Greenhouse Academy (2017) s01e02 Episode Script

The Opening Challenge

[frame clatters] [theme music playing] [video game beeping] Press X and L2.
-Wait for him behind the bush.
Behind-- -[video game chimes] Told you.
He killed you.
What do you want? You shouldn't lean forward like that, because it'll numb your hand and then you won't be able to play any more video games.
I sleep on a wheat pillow.
I heat it up in the microwave before I go to bed.
This allows for better blood flow-- Max, why are you bothering this poor girl? Sorry, sir.
Poor guy.
You scared him.
You gotta hide behind the bush or he'll kill you.
Hey, guys.
Don't stay up too late.
Louis' famous opening challenge is tomorrow.
[Eagles chanting] Parker! Parker! Parker! Parker! Come on, guys! -[chanting continues] -[Brooke] Go, Parker! You got this! Parker, you weakling! How you gonna let this kid beat you like that? Come on, Alex! You can do it! [Louie chimes] Aw, how sweet! -[Eagles cheer] -Look, Daniel.
Alex needs his big sister to tell him a bedtime story.
I still don't know why your dad accepted him.
-He's too nice.
That's his problem.
[panting] -Give me a smile.
-No, no, I'm not in the mood.
Oh, come on.
It's for the official Greenhouse blog.
It'll give the Eagles a chance to get to know you better.
-No, no.
-Hey, come on.
Come on.
-[groans] -[laughs] -[sighs] -Come on, you can do better than that.
All right, show me the muscles, then.
Show them to me.
Hey, you look great.
Eye of the tiger.
[laughing] Fierce, baby.
Show me your abs.
I need to see them.
There we go! [laughing] You see? You're a natural! [Meredith over Louie] What do you mean, you joined the Greenhouse? -Come on, Mere.
Don't do this to me.
-Are you joking? What could I do? I couldn't leave Alex here alone.
-[chuckles] Tell Owen I won't let them brainwash me.
I'll fight them from the inside.
Did you lose something? Hey, Brooke.
Great to see you.
Is my brother here? What if he is? -Can I come in? -No Ravens allowed.
[scoffs] Seriously? What is this, the fourth grade or something? Hmm.
Jeez, what do they put in their food here? Hi, Hayley.
Oh, having trouble sleeping on the first night? -No, I'm fine.
I always find I get energized on the first night of the year.
It'll be okay.
Uh, careful.
They're a tough crowd.
What now? Hey, Dad.
Hi, sweetheart.
Just checking on you.
Hey, do you have an extra toothbrush? I didn't know I was going to stay here.
They have extra supplies at the main office.
But you'll need more than that for the rest of the year.
Thanks, but I only need to get through the month.
Hey, Woods.
Check this out.
[chuckles] They're gonna eat him alive.
[Parker] I can't believe we lost Tyler for him.
I mean, this guy is an embarrassment to the Eagles.
[scoffs] Hey, don't get too attached to him.
What do you mean? I mean, he has a temper.
It'll happen again, and next time, Louis won't forgive him.
Then we'll throw him a proper going-away party.
-Yeah, okay.
Okay, yeah.
-Feel me? Yeah.
So what's the plan? Just trust your captain.
I got you.
All right.
'Cause he gotta go.
-[Louie chimes] Guys, the opening challenge starts now.
We leave in three.
Come on, Eagles, what's up? Hey, who's gonna crush the Ravens again? We are! [students chanting] Eagles! Eagles! Eagles! Eagles! Eagles! Eagles! What's the opening challenge? The opening challenge is the first competition between the two houses.
No house wants to lose the first challenge.
-Because winning is the only option? -Exactly.
The Eagles beat us last year.
The legacy of our house is at stake.
When we lose, I feel sick.
And when I feel sick, I'm not nice.
Now, you want me to be nice, don't you? -[all] Yes! -Yes, Captain! You know, you don't have to call him captain.
-Let's go, Ravens! -[all chanting] Let's go, Ravens! [Alex] Hayley! Oh, so now you do want to talk? I'm sorry I missed your texts.
I was really busy last night.
I'll say.
You saw it, too? [sighs] You don't wanna be seen talking with the enemy.
Watch your back, okay? Welcome to the opening challenge.
[all cheering] As you all know, this is not a regular school.
And our goal here is not to prepare you for the regular state standard exams.
Other than a two-week vacation at the end of the year for you to prepare for that unimportant test -[all chuckling] -we won't be dealing with that at all.
My only job here is to feed your curiosity.
Now, the Ravens and Eagles have been rivals for decades, and this year is no different.
So today I'm sending you a riddle.
You have to solve that riddle to find the key to unlock this case, to be the first team to ring the gong and win.
So, what's the prize? Yeah, I wanna know what the Ravens are missing out on this year.
[Eagles chuckle] -Really? -It's okay.
Let him talk.
I'll just say that the winning house will get a treat to kick off a very sweet year.
The riddle is being sent to your Louie now.
[Louies chiming] "Ten from the sea to the sand he walks" Uh, ten But what's ten? "to look in the soil, but not in the box.
" -This has gotta mean ten steps.
Yeah, that makes sense.
That must mean ten steps from the ocean to the sand.
It's hidden at the beach.
-[Sophie] Yeah.
Let's do it.
-[Brooke] Let's go! [chanting] Eagles! Eagles! Eagles! [Ravens chanting] Ravens! Ravens! Ravens! Well, don't work too hard.
I'm waiting for the real classes to start.
[groans softly] -Babe, are you okay? -Uh, yeah, I'm fine.
Whoo! Come on, Eagles, let's go! Dig faster! I mean, he's here for two days and already giving us orders? [Brooke chuckles] Hey, don't pay attention to them.
Looking for more humiliating stuff on your blog? -Oh, go cry to your sister.
-[chuckles] Hey, there! I'm not doing this for the Ravens.
I'm doing this for Alex.
Whatever works for you.
-What are you up to now? -Something is off.
It's a trick question.
"The key is in the soil, but not inside the box.
" What does a box have to do with anything? And why is it not in the box? Maybe it's outside the box.
Like, "Think outside the box.
" Come on.
I think I solved it.
Eric, hey, aren't you gonna dust for prints? [scoffs] There are no signs of burglary.
Maybe you just had a bad dream or something.
Eric, I'm telling you someone was here last night.
Hey, buddy, I hate to be the one to have to tell you this, but -this has to stop.
-I didn't call you here to lecture me.
I'm not trying to.
I mean, come on, man.
You know I love you.
This whole thing has already cost you too much.
This thing is my wife.
[sighs] We all loved Ryan, but look at this mess.
Look at yourself.
-You haven't changed clothes in days.
-[stammers] You should leave! Fine.
You know, eventually, everybody will leave.
I mean, even your kids didn't want to stay here.
You already lost your wife and your job.
Don't lose your kids, too.
You should leave.
[Hayley] So the riddle said, "Ten from the sea.
" But I don't think he meant the ocean.
Nice move, Woods.
Um One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
You wanna do the honors? [Alex] Honors of what? I knew you'd find it.
-Here, take it.
-What are you doing, Woods? Take it.
The stupid Eagles will worship you if you come back with it.
I don't need your handouts.
[mouthing] What? A wise leader always thinks outside of the box.
And the Ravens understood that.
So they went to the painting on the wall instead of looking in the most obvious place.
[Ravens cheering] -Me? -You earned it.
[Ravens cheering] I now pronounce the Ravens winners of the opening challenge.
[Ravens chanting] Ravens! Ravens! Ravens! First challenge down! Whoo-hoo! All right! [student 1] Free food! Yes! We did it.
-Uh, who wants a cupcake? -I do! Yeah? Here, here, here.
All right.
All right, we got, uh, pizza over here -Who wants a pretzel? -[student 2] I do.
[Leo] Here you go, guys.
All right.
-Eagles didn't stand a chance, guys.
-Obviously not.
They have no pizza party.
We're the ones with the pizza party.
Want anything? Oh, man, if I could see the look on Daniel's face right now.
-Are you kidding me? Oh, man.
-[Jackie] Probably crying.
Oh, yeah, they're probably sitting in their clubhouse, -just crying.
-I hope so.
[sighs] That pizza smelled so good.
-I know, right? -It's all my fault.
Hey you're not the reason we lost.
Look at this.
-Here, take it.
-What are you doing, Woods? -Take it.
-I don't need your handouts.
You let her win? Alex is more loyal to his sister than the Eagles.
She's the one who found the key.
She tried giving it to me.
-Why would she do that? -'Cause that's how she is.
She cares more about me than the stupid competition.
So you admit you could've taken the key? -Yeah.
-[Sophie and Daniel scoff] But that would be cheating.
That's not honorable.
Honor? There's nothing honorable about betraying your team.
[sighs] Oh, my God.
Who spilled on my backpack? Who ruined my notebook? I will kill whoever did this! [Leo] He hasn't texted you back? Maybe you need to give your brother some space.
He has to learn to take care of his problems on his own.
[tires screeching] [Judy] So, let me get this straight.
You deleted all those files while he was right there, sleeping on the sofa? Don't underestimate me.
I'm a professional.
[scoffs] With the rates you charge, you better be.
So? Checked the hard drive.
It's all clean.
-Are you sure, Kyle? -Mmm-hmm.
E-mails, Instagram, chat history, school papers -Everything? -Judy, relax.
I deleted all the files that mentioned you.
A copy of the entire hard drive, so you can check.
Parker! Parker! -[chuckles] -[Alex] Daniel! Daniel! Yo, Woods! [laughs] Come on, what are you, in the third grade? Oh, they hate you in the third grade, too? [laughs] All right, bro.
Oh! That hurt? -[exhales heavily] I'm fine.
-You sure? Look, man, you can cry if you want to.
We're all friends here.
[laughs] Yo! Hey, stop it.
Cut it out! Stop bothering Alex.
He didn't do anything.
Aw, everyone, Alex's big sister is here to save him.
[all laughing] -What are you doing? -What? I didn't ask for your help.
Mind your own business.
I don't need a Raven to fight my battles.
Who knew the kid had some backbone? -[Parker] I didn't.
-[Daniel chuckles] Let's play.
Woods! That's what I'm talking about, Woods.
-[indistinct chatter] -Yo, seriously.
I had no idea you were that fast.
Yo, man, you got game, kid.
He's gonna help us kill Whitney.
-[chuckles] -You might actually be able to keep up.
What are you doing here? Now is that the way to greet your mom? -[chuckles] What's up, Ma? -[chuckles] Hey, baby.
Ah! Your face is so thin.
Do they feed you here? They're starving us.
They even make us shower in cold water.
-[all chuckle] -Okay, make fun of your mother.
Is that what you also do? Just make fun of your mothers? Actually, yeah, but unlike you, they don't get the jokes.
[all chuckle] Chamomile with honey, right? -Aw, thank you, sweetie.
You are just getting prettier every day.
[both chuckle] -What's up, babe? -Hey.
Now, you, I I don't know you.
-What's your name? -Uh, Alex Woods.
Now, you guys be nice to him.
Something tells me he was born to be an Eagle.
-[door opens] -How could you let this happen? Me? My father accepted them.
Well, are you the dean of the school or Louis' puppet? Do you understand how dangerous it is for us to have those two kids running around the Greenhouse? Don't worry.
They won't bother us.
Yeah, they won't bother us, because you won't let them out of your sight.
I want you watching over their dreams.
Do you understand? This mission is too important to have Ryan Woods' kids ruin it for us.