Green Lantern: The Animated Series s01e26 Episode Script

Dark Matter

Season 1, Episode 26: "Dark Matter" ~ Previously on "Green Lantern" ~ For what possible reason would Aya want to time travel? - To remake the Universe.
- There is no hope for her.
Our only choice Is to destroy her.
Green Lanterns, these will very likely be the final orders I shall ever give to you.
The Aya entity, now bonded with the Anti-Monitor, is in orbit above Maltus.
It plans to return to the very moment of creation, to remake reality.
Everything you have ever known will never have existed.
A new Universe she creates will be Will be devoid of organic life.
I will not belie our chances.
Aya has absorbed the energy of dozens of star systems.
The Green Lanterns' power, as great as it is, is no match for her.
Still, we shall fight to our last breath.
We, the Guardians of Oa, wish you luck, our Green Lantern Corps.
Display star chart.
Highlight systems destroyed by the Aya entity.
Which I unleashed on the Universe.
This is not your fault, Hal Jordan.
In cultivating Aya's independence, you could not know what havoc she would wreak.
Couldn't I, Tomar-Re? I stole the ship she was trapped in, broke her out of Scar's lab without giving it a moment's thought.
And now I either destroy my friend or we lose everything.
Like these people did.
An interesting coincidence.
That is my sector 2813.
So this is personal for you.
You're anxious for some payback.
This particular system was devoid of life.
A fortunate stroke of luck.
Revenge will not cloud my actions, but deployment begins.
We must join the others.
You know what? You go ahead.
There's something I need to check.
Display secondary star chart.
Highlight all uninhabited systems.
Overlay map with sectors destroyed by Aya.
My task is nearly complete.
Hold them off a short while, my children.
Too many of them! No way we're bustin' through.
Aw, the little robots are to tough for the sergeant? You want I should send one of the guys out for a smaller, weaker universe-threatening entity? Why, you puffed up little hatchling, I'll show you who's tough! All divisions be alert to Manhunter reinforcements approaching sector 22 mark 8.
Salaak, I know this sounds crazy, but you've got to call off this attack.
The time displacement generator is coming online.
All life past and present is now within moments of nonexistence.
- Salaak, listen! - Hal Jordan of Earth, no.
- Jordan? - Cover him! Aya, listen to me! You are not what you claim! I know about the systems you destroyed.
I know your secret.
If living organisms have no meaning or value to you, then why feed only on stars surrounded by lifeless planets? I scanned the systems you decimated.
Every single one of them was uninhabited.
You couldn't do it, could you, vaporize living beings, because you're not a killer.
What you believe about me is irrelevant.
But you were instrumental in my escape from the computer prison the Guardians doomed me to.
And for that, I give you a gift.
You will bear witness to all creation being remade.
Before you die, you shall be the last living organism in all existence.
Where Oh, wow.
The window to the door of time.
Hal Jordan to Corps.
Come in.
Do you copy? - Kilowog, Guy, anybody.
- Hal, you ok? Forget targeting the Anti-Monitor.
We'll never defeat this thing with firepower.
Send in Razer.
Top priority.
Send in Razer! - But how are we supposed to - No time.
Just do it! That's easy for me to say.
What is this, bingo night at the retirement home? Pour it on! What now, sergeant? Shoes too tight? Coffee not hot enough for you? Shut it, Guy.
I just got a message from Hal.
He wants us to send him Razer, asap! Hal, your friend that was just eaten, wants me to ignore orders, stop what we're doing and try to get Red Pajamas here inside the giant robot corpse? Uh-huh, I'll get right on that.
I know, it sounds nuts.
Hal's plans usually do.
But the crazy thing is they sometimes even work.
Raze is the only one here with a Power Ring that works on green constructs.
Aya's practically made of the stuff.
Maybe Hal figures if we can get him past the defenses, he'll be able to shut her down permanently! You seldom fail to surprise me, Green Lantern Hal, considering the stakes for your fellow organic beings.
I would have thought you'd attempt to shoot me in the back.
- Would it have done any good? - None whatsoever.
You can't do this.
Look around you, Aya.
An eternal endless expanse completely devoid of life.
Nothing but emptiness forever.
This is your dream of a perfect universe? - It's nonexistence.
- No.
Only for your kind.
I am not preventing the big bang, as you call it.
I am improving it, eliminating a few key elements required for organic biology.
- The universe will exist.
- But without life.
I will fill the cosmos with self-replicating artificial beings, incapable of pain.
A perfect universe.
What if Jordan's wrong? If he's wrong, neither of us will ever know.
Ready? It takes little preparation to be a living bullet.
Not what I mean.
Kid, understand, I care about Aya as much as - You know what you gotta do, right? - I will do what must be done.
What are you waiting for? Fire! Aya, listen to me.
You only converted uninhabited systems into energy.
Your empathy stopped you from destroying life.
I have neither empathy nor enmity for organic life.
By preventing life from ever developing, I can stop suffering from ever occurring.
You'll also stop joy and happiness and love.
A characteristically emotional outburst from an organic life form.
It's time for a rude awakening, Aya.
All that was missing was the spark of life.
Unbeknownst to anyone, I extracted a portion of the entity dwelling inside the Central Battery.
I required but a sliver of that being to complete my experiment, And, alas, what you call Aya was born.
Newsflash you are not purely artificial.
You were created from a strand of a living being.
You're alive, Aya.
It is faulty information.
You know it's true.
I'm not clever enough to fake that footage.
You're one of us, Aya.
You can't destroy life without destroying yourself.
That changes nothing.
A universe free of pain is a desirable objective, even if it means the end of my own existence.
Living or not, I am a being free of emotion, and make this decision based solely on cold reason.
A new reality is about to be born.
Yours will be the last and only emotion this universe will ever know.
What emotion is it, Green Lantern Hal? Regret.
Razer! What What have I done? Is this the emotionless machine mind that wants to fix the universe? Your emotions were never completely sealed off.
They couldn't be, because you're not a machine.
You're alive.
And your decisions are just as flawed as any of ours.
- Aya.
- Yes, my love.
Razer must receive medical attention.
That would probably be best done back in our own time.
If there's a populated future to get back to, that is.
I have ceased manipulating the vortex.
The universe will develop naturally and undisturbed.
We need to go now.
What have I done to him? What have I done? Aya, think.
Help him.
I absorbed enough energy to turn back time itself.
I now use that power to heal your body.
You will be all right, Razer.
You must be all right.
I will be Now that you have come back to me.
I was a threat to everything.
To all life.
In that one moment, you could have struck me down.
Why didn't you? How could I kill you? My Red Energy constructs are powered by hate and there is no hate in my heart for you, Aya, only love.
Jordan, come in.
Are you all right? What's going on in there? It's over.
We did it.
Aya's back on our side.
- It's gonna be ok.
- That's real good news, Jordan, About your robot turning good and everything.
Too bad she still has an army of Manhunters attacking us.
Aya, stop them.
Call off the Manhunters.
I have tried, Green Lantern Hal.
The other A.
's no longer recognize me as one of them.
They will not obey my commands.
In my madness, I uploaded a copy of my program into the Manhunters.
Now each of them is a newly minted copy of me and a potential threat to the universe.
You only became a threat because of my treatment of you.
Surely these copies are Negative.
It is a statistical probability that eventually, any one of them will ultimately find a way to end life in the universe.
Then we'll just have to find every single one of them and make sure that There is no time.
However, I have an immediate solution.
A computer virus.
This will seek out and delete every possible version of the Aya program, ridding the universe of my threat forever.
Except you.
It won't delete you.
The virus must eliminate every version of me in order to protect universal life.
No! You cannot destroy yourself.
I won't let you.
It is too late, my love.
It is already done.
Please, Aya, don't do this.
Don't leave me alone.
You will never be alone.
You have a family now.
And somehow I know I will be with you, too, watching over you always.
- I don't understand.
- I do not, either.
It is just a feeling.
Hey, Razer.
Corps can't honor its heroes if the heroes don't show up to the ceremony.
I'm leaving.
Look, Razer, I know it's hard All these people celebrating when you just lost Aya.
But that's just it.
I refuse to believe that Aya is dead.
I made that mistake once before.
Red, we all miss her, but you got to face it, she's gone.
No being as adaptable and resourceful as she could truly be deleted from existence.
I know in my heart that she is out there somewhere.
I will scour the universe if I must, but I will find her.
OK, then, we're coming with you.
Kilowog, my friend, you would only slow me down.
You get in any trouble out there, find yourself in a jam, you don't hesitate to call us, 'cause we will hightail it out there and Save me.
I know, Hal.
You already have.
I still say he's crazy.
Even if she is out there, how's he gonna find her in all that endless space? Knowing Razer, I'd say he's got a pretty good shot.