Greenleaf (2016) s01e13 Episode Script

What Are You Doing Here

1 Previously on Greenleaf.
I'll come and get you in the Mustang when school's done.
It'll be fun.
- Ok.
- I'll see you in two weeks.
- Are you gay? - No.
What does that even mean? What does that mean? I hate you! I hate - (screams) - Help! - Hey, what's going on? - What happened? Something's wrong with the twins.
What? Things are falling through the cracks every day that Mac is in jail.
- You know they are.
- I'll talk to Connie again.
And here's what you're going to tell her.
I'm going to preach.
Not you, not Grace.
- Mae - Just for a while.
When did this happen? I got the notice of seizure from the city a couple months ago.
Whoever Mac has in his pocket at city hall ain't budging.
Is there any way out? Bishop: There's always a way out, you know that.
You just have to confess.
Carlton: So, what was the problem? They don't know.
The doctor said it was probably triggered by stress.
But the babies are okay? Yeah, they're back to normal.
I guess I was just stressed.
(door buzzes) Thanks for coming.
What in the hell do you want, Robert? You're not even going to ask how my shoulder's doing? No.
Got a sentencing hearing coming up.
If you appeared as a character witness, you know, said I'd had a change of heart Are you kidding me? I'm just looking for a reason not to tell the law what you did.
With me locked up in here and my assets frozen, that old man of mine is not going to keep quiet for long.
You're in trouble.
I don't know how you look at the world Same way you do, I imagine.
I look at the world and I see nothing but the glory of the Lord.
Seems like all you see are ants climbing all over some dead thing trying to get another taste of the meat.
Well, you do what you want.
There's no way I'm going to spit on the memory of my daughter shining you up.
You go to hell.
(door buzzes) Amen Amen (vocalizing) Well (vocalizing) Amen, amen, ooh.
All I want to know is if I hope to negotiate a new custody agreement, would my moving back to Phoenix this summer, would that hurt or help my chances of bringing her back here to live? Sorry to bother you.
Hold on a sec, Mike.
What's up? Your grandfather's in the conference room.
Mike, I have to call you back.
Does my mother know he's here? No, she's at the Templeton.
I wouldn't have let him in otherwise.
(door opens) Now, you know Mama said she'd call the cops if you came around again.
What are you doing here? You put my boy in jail, so you've got to take care of my ass now.
Here's the thing, Pastor.
It's not going to be a church.
So, what's it going to be, then? A Christian community center, but like no Christian community center you've ever seen.
Where's it going to be, exactly? Don't worry.
We're almost there.
Here we are.
Jacob: Well, that's Calvary.
What? No, not there.
You must think I'm three kinds of crazy.
No, not there.
Alexa told me Bishop had his eye on this spot a while back.
Alexa told you that? Well, yeah, when she first started coming, I pressed her about all the details I could about Calvary.
You know, hey, understandably.
I guess I get that.
Now, she also said that the city offered to sell this to Bishop and he passed? It was more complicated than that, but Hmm.
I'm sure glad it was.
First thing I did when I heard about it was I called up Deputy Mayor Leonard and told him my vision for this Christian community center, and he sold me this land for a song.
A song.
It almost seemed like he was happy to take the loss just to teach your daddy a lesson.
Well, you know politicians.
I ain't got time.
You want me to be the public face of a $30 million Well, no, actually 40, if we keep the indoor water park.
$40 million? Christian community center.
Right across from my daddy's church? No, the Lord wants you to do this.
I'm just a messenger.
How long have you lived here? Uh, about two months.
A friend of mine died and I kind of took it over.
This is really going to help.
Will you excuse me just a second? Yes, sir.
(gagging) - (coughs and gags) - Are you okay? Are you okay? (retching) (knocks on door) Are you all right? (gasping) Uh, yeah.
Uh uh-huh.
(coughs) You talk to Janice? Woman: Danielle's committed to making a statement at the hearing.
I don't see anything stopping her.
What about the bishop? Well, might be time to talk to the DA.
(clears throat) On your way to Women's Day? You know I wouldn't miss it.
- Oh, hey, Kevin? - Yeah? I need to find Henry McCready a place to live and probably to die.
Well, yeah, I got a friend at Foxbridge I can put a call in to if you want, you know, see if they have any space.
That would be great.
Hey, how are the babies doing? Well, as long as Charity stays in bed, they'll be okay.
- What about you guys? - We're good.
- You know.
- Well, you're off the couch, anyway.
How about you and Sophia? Hmm.
Well, I'm actually planning on moving back to Phoenix for the summer.
Well, we'll miss you around here.
I mean, you're the one that's always coming to me asking for help for other people, and that's the Gospel as far as I'm concerned.
I guess that what I'm saying is do what you got to do.
But come back, Grace.
We'll see, but thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
- Thank you very much.
And wish me some luck here.
I'll try.
Mae: Let's just take a look at this last verse here, verse 30.
"Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting.
But a woman who fears the Lord (murmuring assent) is to be praised.
" Now, wait a minute now.
I know a lot of y'all don't like this verse.
Come on, now, admit it.
Yeah, because you love your charm.
Oh, we love our beauty, don't we? Ooh, I'm right with you.
However, in a world where men are stumping and shouting and taking most anything they want by force, charm and beauty are some of the most important weapons we have left to us.
Isn't that right? So, why would the Lord ask us to give up those for fear? (murmuring assent) The Hebrew word that is translated here in this verse, "to fear"? It doesn't mean that cowering in the corner kind of fear, you know? What this means is "awe.
" It means amazement.
What it means is seeing life in a way that sometimes only a woman can.
(murmuring assent) Now, I pray without ceasing, and one of the things that I always thank God for all day long is men.
He has put powerful, strong, wonderful men in my life, and I'm grateful for them.
But there are times when only a woman, a virtuous woman can save a situation.
I'm talking about women like Mary.
(murmuring assent) The mother of Jesus.
Oh, she stood with her head held high amidst all that filthy gossip and rumors because she was filled with awe at what she knew to be the truth, which was God didn't give the salvation of all humanity to some man to carry.
He gave it to a woman.
Amen! And this is the thing.
Right now, our church is at a crossroads.
(murmuring assent) And I know I know that the only way forward is in the footsteps of a virtuous woman.
Did you hear me? A woman willing to stand in awe and wonder at not only what God has done, but what He's going to do! A woman whose fear of the Lord makes her the Moses who's going to carry us across the desert! The a tested leader, y'all.
Lord Jesus.
It's so good to see you.
I got us a room.
(gospel music playing) - Hey.
- Hey.
(music stops) What is it this time? Chicken breast on asparagus.
Dana made gumbo for dinner, but I told her it was too much salt for my baby and too much salt for my boys.
Uh what were you listening to? The song I had planned for next Sunday.
I hate that I can't be there to sing it.
Charity, I've been doing some research.
About what? About what I've been struggling with.
I love you so much.
I can't do this alone.
What are you talking about? Fortitude for Families.
What is this? It's a program for guys who are dealing with a similar issue.
Issue? Just read it, Charity.
I don't want to.
You are what you are.
You can't change that.
Charity please.
Just read it.
I'll read it.
Thank you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I heard what happened today.
Mama sent you to talk to me, huh? Oh, she did, indeed.
You want me to stay? I can't believe you do after all this.
Yeah, well, I can't pretend that I'm over the way you disobeyed me.
But the Bible is full of bumptious troublemakers.
Who the heck am I to say no if the spirit moves? It wasn't the spirit.
You don't know that.
You'll never know what God's going to do.
Daddy, I want to stay, and Sophia really wants to come back in the fall, but the only way I can see really making that happen is if I go back and stay involved in her life there.
- Gigi - Mama doesn't want me here.
Well, that's not untrue.
But, child, I'm going to tell you something that only your mother knows.
What's the matter, Daddy? Parkinson's.
Look, don't worry.
The stuff Dr.
Curry's got me on has got it locked down pretty good, but I won't be able to preach for too many more years.
Tell Jacob.
Bring him back.
Your brother is just where he belongs.
This is about you.
I know when you came back here, all you wanted to do was set things straight, and you did that your way.
But I know you, Gigi.
I know you because I know myself.
I'm a preacher.
You're a preacher.
And I believe this whole war between you and your mother would just end if you pick up the cross of your calling and carry it.
Can you do that for me? Please? Daddy.
This is really happening? - Yes, indeed, it is.
- Man.
I've got to be out of here one week from today.
Just need you to sign.
Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
I would offer you one of your old Shirley Temples, but But I see.
Nothing to offer.
So, what brings you down here? You wanted to see the place for one last time? Yeah.
You want to take that old table you used to sit at and use it as your keepsake? Whoops.
You knew they were going to do that.
Kind of did.
So, talk to me.
Your father's dying.
Is that why he's calling me? Yeah.
- How do you know? - He came by the church.
Guess that means you're really staying.
At least for now, yeah.
- Hmm.
- Hey.
I'm going to be okay.
Auntie, I'm going to be okay.
We'll see.
See see, what you don't know is by the time you were born, your father was he was who he is now.
He was that man.
But there was a time before you knew him when he was he was somebody else.
He just wanted to live and he wanted to experience all that God had created for us.
He didn't want to stand apart from it and he didn't want to proclaim the Gospel about it, and I never wanted that for you.
I never did.
And I never would've led you down this path if I'd known it would.
But what do I know? Well, I'm going tomorrow to move Henry to the hospice.
You want to come? No.
That story ended a long time ago.
Y'all be careful with that.
Those things cost money.
Man: Yes, ma'am.
You think Basie's going to forgive you for not going to Triumph today? No, he knows it's Gigi's first Sunday preaching, so he said take it.
I think he's actually hoping for a report.
- What do you think? - I think you should do it.
Even though it's right across the street from my daddy's church? But you said it's not a church.
- Yeah - Not a traditional one.
There's no guarantee that a place like that is going to lure people away.
Is he going to have a school? He didn't mention having one.
What do you think of suggesting a partnership with Excellence to him? What about Calvary? Bishop let you go, and we already have the curriculum and the infrastructure, and it sounds like that place is going to have the kids.
You still worried about Alexa? No, I just thought it would be fun working together.
I'll bring it up to Basie.
You look good.
- Morning, Bishop.
- Morning.
Pop! Wait up.
Hey, son.
Don't tell me that job at Triumph went south already.
No, no, no.
We just came to hear Gigi.
Oh, that's a good brother.
Uh, there's something I need to tell you, though.
This project that Basie has me slated to run for him over at Triumph? Look, I can't wait to hear about it.
Come on, Pop.
It's going to be on that empty lot right across the street.
You know the one? Yeah, I know the one.
It's going to be a $40 million Christian community center.
- I don't think I should do it.
- Oh, Jacob.
I mean, I can't, not with you over here.
Do you honestly think after all that sidewinder has put me through that I would hand my beloved only son to him without a plan? I'm not following.
You just stay right there.
Basie's just trying to get back at me.
For what? Oh, I haven't the slightest idea.
But with you as my eyes and ears, we'll find out.
And once we do, we'll march seven times around that thing and it will all come tumbling down.
But thanks for telling me about it.
- Look, Pop? - Mm-hmm? Was this always your plan? Oh, no, no, no.
Not my plan.
The Lord's.
The Master's calling Praise Him while your lips still sing Praise Him while your lips still sing The Master's calling Did you tell that girl to get out of the bed? I thought that you did.
It's like watching a glacier fall apart on TV.
Lord help me.
I don't want to walk away Walk away from Him No, I don't want to walk away Walk away from Him Bind me to your side Bind me to your side Ooh Ooh-ooh.
(applause) Praise God.
Morning, Calvary.
Crowd: Good morning.
My mother blew the doors off last weekend at Women's Day.
I'm not going to try and top that.
No way.
Way to go, Mommy.
(no audible dialogue) Amen, amen.
All right, let's get right into the word this morning.
My text today is Romans 3:23.
"For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.
" - Of course.
- Mae, shush now.
Just listen.
Now, before we get started, I need to talk about something.
As many of you know, a family member of ours is currently in jail awaiting sentencing for a number of sexual crimes against young women.
(crowd murmuring) I hate talking about this in church, but it's real.
Whew, it's real.
And even after he's sentenced and sent to jail, the fallout from his actions and from my family's reactions, including mine, will continue to haunt us for a long time.
And it should.
And there will be a time to talk about all of it, and there should be.
But right now, this morning, I'd like to take a moment of silence for all the women that he did abuse, the ones who are here, those ones who came forward, the ones who haven't, the ones who are living and the ones who, like my sister Faith, have passed on.
A moment of silence for anyone here who is dealing with similar abuse, and a moment of silence for anyone who knows that something awful is happening to somebody close to them and they're not saying anything.
There's nothing I or anyone else can say that can explain it adequately, honor it adequately grieve it adequately.
Oh, but God (murmuring assent) but God! (applause) God is here.
Could you look at me right now? Even in the silence, God is here! So let's take our moment of silence this morning, and when we're done, let us promise ourselves and all of the abused around us, all those victims, that we will never be silent again.
Woman: Amen! The silence ends today.
Would you bow with me? And amen.
Crowd: Amen.
You ready for a new thing, Calvary? (cheers and applause) Are you lost? No, I'm not.
It's smaller than I pictured it.
What do you want, Mae? To ask the same thing of you.
You think I don't know the role you played in all this? You think I don't see your handprint on every brick of my ruin? Mac had to be stopped and you know it! You and that daughter of mine, dressing up all your resentments in robes of righteous indignation.
I don't know what you're talking about.
As a matter of fact, I never knew You leave my family alone.
The same way you did? If anybody's to blame for whatever it is you came down here to bitch to me about, it's you, because you knew.
I did not know.
You knew.
How could I have known? Come on, you knew! How could any mother let that happen to her daughter and not say anything? You tell me.
You charmless whore.
What do you know about mothering? You don't know a thing about motherhood.
Who are you to take me to task like this? Who are you? Why didn't you say something? Why didn't you say anything? Why didn't you take your daughter to the police when Grace told you 20 years ago? Why didn't you? I'll tell you why.
Because you're like everybody else.
You don't want to believe it's your brother, your father, your son could do such a thing.
So they look the other way, and that's exactly what you did.
You looked the other way.
You're no different than anybody else.
- I didn't know.
- Get out.
Get out.
Come to me when you feel like you want to tell the truth, that you want to be honest.
Because I am not going to be your scapegoat.
You brought this on yourself, so go! Well, how's it suit you? It fits.
It'll be all right, I guess.
They said they'll be ready to take you whenever.
- You know.
- I get it.
And the church will pay for it.
Does that daughter of mine know? She's aware.
You know, I got to say it, I sure would like to see those girls before I die.
I don't think that's going to happen.
You're probably right.
I guess it's time to let them go.
Even Mac.
He didn't really give a rat's ass about me.
Nobody did.
It seemed to me like he cared.
He never obeyed Mama, always gave you money when he was asked.
It wasn't love.
It was just, you know, hush money.
To keep quiet about what? Hey.
To keep quiet about what? You're sure you want to know? Yeah.
Remember when you was little and First Baptist burned down? Vaguely.
And the caretaker was in the basement? What about it? That wasn't no act of God.
You can stay.
I want to talk.
Kevin, I'm glad you told me the truth.
But I think I need some time apart to just sit with it, be at peace.
- For the babies.
- Okay.
I'm sorry.
I never meant to hurt you.
I know that.
I just think I might be I know.
I know.
I'll see you in September.
- I hope so.
- Okay.
Let's hit the road.
- My sister.
- My sister.
Come here, come here, come here.
Come here.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
I'll be fine, Mom.
Have a little faith.
You take care of her.
I will.
Let's go, Button.
Come on.
Faith: When you're disappointed in people, the one you should turn to is God, because God is perfect.
God never disappoints.
So, when we get all upset at our friends and our parents for not being perfect, we're missing the point.
Nobody's perfect.
This life God's given us is not about perfection.
It's about love.
Now you know how I feel every day.
(police radio chatter) What are you doing here?