Greenleaf (2016) s04e08 Episode Script


1 [GRACE.]
Previously on Greenleaf I'm gonna ask your mother to marry me.
You remember what I told you what I was gonna tell Dante, either he makes a statement or I leave? He told me to get out.
Make yourself at home.
His prints were on the counter.
Well, Mr.
Delahaye says that he was with you when this surveillance was taken.
You say yes, he's free to go.
came and found me at school.
- Where is he? - He took off and didn't say where he was going.
You lied to the police to protect your son.
This has to be kept in the family.
- I recorded her saying it.
If you could see this house that I'm living in right now Who would get it now if Mae or the Bishop were to pass on? I really have no idea.
Well, maybe you should find out.
- I got us a room at the Peabody.
- Aw.
Have you sent the file yet? - No, but I was just about to - Don't.
Don't send it.
Who is it? Who owns City on a Hill? Harmony & Hope.
- Is that - [GRACE.]
So pretty.
So sad.
So What brings you to town, Judee? Didn't like Charity's new arrangement of the welcome song? She was just trying to make it more, you know, Calvary.
As if Harmony & Hope would ever micromanage things like that.
I'm here because you met Fernando.
I did.
I did meet Fernando.
Mm, is he not the handsomest? He is.
And a good actor, too.
I didn't know he was with H&H, and now I don't know why H&H hid from my brother and from me and Calvary that they're buying up all this land.
Boy, you must be fun to throw a party for.
Stop trying to peek out from under the blindfold - for a minute.
- How about you stop blindfolding me? Well, we were going to surprise you and now that I'm going to let you in on it, I hope you don't spoil it for the rest of your congregation because we hope to roll it out when Daddy comes to visit in two weeks.
Roll out what, Judee? I'm here to make a presentation to the Deacon Board.
We want to put Calvary on the map.
Build it into something like Saddleback, Potter's House.
We want to make this a church worthy of national respect.
We wanna build a brand-new community center, top of the line childcare facilities, more parking, a state-of-the-art gym with state-of-the-art trainers who not only train you, but they tell you what to eat and where, at one of the, maybe, five new restaurants.
- Five restaurants? - Mm-hmm.
Seriously? Why should these soul food shacks on the highway be getting all our believers' Benjamins? This is what we have been working so hard to snatch up all that land for.
We need space to do this.
And if there's enough left in the budget, we might just do the tabernacle, too.
And this was supposed to be a surprise? That was the plan.
Surprise! Amen Oh Ooh Well Ooh Amen Yeah Ooh I don't like it! I don't believe it and I don't like it.
Not one bit.
What don't you believe, Bishop? Because they own all the land now, the whole circle around the church.
- Mom! - How could you let that happen? - I didn't know they were H&H! - First Tasha Skanks - and now Kerissa.
- Here's the weird part, though I hate to speak against my own sex but, son, when are you gonna stop letting women lead you around like a pony on a rope at some seedy carnival? - Kerissa said she didn't know.
Oh, Kerissa said.
She would sell the water from that lake out there right under my eyes if she thought it would give her the money she needed to get out of here - and into a house.
- [JAMES.]
Gigi, did Ms.
Whitmore happen to mention what H&H was going to expect in return for this beneficence? Well, that's what I was gonna say.
Oddly enough, no.
But she did say that they wanted no cash from the church.
They're gonna They're gonna want something.
Nobody just gives money away.
Not anybody who wants to run a church, anyway.
Well I could call Bob.
He's not gonna tell you the truth.
My guess is no one even knows the truth but him.
Not Judee, not Phil.
Isn't that the impression that you get, Gigi? They didn't seem well-informed, no.
- Oh, speaking of Phil - All right.
Now, what has that greasy Negro done now? Well, it's not so much him as Charity.
- [JAMES.]
What? - [JACOB.]
Look Jacob.
According to her, they're in love.
And this has been going on for months.
- I think I'm gonna be sick.
- [GRACE.]
Mama? Really, right now? You had to say that right now? - Mama? - Somebody should've told her.
I know that I am not at the center of the universe, but your sister's choice in men always feels like some kind of precision weapon designed solely to remind me what a bad job I did as a mother, and it gets me every time.
Phil groomed her for this, Mama, this isn't on you.
But if she is available to be hoodwinked thus, though, I mean, whose fault is that? From the moment a child is born, it picks up signals.
It learns how to seek love, how to get attention, and I must've just broke her instruments or jammed them early on, because the girl seeks unhappiness and disappointment like she was bred in some lab to do it.
Maybe she was.
I feel the same way about A.
I wanna go back in time, just hold him Mm-hmm.
look him in his little eyes and say, "I love you.
" I am so sorry.
And unfortunately, because what your father and I went through with Faith, I know exactly how you feel.
Thank you for saying so.
- Now, Grace.
- Mm.
We have to have a meeting with the deacons to create some bulwark against this wave before it hits.
Definitely before they vote.
I can't set that meeting, Mama.
I have to be the good cop here.
Well, maybe if we throw some kind of impromptu engagement party to celebrate my and your father's intention to remarry, certainly the board would show up for that.
All but Connie, probably, yeah.
And I don't see why a few cautionary words about this might be dripped into willing ears amidst the tinkle of flutes and the roll of conversation, do you? As long as it seems like I have no idea you're gonna do it, yeah.
And as far as Connie, the way to ensure her presence here is to not invite her.
The poor thing can't resist a chance to be rude.
She thinks it makes her interesting.
And I daresay, it very nearly does.
Mama, who is gonna talk like you when you're gone? No one.
How'd it go down? Uh, you know, better than usual.
You okay? Yeah, I I do have a question.
Hit me.
Well, I just got off the phone with Nadine, we didn't get the house.
They took a cash offer.
- Oh.
I'm sorry.
- Yeah, me too.
But it made me wonder, who would get this house when your parents die? Do you know? You wanna see if they're gonna leave it to us? Well, I would not say no to that, no, but if it's gonna be left to you, Grace, and Charity, which it probably is, maybe they could buy us out.
I don't know their plan.
Would you ask? I don't really want to.
Thanks for your help.
I got a question for you.
What? What were you doing at Fernando Amable's office the other day? Getting you cufflinks.
- Cufflinks? - Yeah.
You remember he had those cufflinks that you liked.
I stopped by there to see if he could tell me where I could get some.
I was there for you.
Why did you think I was there? Uh, I don't know.
- Yeah.
I couldn't imagine.
- Oh, you could.
You could and you did.
But who are you, Officer Greenleaf, son of iniquity, Jezebel's favorite fool, who are you to question me as if I was some whore on the street flagging down cars? - I never - After all all of the pain that you put me through.
Where were you? When? The dozens of nights that I spent alone in our bed? [MUSIC PLAYING.]
So, my aunts and their friend, Rebecca, used to sing together in this group called Mystique.
What? [LAUGHS.]
Looking like Destiny's Child.
The version after Michelle joined, but before Bey told Farrah they would send her luggage.
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
Hey, what are you guys doing? Grandma just asked us to put together, you know, a slide show, have something running while the party happens.
She didn't mention it to me.
Maybe she thought, you know, you were busy with A.
- [NIKKI.]
Who's A.
? - [ZORA.]
Her brother.
- [NIKKI.]
What's his deal? - No Nothing.
It would have been nice to think about something else for a minute, actually, but whatever.
Feel free to join if you want.
Oh, have you seen the one with Lady Mae and Bishop at the pie-eating contest? [CHUCKLES.]
- Show her.
- Okay.
She was looking at him like, "Boy, it's time to go.
" Okay.
But, wait, look at the guy in the back too.
- Oh, my God.
What do you think of the plan? I think I would have appreciated if I heard it before Grace.
Maybe even before it happened.
Look, do I matter? Phil, don't let this cloud your thinking.
Whatever agreement you have made with Daddy, I'm sure he has every intention of honoring.
Is there anything else I don't know? Any plans for the church or for Calvary's pulpit you can share? Just that things are going to keep progressing and you are appreciated.
But you know that, don't you? If you don't, you should.
Why are you slithering around behind our backs with Phil Demars? Gigi told you? I knew she would.
Your brother and sister both have expressed a worry that perhaps you're being taken for a ride.
I pray it's not so.
Okay, so, I can't preach, - I can't date.
- Why have you kept it a secret? It's like y'all just want me to sit on some couch cushions - and rot! - Why have you kept it a secret? Because I knew you would be this way! The way I'm being has more to do with the fact that you've kept it a secret than it has to do with Phil Demars.
What can you possibly see in this man? Daddy, he is not what you think.
Oh, really? Then what is he? He's a lot like me.
We have the same values.
He's kind, hardworking.
He knows what it's like to be on a team and never ever asked to bat.
In what respect? Can you keep a secret? Oh, my God.
I should say no.
Daddy, Phil writes every single word that Bob Whitmore says from preaching, his sermons, his books, it's Phil.
What am I to make of that? It sounds like he's not just woefully ambitious, he's dumb.
You know what? I'm gonna go.
I just don't wanna see you hurt.
Then start by not hurting me, Daddy.
Start by maybe asking me about the man that That I - Love? - I know it's fast, Daddy, - but I do.
- Oh, Charity, - come on, now, love? - Just ask to meet him! Ask like you care more about me than you do about being right.
Invite him to the party.
Tell him I'll give him a chance.
But no more than any man with eyes on my daughter's likely to get.
I'll make sure he's terrified.
Oh, you do that.
I just spoke with Misty Williams, am I to understand there's a party tonight at the mansion? An engagement party, yes, ma'am.
I assume my invitation was treated as junk.
Can you resend? Or I could put you down as coming? Hmm, that'd be simpler.
I'll put you down as coming.
Thank you.
- Thank you for catching it.
- Ta-ta.
To the minute.
Bishop, may I bother you for a second? You may not.
It's not possible.
- Oh.
You know that Zora's doing this, um, presentation for the party, a romantic montage.
She's raided my photo album and everybody else's, I think.
What does she want now, my blood type? [CHUCKLES.]
No, your marriage license.
She asked me for it but I have no idea where you and Mae keep those kind of important papers.
Deeds and wills.
It must be upstairs in the safe in my closet.
I just hope I remember the combination.
You can You can wait right here.
Oh, no, that's okay.
I'm not busy.
So, you keep everything in there? Since Mac died, yes.
We used to have a safety deposit box in town, but since they forced me to retire, I have too little reason to go there.
You and Jacob could keep your papers in here if you'd like.
Oh, I will talk to Jacob about that.
Thank you so much for offering.
Of course.
We're family.
And I'd hate to see anything lost by flood, fire, or act of God.
There it is! [LAUGHS.]
- A steel trap.
- In what sense, Bishop? Well, my mind.
I still got it! [CHUCKLES.]
- Hmm, okay.
- So, your will is in that mess? It is.
I don't like to give things like this too much respect.
We guard them with lock and key our whole lives and most of them mean almost nothing within five minutes after we're dead.
Here it is.
Ah, would you look at it.
Thank you.
Oh, anything else? No.
Not right now, thanks.
Uh, one thing, you handle that relic with care.
I may be philosophical, but you know how Mae gets about these things.
Oh, yes, I certainly do.
So, what were the two of you doing in here? Oh, Kerissa wanted our marriage license for Zora's little audio-visual extravaganza.
Oh, she did, did she? Fascinating.
I know you and Kerissa have had your differences, but it's more apparent to me than usual that, um family is everything.
Oh, it is, isn't it? You can't escape it.
Oh, and, well, how would you feel about having lunch with me downstairs, beloved? I'll be right there.
What's going on? Mama and Daddy are having a party tonight and they want you to come.
As what? As someone I like very much and whom I've explained So, they know now, about us? They do.
And how have they taken it? They're willing to let you come to the house.
To their engagement party, Phil.
It's something.
What, you don't wanna come? Charity, you know how I feel.
But do you know how I feel? Do you know that I am trying to make this work? For you.
Meanwhile, I'm forbidden from using the recording you gave me of Grace.
Judee is giving me the run-around.
About what? Nothing.
I'm worried that all I'm gonna end up with at the end of this is a girlfriend and Oh, if I'm not enough of a finish line for you, - cut me loose.
- Oh, no.
That's not what I meant.
It's just [SIGHS.]
What time should I be there? - Seven.
- Great.
- Looking forward to it.
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, howdy, Pastor! - More surprises? - You tell me.
I was just in your cute little media office checking out the projector for the Deacon Board meeting, and I was told to be sure and have it back before 4:00 because someone is having a party tonight.
- Yeah.
That'd be my parents.
- What kind of party, pray tell? - An engagement party.
- As in "rules of engagement"? As in re-engagement, actually, why? Did you tell your parents about our talk, our plans for Calvary? - I did.
- And you don't think this party is just a chance for them to spew venom about it - in front of the deacons? - I think it's just a party.
Then invite me.
You can be my plus one.
It'll be my pleasure.
That makes one of us.
This place is great.
Yeah, man.
It's coming together.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Nikki ain't got no sense, but she has her some taste, - that's for sure.
So, what you wanna talk to me about? Well, I know we're no longer officially in business.
Yeah, I'm sorry about that.
No problem, but I got a little idea that, uh, I think will be good for you.
I think it'll get you around this whole apology thing that I hear the team's been asking from you.
All right.
So, remember when LeBron started that school back in, uh, you know, his hometown, I Promise? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
He got mad love for that.
So, how about you do something like that here? - Okay.
- Except for a school that's already in operation.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- What school? - Any school.
Or Excellence.
- Excellence.
- Right.
- That's your wife's school.
- It It is.
Excellence Academy.
So, you want me to give them money? Whoa.
I want you to get yourself off that bench without sacrificing your values.
Is that why you called me here today? That's the favor you wanna do for me? Well, I mean, you know, if it's If it makes sense.
I thought you were different, man.
What do you mean "different"? Hold on.
Dante, hold up, man.
What are you talking about? For what, man? Why? Hold up for what? Look, I'm sorry, all right.
I was just trying to get myself out of trouble with me and the wife, I thought this could be a good idea.
Yeah, be good for everybody, right? - Yeah.
- Nah.
There's no such thing.
You see, man, you're just like Nikki, and Cameron, and all of 'em.
All I see are hands, man.
I was gonna sit down there and pray with you, too.
Come on, Dante.
So, your church family can be incorporated into every avenue.
And there she blows! [CHUCKLES.]
Any questions? [SCOFFS.]
How will all of this be funded? Not with cash from Calvary.
Daddy made sure before we started down this path that there would be no cash exchange.
Harmony & Hope is prepared to pay for the entire project, all we want are a few seats on the board, and a chance to be part of the convo.
- How many seats are we talking? - Fifty percent.
Who among us is supposed to quit? [JUDEE.]
Nobody! Did you not look at this picture? This church is gonna grow.
We want twelve new seats as we grow.
So, twelve and twelve, half and half, fifty percent.
Thanks for taking the time, Judee.
Of course.
And y'all take yours, too.
You know, within reason, obviously.
When do you need an answer? [JUDEE.]
Daddy's coming to town in two weeks.
We would love to announce it then.
- Or not, whatever you decide.
- Got it.
We'll confer.
Thank you.
Thank you.
We'll, um, let you folks talk.
I would love to find a way to do this.
So, how do we think that went? Fifty percent is a lot to ask, Judee.
For what we'll actually spend, Grace, they should give us complete control.
They will never go for that.
Are you sure? I'm sure I won't let them.
Whose side are you on, Grace? I'm on God's, I hope, Judee.
Us too.
I'll see you at the party.
Hmm? [JAMES.]
Clara! [LAUGHS.]
You made it! You were at our first engagement party, if I recall correctly.
- I was.
- Right? And this better be the last.
Oh, you know it.
Will you all excuse me a second? Mm-hmm.
Demars, I understand you and I might have a reason to settle our little feud.
Oh, I never felt it was a feud as much as a friendly disagreement.
Well, we won't argue about that, now, will we? Let's, uh, get you a little something.
Look at that.
They almost look friendly.
You're a miracle worker.
Hmm, don't buddy up to me.
Charity, the mission was to get back the church from Harmony & Hope.
You are literally in bed with them.
But we are not like that.
And if anything is gonna undo the mission, it's the way you mishandled that son of yours.
If anybody knew what you've done, we'd already be out on our asses.
Okay, just so I'm clear, what exactly have I done? Oh! "What exactly have I done?" You lied to the police to give him an alibi.
But am I screaming that from the rooftops? No.
But do I get any credit for that? No.
All I get is snitched on for doing the one thing that ain't got nothing to do with any of this: falling in love.
You're something else, Grace.
You are [CHUCKLES.]
something else.
They slowly take control of the church.
But we still have half the seats.
Yes, but if they get those twelve seats, who will those twelve people be anyhow? All they need is to wrangle one more vote out of some fool like Connie, and then they could do whatever they want.
- Hmm.
Well, that's not good.
- Oh, you think? Connie is wrong about these people, and she has been from the start.
Don't let the news fool you, Ms.
Dante was doing God's work.
And you know they're always trying to paint the black man as the aggressor.
Look, we have to stand for something or we'll fall for anything.
My man Malcolm X said that.
Oh, um, well, I know who said that.
I knew who said that before you were even born.
Hi, Ms.
Jackson! How are you? I'm well, thank you.
And you are? That's Sophia.
Grace's daughter.
Oh, my goodness! You are Sophia, aren't you? I thought you were Sophia! Oh, no.
I was wondering how you kept this romance going while you were away at school.
Now it all makes sense.
So, what are your intentions? At this point? To keep on getting to know her and see where it goes.
You have no ulterior motives.
Bishop, my antipathy for your family and the havoc it's wreaked on Calvary is a well-known fact.
Well, that's hardly why I asked.
So, your daughter must really be something special to knock me off my horse, and risk becoming part of your family, wouldn't you say? [CHARITY LAUGHING.]
Hey! Pastor Demars, might I have a moment alone with my fiancé? Fiancé.
Ooh, I like the sound of that.
- Hmm.
- Of course.
Uh, Bishop, if you have any more questions - I'll find you.
- Amen.
So, what is the verdict? Well, he's either insincere and unconvincing, or sincere and utterly unfeeling.
Either way, I'd never give my blessing.
He didn't say the one thing that would have worked.
I know, offered to quit his job.
As far as I'm concerned, anything short of that in this situation is insufficient.
And so unfortunate.
How did it go with Daddy? As well as it could.
I saw you arguing with Grace.
What was that about? You and me? Who cares? She thinks she's judge and jury.
It never occurs to her that she's the accused.
Ready to let me send the recorder? No.
I still worry about the effect it'll have on that poor son of hers.
But I do need more champagne.
Would you be so kind as to accompany me to the beverage station, sir? Well, let me see how Judee's doing.
I know she is Grace's guest, but she's looking a little deserted to me.
But don't be long.
Fraternizing with the locals? It's different with her.
Like it was with me? Oh, that's right.
We don't talk about that.
I forgot.
Gather round, everybody.
Oh, would you accompany me? [JAMES.]
Attention, everybody.
Now, first, I wanna I wanna thank you all for joining us on this very momentous evening.
Hear, hear! In years past, now, I might have gone on at length, worrying a beloved theme, turning it and turning it on the lathe of my own sweet voice [MAN.]
Go, Bishop! but, listen, there are There are There are other voices that need to be heard, that deserve to be heard, so I'm gonna turn it over to my very wonderful and wise wife-to-be, Pastor Mae Greenleaf.
Amen! Do you know what she's gonna say? Does anyone ever? I want to just say a few words about partnership.
Godly partnership.
I'll be right back.
Oh, where are you going? To call Fernando Amable.
Now, you know, we partner with God on some things.
Not all, Lord knows, not all.
Some things, but it is not a fifty-fifty arrangement.
Since God is the Lord of all things [CROWD.]
Hear, hear.
then space has to be left for God in all human partnerships, amen? - [CROWD.]
Amen! - [MAN.]
Preach, sister! [LADY MAE.]
I don't care if you're considering marriage, as I am, or some business arrangement.
When you make a deal with a human being, if you form a platform, you had better leave space at that table for God! [CROWD.]
Amen! Because how many of us know there's no such thing as fifty-fifty? Because where is there any room for God in that? How is he gonna squeeze through that death-trap? No, this marriage is not gonna be fifty-fifty, it is going to be whatever my God wants it to be.
Yeah! Yeah! [LADE MAE.]
And that is how it's going to work! Oh! Make us small, oh, Lord, as small as you want us to be.
Yes! Make us nothing! - [CROWD.]
- And if anyone offers you fifty-fifty on anything, you just say no! Because we have to leave room for God! [CROWD.]
Yes, yeah! [MAN.]
Hallelujah! - We have to do it.
- Amen.
That was wonderful, dear.
Oh! - [GRACE.]
Well done, Mama.
Zora? [THUD.]
You wanna bring that inside? Oh, my bad.
Uh Just dropping off the rest of Nikki's things.
Thought you'd still be up at that party.
It's okay.
She's not here.
So you're Dante Saunders? I was.
I'm currently benched.
You have any more boxes? No.
No, uh I should probably, uh, head out then.
So, you two are really done, huh? Who? Me and Nik? Yeah, yeah, seems like it.
So, who are you? Well, I was the only daughter of the prodigal preacher, Grace Greenleaf.
Now I don't know who I am.
Well, uh let's start with your name.
It's nice to meet you, Sophia.
Nice to meet you, too.
You wanna go for a ride? - Where? - [DANTE.]
Cool just to drive sometimes, you know? Yeah, sure, why not? Cool.
What a freakin' mess.
If I had been let in on what you and Bob were up to, I could have cleared a path for this thing.
He just told me three days ago! Sorry.
Ken filed papers to divorce me.
You're happy with this woman? Worst party ever.
Hey! Are you okay to drive? What do you care? Yes, I'm okay to drive.
Somehow, I don't feel applauded.
First, that little performance for the Sisters of Tamar.
Performance? - Excuse me? - [CONNIE.]
I heard all about it.
“My father did this, my father did that.
” And he's not here to contradict you, so who's to know what's true? And now this? You are a regular one-woman repertory theater.
Bravo! Are you honestly suggesting that I fabricated a story about being sexually abused by my own father? And glorifying an impending wedding that's no more than a ploy to win back this church.
Oh! Bravo.
Wonderful party, though.
Thank you so much for my invitation.
Go with God.
Goodnight, Mae.
Oh, come in, I just put Nathan down.
Uh, may I? Oh.
Of course, Daddy.
So? He is great, right? I mean, when you put aside everything else.
But your mother and I can't put everything aside.
Not at this point in time.
So, you want me to break up with him? No.
No, no, no.
But we would like you to put things on hold until Grace becomes permanent Head Pastor.
That was the plan.
Grace first then me.
Baby, if this is the great love that God has for you, it'll keep.
You pray on it.
I'm sure you'll see the wisdom in the morning.
So, I was right about the party.
Judee, you may understand this better than anyone.
My parents do not ask my permission.
We need the deacons to vote for this plan.
We need those seats on the board to make it make sense.
I know that's how you see it.
If you need a reason to see it a little more my way, I'll give you one.
But I beg your discretion, because even Phil doesn't know this.
This new campus that we're proposing, this national landmark it's going to be run by you.
Not interim.
Daddy has said.
But it's only going to happen if you get us those seats on the board.
You are full of surprises.
Use it.
Send Bob the recording.
Write the e-mail.
Just do it.
It's time that sister of mine paid.