Green Lantern: The Animated Series s01e23 Episode Script


~ Previously on "Green Lantern" ~ Season 1, Episode 23: "Larfleeze" Aya What are you doing? And then you not only interrupted the disassembly of the Interceptor's AI, but stole it from our facilities, allowed it reassemble itself.
then let it run rampant as if it were a living being.
So let it be recorded in The Book of Oa that these dark days have been largely brought about by the actions of Honor Guard 2814, also known as Hal Jordan of Earth.
How did he say all that without taking a breath? Your AI, Aya, as you refer to it, is operating irrationally and has melded itself to the Anti-Monitor, one of the greatest threats in Guardian history.
What do you have to say for yourself? This is my fault, and I will make it right.
As soon as you get a fix on Aya's location, we can go talk Absolutely not.
We're uploading a patch to your CPU that will enable you to use your ultra warp drives.
You will have to learn to install it.
After installation, you sHall return immediately to Oa.
And then? What's the plan? The Council will decide how to end the universe-threatening menace you created, but end it we will.
That is all.
For someone with no base emotions, he manages to get some really good digs in.
I don't think Appa and the Guardians are making the right call.
Aya's still in there, I know it.
If we could just talk with her And what if she attacks while we're trying to make nice-nice? We can't overlook that possibility.
We'd need a way to hold her back; if only long enough to talk some sense into her.
What we need is a game changer.
What about The Orange Energy? You've never heard of the legend of The Orange Lanterns? Keep going Ages ago, a race of conquerors obsessed with possessing the galaxy harnessed a powerful Orange Energy.
Their battery was said to exert a strange influence, so only warriors with a strong sense of duty were chosen.
These Orange Lanterns brought Atrocitus to a standstill.
Must be pretty potent stuff to let you go toe to toe with Atrocitus.
It was the only sector of Frontier Space he hadn't conquered.
But then, almost overnight, The Orange Lanterns disappeared and were never heard from again.
According to legend, their home world was reputed to be Ocara.
This power, why hasn't anyone else looked for it? Many have.
None returned.
- Of course.
- We're running out of options.
We'll fly to Ocara and try to find this Orange Power.
Then we can deal with Aya.
If you don't mind, I'll be in my quarters.
He's really hurting.
Jordan, what if we can't turn Aya back from whatever she's become? What if we have to Put her down? I've begun downloading the Guardian's software patch.
Which gives us just enough time to poke around.
We should split up.
We'll cover more ground that way.
- Keep an eye on him.
- Got ya.
Hey, Red, wait up.
Ugh, this planet gives me the creeps.
- You mind if we stick together? - If you wish.
I found a tunnel on the west side.
Going to investigate.
Let us know if you find anything.
- How are you holding up, kid? - "Holding up"? Yeah, I mean, with all the stuff that's been happening.
Aya? Uh, I thought you might want to talk.
I am not a Bolovaxian hatchling that requires mothering.
- I'm trying to be nice to you! - Your unwanted sympathy is duly noted.
It's your fault we're even in this mess.
- If you hadn't have - Don't you think I know that?! Whatever Aya is, whatever she's become, is because of me! And should anyone be harmed, the blame is mine.
Uh, look, kid, I got hot.
It ain't really your fault.
I mean, maybe she's got a virus, somethin'.
She does something crazy, you can't hold yourself Shouldn't he have checked in by now? Jordan, report.
Jordan! Ohh! What is that smell? Is someone there? My name's Hal Jordan and I'm a Green Lantern.
I am not here to harm you.
We also have gifts of free soap.
There it is Game changer.
I didn't realize it would be so Beautiful.
That's mine! Who are you? Come out and I'll explain why I need this.
Words are cheap.
There are none you can trade me for my battery.
Are you part of The Orange Lantern Core? I'm Larfleeze, And I am The Orange Lantern Core! - Where are the rest of you? - They aren't around anymore.
Look, I'm only borrowing your battery.
I'll give it right back.
Liar! That's what everyone says! The Universe is in great danger.
We can use your We can use its help.
I need this Orange Battery to save everyone, then I'll give it No, no, I won't.
Why am I even explaining this to you? It's mine now.
I am the keeper of The Orange Lantern! And whoever tries to take it from me will die! - Boy, am I glad to see you two.
- More thieves! Do you know what happens to thieves here? You're the thief! You killed The Orange Lantern Core and stole their power battery.
It never belonged to you.
Liar! It's mine, mine, mine, mine, mine! He's insane.
We don't have time for this.
Take him out.
- Jordan, you OK? - Of course I am.
Good job, you two.
Now let's take this beautiful thing back to the ship and get the heck off this planet.
Razer, go check if the AI is running.
I just wanted to tell you I tried to have a little talk with the kid.
- Yeah? How'd it go? - I couldn't bring it up.
He's blaming himself, and it wasn't the time to mention, "Oh, and we might have to destroy your girlfriend.
" Well, don't worry about it.
Now that I have this, we might not have to hurt her.
This battery has so much power.
I think it can do anything.
What's up, Hal? You seem a little off.
I'm not.
The software patch is fully integrated with the ship CPU.
It should be online.
Greetings and salutations.
I am Lanos, the light speed astronomical navigation operating system.
How can I serve you today? - Ayyy.
- What? "Lame-o.
" - I will need more information.
- More information, accessing.
The crintel beast has five brains, two of which are located in its buttocks.
I understand now.
That is hilarious.
All right, Jordan.
Let's fire up those impelas and shoot back to Guardian turf, stat.
Wouldn't pre-flight go faster if you pushed a button or something? How about keeping your eyes on what you're supposed to be doing? Fine with me.
The sooner we leave, the sooner we can use our new secret power to help Aya.
What do you mean, "our secret power"? The Orange Lantern is mine All mine! - Something's not right.
- Ya think? Stay back! You're both against me.
Trying to double team me! You can't have it.
- It's mine! - Hal! I won't let you take my Lantern! What the noits just happened?! The ship's Captain turned orange, attacked you, then exited the vessel.
This way.
I believe we learned what powers the orange light.
Just as Green Energy is formed by willpower and Red by anger, it seems The Orange Energy is fueled by avarice.
You got to be kidding me! After all we've been through, he's been taken over by a greedy, Orange Lantern?! Thieves! You stole my shiny, and now you're going to pay with your lives! Eat 'em up, Globulous.
Eat 'em up! No! You popped my Globulous! You better slink off to that dump you call home before you get hurt! I need it, I need it! I need it back! Hal Jordan has stolen my Lantern, and now my home, too! I have no place to go! Heartbreaking.
Then let us put you out of your misery.
Wait! Stop! Razer, stand down.
Let's talk for a bit.
You want your Orange Battery back, right? Fact is, me and Razer, we want you to have it.
You do? Really? No, it's a trick! We want you to take your Battery back.
It's hurting our friend.
So we'll make you a deal We'll help each other for today.
- At the end, you get - I get my orange shiny! - It's mine! Mine, mine! - Right, you get your "orange shiny".
- And we get our friend back.
- Oh, I don't know if that's a fair deal.
What else will you give me for your friend? - This is pointless.
- You're pointless! What are you doing? Go get my Orange Battery from your friend! Oh, we're in no rush if we don't have a deal.
OK, fine, it's a deal! I get my Lantern and you take your dumb friend back.
Didn't even want him! And don't even think about stealing any of my stuff! Mine He's touching my stuff.
I can feel it.
He's touching, touching, touching my stuff! Stop touching my stuff! It's mine! Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine! Everything is mine! Get a hold of yourself! Would you look at all this.
If it isn't my old friends, Kilowog and Razer.
Easy, Jordan.
Your melon's being scrambled by that thing.
The Orange Light's power comes from greed.
You need to get rid of that Battery before it destroys you.
Never! The Orange Battery is mine now.
It will always be mine! - Let go! - You let go! You're all thieves, and you'll all pay! Jordan, this isn't you! We have a mission! Give me back my shiny! Holy Grut.
Hey, it might not be her.
We don't know for sure that it's her.
I know.
It's her.
What's happening? Who's stealing my stars? First my Battery, and now someone is stealing my stars! It's my battery, and my stars! Who's taking them? Now focus.
Remember, Aya is destroying those suns.
- Aya? - Yes, Aya.
She's now a threat to everyone in the Universe.
This Battery has twisted your sense of duty, turning it into greed! - You've got to fight it! - I Have a mission.
Can't let this Battery Interfere! We can't stop Aya without you.
Come on, Hal, fight it! Can't turn my back on friends.
Can't leave the job Undone! I will Give up this Battery! I can do this.
IWill Let Go! My shiny! Oh, my shiny! Oh, how I've missed you! - Good to have you back, buddy.
- Good to be back.
Larfleeze We're sorry.
We're not here to steal.
Well, I guess we were, but we were wrong.
Your Battery can't help us, so we're leaving.
We promise not to take anything.
You're not the worst guest I've ever had, and you did give me back my shiny.
Maybe this one time you deserve something.
Eh, have a safe trip.
Razer, you know we want to save Aya, but without any help from the Orange Battery, we're back to square one.
- So? - She's vaporizing star systems now.
If we can't get her to listen to sense, - we might not have a choice but - Do what? Kill her? Our friend and crew mate, who all of us owe our lives to? Not kill her.
Just deactivate her.
She's not Aya anymore! Who are you to make that judgment? We can get through to her! We can bring her back! I'm sorry, kid.
She's a monster that can't be saved.
Jordan, help me out here.
I would, but Razer does have a point.
After all, I turned into a monster And you, guys, saved me.