Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai (2022) s01e10 Episode Script

Never Ever Expose Them to Bright Light

Huh? Ah. Hm.
Mom, you're okay!
Just a possible bone fracture,
definite Qi stagnation
- and significant blood loss.
- It's not safe here.
We need to find
anywhere else.
So thanks for saving my life.
I only did it to shame you
into becoming a better person.
You're welcome.
Now that mom's safe,
back to my plan.
I think we were on step 4.
Steal back the clay knife.
Where my Gizmo?
Wow. Claw has really big
feelings for you, Gizmo.
I think we need a bigger plan.
Wait, did you just say bait?
Gizmo, bait, Claw.
You want to be bait for claw?
Hey, I understand mogwai
kind of. It could work.
You get Claw while we get
the clay knife
Then we save Shanghai by doing what worked
the last time this happened.
- This has happened before?
- Long time ago in Fengdong.
The bad mogwai took over,
but the clay knife
was used to turn them back
into furry mogwai
Love your newfound confidence,
Sam, but Nuwa was a god.
- We're
- The only ones who know how to do this.
If we don't end it here,
the world becomes a ghost city.
We save the world,
but they need to get to safety.
- What?
- Um, we're the adults.
Elle's right.
You're really badly hurt.
Take Mom home, please?
And if you run into trouble,
blow this and tell them
you know me.
You're welcome.
Go get 'em, Sam.
Did you just say
"go get 'em" to our son?
It took me by surprise, too.
Where is your leader?
I say she's gotten imaginative.
But soon, that knife
will be mine.
I'll regrow my hands, and
I will silence all your kind's
incessant laughing.
You took my hands,
I will take your existence!
Once Claw notices Gizmo,
she walks this way,
we trip her.
Elle, you need to steal a car.
- Already did once today.
- Then let's get that clay kn
New new plan?
I make a laxative?
What if instead we trick Claw into eating fireworks, then
How's that easier
than a laxative?
Oh, it's not.
It's just less gross.
Either way, Gizmo,
do bad mogwai have, like
Where's Gizmo? Gizmo!
That's one way
to get the knife.
Let's go.
He did it! Gizmo did it!
- Will I ever be that brave?
- No.
Stay put.
We'll come to you, Giz.
Maybe we should go faster.
They can ride bikes?
I hope you nasty hell lizards
catch a deadly case of sunburn!
- Are you blowing it right?
- It's a whistle!
Nobody trespasses
on our turf.
Elle sent us
You know Elle, right?
Bad hair, ratty umbrella, the worst attitude?
Any friend of Elle's
is a friend of ours,
And you uglies
ain't our friends.
Injured or not,
I can't go quietly.
I know.
Gizmo, we're coming!
What? No. How?
No hands, and you still
ruined everything.
Mere mortals cannot stop a god.
Sorry. Couldn't understand you
over the magical knife
in your mouth.
Let me get that for you.
The clay knife.
Such an upper hand.
Not so fast, mogwai number one.
Yeah, his name is Gizmo.
History decides
who earns a name,
not boys who fail
or traitorous street rats.
You come closer to the honor
of a proper name
more than most mogwai.
But ultimately, only I,
the immortal
clay knife-wielding god
will be remembered,
for I am Riley
Hmm. I kinda like her now.
I respect
your boldness.
It's clear that you have
genuine ambition, Madam Claw.
Uh Thank you.
So, I shall reward
your boldness by delivering your dream
of seeing the world
I insist.
The weather in Tahiti
is lovely this time of the day.
Bright light!
Bright light! No!
Kill Greene, kill Greene!
Kill Greene!
That's what happens when
you're exposed to sunlight?
I am never eating fondue
ever again.
You don't realize how much
you miss clapping
until your hands are gone.
You're a monster.
Well, actually, I'm a god.
Stealing powers from a goddess
doesn't make you a god.
It makes you a thief
in someone else's armor.
No one's gonna love you
for that, you pathetic wannabe.
Um, Elle, maybe
don't provoke him.
He's right.
You don't want
to provoke a god, which I am. A god.
Then be a god.
Ugh! Use the knife
to save Shanghai.
I mean, end all of this chaos
that you caused,
earn people's respect.
Instead, you just
keep bragging,
"I'm a god, I'm a god, oh!"
You really do keep
saying it.
Simple children,
I shall end this,
and earn people's respect
by doing what you,
Sam Wing, could not.
Wielding the knife
with my sharp, focused mind
to transform every last
living thing in this city
into cockroaches.
After I literally crush
Shanghai beneath my feet,
the rest of the world
will worship me
as their new god,
Excuse me.
Your fellow future cockroaches
are getting close,
and I tire
of all your distractions.
Got it.
Your dream is to become the god
of cockroaches.
By the way,
hugging us to death with ropes?
Why not just scream,
"Hug me, Daddy"?
And careful of that knife.
If you don't have perfect focus,
you might bug out.
I said, you shall fear me!
Even if you squish us
You will still be the bug.
Under all that power,
you're just a lonely,
unloved, magicless
little cockroach
What? Ha!
And definitely, don't think
about turning yourself
into a cockroach.
- Shut it!
- Said the cockroach.
The poor, magicless cockroach.
You're the cockroach!
Just stop saying cockroach.
Don't think about
turning into a cockroach.
Don't think about
turning into a cockroach.
Don't think about
turning into a cockroach!
Don't think about
turning into a cockroach.
No! This cannot
be happening to me!
I am a god!
Should I feel bad?
Those pearls. What are they?
Sam? Vomit pearls later.
We've got incoming.
You can do it, Sam!
I won't let you down again.
I've had
enough Mogwai.
Hon! It's over.
Oh? Uh
Oh, no. Sam, you turned
yourself into a
We did it?
- You did it.
- Sam!
Yeye! You're alive.
I am?
I am! No more
of that ugly saliva. Oh!
Well, that's one way
to sober up.
- Uh, okay. And you are?
- Greene's personal chef,
until he decided he didn't like
other people touching his food.
But he wanted my knowledge.
I taught him pearl magic.
I taught him to sing! ♪
So, Greene just ate all of you
to steal your talents?
Ugh! He was worse
than a bandit.
We met a shapeshifter
and a lady who erased
our minds with tea,
and some Jiangshi
and the goddess Nuwa,
and she's over there, and we
wrecked the spirit market.
Sorry. And we got
to The Valley of Jade.
But it all went wrong
and we came back here.
where Shanghai
almost burned down.
But then we did it!
Oh, wow. All of that?
My grandson.
I'm only sad I miss seeing you
on this grand adventure.
Ba-ba! The scary girl.
No, Grandpa. That's Elle.
And, It's a long story,
but we wouldn't have gotten
this far without her.
Now comes the most
difficult part.
Gathering all the mogwai.
Yippie! Yay!
Is that all of them?
If not, we do it all
again tonight.
Hmm. Happy with yourselves?
Another city destroyed. Yay!
Hey, it's only
lightly destroyed.
"Lightly destroyed"
isn't a thing!
Will you be able to cure
yourself in The Valley of Jade?
And if not, the fruit there
makes a mean moonshine.
Grandpa, do you want to go
with them?
See the valley you searched for
all this time?
One more adventure?
Adventure? Oh, boy. Oh, boy.
But no,
I've had enough adventure.
Being pearled up
inside an evil man's belly,
gives you
a lot of time to think.
And all I could think about
was how much I miss my family.
Goodbye, Sam.
Come on, Gizmo.
I'll miss you, Giz.
Did you ever actually like
being called Giz?
I didn't mind.
I guess this is it.
We can actually go back
to our normal lives now.
- Yeah.
- Is it weird that I'm gonna miss our adventures, though?
You really don't want to leave?
Gizmo gonna stay.
Maybe it's time to give
humanity another chance.
I hope you pass this time,
because I am not coming back
to save you.
Extra, extra.
Read all about it.
No one knows what happened
in Shanghai.
Horrible creatures attacked,
and then turned into cat-dog things.
Only questions, no answers.
Read all about it.
Seahorses, ginseng, lotus seed.
- Don't forget Mr. Shao's
- Allergic to licorice root.
Soon, we really will be working
for the two of you.
And we can finally retire.
Well, now let's get back
to business.
Now, who wants to help me
make deliveries?
I know the fastest way
to the north market,
And I know the way that's not
considered trespassing.
My compatriots are gone.
Yet I remain all because
I alone know
how to accessorize.
Thus, is my lot in life,
the last of my kind.
And that, my friends,
is why I need
a change of scenery
and a meal.
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