Greenleaf (2016) s02e01 Episode Script

A House Divided

1 Previously, on Greenleaf - Are you gay? - I don't know.
- What's going on? - Something's wrong with the twins.
I just think I'm ready to make a move.
And Pastor, here, seems like he's ready to do the same.
This project, Basie has me slated to run for him over at Triumph.
It's gonna be a $40 million Christian community center.
Basie's just trying to get back at me.
- For what? - Well, I haven't the slightest idea.
But with you as my eyes and ears, we'll find out.
When did this happen? I got the notice of seizure from the city a couple months ago.
Whoever Mac has in his pocket at City Hall ain't budging.
- I never touched her.
- Stop lying! MAE: You and that daughter of mine you think I don't know the role you played in all this? Mac had to be stopped.
- Is there any way out? - You just have to confess.
HENRY: Remember when you was little and First Baptist burned down? And the caretaker was in the basement? - What about it? - That wasn't no act of God.
What are you doing here? Who told you I did this? This nasty piece of work? No.
McCready's father, Henry.
What did Henry say, exactly? DETECTIVE: That you paid him to burn down First Baptist Church in 1983.
- My own church? - The one Daryl James died in, yes.
So, this is how the system works.
He dredges up any old piece of gossip and and now what? It's not gossip, James.
You know it.
I will not defend myself against a known criminal.
Why is this man out of jail? Before we continue this conversation, we need to speak to a lawyer.
I think that would be wise.
This investigation is ongoing, so do us and yourself a favor, Bishop don't leave town.
Is this what you've been keeping from me all these years? I couldn't have you implicated.
- I - You I couldn't let that happen.
You I'm sorry.
Oh, God forgive me.
You wait a minute! Wait! I don't know what kind of deal you cut to get out of jail with this story.
- You're going back.
- Oh, I'm not going anywhere but home.
It's called deferred adjudication, Pastor.
I asked the bishop to speak on my behalf at my sentencing hearing and he passed.
So I was forced to pull some other less holy strings.
No, that's impossible.
Oh, ye of little faith.
You think your daddy's the only one I got the gospel on, girl? With what I know about the folks who run this town, I could burn all of Memphis to the ground, walk away with nothing on my back but hot wind.
Amen [vocalizing] Amen [vocalizing] Well [vocalizing] Amen, amen [vocalizing] - [blues guitar playing] - [phone ringing] [beeps] Hello? MAN OVER PHONE: Is this Mavis McCready? Yeah.
Who's this? My name's Trevor Sneiderman, ma'am.
I'm calling from Bev-Co.
My records show you haven't ordered from us in a while and we were wondering if maybe you'd like to put in What you calling me on a Sunday for? Well, I'm sorry about the day, ma'am.
I don't have a club no more.
[distant siren wailing] [beeps] [phone clatters] Alonzo! Alonzo! Get your ass to church.
You know I told that woman from Blues Weekly you were there every Sunday.
So go put that suit on I bought you and get on out of here.
Oh, here.
You want some? I told you, I don't mess with that Oxy devil.
Suit yourself.
[blues guitar playing] Now, Fall Revival's coming up and I know that you know what that means.
It's a time of year when we ask for an additional offering.
Now, church, God has been faithful to Calvary.
Hasn't He carried us over the mountains? Hasn't He lit our path in the valleys? Now is the time to partner with what He wants to do, what he wants to release into this world.
So, you can grab those pledge forms from the ushers and you can fill them out boldly.
Give and it will be given unto you.
Church, God is not done.
He is still on the throne.
Praise Him.
Praise Him.
Thank you, Jesus.
Thank you, Jesus.
[chuckles] [sighs] Powerful sermon.
Never seen so many people forcibly uninspired.
But that's a kind of gift, I suppose.
What do you want, Mama? I had Darlene run the numbers from the Fall Revival this morning.
It's down 40%.
Half the deacon board didn't even pledge.
Here, see for yourself.
Betty Wilcox, Deacon Sykes I can't say that I blame them.
And what is that supposed to mean? It has been three months since the police opened that case against Daddy.
Not a week goes by there's not something about him in the newspapers.
And he's never come forward and said he didn't do it.
Because it's an ongoing investigation.
His lawyers have instructed him in no uncertain terms Whatever.
That is why people aren't pledging.
It's not my fault.
This whole mess is your fault.
I will speak to the deacon board.
I've already started begging God to show me how to let this church go.
I'm talking about your father.
He is sick, and any day now he could be charged and dragged into prison.
He could die in prison.
I don't know what to say.
I'm doing my best, Mama.
That is all I can do.
[scoffs] What? What? Your pride, your terrible pride is gonna destroy us all.
[footsteps approach] [door opens] You're up early.
I couldn't sleep.
I had the nightmare again.
I just can't stop thinking about poor Daryl.
He wasn't supposed to be there.
[door opens] [door closes] It was an accident.
[sobs] [laughter] [sighs] Good morning.
ALL: Morning, Mama.
Any fresh libel in the paper about us this morning, Jacob? [scoffs] Oh, people love to see the high brought low, even if based on nothing but hearsay and lies.
JACOB: Just this Friday feature about churchgoers in the DA's office, Some are saying they're slowing the investigation down.
Written by this Darius Nash? What an insidious way this man has.
Oh, uh, Maricel, would you please bring some more waffles and pecans, dear? - Yes, ma'am.
- Thank you.
- Good morning, family.
- ALL: Good morning.
MAE: Morning, Bishop.
Well, I can't wait to preach again.
I was just reading in Ezra about the rebuilding of the temple.
Whoo! And the Lord has given me some strong words for the people on that.
- Ooh, thank you.
- That reminds me, I have some Bible reading to do before work, so.
JACOB: Later, Gigi.
Your mother always was the scholar.
Time with the text.
Never wasted.
And he's produced Marvin Sapp and Mary Mary.
He's at Ardent all week working with them on a record.
You sure you're not just selling me on him 'cause he's fine, Carlton? No, honey, I'm taken.
[laughing] Yes, I know.
I was there.
Let me see that.
Oh, now, wait a minute.
That does not mean we cannot have a little eye candy, does it? - Look at that! - [laughing] Everything that this man has produced turns to gold, and that's what we need.
We need this record to sell and get the church back in the black.
Hey, so how's that baby doing, huh? Oof, kicking up a storm.
I told him this morning, "Just a few more days.
" She's inducing Monday.
Wait, there's not a problem, is there? No.
No, everything's fine.
[clears throat] The baby's fine.
We just, um The doctor said that after losing the other twin, we should be extra careful.
Well, we will pray for all of you.
- [piano playing] - You hold me close And heal me Heal me In Your light You hold me close And heal me Heal me In Your light Praise God.
Sounds like you really went through something.
You'd have had to to write like that.
It's been a hard time, that's true, but the Lord keeps giving me these songs.
And how many do you have total? Eleven and a half.
I want to hear all of them.
And then you'll decide? No.
I've decided.
I'll do it.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
[laughing] Oh, my God! Thank you.
This is so exciting.
[clears throat] Sorry to interrupt.
Oh, it's no interruption.
Jabari Johnson.
Jabari? Kevin.
Director of Outreach.
Nice to meet you.
Think I can talk to my wife for a second, please? Yeah, yeah.
Of course.
See you at the groundbreaking? Yeah.
I'll be right over.
Why aren't you at home taking it easy? [scoffs] The doctor told me I can be up and about, Kevin.
What do you want? [chatter] Just come to one meeting.
I don't need to.
I don't want to! I don't know that I buy this whole "pray the gay away.
" That's not what Fortitude is.
If you came to one meeting, you'd see.
It's not a binary thing either I'm this or I'm that.
A lot of wives come to the meetings.
- I can't talk about this right now.
- Can't or won't? C.
, you're having that baby Monday.
- We need to figure this out pretty soon.
- [sighs] - Hey, you gonna make it, Mama? - Hey! - Just takes me a minute.
- REGGIE: Hey.
[laughing] - What's up, baby? - Hey.
How you doing? - I'm good.
How you doing? - Good.
CARLTON: I hear that they have cotton candy.
Hey, Connie.
So, I still haven't received pledges from any of the deacons, so give me a call back, okay? Thank you.
All right, let's do this.
You think Grandpa did it, don't you? Why do you say that? Because it just seems like you do.
Honestly, I don't know.
I just think the fact that he hasn't denied it is costing the church money.
Yeah, I mean, it's so annoying.
If he did do it, he didn't know that man was in the building, and it was so long ago.
I mean, why be a Christian at all if you can't just get past what you did? Mm.
There's a difference between getting past something, honey, and never admitting it happened.
But if he didn't do it, then there's nothing to admit to.
Then he should say that, and he didn't, and that's the problem.
[sighs] Okay.
- Ooh, Sophia.
Pastor Greenleaf.
- Mama.
Wait, are you going to the groundbreaking? I'd rather eat glass.
- [music playing] - [vocalizing] I don't have to worry, 'Cause it's working for me - Yeah - It's working for me I don't have to worry, 'Cause it's working for me Yes, it is, It's working for me Yeah, it's working for me - Whoa - Is that Isaiah Hambrick singing? In the flesh.
He goes to Triumph? When he's not playing shows.
Working for me Unh-uh.
Close your mouth, thirsty.
- Whoa - He's eternal - He's intentional - He's intentional He's been doing it For a long time - Hey! - That's right.
The struggle Is good for me He's intentional The heartache Was good for me - He's intentional - Oh, whoa, whoa-oh - Never failing - [vocalizing] [cheering] Whoo! Good stuff, man.
[chuckles] Good stuff, man.
Look at you! Look at you! Hey, let's hear it for our very own Isaiah Hambrick! [cheering] It's working for me.
Is it working for you? Well, Jacob sure has been studying my Basie something fierce, hasn't he? How so? Well, his stage presence, that's all.
[scoffs] Don't don't take it the wrong way.
I think it's great.
We all need role models, right? Amen to that.
Look, we want to thank all of you for being with us today at this amazing, amazing event.
CROWD: Yeah! This is awesome! God is so awesome.
Now, look, y'all know I'm the son of a bishop.
All right? I worked in the church all my life.
- JACOB: Been raised in the church.
- Where has this Jacob been? I don't know.
But whatever he's selling, they sure are buying it.
real with you all.
This brother I'm about to bring out here, when he shared his testimony with me, I was moved, I was so moved.
He came from nothing.
Right? Nobody looking out for him but God.
With nothing but an Amplified Bible, and the spirit of the Lord in his heart! Who changed the worst six blocks of Memphis into a safe zone where the spirit of God is changing lives every day.
[cheering] Every day! Ladies and gentlemen, I bring to you the Reverend Basie Skanks! [crowd cheering] [laughing] Oh! Oh! Hold on.
Hold on, baby, hold on.
Oh! Triumph, baby! Oh, what a blessing.
- God is good! Amen! Amen! - CROWD: Amen! I want to thank all the saints that have made today as wondrous as it is.
Tasha, baby, you are more than just my wife, you are my reason and my heart.
I love you so much.
[mouthing] - BASIE: Amen.
- [applause] Amen.
Deputy Mayor Skip Leonard and all the church leaders who have joined us today to prove that in Christ there is no black and no white.
Amen! Amen! Who I really wanna thank is this man right here.
WOMAN: All right! [applause] My brother.
My brother, Jacob Greenleaf.
You see, when we bought this land, the plan was to pick up stakes and move Triumph over here.
But now that I have seen this brother in action, oh, I know he don't need nobody looking over his shoulder, huh? Brother's got this! Amen! Amen.
So, now now, with holy humility that I announce today I'll keep minding Triumph downtown, but right here is the new pastor of Triumph Two [crowd cheering] Jacob Greenleaf.
[cheering continues] What? You deserve it, brother.
You deserve it, brother.
You deserve it.
You sure? I know it.
'Cause God Oh! [mouthing] BASIE: Can you feel it? Can you feel it? That's the Holy Spirit.
Now, I need you all to put your hands together for the one and only Kirk Franklin! BASIE: Amen.
- Oh! - [screaming] Oh! Oh! Woo! CHOIR: Hey, y'all, One, two, three Get up, We got victory No weapon They throw at me You know It won't prosper Hey, one, two, three Hey, y'all, One, two, three Get up, We got victory See them hands up! No weapon They throw at me No weapon Thrown against ya Won't prosper - And all my people say - I'm doing good - See, the reason why You're doing good - I'm doing good What's ahead of you Is greater than all the things That were behind you See, you gotta Understand That everything Was already ordained Before you got here For you to do good See, if eyes have not seen, ears have not hear Neither has entered into the hearts of men God's masterful plan For his children And that's who you are, Baby girl Heard from a friend in the DA's office.
They're gonna file charges tomorrow.
Arson and manslaughter.
And you're here to gloat.
No, I just thought you'd want to know.
You're still my sister, whatever James did.
I'm here for you.
Here for me? Mac, you did this! James did it, Mae, and Daddy just told the truth.
We're still family.
Family? After what you did, we'll never be family again.
Until you need me.
- MAVIS: That's why I know you're a liar! - You ain't lying? I ain't never lied.
I always tell you the truth, every time.
I don't lie neither.
Hey, David! Mavis, how you doing? Benny around? No, but he told me to tell you he won't be back for an hour.
- We can wait.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Give me a a rye on the rocks.
You know David used to work for me? Yeah, I know, you told me.
Uh what you looking at? Miss McCready, Benny told me I can't serve you anymore.
Fine, then.
Serve him.
Make it a double.
[Mavis laughing] - A double two.
- Go ahead.
She's all right.
[Mavis giggling] This where I saw Memphis Slim, first time.
I saw him here.
I saw I saw Elmore James.
- I saw I saw John Lee here.
- Yeah.
One day somebody gonna say this the first place they saw you.
[laughs] You know, I hope that's right, mama.
Hope is for suckers.
You keep playing the way I know you can play - [clears throat] - you won't need no hope.
[cell phone chimes] Who's that? Southern Artists? No, it's not Southern Artists.
They're gonna take every penny you got.
You wake up five years from now, hmm, you'll be owing them money.
- That's the way that works.
- It's not Southern Artists.
- I see the area code.
- See the area code.
And it's not Southern Artists.
I told you that.
I-I ain't one of your little lay things.
I know I seen who that is.
- JAMES: David? - Sorry to bother you again, Bishop.
It's not bother, son.
I'm glad somebody cares enough to call.
- Where is she? - This way.
- What happened this time? - She got into a fight with a guy she brought in, something wicked.
- What guy? - Alonzo Ashbury.
Guitar player.
He used to play at Auntie M's.
I think she's managing him now.
She brought him in yesterday for an audition, but my boss never showed, so.
So, what was this fight about? Have to ask her.
[sighs] Excuse us.
[sighs] Hey.
Come here.
You all right? So, I emailed everyone pledge forms.
I haven't gotten a single one back.
Is it because they know that the bishop's about to be charged now? I don't want to speak for the whole board, but I'm sure that's part of it.
What else is the problem? What am I missing? Well, if you ask Betty Wilcox what the problem is, she'd say the problem is we have a male employee married to another man and flaunting it all over the church and Facebook like it's not a sin.
Carlton? He didn't even get married at Calvary.
But Charity sang at his wedding.
And to some, that was a tacit affirmation.
Why didn't they just say that at the meeting? I asked them.
They would say it to Lady Mae.
[sighs] So, what was this fight about? David said you and this boy got into it.
[laughs] Nothing.
Look, you get these players up to a certain level and then all these big-time talent agencies, they start circling, and I just had to let him know who set the table that he's eating at, that's all.
Does he know what he's doing, letting you drink like this? Alonzo's not the problem.
Does he know you almost died the last time? 'Cause I'll tell him.
[sighs] Alonzo is not the problem.
The problem I'm just trying to figure out where I belong.
Where I belong ever since I lost my club.
And I I'm gonna be fine, I'm gonna get his business up and running.
We going on the road.
Everything gonna be fine.
Come on, I'll walk you up.
[laughs] The last time you helped me upstairs That's not what I meant.
I just meant I just want to make sure you're okay.
I'm fine.
I don't need your help, James.
I got this far without you.
I'm gonna keep going.
- [door closes] - [sighs] [snoring] [sighs] You saw the news? I did, yeah.
Did you do it, Daddy? Sit with me a second? No.
Just tell me the truth.
I was young, Gigi.
I was young, and like King David, success was my Bathsheba.
Churches were opening up all over town and your mother and I were unfortunate enough to buy an old sanctuary that turned into a money pit.
- Why didn't you sell it? - We tried.
Then one day, your Uncle Max said to me, while I was staring at a brand-new thousand-dollar bill for who knows what "Do you want me to handle it?" I didn't say no.
Daryl James died in that fire.
I know! How are you gonna get in that pulpit now and preach, huh? I don't preach perfection, Gigi.
I never have.
I preach grace.
And if the Lord sees fit to release me from this trial, I'm gonna go up there next Sunday and preach whatever the Lord gives me to preach.
That's all I can do.
Daddy? Daddy? You came? Of course.
Oh, look at you.
They keep it so hot in here.
Let me just wipe your brow a little bit.
You were always sweet to me.
I need your help, Daddy.
I guess I do owe you something, don't I? After all I put you through.
Yes, you do.
My little yellow daisy.
Daisy Mae.
You know I never could deny you, not when you were sweet to me.
And you were sweet to me.
What do you need? Understood.
The DA has decided to drop all the charges.
Good luck, Bishop Greenleaf.
Thank you.
[beeps] [exhales deeply] What did she say? The DA is dropping the case.
- Completely? - Yes.
It's really over? Yes, it's a miracle.
Yes, praise God.
- Yes, praise God.
- Praise God.
What did they say? What happened? What finally made up their minds? Your father's refusing to testify.
- All of a sudden? - Apparently, yes.
Oh James.
I can't tell you how relieved I am.
I'm so happy.
- Mae.
- Yeah.
Never again.
What? I will never lie or keep anything from you ever again.
I promise.
Thank you.
- Oh, thank you.
- Thank you.
Oh Thank you.
Oh [blues guitar playing over radio] Start it off just like that.
Can't start it off just like that.
Why not? Yes, you can.
Then everybody's gonna be saying it sound like "Dust My Broom.
" What do you think you're doing, reinventing the wheel? It's the blues.
Stop trying to genius all over the thing and just write the damn song.
Dinner's ready.
I'm gettin' up so early What? Oh, you can't sit down and eat now? I believe I'll dust my broom Don't tell me you went and talked to that agent from Southern Artists.
I haven't talked to any agents.
Then what's that look all about? Who you talking to? Your bishop friend told me to leave you alone.
I just might do that.
I'm gonna write a letter Gonna call every town I know [chatter] Well, he's perfect.
He's just perfect.
Yeah, I know.
We are so blessed.
- He's kind of hot, right? - [faint buzzer sounds] He's no Isaiah Hambrick.
Who's Isaiah Hambrick? GRACE: Who's Isaiah Hambrick? Is that boy moving back in? Well, not that I've heard, but I can take night shifts with the baby.
That's not why I asked.
- Excuse me.
- Mm-hmm? There's someone at the gate, ma'am.
Oh, I'm sure it's more flowers from my family friends.
Just buzz them in.
Buzz them in.
[chattering] So beautiful.
So, I see Maricel's still on the island.
I told you! And she informed me that today is St.
Catherine's day.
Oh, it's just so hilariously arcane.
Pop? James, acknowledge your son.
Unless he's come to apologize, what is there to acknowledge? Really? Ma, Pop, we're moving out.
- That's wonderful news, son.
- James.
A man's not a man until he provides for his own.
- JAMES: I think it's time.
- MAE: No, you can't.
Don't do that, no.
It's all right, all right? Don't worry.
Triumph has a parsonage and Kerissa's going to go check it out this week.
No, now just stop, both of y'all.
Just wait, now.
Son, I know you're not gonna darken the clearest sky this family's seen in ages with a cloud like that.
It sounds like he's made up his mind.
Aunt Mavis? Jesus, build a fence.
Auntie, you all right? What's going on? - You! - What are you doing here? Stay the hell out of my business, you hear me? I was trying to help.
I told you he was not the problem.
You think you know more about my life now than I do? - Do you? - What the hell is she talking about? Or do you just wanna make sure nobody else gets what you can't have? Maricel, call the police.
MAVIS: No need to call the police.
I'm going.
I just came to have my peace, to say what I had to say.
And I'm really sorry if I'm ruining it for everybody.
If I do, you just do what you do best, Sister Mae.
You just look away.
You get out of my house right now.
'Cause every night your mama watched my mama beat my ass while your mama stood by and looked the other way.
Well, you had your hell and I had mine.
Some hell! Brand-new dresses all the time, going to Nashville with Daddy Get out! I want you to get out of my house While I was sleeping out in the shed! You get out of my house right now! Oh, some hell.
Some hell.
And she knew the whole time about Mac and Faith.
- Mama? - She had to know.
She knew.
- MAE: Get out! - [baby crying] Just admit it, Mae.
Just admit it.
Admit what? Would you get her out of here? - You knew! - I know you're drunk! - Just admit it! - I know you're high! That's what I know! Just get her out! Auntie, would you wait, please? Come on, wait.
Hold on.
On my way to St.
Why? Alonzo's playing there tonight and I got to catch up with that boy and try to talk some sense into him.
Look, I'm worried about you.
Just let me be.
Leave me be! Leave me be, now.
What the hell is this about? Nothing.
I encouraged a bad influence to let your sister be.
- When? - The other day.
What does it matter? I can't believe you did that to me.
Mae, put yourself aside for once.
Put myself aside? She's sick! She needs help.
Do you know why my father refused to testify? Do you really think that God arranged for that miracle? No, I went to him.
I went to that foul, old creature and asked him to say he acted alone.
Put myself aside? With everything I've done for you, there is nothing left.
[tires screech] Good riddance.
Did you know, Mama? I didn't know.
I'm sorry I never knew.
Think she'll be back? Oh, she'll be back.
How do you know? She's family.
Been mighty good - [chattering] - Been mighty good Been mighty good Been mighty good Been mighty good Been mighty good Been mighty good Been mighty good Been mighty good What the Lord Has done for me He's been good, He's been good He, He, He He's been good, Yes, He has Woke me up This morning Started me on my way Put bread on my table I know God is able Been mighty good Say, been mighty good He's been Mighty good to me - [crowd cheering] - Amen! JAMES: Amen! [laughs] Is there anything that God can't do? [mouthing] There is nothing our God can't do! [laughing] Hallelujah! Hallelujah! JAMES ECHOING: There is nothing that our God can't do! Must be nice going straight from the papers to the pulpit without skipping a beat.
Pastor Skanks, shouldn't you be downtown tending your flock? Or is that circus you got across the street up and running already? [scoffs] I thought I smelled something.
Oh, my boy Jacob covered for me so I could come deliver a message personally.
I assume it's not one of mutual edification.
That would be biblical.
Not really your style.
So you want to talk about the Bible? Let's talk about commandments.
What's your message, boy? You're going down.
I'm gonna pull you like a weed and throw you onto God's fire where you belong.
What do you have against me? You don't know? You killed my daddy.
You're Daryl James' boy? I am.
And by the time I'm done with you, Bishop, the only thing that's gonna rise to heaven from this church is smoke.
Get ready.
The Judgement's coming.
- [groans] - [door closes]