Greenleaf (2016) s04e09 Episode Script

God's Justice

1 Previously on Greenleaf I don't know why H&H hid from my brother and from me and Calvary, that they're buying up all this land.
We want to put Calvary on the map.
She has all the evidence you need right there.
H&H was paying off Connie Sykes.
That is what they do.
They slowly get control of the church.
Well, we still have half the seats.
Yes, but if they get those 12 seats, who will those 12 people be, anyhow? [FERNANDO.]
If you were mine I'd make sure you're always taken care of.
- I didn't do it.
- [GRACE.]
Yeah, I know.
But I just lied to the police.
That is not ideal.
She's lying.
You wanna go for a ride? Where? Cool just to drive sometimes, you know? [JAMES.]
We would like you to put things on hold until Grace becomes permanent Head Pastor.
Grace first then me.
Send Bob the recording, write the email, whatever, just do it.
It's time that sister of mine paid.
Clara, no one shares your concern for the history of this church and its independence more than I do.
But I promise you, Harmony and Hope having seats on this board will not endanger that.
Twelve seats, though, Pastor.
It's still just 50 percent.
What Judee means, Clara, is that with us having 12 and Harmony and Hope having 12, everything would always be a conversation between friends.
But what about what Mae said? Where is the room for God in that? Clara, H&H is willing to pour millions of dollars into our church.
But they will not do that if we don't give them these board seats.
That's the situation.
All right, then.
I'll see y'all at the meeting.
And I'll vote yes, but We promise, you won't regret it.
Don't promise me, just make sure that I don't, that'll be enough for me.
- Here we go, Grandma, I'll walk you out to your car.
Isn't Karine just wonderful? - She is.
- Oh, yes, - she's an absolute angel.
- Good to see you.
Well I believe we've met with all the deacons at this point, am I right, Connie? Hmm.
Except for me.
Well, then the vote's in the bag.
Or it better be, anyhow, otherwise Daddy's gonna be very, very upset.
- Hey, Mama.
- How did it go? Clara Jackson just left.
And she said she'd vote yes? She did.
Well, your father is on his way over to Connie's now to intercept her.
Is he gonna tell her that we know? No.
About the H&H payment? No.
I've forbidden him to do so.
He's going to appeal to her reason.
Pastor Greenleaf.
I got to run.
Pastor Demars.
How can I help? By resigning.
Excuse me? [CHUCKLES.]
Is that a joke? I have proof you lied to keep your son out of jail.
If you step down, I won't share this proof with the police.
If you refuse to step down, I will share it with them and upon hearing it, I expect they'll reopen his case and the wheels of justice will begin to roll over you both.
You have until Sunday to decide.
God is good.
Amen Oh, yeah Amen Ooh Well Oh Ooh Amen Oh Yeah What are you doing wearing that thing? [JACOB.]
Heading over to Buckets.
Dante's new sports bar.
He's still on your to-do list? - [CHUCKLES.]
He is.
Last time we saw each other, it kinda ended badly.
Why, did you get in his face and tell him about how he lost you both of your jobs with his grandstanding? Something like that.
Look, I got to go.
- [SIGHS.]
Jacob? - [JACOB.]
Before you go, will you please ask your mother about the house? I told you I don't want to ask her about that.
It's rude.
People have wills.
People have children.
It is not rude to ask.
It seems kind of rude to me.
We're not standing around, tapping our feet waiting for people to die.
We just want to sell our share in the house, if we have one.
Just ask.
I mean, if we're ever gonna win one of these bidding wars on a house, we need more cash.
I'm happy living here, Kerissa.
And I'm not and you know that.
Then you ask her.
I'll pray for you.
I assume you're here about the vote.
As if Mae's little sermon at your re-engagement party wasn't embarrassing enough.
When will you two realize that you are uninvolved? We built this church from the ground up and you're about to hand total control of its future to a bunch of carpetbaggers with Bibles.
Grace is in favor of the plan.
Grace is in the grip of ambition.
Grace is on the verge of marching the church you almost destroyed into the pages of history.
Speaking of those pages, Connie Don't start with one of your polysyllabic word parades, James, I don't have to listen anymore.
You know, I wasn't going to bring this up, but where do you think the chapter will be, Connie, in those pages of history, about how you took a bribe to hand Calvary over to H&H? At the end of the book? Or will it have its own little pamphlet? You can't seem to accept it, can you? That reasonable people looked on your works and found them wanting.
Oh, no, you wanna make it some big conspiracy.
Not a big one.
Just one fat check, written on April 2nd, from a Harmony and Hope business account, deposited on April 5th into your account at the church credit union, then paid out the very next day to your daughter, whom I assume is holding it for you until well, all this blows over and anyone who could have known is gone.
I am not going to dignify this madness with a denial, what would be the point, you're obviously The congregation will maintain majority leadership of the board or everyone will find out.
I can hear you.
Have you printed out that copy of the church bylaws I asked you for last week, twice, and yesterday? I'll get right on it.
That's what you said last week, twice, and yesterday.
Should I tell Pastor what a resistant little camper she's got in her hands? No, Ms.
Then how about you just print it? If I leave the page I'm on, I'm gonna lose your Amy Grant tickets.
- You found some? - [KARINE.]
I did.
But print it after that.
Yes, ma'am.
I'm not going to say thank you until it actually happens, - just FYI.
- You're welcome.
Who will inherit my house? I know it's considered unseemly by some to ask such a question, but I'd say most, if not all.
In order for Jacob and I to be effective in this housing market we need more cash.
You don't know, Mae.
It's crazy out there.
Well, it's not completely sane in here.
Why, just the other night, I had to clear out my safe just to make sure it wasn't jacked by my son's wife.
Yeah, well I got slapped in the face by my mother-in-law, so it's tough all over.
Who gets the house? The house will be left to, and I only tell you this because it's painfully obvious, or would be to anyone who wasn't so blinded by greed and desperation, to Grace, Jacob, and Charity, equally.
- What's this proof Phil has? - Of what? Stop lying to me.
What proof does Phil have that I lied to the police? Grace, Phil and I don't talk about work when we're off.
We don't talk about us at work.
Chinese walls.
If they find out that I lied, AJ could go back to prison.
Just tell me what you told Phil, what he has, what he thinks that he has.
- Tell me! - I don't know.
Charity, he's my son.
I don't know what Phil has.
You know, whatever it is that you are angry about, whatever this whole thing that you're doing, whatever you think that it's gonna get you, is it really worth ruining a whole other person's life? Grace, you shouldn't have lied.
That's your answer? Seriously? I haven't done anything, Grace.
You've brought all this on yourself.
How's it going with Charity? Is that why you parked yourself there for an hour, to ask me that? I am waiting for Karine to get me my Amy Grant tickets.
And the bylaws for this circus.
It's going very well, thank you.
You don't really love her, do you? Why would you say that? She's kind of nothing like me.
Well, you two are a lot alike, actually.
Boy, I can't wait to hear how.
You're both daughters of powerful men who feel they've never gotten the respect they deserve.
You both are adorably noisy when you don't get your way.
- You both are - So, it's because she's black.
Well, you say she's just like me, but in one big way she's not.
- She's black.
You're at the point in your life where you feel like you need to be with a black woman.
It's a thing.
We're just talking as friends.
Judee I'm sorry things are tough for you and Ken right now.
Why even say that? Neither of the thing has one thing to do with the other thing.
Two things.
It's not a thing.
She's a person.
A person I care about very much.
A person who's going to be a big part of this church once Grace is gone.
Then let's have dinner.
I can't imagine anything worse.
No, if she's so great, and we are so much alike, let's have dinner.
In fact, if you want my help paving the way for her with Daddy in this beautiful black future of yours and you're gonna need it, I'd set that dinner.
I'm free tomorrow.
I'll see if she's available.
Oh, don't worry.
I know I'm jealous.
I would never actually do anything to stop you from being happy, Phil.
Well, I pray that's true.
For your sake.
Point taken.
One question, though.
What? What makes you so sure Grace isn't going to be Daddy's long-term pick? Is that what you think he'll do? No one ever knows what Daddy is going to do, but what makes you so sure it isn't going to go that way? Let's just say I have a feeling.
So many feelings.
I'm feeling steak.
Just saying.
- [JACOB.]
Hey, how you doin'? Pastor Greenleaf! It's Brother Greenleaf now, man.
Hey, give me a sec, man.
I'm tryin' to set a score in this game - that'll never be broken.
- [JACOB.]
All right.
Buckets! Nineteen hundred, baby! - That'll never be topped, amen? - Hey, amen.
What's up? Oh, this is fresh, man.
- Hey, I appreciate you - coming through.
- Hey.
No problem, man.
Uh, I feel kind of bad about the other day.
No, don't.
I was totally in my feelings.
I was coming off of what happened with me and Nikki.
It's all good.
Things looking any better? I know she's been staying with Zora.
Yeah, not really.
But when this place opens up, man, - it's gonna be full of honeys.
You know what I'm saying? - Right.
- Full of them.
What, man, are you all right? Yeah.
You know, she was probably, uh, just watching out for me with the whole money thing, but it's all good, because I moved on.
- [JACOB.]
Already? - Yeah.
Okay, with who? Yeah, I'mma let you know when it's solid.
Fair enough.
So this whole school thing.
- Excellence Prep.
- [DANTE.]
I talked to my people.
Let's do it.
All right, listen, man, it's It's okay.
I was just kinda in my own feelings with Kerissa, man, and I really shouldn't have even come at you like that.
Hey, I already signed the check.
Oh, wow, Dante.
I can't accept this, man.
Yeah, you can.
Yeah, I feel bad about what happened, me losing you your jobs, but I need a favor.
I don't know.
Yeah, you know.
Can your wife, um - What's her name? - Kerissa.
Kerissa, yeah.
Can me and her do some kinda some kinda press conference announcement soon? Because I have to get off that bench, man.
And the GM says that this is the way do it.
Yeah, I'm sure she could do that.
All right.
It's done.
- Hey, Davon, hold up.
- [DAVON.]
Yo, get that check to Kerissa, see if she don't soften up.
You might get the high score on that thing, okay? - You feel me? - Yeah, I do.
- Thank you, Dante.
- [DANTE.]
I'm just a man.
Thank Jesus.
Let's talk.
I need two of these bad boys right here.
A dinner? Like, a whole dinner? Well, she can help with Bob when it comes to making you Associate Pastor.
Oh, so it's up to Bob now? Relax, it's all gonna happen.
All right? But why not make sure all of our bases are covered? It's just a dinner.
All right.
Does she know about, you know, Grace and the thing No, no, and we don't want her to.
We want to make sure Grace is gone before Bob could do anything about it.
Got it.
What's that smile? I'm just thinking about where I want to eat.
I'll do it if it's sushi.
It just went to voicemail.
Damn it, AJ, pick up the phone.
What are you doing? Hey.
Listen, it's me.
I know I'm just some kid from the 'burbs who doesn't know anything, but right now, my mom is in serious trouble and she just needs to talk to you to find out the truth or she could go to jail.
I know that might not matter to you.
I know that you might still hate her for not keeping you, for icing you out when you came looking for her [SIGHS.]
But if she goes to jail, AJ I'm gonna lose my mother and I haven't done anything.
I do not deserve this.
It's not fair.
What are you gonna do? I don't know.
I'm not going back to Hampton.
- What? - It's a six-week program.
I've done three weeks.
I'll just start back in the fall - like a normal person.
- [GRACE.]
Baby don't do that.
I'm gonna be fine.
Mom if I don't stay for this what would I stay for? You're my mom.
I'm staying.
What? Well, I've been debating whether I should tell you this.
I thought I might just wait to see what happens, but I'm feeling fairly confident that it'll work out.
What did you do, James? I, well I spoke to Connie.
I tried to impress upon her what a disaster it would be if the deacons were to go along with this plan.
Well, she couldn't hear it.
You did not tell her you know about the bribe.
- Tell me you didn't.
- I had to.
But I think it worked.
Did I not explicitly prohibit you from using that? - I had no choice! - [LADY MAE.]
Did I not make it clear that wielding a weapon like that could hurt us more in the long run than it could ever hurt Connie? I mean, didn't I lay that out clearly? How can you be so wise about so many things and so foolish about others? How is that possible? I am flabbergasted.
I'm trying to get you your church back, Mae.
Can you not see that? Well, if the love you have for me is such that you do ungodly things, it's not a godly love! You're really gonna say that? No, James.
I don't want to fight.
If I didn't have you right now, I would be drowning in a pool of hopelessness.
Our children are all flailing in one way or another, our past is hunting us like a pack of wolves in the night.
James, I'm not judging you.
And thank you for caring, but don't ask me to pretend not to be terrified by how I think this move against Connie is going to be our undoing.
Where are you going? To my prayer closet.
I thought I was done for the night, but, well I'll see you in the morning.
I'm asking you first because Charity's paying all that money to Kevin for alimony and I think she's still mad at me for not supporting her silly dream of being A.
No, she's mad at everyone right now.
I wouldn't take that personally.
But is this something that you would be willing to do, even able to do? And I'm sorry for bothering you with this with everything you're going through with AJ right now.
No, it's okay.
I just want to move on.
Are you sure this is right for you guys? I mean, I guess, if I buy you out, you can always buy your share back and mine, too.
So you do have the cash? I have some, yeah.
And maybe this is why I have it.
- Where did you get it? - [CHUCKLES.]
That's a long story.
But, Kerissa, I have to be honest.
Something about this feels rushed and weird to me.
Am I wrong? No, you're not.
Look, when I married Jacob, seeing that he was the only male in the family, I saw us in this house forever.
I think we all did.
But it's not working out like that, Gigi.
And with the way things are between me and your mother right now, I'm not sure I even wanna stay in this house.
That bad, huh? I'm not proud to say it, but yeah.
Well, how much do you guys want? Uh, well, our share in the house is easily worth a million - Oh.
- but we would take 500.
Honestly, anything over 250 would be like manna from heaven.
You really want out.
Yeah, like Jonah in the whale.
So where are we going tonight? Somewhere with lots of knives.
Sounds perfect.
We need to talk privately.
What's the matter? We're going to have to amend the motion to expand the deacon board.
Why? [SIGHS.]
James knows about the Oh.
How the hell did that happen? I can only think Karine.
Well, that sneaky little So we need to amend the motion how? It can't be a 50/50 split.
The current members of the board have to maintain majority control.
Or what? The bishop goes public? Yes.
So he's blackmailing you? Yes.
What does the split have to be to keep the blackmailer happy? Sixty-forty.
Blackmail? Who are these people? [DOOR OPENS.]
You, little missy you're fired.
Whose side are you on? Really? Why? What happened? Connie Sykes? Your father? I thought we were on the same page here, let's move this forward.
I'm sorry, if I'm gonna help I need to know what you're talking about.
What are you talking about? Nothing.
What's going on here? I have some good news.
Me, too.
You first.
- [NIKKI.]
Seriously? - [ZORA.]
What's wrong now? The soft opening for Dante's bar is happening and he didn't even invite me.
Were you expecting him to? Um, yeah, I designed the place.
Look, just go anyway.
No, I want an invitation.
I deserve it, I did everything.
The boy is so damn disrespectful.
Maybe he's just conflicted.
- Maybe you're just confused.
- Can you two just stop? Constant.
You know, I don't even wanna go anyway.
Buckets, it's the dumbest name for a sports bar ever.
I'm out of here.
Wait, I thought we were all gonna, you know, order in.
I'm not hungry.
You know, maybe we should, like, show up late, act like we didn't know or something.
Yeah, we don't have to decide.
No, I think we should go.
I agree.
Okay, what are you gonna wear? I don't know.
Hmm, sushi and steak.
Nicely played.
Well, I'm glad you two are so happy.
It is so rare to find a man who can satisfy one woman, let alone two.
He does have a gift in pleasing others, that's true.
Don't I know it? [CHUCKLES.]
So, how did you two meet? I mean, I know how you met, but how did you meet? What was the meet cute? - It's a funny story, actually.
- Yeah, hang on a second, what did you mean by, "Don't I know it?" I think I put my foot in it.
She means, she's watched me be at Bob's beck and call for like, 20 years now? Does she not know? Judee, you know she doesn't know.
What don't I know? Well, it's not mine to say.
I'm about to grab one of these knives like a ninja and take a slice out of both of you.
What don't I know? [SIGHS.]
You can buy that house now.
Yeah, and finally grow that school.
This has been a good day for you.
It's gonna be an even better night for you.
- Really? - [CHUCKLES.]
Yeah, really, really, and then some.
- Wait, woman.
You know you gotta give a brother a minute.
Whoa, where are you going? Wait, what do you Oh, all right, oh, okay, that works.
You can't step down.
You can't surrender to this man's mendacity.
What if Phil takes his proof, whatever it is, to the cops? And what about Charity's mendacity? Oh, she's just a helpless pawn in all of this.
And this proof that Phil says he has, you don't know what it is? I have a feeling it has something to do with Charity and that night that AJ came to visit, but she will not admit that she knows anything about it.
I'm gonna kill him.
What about killing Charity, huh? [JAMES.]
Gigi, she's so hypnotized by that scoundrel's attention, I'm surprised she can still tie her shoes.
Remind me to come back next time as the youngest daughter.
Oh, reincarnation's a lie of the Devil.
I was joking.
From the sound of what you've told me, and forgive me for seeming cold, AJ's guilty.
You don't know that he is guilty.
But what would you do if he was? I'd step down.
And if he was innocent? Well, I'd stay and fight, because then at least there would be a chance that I could get him exonerated.
I'm about to have a stroke.
Oh, wait, well, Gigi's right.
Now, if he did it, we don't want the police reopening the case.
We can't risk sending the boy back to jail.
He'd be there for decades.
You don't wanna be the cause of that, do you? This happened because of you.
What? If the boy goes to jail, half the blame lies with you.
How does that work? Oh, do you think it's a coincidence that your daughter is facing this kind of situation right now, not a day, not 24 hours after you did the same thing to Connie? What did you do? [LADY MAE.]
Disobeyed me.
And don't you make that mistake, you listen to me.
Oh, I'm listening.
We're all listening, Mama.
You cannot step down.
You need to get up in that pulpit on Sunday and tell your story, all the way up to Phil Demars and what he's doing, and let the people of this church decide.
Tell him that she lied to the police? Oh, there is not a mother in those pews that wouldn't understand.
And what about the police? They'll go after him again, and her.
Oh, if they actually charged her for this garbage, I would eat my hat.
Which one? And as for AJ, the two of you want to keep him out of jail.
But what use will his freedom be, Gigi, if he did it and knows that he did? If he misses this chance to know that his soul is real.
This world is just a waiting room for the next, so let him face his facts now, Gigi.
And your task is to face yours.
You get up there on Sunday, you make a stand.
You speak your own truth and you win.
You do what's best for your son.
Thank you, Daddy.
You do what's best for your soul.
And everything else is noise.
I did good.
You did.
That's her, isn't it? Nikki, wait.
Nikki! Not hungry, huh? Looks like you hungry for something.
Yo, what are you doing here? Man, dang, my team stay messing up.
There's supposed to be a list.
I am the list.
What the hell are you doing here? I don't know.
I must be confused.
When I yank that ponytail out your head, you're gonna be perplexed, bitch.
Hey, hey, hey.
You need to back up, all right? You're not even supposed to be here anyway, bruh.
Nikki, let's just go, come on.
Bruh? So you really gonna do me like this, Dante? He is.
- Bitch, back the hell up.
- No, you back the hell up.
You guys stop, what are you guys doing? Come on! - Listen - Don't you touch me.
Get off, you don't Don't touch me, don't touch me, don't touch me! Get off! I'mma catch you all later.
Got anything to say? It was a long time ago, we've stayed friends, for obvious reasons, ever since.
It's nothing.
Why keep it a secret then? It wasn't a secret.
It's such old news, I didn't think it mattered.
Come on.
You're cute when you're jealous.
Yeah? Well, you're ugly when you're dumb.
I have thrown my whole life in the garbage for you, and now I'm like, I don't even know who you are.
- You wanna know who I am, hmm? - I'm not sure I do anymore, no.
You wanna know who I am? Right.
What is this? The key to my apartment, keep it.
Go there whenever you wanna look around.
But I warn you, you're gonna see a couple of pictures on the refrigerator of you that I printed the day after we met, and a list on a page in my prayer journal of all the things I wanna do for you once, uh Once Once what? Once a stupid night like this is so far back in the rear-view mirror, we can't even see it.
That's yours.
I only said yes to the dinner to get Judee on our side because it's gotten so I can't even think about running this church without you, or doing anything else for that matter.
You really like me, don't you? Like you? [CHUCKLES.]
Charity I love you.
Yeah, I love you.
- I love you.
So what was last night about? You tell me.
How am I supposed to explain something that you did to you? Are you drinking stupid juice out the mug? What I'm drinking is "I don't care what you or Nikki or anybody else has to say about me" juice.
You have a problem, you know that, like a real serious problem.
Dante broke up with Nikki, I don't know her, and I don't wanna know her, so why should I care? You should care because you have no friends.
And you're not gonna make any new friends if you keep on rolling your eyes at girls that could be your friend, and then turning around and batting your eyes at the guys that they'd been with.
I can do whatever I want with whoever I want.
- I'm grown.
- You a ho, that's what you are.
And I'm so happy you're going back to school.
I'm not.
Actually, I've decided to stay.
And it's gonna be great.
Good morning, Ms.
Good morning, everybody.
Good morning, darling.
Hey, baby girl.
Ooh, this looks good.
I'm starving.
Oh, you are sharp.
Yeah, just like Daddy.
Go ahead downstairs, okay? [PHONE RINGING.]
Please stop calling me.
I have some news about the house you might find very interesting.
We didn't get the house.
Not that house, the house you're standing in.
The one that could very well be the owner of one day.
I hope I didn't cause any trouble last night.
I thought she knew.
No, you didn't.
But that's okay.
You showed her who's boss? No, but I put out the fire you tried to start.
Because we're going to be needing her help with something soon.
I'm listening.
In Calvary's bylaws, which I was finally able to read last night, it states the most senior Greenleaf employed at Calvary can always cast the tie-breaking vote in board disputes.
I'm not sure I follow.
If we get those ten seats on the board and the church keeps 12, we still have Connie with us.
It'll be a tie.
When we vote for what? That's for me to know and you to find out.
But keep her happy.
We're going to be needing her vote.
This morning When I rose, yeah I didn't have no doubt Oh, this morning When I rose, yeah I didn't have no doubt Hey, this morning When I rose - Yeah - I didn't have no doubt - I know the Lord - Will take care of me - I know the Lord - Will provide for me And he will Lead and guide me All the way - Yes, all the way - All the way Hallelujah! Salvation shall come! [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE.]
Amen, good morning, Calvary.
Good morning.
It feels so good to be worshipping in God's house with you today.
Amen? - Amen.
- [GRACE.]
Well, let's get right to the reason why we are here today.
The Word of God.
Turn with me in your bibles, if you would, to Luke 22, verse 40.
When you get there say amen.
All right.
"On reaching the place, - he said to them" - [DOOR OPENS.]
Church, I'm sorry, where was I? [ALL.]
Luke 22:40.
That's right, that's right.
The Garden of Gethsemane.
We see Jesus praying alone and I'm sorry, Church, change of plans.
I have to tell y'all something.
Don't do this, child, please don't do it.
Now this may come as a shock to most of you, but this will be my last Sunday as your pastor.
- [WOMAN.]
What? Why is she doing this? I'll explain later.
Effective immediately, I'm stepping down as the Head Pastor of Calvary Fellowship.