Greenhouse Academy (2017) s01e01 Episode Script


-[sighs heavily] I love you.
-I love you, too.
We want you to know how proud we are of you.
Hayley, look after your brother.
I'm counting on you.
[chuckles] Don't worry.
I think we'll remember to brush our teeth before we go to bed.
Right, Alex? Sweetie, it's just a short trip around the moon.
[chuckles] But be careful.
I heard the jet lag on the way back is awful.
[chuckles] You two will always be here.
Ryan, it's time to go.
-[sighs] -Wait! I want a picture.
[camera shutter clicks] Bye.
[Hayley] I love you, Mom.
[anchor on TV] 41-year-old Ryan Woods is about to make history.
As a child, Ryan Woods fell in love with space exploration after discovering a million-year-old meteor.
She's now the first female astronaut to orbit the moon on the maiden voyage of the Athena spacecraft.
Okay, when you see Mom, cheer really loud.
and received her doctorate in physics at Caltech.
-My mom, the overachiever.
-[all laughing] -You said it.
-Look! There she is! [all cheering] [Hayley] Go, Mom! -[man on TV] T-minus ten -[Alex] Go, Ma! Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one! [all cheering] [Hayley] Go, Mom! [man on TV] This is Mission Control, Houston.
What just happened? [man on TV] contingency, securing information The search and rescue teams have been mobilized in the Santa Barbara area Alex? [rock music playing] Stop it with the banging already! Unbelievable.
My little brother is wasting his life trying to get a stupid ball into a stupid hoop, all so he can get into some stupid leadership school.
The Greenhouse? -It's a brainwash factory.
-Totally, but don't tell him that.
He's doing all of this in honor of Mom.
Who cares if Alex gets into the Greenhouse? Besides, you can tear down that wall between the two rooms and make yourself a luxury suite.
That's not a bad idea, Mere.
Don't forget to name the suite after me, though.
I mean, we could put the bed over there, a little chill-out zone over here, and we could stick Owen over there.
Alex, I changed my mind! Keep practicing! That was a limited edition of the Dark Side from 1973.
You can't get that anywhere else! Maybe you're the only one who listens to this crap! Keep your cool, Alex.
A leader needs to keep his cool, doesn't he? I'm glad Mom's not around to see you and your lazy friends doing nothing, -nothing with your lives! -Stop bringing Mom into everything! That's enough! Good job.
[objects clattering] Has anyone seen my No.
2 pencil? Anybody? -Hayley, have you seen my No.
2 pencil? -Why would you look there for it? Dad, we should leave now! It's not gonna happen, Alex.
He's still in bed.
What do you mean? We're supposed to leave now! Get him some Red Bull from the fridge.
Dad, do you know where the car keys are? -Huh? -Oh, come on! Alex, enough! He can't get into a car like this.
It's a two-hour drive from here.
I'm not gonna make it if I leave now.
Dad, come on.
It was my last year to qualify.
I'll drive you there.
[scoffs] [theme music playing] All right, listen.
First, we need you to pass the exam.
Remember, there's only one spot on the Eagles.
-Don't pressure me.
-There's no pressure, Tyler.
Okay? We just want you to be on our team.
That's all.
Yeah, but I told you guys, I'm bad at tests.
Don't worry about that, all right? We got you all the answers.
You can copy, can't you? Yeah, I think so.
Hey, are you sure no Ravens noticed you hack into their server? No one saw me.
-All good.
All right, Tyler, we are counting on you to get in -so we can beat Whitney this year.
-All right.
Hey, Tyler -Whoo! -[both chuckle] Sorry! -Sorry.
-It's okay.
-Why are they leaving? -They were rejected.
-On the same day? -Mmm-hmm.
No stress.
[Alex] That's the chemistry lab where Mom worked.
I can't wait to see the new gymnasium.
"Responsibility is the price of greatness!" Shh! Everyone can hear you.
Oh, what are they gonna do? Arrest me for disrespecting the regime? -Yeah, very funny.
-Oh, yeah! Yeah, good joke, bro.
[both] Eagles! Eagles! This school takes competition a little bit too seriously.
-That's Daniel Hayward! -Who? That's the captain of the Eagles.
Hey! Hi, Daniel.
Um, I just wanted to let you know, I'm a big, big fan.
I'm trying out for the Eagles, too.
I'm a shooting guard.
I've learned everything by watching you play.
I'm Alex.
Yeah, cool.
[man on PA] Students in group D, please go to room 102 for your exam.
-You okay? The kid looks a little pale.
-[scoffs] -Yeah, he's shaking like a leaf.
-Sign of weakness.
-Yeah, they'll pick right up on that, too.
-You know they will.
He's more Raven material.
Yo, stop psyching out my brother! There's a hundred applicants and one spot on the Eagles.
Just sayin'.
It's okay.
She didn't mean it.
-Come on.
-You're the one who looks scared.
What, you're afraid someone younger and more talented will replace you? -Just sayin'.
-[Alex] Why you gotta do that? The following exam is an SAT test identical to the one given to college applicants who are a few years older than you.
They get two and a half hours to finish it.
You will only have 45 minutes.
Mark your answers with the stylus attached to the tablet.
We will have the result as soon as you finish.
Once you've finished the written exam, you will then take the mandatory physical exam, for the Eagles, or the computer skills exam, for the Ravens.
-I'll be outside if you need me.
-I'm sure we'll be fine.
Here you go.
Now, anyone can take the SA under quiet conditions.
Do I stink? -What? No, not at all.
-However, at Greenhouse Academy, we're looking for students who can focus under less than ideal circumstances.
I want you all to meet Leo Cruz, captain of the Ravens clubhouse.
He's agreed to play for you while you take the test, which begins right now.
Good luck.
[playing heavy metal music] -Oh, honey, you did your best.
-[crying] There are plenty of other schools you can go to.
Hey, don't cry.
Have you ever heard The Wall? That's what this place is.
It's a place that takes freethinkers and turns them into nuts and bolts on their own assembly line.
Excuse me.
What gives you the right to talk about the Greenhouse like that? Forget her, Brooke.
She's just bitter she got rejected.
Busted! And all I wanted to do was get accepted so I could hang out with such charming girls like you.
-We are charming, aren't we? -Totally charming! We are so charming.
[electric guitar playing] -How's she doing, Officer? -She hasn't stolen anything yet.
I still don't understand what she's doing here, Dad.
We're not a charity.
She robbed the bank to make a point.
The bank was gonna close a shelter because it was in debt.
And I have a deal pending with the judge.
If we accept her, she'll be pardoned.
And I have faith in her.
[electric guitar playing] I didn't double-check.
Psychology Today says your first intuition is usually correct.
Uh, excuse me.
Mommy, I'm going to have to call you back.
Huh, he must be trying out for the Eagles.
Don't you think, Soph? Yeah, totally.
I mean, look at him.
-He's classic Eagle material.
Actually, I applied for the Ravens.
I'm not really that athletic.
-No! -Really? -I would've never believed it.
-Seriously, I'm shocked.
Say hi to Mommy.
-Oh, the backpack! -[laughs] Get out of here! What's going on here? [whispering] That's the guy.
-That's the torturer? -That's what's so cool about this place.
It was a nightmare, sure, but at the end of it, I managed to feel Brainwashed? Come on, relax.
Look, you survived the heavy metal.
Now you get to shine at the gym.
I don't know, Hayley.
This place is harder than I thought.
Hey, since when have you ever given up? You're the most determined person I know.
Just like Mom.
-You have to mention her? -Hey, sorry.
Think about your poor sister who had to listen to you shoot hoops until 2:00 in the morning.
[Coach] Come on! Come on! My one-legged grandmother runs faster than you do.
Drop, give me ten.
[Jason] Dad, we need to tell the officer what to do with Ms.
[Louis] I haven't made up my mind yet.
I mean, just imagine if she had a weapon on her.
I hate to be the one to say I told you so.
I thought she'd blossom here, not fall apart.
At my school, we didn't have a view of the Pacific, you know? If you moved an inch in your seat, you were sent straight to the principal's office.
I wasted 12 years like that.
Are we leaving or are we going down a trip on memory lane? Okay, okay, that's enough.
Off you go.
Uh Alex Woods! Alex, you're up.
[net swishing] Whoo! Go, Alex! Good job, Alex! He definitely takes after his mother.
Even though she was a Raven.
Alex is Ryan Woods' son? Yeah.
Such a tragedy.
-Four hundred? Are you sure? -Four hundred.
-[sighs] But how? -[scoffs] We gave him all the answers! You get 400 just for signing your name.
-I know.
-This guy [both sigh] The boy can shoot.
No way.
Hey, excuse me, Louis? About that Tyler I was talking to you about.
-He got a 400.
I just checked.
-Yeah, I know.
But I still think he'd make a great Eagle.
I mean, he's an amazing center, and we need someone with his height on the team.
Leadership has nothing to do with height.
You're right.
Um, how about I play some one-on-one with the new kid? Now, that's the spirit.
All right.
Hey, new kid! You up for some one-on-one? -Sure.
-All right.
Yeah, Alex! You got this! -Hey, hey, foul.
Hayward, knock it off! -What? You all right? You know, I'd keep your brother away from Daniel if I were you.
I think my brother can take care of himself, thank you very much.
Hey, just trying to help.
I know your type.
You start off all hot and then you choke when it really counts.
[scoffs] You wouldn't last a day here.
Shut up.
What's the matter? Don't wanna disappoint Mommy? Yeah, I heard since that explosion, she's been all over the place.
-[screams] -Hey! Hey! Hey, Alex! Stop it! -Whoa! Whoa! -Get off me! -Whoa! Coach! -[screams] -You see this? -Thank you, Mr.
-You can leave now.
-What? You heard me.
First, a criminal destroys school property, and now that hothead? Excuse me? Are you kidding me? I mean, Daniel started this! -Who is she? -You must be Hayley, right? We all loved your mother, but we can't accept that kind of behavior.
I'm sorry.
This is all part of your game, isn't it? I mean, my brother worked for months to get into this school.
And you did everything in your power to ruin his chances.
I bet you even enjoyed his little breakdown, didn't you? [scoffs] You're just a bunch of pathetic sadists.
Thank you.
You can join your brother now.
All the stupid slogans You talk about educating leaders, and for what? To produce bullies like him? Good riddance.
Alex, wait! Alex! -He said something about Mom, didn't he? -It doesn't matter.
-Yes, it does.
What a loser! -No, I'm the loser.
I shouldn't have reacted that way.
All right? You told me not to lose my cool, and now I ruined everything.
Hey, hey! You didn't do anything.
Besides, you're too good for this place.
[Louis] Alex, Hayley, hold up.
May I have a word? -Yes, Mr.
Osmond? -Call me Louis.
Young lady, I don't agree with a single thing you said back there, but I appreciate your raw honesty.
And, Alex, I didn't approve of your actions, but I understood why you lost your temper.
You have real integrity.
These are qualities we want in our students.
Good luck with that, then.
We were just leaving.
Where are you going? The new student ceremony starts at 4:00.
Wait So so, I got in? You both did.
Alex to the Eagles, Hayley with the Ravens.
If you hate the Greenhouse so much, why not stay and fix it? -Is this a joke? -Not at all.
I'm sure you're gonna pass the written tests.
It's more of a formality for you.
You're Ryan's daughter.
-Well, I was just here for my brother.
-I know.
But I think you're a girl who could use some challenges.
My intuition is usually pretty good.
Well, your instincts are off today.
Okay, how about a trial? You pass the written test, you can stay for 30 days.
What do you say? And if you don't like it still, then you can just go back home.
We'll contact your father for his approval.
Just think about it.
Hayley, wait.
Hayley, what if he's right? What color should I paint my room? -I'm thinking either-- -No, seriously, come on! Think about it.
What have you got to lose? One month.
One month? Another hour here, and it feels like an eternity.
Think about all the fun we'd have together.
You promised Mom you'd take care of me.
I really think this is a bad idea.
Do you need anything before we start? Actually Can you turn up the volume? [volume increases] Captain.
And I was having a good day.
Really? 'Cause I heard it kind of sucked.
You should check your sources.
You know, actually, my sources told me that they saw your new center getting a ride back to Pasadena.
-I hope you didn't take it too hard.
-You think I care? Well, it was a good thing that we switched the order of the test questions when we found out that Parker hacked into our servers, huh? You have a good day.
For over two decades, our school has nurtured this nation's leaders.
Politicians, hi-tech entrepreneurs, athletes and astronauts.
Hey, did Dad ever reply to our texts? -I was sure he would be here.
-I'm here.
[Louis] pioneers, leaders, visionaries and world changers.
I believe real leaders come in all kinds of different packages.
Some are a nation's scholars, sure.
But some are diamonds in the rough, students with fresh perspectives whose intellect cannot be measured solely by numbers.
So, please, give a warm welcome to our incoming class.
-I can't believe Louis invented this.
-That's why it's called the Louie.
I heard he turned down billions of dollars from Apple for it.
He wanted the Louie to only be for the students.
[chuckles] You look just like Mom in that shirt.
-[chuckles] -This is so surreal.
I know.
Why am I not surprised? You know her? I had the pleasure of meeting her before.
Imagine Daniel, only as a girl.
Ah, great.
Yeah, you're gonna have a blast with those Eagles.
Hey, kid.
You coming to the after-party at the clubhouse tonight? -Yeah.
-Yeah? All right.
[softly] Go.