? Heh, that's not going to happen.
Guys, can you help me explain here? Aiii! That's not what I had in mind! [aliens yelling in native language] Well, it did the job, though.
[speaking native language] I'm the pilot, remember! [grunting, speaking native language] [speaking native language] [speaking native language] Head towards the gate.
Go left.
Left! Your other left! [speaking native language] Almost home free.
OK, we've only got one shot at this.
Razer, you take the three guys on the left.
Kilowog, you take the four guys to the right.
I'll take the ugly one in the middle.
On three1, 2 Three.
Well, on the plus side, the ship's battery should be charged by now.
You still have no idea what I'm saying.
Looks like they're setting us up for some kind of gladiator thing.
We're supposed to fight that guy? It's almost an insult.
Now he could be a problem.
I guess we're the main course.
[growling] Guys, our best chance is to attack his legs and bring him down to our level.
[speaking native language] [speaking native language] Razer, watch out! Kilowog, listen [speaking native language] No man escapes the Manhunters.
I'm getting beat so bad, I'm hearing Manhunters.
No man escapes the Manhunters.
Manhunter head.
No wonder I can understand it, it has green energy.
Now that could be useful.
Must be round two.
Listen, I know you can't understand what I'm saying.
Remember when we were on Odom.
Manhunters run on the same energy our Rings do, and there just happens to be one of them What's left of it hanging on that big guy's neck! We can recharge from it! We're not Lanterns because of these.
We are Lanterns because of this and this.
It's not the Rings, it's us.
We can do this if we stick together.
Ready? In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight, Like those who worship evil's might, Beware my power! Yes! Kilowog, power up.
[speaking native language] Yeah, that's the stuff! Oh, how I've missed you.
What have you done to Mother? Time to go.
Apparently my Lantern battery was able to recharge itself, after all.
Well, ain't that convenient.
So, it was difficult, but we worked together despite the obstacles, like Lanterns are supposed to.
I guess my pep talk hits home in any language, huh? - Pep talk? - The one in the arena.
The big "All for one and one for all" speech? You guys got that, right? Oh, that.
- Real inspirational.
- Deeply moving.
Now let's get off this rock and find Aya.
- Did you understand what he was - Not a word.