Green Lantern: The Animated Series s01e22 Episode Script

Love Is a Battlefield

~ Previously on "Green Lantern" ~ Now let's destroy the rest of these Manhunters and get out of here! You will not harm them.
They function without emotion, as I do now.
I shall be their Queen.
Season 1, Episode 22: "Love is a Battlefield" Sisters, look! Invasion! Manhunters here? No man escapes the Manhunters.
I am no man.
I am Aga'po, Queen of the Zamarons! As soon as the scanners locate Aya, we'll set a course directly for her coordinates.
- If we find her.
- What's that supposed to mean? Hey.
I love your cockeyed optimism, but she was our nav computer.
All the stuff we need to find her we can't do so well without her.
Aya needs our help more than ever.
She's confused, and her processors are misfiring.
Confused? We wish.
Going off the deep end and plugging into that invincible Antimonitor body? We'll be probably be saving folks from her.
Aya has helped pull our fat from the fire plenty of times.
Now we're gonna return the favor.
If only we knew where she was.
Star Sapphires of Zamaron, I demand an audience with your Queen.
You are the robot that served the Green Lanterns.
Why have you come here making war? I have gained the understanding that the emotion you serve, love, is not only useless, but destructive.
Love does not destroy.
It sustains and strengthens all who feel it.
That is a lie.
I loved and was loved only to have that love retracted, leaving me nothing but pain.
You, a machine? A truly living being would trust that love will always prevail.
I am here to punish you for cultivating this corrosive force.
How dare you insult all we stand for, intruder? I hope that you are finished with your futile resistance.
Our Queen needs medical care.
Please let us take her to the infirmary.
You may try and save her, but it is for nothing, just as love is for nothing.
The best way to find Aya is to get to Oa and scan from there.
We're two months from Oa.
At regular speed, but an ultra-warp 10 minutes tops, if we don't stop for coffee.
Ultra-warp without a nav A.
? Way to risky.
One tiny rounding error, and we end up smack dab inside the molten core of a planet.
But if you're right about how volatile Aya is, we have no choice.
Why do you want to destroy us? Yes, we serve love because love is the one thing that will eventually bring peace and harmony to the Universe.
If you had ever felt love, you would know you are wrong.
I have loved, I do love.
Who do you love that you are so sure of this? I love Hal Jordan of Earth.
And who does he love? He loves another.
So your love has brought you nothing but pain.
I mean, no.
How will that pain bring peace to the Universe? It will I cannot say.
You have dedicated your life, your entire planet's purpose to something you cannot explain.
We gained our understanding of love from a teacher who is not on Zamaron.
- Then bring this teacher here.
- Impossible.
She is half a Universe away.
Teleport her with your crystalline apparatus.
We cannot.
The portal reunites beings that share a love between them.
It cannot bring one without the other.
Your supposition and technology are respectively wrong and primitive.
Oh, not again Will this take long? The buffet closes in 5 minutes.
Carol Ferris, I am sorry you were taken so abruptly and in the middle of such important matters.
It was not our choice.
You were brought here by this Aya.
Right Aya comes to us for answers about love, so I thought it best you speak to her.
Well, of course it Wait.
What now? Carol Ferris of Earth, can you convince me that the Zamarons and love should not be destroyed? Well, I Wait.
Destroyed? Wait.
You want to destroy love? I will destroy love's proxy in the Universe, the Zamaron home world, unless you can give me a reason not to.
So no pressure then.
Well, um, I don't know.
Love is a battlefield, love is patient, love is kind.
My love was unkind.
He offered his love, then took it back.
Uh, OK.
Well, it is not proud.
It is not easily angered.
When love is revoked, it creates anger and resentment.
- Carol, tell Aya what you told me.
- I don't know! OK.
All I said is that love is about doing what's best for the one your love.
It's as simple as putting his or her needs before your own, but I'm no expert.
- I'm just someone who fell in love.
- Whom did you love? I loved Hal Jordan Love Hal Jordan.
I guess that's the hard part.
I'll always love him, even though he makes me so angry.
Then you hate and love the same person simultaneously.
I could never hate Hal.
He may drive me crazy, but he'll always have a place in my heart.
So you posit that love is stronger than hate.
- Of course.
- Excellent.
We shall see.
There shall be a trial by combat between love and hate.
- Emotions can't really fight each other.
- Negative.
I will force them to.
All right.
Looks like we're ready for ultra-warp.
Aya makes those calculations in a fraction of a second.
Raze has been working on that for 3 hours.
I'm reasonably sure I addressed all of the variables.
Oh, as long as you're reasonably sure Jordan, look at this map.
There are 50 near misses in the anders nebula alone.
No human brain can react fast enough to get through that alive.
Flying is mostly instinct.
There's no brain involved.
- You know what I mean.
- It's worth it if it gets us to Aya.
- Razer's right.
She needs our help now.
In 3, 2, 1, and power.
How exactly are you gonna make love and hate fight each other? I will summon hate's champion.
Who freed me from my cell? A Green Lantern? Not quite.
Atrocitus of the Red Lanterns, you are here to represent hate in a fight to the death against love's champion, Carol Ferris of Earth.
No! Carol Ferris is an innocent.
Please let me be love's champion.
You yourself said Carol Ferris possesses the greatest understanding of love.
She is chosen.
And why should I agree to this melee? Should you win, the prize is your freedom and the death of your opponent Hal Jordan's one true love, Carol Ferris.
That is acceptable.
This is nuts! I can't fight an alien warlord.
Are those serrated teeth? Here.
The Star Sapphire Ring you returned before.
Because if I'm gonna be battling to the death, I should at least be well-accessorized.
Of course the fight must be fair.
Atrocitus should have his Power Ring, as well.
Are you insane? How is that fair? Coming out of ultra-warp in 3, 2, 1.
Did this figure into your calculations? We've jumped right into the atmosphere of a star.
I see that.
One half a degree, and we'd have been vaporized.
But instead we're alive, and we're that much closer to Oa.
- Next time, we'll just remember to - Next time?! Uh-uh.
We're never doing that again.
Aya, I am not the champion of love.
Please call this off! Fight or die.
Think, Carol, think! I can't do this, I can't! Wait.
The Star Sapphire's special power.
Bring me the one I love.
Carol! Atrocitus! Jordan, wait! Only the strength of love could bring Carol Ferris a hero.
Hal Jordan, please be safe.
- Do you know what the heck that was? - He's been transported to Zamaron.
Then we got to high-tail it there.
Atrocitus was waiting for him, Atrocitus! Zamaron is in Frontier Space.
We'd have to use ultra-warp.
Then let's go.
When last we met, human, I had just conquered Oa.
This time, you find me better rested.
The Star Sapphire Ring doesn't let you drag just anyone across the Universe.
It was either you or my high-school prom date, And he's an accountant in Tucson.
Carol! No! Ghiata, no.
This wasn't your fight.
Your mate is next.
I've had just about enough of you! You are done, over! Ghiata, you shouldn't have.
There is no greater privilege than to perform a deed born of pure love and no greater honor than that it should be my last.
There is your proof that love is the strongest force in the Universe.
Only love could cause beings to put themselves so completely in harm's way, and then make the ultimate sacrifice: one's life.
I am comforted that Ghiata did not die in vain.
She proved love is superior and saved our planet from destruction.
We owe her our lives.
Love is not superior.
But I represented love, and I am not the one smashed under a rock right now.
I won, we won.
Atrocitus lost.
He and his ring shall be sent back from where they came.
His failure is unacceptable.
Aya, please listen to me.
Just stop and consider everything that's happened here.
I we would like to help you.
This trial demonstrated that love causes only pain.
It foolishly led Ghiata to her own destruction.
It led her to an act of total selflessness.
All life is pain.
I now understand that the best thing I can do for the Universe is to eliminate all life and replace it with emotionless machines like my loyal Manhunters.
What?! Aya, that's crazy.
You fought alongside me against the same enemies.
You were as alive as I am, and now Prepare for the total annihilation of Zamaron.
No, Aya.
I won't let you do this.
I do not recall giving you a choice.
Aya! Aya, what are you doing? To destroy life a single planet at a time is illogical and inefficient.
I will find a way to erase all life in one motion and remake the entire Universe in my own image, free of all emotion.
Carol Ferris, and Hal Jordan, you have saved us from destruction.
We are forever grateful.
I only wish we could have saved Ghiata.
She is a true hero.
We'll keep her in our hearts.
The last time you were here, you returned the Star Sapphire Ring, and this time? I think I'll keep it.
You never know when it might come in handy.
You honor us by doing so.
So Thanks for being there when I called, Hal.
I'll be seeing you around The galaxy.