Greenleaf (2016) s04e07 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Greenleaf" When do you see me moving back up in here, and us sharing a bed again? When we're remarried, of course.
You wanted to know who's the money behind City on a Hill, right? It's Harmony & Hope.
Girl, you are a boss.
- Don't you know that? - I'm getting there.
I want you to be there now.
Can we take the furniture when we move? This is not a Sensational Sofa showroom.
His prints were on the counter.
While, Mr.
Delahaye says that he's with you when the surveillance was taken.
You say yes, he's free to go.
You lied to the police to protect your son.
He is innocent.
She's lying.
Booyah! You recorded her saying it? Seems I'm not the only one giving you half of what you need.
Now, if you were mine, I'd make sure you are always taken care of.
Sometimes I think that Mac became the way he was watching Daddy.
Take my car.
Take good care of yourself.
You do the same.
Mom, I haven't heard from A.
He hasn't texted you, anything? No, not yesterday either.
I'll tell you if he does, promise.
I'm sorry.
I'm just, uh Everything's okay with you? As good as it can be.
Only my brother's out there somewhere and my mom's going nuts.
Just call me if you hear from him, all right? I will, I promise, okay.
Just go home.
You're innocent.
I can't.
Why, though? Seriously, why? Amen Oh, yeah Amen Ooh Well Oh Ooh Amen Oh Oh, but Satan's favorite tool, he got in that toolbox, his Swiss army knife he loved so much, aye, it's pride.
Huh? Yes, it is.
See, he's gonna tell you you done figured it all out.
Oh, you done dealt with your issues, and all you got to do is let everybody else deal with their issues, too.
Oh, my Gigi, he got you.
Oh, yeah.
I'm talking to you, girl.
Satan got you good! Oh, but I'm not here to judge.
We're not here to judge.
You see, that's the pride.
What? Oh, what are you laughing at? Oh, don't you let that pride get you, baby.
Don't you do it, don't you be like Auntie Gigi.
Sorry I'm late.
I got to preachin' and the Spirit wouldn't let me go.
Who are you preaching to? What is all this about, Daddy? Secret texts, secret meetings.
Just hold on, you'll see.
Oh, I'd think you like secret meetings.
Well, why would you say that? I don't know.
Why would I say that, huh? Is there anything going on between you two that I should be aware of? Hey, sorry.
Phil Demars just kept me on the phone for 20 minutes, talking about the crucial need for parking.
Well, has he given you any credit for this increase in attendance? No.
According to him, it's all because we added three precious words to the church name.
Harmony and Hope.
The length of that figurehead's conversations expand in a direct and opposite ratio to the depth of anything he has to say.
And the less it matters, the longer it takes.
Ain't that the truth.
Any word from AJ? No.
But thank you for asking.
You know, I don't think any of you have a leg to stand on when it comes to saying more than what truth requires.
Excuse me? Are you taking Phil Demars' side in this? No.
But I don't see why we have to throw shade on another brother in Christ, just to find our place in the sun.
Oh, so that's how you feel about Phil? - All right.
- Your brother in Christ.
It's how I try to feel.
He got me fired.
Jacob, you got yourself fired.
- "You got yourself fired.
" - That's Whoa, for being a peacemaker? Right, peacemakers don't send people to the emergency room - to get 10 stitches.
- I didn't do that.
- You know what, you're - I'm so glad that the three of you can make time for your dear old dad.
I feel a little silly bringing this up right now, considering all your sister's up against with AJ, but I have prayed about it and God has assured me that the joy of what I'm proposing might be our only available solace.
So, what's going on? Do you remember when all of you sang for your mother's and my, uh, 20th anniversary party with Faith? Oh, yeah.
What about it? Well, I'm gonna have to press you into service once again.
I just wish Faith were here to sing alto.
Well, what's the occasion, Dad? I'm gonna ask your mother to marry me.
Daddy, that's great.
- That's great.
- Praise the Lord.
Wow! Does Mama know? No, not yet.
And I'd love it if you three could work up a song that would put her in the marrying mood.
We can do that.
- Of course, we will.
- Yeah.
Whatever it takes to get you two back together.
Well, good.
So, when do you want this to happen? Uh, tonight, does that work for you? It can.
It can.
Family first.
Well, good.
Oh, Fernando.
No, no, no, no, no.
Come in.
Is this a bad time? No, come on in.
And thank you so much for bringing breakfast up.
I just feel like lately, it's like What are you taking pictures for? Lady Mae is updating the homeowner's insurance, and asked me to take photos of the suite.
I can come back later.
Oh, no.
Catalog away.
Um I would hate to think of Mae losing any of this in a flood.
Oh, could you just Uh, thank you.
Or a poisoning.
Yes, Karine? Remember you told me to call if anything out of the way happened? Oh, what has Connie Sykes done now? Nothing.
But Misty just added an item to the agenda for the next meeting at the deacon's board.
I'm listening.
She wants to change the name of your women's scholarship fund.
To what? She doesn't say.
But she wants your name off it, immediately.
Thanks for letting me know.
Well, there's my move.
What you got? Your turn.
Way to go.
All right, go ahead and get your things.
Hey, whoa, Charity.
Hold up a sec.
I can't, I got to get to work.
Work or, um Phil Demars? Your ever loving brother in Christ.
Jacob, what is your problem with me? The other night, when I went to go clear out my office, I saw you.
I saw you with your tongue halfway down Phil Demars' throat.
Now, the way I see it, there's four options for me to make sense in this.
One of them he's using you.
Well, now, I'm offended.
Okay, sorry.
But it's an option.
Well, I'm not an idiot.
Two, you're in love with him.
Is that it? - What's the number three? - Okay.
Three, he forced himself on you, in which case, - I'll go beat his ass.
- What's number four? You're trying to play some little Mata Hari spy game to get him in trouble, and find out why he's here.
That's it.
- It's number four.
- Then stop.
Because no secret is worth letting him get that close to you.
What? What is that look for? Charity? It's number two.
What was number two? I'm in love with him.
Charity, the brother's H&H.
No, he's not.
He is Phil Demars.
He is his own man, and he's handsome.
- And And godly, and straight.
- Uh-uh.
Just let me live, Jacob.
For once, let me have what it is I want, - and don't tell nobody.
- Don't tell - Hey.
- Jacob - You - Yo, what's going on in here? We're just We're arguing over what s What song we're gonna sing.
Thanks for seeing it my way.
Well, what she wanna sing? "Reunited".
And what's wrong with that? Hmm.
Nothing, I guess.
Whatever, man.
Have you sent the file yet? - What file? - What file? The one where I recorded Grace saying she lied to the cops.
Have you sent it to Bob yet? Close the door.
- We can't do that anymore.
- Why not? Just tell me, have you sent it? No, but I was just about to go Well, don't, don't send it.
What's going on? Jacob saw us kissing the other night.
He was here and he saw us.
- So what? - So what? Who do you think he'll suspect when the recording comes out, and Grace gets fired, and you get made head pastor, Karine? This was always going to be an issue.
Well, it can't be an issue today.
Not this soon after that, no.
So, what do you want me to do? I don't know.
I just I don't know.
I'll tell you what.
What? I'll give you 24 hours.
To do what? Decide what you wanna do.
What you really want to do.
If you come back and say don't send it, I won't.
We'll trash it together.
But then what? And what would you do? I have no idea.
I just know I can't force this on you, and keep your trust and love.
And your trust and love is my priority.
Are you for real Phil Demars? For better or worse.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Just like prison.
You want any? No, bro, I got it for you, eat.
Sorry, it's so, uh familiar.
So, why did you come here? To say goodbye.
To say thanks for being the person I'm actually related to, who treated me like family.
And so, treat me like family and listen to me.
You're innocent.
Go home.
My mom, your mom she'll fix this.
It doesn't matter if I'm innocent or guilty.
I'm a black male.
They got a spot for me on the shelf, and they're gonna put me back on it, whether I did the crime or not.
Well, I think that's cynical.
Says the pretty light-skinned girl who never had to believe anything.
Never had a real problem.
You're being kind of a jerk.
Because I intend to be.
What's your excuse? Where are you going? To get some cigarettes and shit before I get the hell outta here.
You want anything? No, thanks.
I mean, how stupid do you have to be to get sat down after you just made All-Star.
I mean, like, how you level up and level down at the same damn time? And then, this fool's talking about he's not gonna give the statement the Red Devil's want him to give about that fight at the party.
Like, why, Dante, why wouldn't she make the statement? Because you wanna be some fake ass Colin Kaepernick? Ain't nobody even checking for you.
You know what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna tell him if he doesn't make that statement, I'm done, I'm out, and it's over.
Are you getting any of this? Yeah, you said You said you're gonna, um, leave Dante if he doesn't say the thing.
What are you even doing? What does it matter? Because I'm talking, Zo.
I mean, if you wanna sit here and read a book written a thousand years ago, by a bunch of clowns in the desert, that are probably high when they wrote it, fine.
But there's people right here standing in front of you, with real problems.
And the Bible can help them.
You know what? I don't got time for this.
I got enough on my plate without you coming at me, too.
Silly me to think I could talk to a friend.
Nikki, uh, come back.
I'm Listen.
I was just trying to find a Bible verse to put in a card for my Aunt Grace.
She's dealing with something really devastating right now.
Look, just sit down.
We can talk.
Talk to Jesus.
But you better hope he's actually gonna pay you better attention than you just gave me.
If that lot were still mine, I'd just give it to you, but we sold that lot to somebody last month.
But it's just that little stretch between our parking lot and yours.
What can anyone possibly do with it? They didn't say.
They just called us up one day and made an offer.
Can you put me in touch with them? Yeah, I, uh I still got their card here.
Let's see, uh Yeah, City on a Hill.
City on a Hill.
It sounds like Christians to me.
They were definitely friendly.
And they didn't say anything about why they wanted to buy that lot? Nope.
But they did pay top dollar.
You know, sometimes these things just have a way of working out.
Phil, got a minute? What for? Actually, let me guess.
You know about my relationship with Charity, and now you're gonna try to use it to get your job back.
How about we just step in here for a minute.
What do you want, Jacob? Look, I'm not an employee.
So, I'm not bound by HR, or decorum, or whatever the rules you count on to keep from getting whupped.
So, I'm just gonna say be good to my sister because she's been through a lot.
Now, some of it may have been her fault partially.
You know, she chose that cross, whatever, but she's mostly been dealt a raw deal when it comes to men, especially.
Yeah, she's told me about Kevin.
Yeah, Kevin, Jabari, the list goes on.
I have no plan to hurt her.
How about you make a plan not to? Or what? I've got you to answer to? Well, you've God to answer to.
And no, I'm not playing.
So, all that stuff about, "Whatsoever you do to these little ones," that's my sister.
And the penalty for that shit is fierce.
Now, I told you I won't hurt her.
That's all I wanted to hear.
You can't stop me from caring.
Oh, AJ, I trusted you.
If you could see this house - that I'm living in right now.
- Mm.
- It's amazing.
- I'm familiar with the property.
There isn't a parcel like that or a house like that - in all of Western Tennessee.
- Mm.
- Maybe even Eastern.
- Yeah, and I'd always thought I would inherit it, you know? That we would.
But the years go on and the relationships, first with Jacob, now with Mae.
I don't see how I would ever get it.
Who would get it now if she were to die? Well, I'm not gonna murder her.
I never thought you would.
Just curious, who would get it now if Mae or the bishop were to, you know, pass on.
I really have no idea.
Well, maybe you should find out.
You know, before you go and make your big dramatic exit.
Maybe I will.
I got us a room at the Peabody.
Oh, I told you that we can't do this again.
Well, I guess I'm just a bad listener.
Hey, have you done this before? Oh? What do you want me to say to that, huh? - Have you done this - Really? What do you want me to say? You know, I, um Hmm.
I want you to say that you can't wait to get me to the Peabody - Hmm.
- and that you have to have me right here, right now.
Just like you did the other night.
Let me let my assistant go home.
If that's what you really wanna do.
One moment.
Oh, ooh, sweet Jesus.
I know you said you didn't want anything, but I thought that Why'd you go lookin' in there? Well, I was trying to give you some cash because I didn't think you'd take it, but maybe you would have, I don't know what you would or wouldn't do now.
I'm outta here.
- My mother lied for you.
- She had a choice.
- No, she didn't.
- Yes, she did, she had a choice.
AJ, you make it so that everybody who loves you doesn't have a choice.
All you do is just drag everybody down with you.
Yeah, that's me, you got me.
I'm not letting you leave here.
So, what? - You're gonna turn me in? - No, but you should.
- You should.
- You're crazy.
How can you expect your life to get any better when you don't try and get any better yourself? You just run into walls like it's the only thing you know how to do.
- You don't understand me.
- Yeah, I think I do.
You don't.
And that's all I'm gonna say about that, because I don't owe you any explanations.
- Peace out.
- AJ you're my brother.
There is nothing that you could do that's ever gonna change that.
One thing will.
We'll see how you feel when that happens.
- What's that supposed to mean? - It means go ahead and call the cops, I don't care.
See you in the next life.
Good morning.
Why are you doing this? I assume that you're referring to my motion about the Scholarship Fund.
Misty, I told you, I didn't know! It wasn't my idea, Mae.
Well, whose was idea was it then, Connie's? Darlene's daughter, Vida.
The one whom your brother repeatedly raped.
She would like the name changed.
Now, if you find the thought of your name being removed from the fund so unbearable, take it up with Vida.
But I formed this fund with the intention of making the life of the women of this church better.
If Mac wanted to take it and use it - Just - for his purposes let it go, Mae.
Let it go.
Hey! - What are you doing here? - Oh, nothing, they just needed one more signature to complete the sale of our land.
- So, that's done.
- W Wait.
This is the company you sold your land to? - City on a Hill? - It's our land to sell, Gigi.
We can sell it to whomever we want.
Is that okay? Or should we have asked for permission? Who do you think you are? I wish we were in the position to help, but that's simply not possible right now.
Why is that, if I may ask? Pastor Greenleaf, I'm sorry, I can't help you with your parking, but I don't owe you a walk-through of our plans for that property or any property that we've purchased, for that matter.
At least, not at this point in time.
But I can assure you this.
We're deeply concerned about the future of Calvary.
Of all of our neighbors here in Memphis, or anywhere we do business.
We're a deeply Christian company.
- I thought you might be.
- Mm.
As soon as I am authorized to share with you our plans, I'll do so.
- Well, thank you.
- Mm.
- I guess.
- Mm.
I'm sure we'll be speaking soon.
I look forward to it.
Fernando Amable for Bob Whitmore.
That's fine, I'll hold.
Darlene, I was hoping to have a brief word with your daughter.
It's okay.
She's just tired of being reminded all the time about what happened.
- I understand, but - She is not going to withdraw her petition to the Deacon Board.
And I would never ask her to.
Vida, I just wanted to apologize for the pain my brother caused you.
And to explain to you what the fund meant to me, what it still means to me, if I can.
You don't have to do this.
It's okay.
And you're just wondering if you can be friends with somebody who has no respect for what you believe? Well Well, yeah.
Because Grandma's always talking about how non-believers are going to hell no matter what, even if they're generally nice people.
Like, is that how it works though? Because I don't wanna think that Nikki's not going to heaven.
Or Sophia, you know, now.
- Do you want my advice? - Yes, please.
That's what I'm asking for.
All you can do, all anybody can do, is love, listen, and wait.
Oh, there's so much power in waiting.
So much.
So, just wait.
So, don't blow up her phone? Whatever that means, right, um, don't.
Thank you.
It looks as though City on a Hill is owned by a shell corporation, so it's trickier to find out who runs the operation.
One thing's for sure is whoever it is did a damn good job of covering their tracks.
Thank you again for helping me with this.
You got it.
There they are.
Who is it? Who owns City on a Hill? Harmony & Hope.
I founded that scholarship to help young women gain skills that could instill them with self-esteem.
I used to wish that I could help women gain confidence that they lacked, that I used to lack, too.
And when I learned what that fund was being used for, by my own brother, to cover his awful ways, I was devastated.
How could you have not have known? Vida, I didn't know.
How do you expect anyone to believe that? You don't even have a reason.
Unless you do.
What? My father was with me the way Mac was with you.
And it just shut me down so completely, that I just didn't even see it.
Not in myself, not in my life, not anyone's life.
Not until it took me losing Faith and my brother for me to see it finally.
I didn't know.
I am so sorry.
I am.
I'm so sorry, too.
I'm so sorry.
The meeting's starting.
Listen, you should come.
They don't wanna see me in there.
It's not about what they want.
It's about what you need to say.
Oh, look, I really should be getting home, 'cause James is expecting me for something - Mae.
- and I have to go.
Vida listened.
Listen to her.
Reunited, and it feels so good Gigi better hurry up and get home before Mama gets back, otherwise - Do you know where she went? - No, Pop doesn't either.
You know, someday I would really like to introduce you to Phil.
The one that I know.
You two would like each other.
- And what makes you say that? - No reason.
Just a feeling.
Hey! You sold your land to H&H? What are you talking about? City on a Hill is H&H.
That's the first I'm hearing about it.
Oh, come on, Jacob, according to Kerissa, it's none of my business! When did she say that? - Today, at Fernando's office! - Well, what was she doing there? How should I know? Wait, is this why you're mad at him? Well, I'm not mad at anybody.
Well, this morning, when you two were going at it, it was about this? - Gigi - Uh, yeah, uh, that is why, and I'm, like, "How could you do that?" Charity! It's fine, she knows now, Jacob! You know, I didn't know they were H&H.
- Then what was it about? - This! What you said! H&H! It was about her.
- Charity? - Yeah! What about her? Don't, Jacob.
- She got a thing for Phil.
- What kind of thing? A put-your-face- on-somebody-else's face - and-move-it-all-around thing.
- Really? - Okay.
We're done.
- Wow.
- Charity, what are you doing? - What is this racket? Shouldn't you be practicing? Your mother will be here any minute.
What's this all about? Uh, we were We were just We're prac We're just talking through - We - It No What Hey, Mama.
I don't wanna know.
Not tonight.
Thank you so much.
I didn't do nothing, so don't look at me.
So, look I'll get to the bottom of this H&H thing.
I'll find out from Kerissa, or Nadine.
- Who's Nadine? - The realtor.
- I'll figure it out.
- Thank you.
Because I am swimming 24/7, trying to keep this family and this church above water, and one of them's drowning at Harmony & Hope.
What does that mean? Every piece of land that borders our church is now owned by Harmony & Hope! Why would they do that? You ask Kerissa.
Maybe she knows.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So, all right.
You remember when I told you, uh, what I was gonna tell Dante, either he makes a statement or I leave? Yeah.
All right.
Well, I did.
And he was like, um, "You just want them white folks' money.
" And I'm like, "Well, yeah.
What, you don't?" But apparently, he doesn't, and he told me to get out.
So, here I am.
Make yourself at home.
Really? - Yes.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Um, I hid my suitcases outside just in case you said no.
Go get them.
May I ask where you were? And if it's none of my business At the The church.
At a meeting.
With the Sisters of Tamar.
James, I know you had plans for tonight.
That you were going to ask me something.
You knew? Which one of those untrustworthy scoundrels told you? Just call it a woman's intuition.
Well seems like tonight isn't the night for that question.
But it's the night for the answer, if you wanna hear it.
I'd trade a million years at the feet of God's heavenly choir.
Oh, James.
Thank you.
Thank you.
What's he doing in here? Oh, he had another bad dream.
Everything okay? See you in the morning.
Oh, where are you goin'? To, uh, sleep in his bed.
The way that boys kicking I won't get any rest.
I love you, Jacob.
Love you, too.
You want another day.
Why didn't you tell me Harmony & Hope were buying up all the land around the church? I'm not aware that we were.
Well, are you Bob's right hand or not? I thought you were Bob Whitmore.
I thought I was, too.
Come in.
Sweetheart, what are you doing here? Is everything okay? A.
came and found me at school.
When? Yesterday.
Where is he? I don't know.
He took off, and didn't say where he was going.
So why are you here? Because I wanna be here for you when you hear what I have to say.
And what do you have to say? I found a bunch of prescription drugs in his bag, Mom.
He's guilty.