Green Lantern: The Animated Series s01e25 Episode Script


- Previously on "green lantern" - You tried to kill me.
- That was never the plan.
We only hoped to-- - Hello? Come in.
Hold on.
I'm still getting that weird signal.
But every time I try and respond, static.
You? - I got nothin'.
And without the interceptor, we can't boost the signal.
Oh, that's right.
Hal had to sacrifice the ship To stop your girlfriend from killing us.
- You can be so tiring.
I'll repeat myself for the last time.
That thing that caused all of this is not our aya.
- Well, I hope you're right.
I really do.
But look around before you get too comfortable in that fantasy.
Face it, kid.
We gotta shut her down.
What are you doing? It's a calming technique I was taught on odem To purge rage from my mind.
- Does that stuff really work? - I would not be able to control my own anger without it.
Consider yourself lucky.
- I think I'm getting something.
- [static] green lanterns, come in.
Answer immediately.
Green lanterns respond.
- I'm here.
We're here.
Sorry it took so long to answer you, But we must have been in a poor reception zone until now.
- What do you mean? This is the first I've tried to contact you.
- Funny.
But then who's been trying to get ahold of me? It does not matter.
There is a crisis And the interceptor is required immediately.
- Right.
Um, about the ship, We sort of had to use it as a battering ram To stop aya from eating the galaxy.
But we'll fly to you as fast as we can.
- Never mind coming to oa.
You are to proceed immediately to the planet ranx.
A huge manhunter force is presently attacking the planet.
- Ranx? That abandoned place? Why are they doing that? - Why, indeed, sergeant kilowog.
That is the root of our concern.
Of aya is trying to obtain something from ranx, The guardians order you to stop her, at all costs.
- Ok, ladies, let's show these glorified blenders how the corps rolls.
- Yes, our forward momentum is extremely difficult to arrest.
- Uhh! - Fall back! Fall back! We got our butts kicked out there! Well, in your case, exit vents.
We need to thin out their defensive line.
I'm gonna re-strategize with the other squad leaders.
Until then, stay frosty.
- Ah.
In space, it is zero degrees kelvin.
Very frosty, indeed, lantern gardner.
- Not, now, chaselon.
- Looks like we're late to the party.
- Nah.
This party's just getting started Now that you're here, buddy.
Did you hear? I just got bumped to honor guard.
- Hey, check you out.
- You gotta be kidding me.
You? - Well, hank, they put me in charge Because you always lead with your ace, And that'd be me.
I got promoted fastest ever in the history of the corps.
It's true.
- It's hal, and if you're in the honor guard now, Who's the new lantern for our sector? - I don't know.
Some other earth guy, what's-his-name.
John stewart.
- The fake news guy? - Perhaps you too can play "name that earthling" some other time.
What is the situation? - The manhunters are after something on that planet.
But that force field is keeping them out.
The blue crew wants us to get it first.
The problem is, there's way more of them than there are of us.
- Something else is going on.
- I've been getting this signal on my ring.
The closer we get to ranx, the stronger it becomes.
Someone down there is trying to contact us.
- Or not.
No life signs on the planet, Which was abandoned You probably just broke your ring.
Did you leave it out in the rain? - Were you dropped on your head as a child? Never mind.
We gotta get down there and investigate.
- Nuh-uh.
The plan is to launch Another coordinated attack in a half hour.
You can either be part of that or benched.
So which is it? - Where the heck to you get-- - We'll be in position.
- By the way, good thing you got your tiny mask on, In case someone from this uninhabited alien planet recognizes you.
- This is useless.
The manhunters are programmed To detect and snuff out all emotion.
Once we get in their sensor range, they'll just drive us back.
Guy's plan is never going to work.
I can't believe they put him in charge! - It looks like someone needs razer to show them An anger management drill.
- Theoretically, if we didn't possess emotions, We could pass through the manhunter blockade undetected.
- Ain't nothin' theoretical about manhunter cannons.
- What do you have in mind? - The blue lantern meditation I was taught on odem Was designed to purge the mind of rage.
Perhaps if applied carefully, it could eliminate all emotions.
- We don't have time to practice stuff it took you months to learn.
- True.
But when I first came to odem, saint walker Used a technique to calm my rage When I was unable to do it myself.
I believe I can replicate that technique.
- Guy didn't say we had to go in blasting, Just that we had to go.
- Fine.
So, how, exactly, is this gonna work? - Keep your minds focused on the calmness of the lake.
- Squad leaders, we are go.
Lanterns, I will see you on the ground.
- I can't believe this is actually working.
- Keep your mind clear of all emotion.
- No emotions detected.
No action required.
- Aya? - Um, why does that manhunter sound like that? - You're not thinking about the lake.
- Oh, no.
Hold it together, razer.
That's not her.
- Emotions detected.
- Nuts.
- Emotions detected.
The punishment is death.
- What now, jordan? - Go straight at the shield.
- Right.
- Are you insane? - Follow me! I knew I was right! - This is you being right? Incoming! - I'm telling you, someone invited us here.
This way! - Stupid robots.
You remind me of my vcr, And I showed it who was boss.
Will you guys get off me.
I'm trying to pick a fight here.
- Disco lantern, give me a status report.
- All of the teams are repelled, except one.
- Let me guess.
- Honor guard hal jordan.
- Quick, in there! - What is this place? - I don't know.
But someone clearly wants us here.
- Last time I checked, invited guests don't get ordnance shot at them.
- Unless your at my uncle's ranch for a firewing festival.
- Emotions detected.
- Aya hunters! Go! - Still following the signal.
- Jordan, you're taking us in a circle.
- Getting closer.
- Closer to being dead.
Figure it out already! - See? I told you so.
Invited guests.
There's probably even a sauna.
- I don't see no sauna.
Looks more like a prison cell.
- Maybe it's just a holding area.
- Or a killing floor.
- This thing is mighty strong.
We're gonna need all 3 of us! - Uhh! - What part of "all 3 of us" do you not understand? - Hey! Whoever you are, you called us here From across the galaxy.
It couldn't have been just to crush us to death.
Don't do this! It's me, hal jordan! We've come to help! - I see I was not mistaken to direct my message at you.
- No way.
No possible way.
- You are as resourceful as I'd hoped, hal jordan.
Welcome to ranx, The new home of the anti-monitor.
- You.
You corrupted aya! - Choose wisely.
My power is the only thing Keeping the manhunter hordes at by.
- Razer, wait! If you were calling for help, Why were you trying to kill us? - I was eliminating the manhunters that followed you here Through the hole in the force field I created.
- What do you want from us? - And how can you even be alive after aya tore your head off? - Your concept of life is no more complete than a worm's.
The artificial intelligence you call aya Appeared to kill me, But her attack merely separated the helmet From a suit of armor.
My life force clung to the upper shell, And I survived the assault.
I felt the pull of an automated presence, As with the manhunters, yet different, More complex, more expansive.
My plan was to use the resources of this world To recharge myself until I could rise once again, Even more powerful.
Then, as the aya commanded, the manhunters came.
- What does she want from you? Why is she sending her armies here? - I was created to probe the mystery of creation, To travel to the very birth of the universe itself.
A time-displacement cylinder is a component of this helm.
I can only surmise aya knows this now And desires that ability.
- For what possible reason would aya want to time travel? - To remake the universe.
If aya can get back to the moment before creation, She can use her new powers to change it.
- Or stop it from happening at all.
- No emotion would exist because nothing would be alive.
- And that is the reason I called you, hal jordan.
I need your protection.
- Ok, we're gonna punch through that shield If it's the last thing chaselon ever does.
Just kidding, buddy.
- Buddy.
- Why should we help you? - Our fates are now as one.
It is in your best interest to help me.
I am also a living sentient being in distress.
Your order is bound by oath to render aid To any in my position.
- The only thing you're in position for is a headache, pal.
- Settle down.
We have to do this.
- Unbelievable.
- That thing is evil.
It deserves to be destroyed And you want us to protect it? - Hear me out.
Yes, the anti-monitor Would eat the universe if it could.
But it's injured, so that's not gonna happen anytime soon.
What aya is planning is the negation of all life.
We can't let her do that.
- I despise that you have a point.
- It looks like you've got yourself a few bodyguards.
- Step on those fools! That, my friend, is a high-value target.
Turn these constructs around and fire at will! Uhh! - Move aside, my children.
Your queen is here and will lead the way.
- It is too late.
The aya comes.
The destroyer comes.
- Aya! Listen to me.
- Silence.
- Uhh! - Uhh! - The last time we spoke, You tried to assassinate me.
I will receive no more communications From emotional beings.
Their data is corrupting.
Nothing any of you can say will make a difference.
- I agree.
The carbon life forms are useless.
Kill them and we will strike a bargain.
I know why you've come.
I will guide you to the beginning of time.
Once we are there, You may do with the universe as you wish.
- I have a counter proposal.
- Aya, when we met, I believed myself guilty of killing thousands.
You saved me from that burden.
Do not add any more lives To the millions you have taken already.
You will be able to bear it.
- You have no conception of what I have done Or what I am capable of doing.
- I suppose you're going to kill us now.
- Kill you? That is unnecessary.
Soon you will never have existed at all.
- We are in serious trouble.
What are we gonna do? - I was wrong.
There is no hope for her.
Our only choice is to destroy her.