Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai (2022) s01e09 Episode Script

Never Give Up

[fireworks bursting]
[indistinct chatter]
[rhythmic drumbeats]
[bells clanging]
[indistinct chatter]
[rocket whistles]
[all exclaim in wonder]
You broke the sky.
- [mogwai laughs]
- Huh?
[man screaming]
[frightened clamor]
[man screaming]
[speaking Mandarin]
[ring chimes]
Rich culture.
[playing drums]
Fine dining.
A vibrant nightlife.
[brakes screech]
Shanghai really does
have it all.
Mm, even fashion.
[man grunts]
Huh? [screams]
Ah! This suits me
much better.
[fireworks bursting]
[man screaming]
[people screaming]
[mogwai screeches]
You're kidding.
[water splashes]
- [Gizmo screaming]
- [mogwai laughing]
[chuckles evilly]
[chuckles mischievously]
[mogwai laughs]
[cracker bursting]
[mogwais laughing]
[laughs, speaking gibberish]
[Gizmo] Caca.
Now, Gizmo watch.
[mogwai shudders]
[theme music playing]
[Hon] Why?
Why is it so hard to tie-up
someone with no wrists?
[sighs ruefully]
Yes, you're all the one who suffers.
Please, I may be an
immortal God,
but I require two hands
to cast magic.
And as you can see
No hands,
no knife of creation.
Nothing but an eternity
to plot revenge
against those cackling monsters
of nature who betrayed me.
[Fong] Maybe.
But I'm not taking
any chances.
You killed my father.
Well, actually, I reduced your father's
essence into pearl.
Hey, son, I know you must
miss that little guy.
It's not just that.
Oh, right. I know.
I miss home, too.
[knuckles crack]
Hey, we'll get back
to Shanghai somehow.
[Elle grunts in frustration]
What are you doing?
[strains, grunts]
Looks like
vandalism to me.
[cracks again]
Oh, good.
That's what I'm going for.
I'd ask you to help, but I know your family
isn't really good at that.
[Sam sighs]
That's what I thought.
This is what I get
for bringing you back to life?
Where are the mogwai?
And the clay knife?
Broken rules everywhere.
This is a disaster!
Except for that.
That I like.
Stop! I was very clear.
Any vandalism
to the Valley of Jade,
I detain you.
Oh, no. I remember.
Why do you think I'm doing this?
We need to get back
to Shanghai.
And my mom
always told me that
getting arrested,
is the fastest way to score a ride home.
I am not
the celestial taxi.
She's part of a different
cosmic agency.
[Elle grunts]
[sighs in exasperation]
If you really want to be arrested, fine.
You shall all be detained
in the worst place
in the whole cosmic universe,
which right now is
the city of Shanghai.
Usually, it's one
of the ten courts of Hell,
but it looks like you and those evil mogwai
even messed that up.
Go enjoy
Hell on earth.
[Elle] Thank you.
This is a punishment!
[sighs in exasperation]
And I popped a stitch.
Day like this, I could eat
every red bean cake in creation.
[all screaming]
Vandalism for the win.
Uh he did send us
to a court of Hell.
I can't believe
we're home.
And we're never
leaving it again.
[window breaks]
[speaking Mandarin]
[people shouting and screaming]
[mogwai laughs evilly]
[mogwai laughs]
- [all gasp]
- I, for one, am impressed.
I underestimated these
The name "mogwai"
is too cute.
I shall borrow a term
from the Royal Air Force.
These are gre
[loud smack]
Things are bad enough
without that guy talking, too.
I've never loved you more.
Okay. Step one,
lock him in the trunk.
Step two,
board up the windows.
- [Elle] Let's go.
- Good idea.
We should board up
the back door, too.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
We're not staying.
We need to rescue Gizmo
and get the heck out of this city.
No, I can't.
What do you mean you can't?
You have to.
This is your fault.
If we don't save Gizmo,
who will?
The last time I tried
to save him, I let him down.
Grandpa was wrong about me.
I didn't save anyone.
I doomed us all.
Gizmo is in danger
because of me.
The clay knife is loose,
because of me.
Shanghai is burning,
because of me.
So what?
Do better next time.
I don't want a next time.
I'll only
make things worse.
You think things can
get worse?
[mogwai's screaming]
[Fong] Things can always
get worse.
[Elle] Yeah, I know.
I was dead earlier, and now
I'm having this conversation.
So what we need to focus on
is our family.
Staying safe inside the shop
until the danger passes.
Elle, you can do
whatever you want.
Fine. Stay.
I'll save Gizmo.
Good luck reopening
your business in Mogwaiville.
[dramatic music playing]
[people shouting, screaming]
[mogwai laughing]
- [Elle gasps]
- [mogwai snarls]
[laughs heartily]
[mogwai groans]
[mogwai laugh raucously
in distance]
[sighing in exhaustion]
- [mogwai laughing]
- [gasps]
Buy fruit?
[mogwais snarling]
Shut up!
[liquid bubbling]
[Elle gasps]
[Elle shrieks]
[bells clanging]
Are you robbing me
in my city?
[mogwai exclaim]
[mogwai] Somebody
[mogwai shriek fearfully]
Out of my way, tourists.
[honk blares]
[loud explosion]
[mogwais laughing]
[engine starting]
- [mogwai laughing]
- [Elle gasps]
[engine starts]
[mogwai exclaims]
Sing that song we used to
if you can hear me, Giz.
[mogwais laughing]
Never mind, I can't
hear anything.
But I can see something.
[engine accelerating]
Oh, yes,
I'll take one of you for each day,
and two for Sunday.
Bright light!
You mouthy mogwai,
talk to me.
Where is Gizmo, or I will
Yes. I'll talk.
Please let me talk.
I enjoy
a good rampage, too.
But I'm not like
my brethren.
Smashing this,
saying "caca" that.
[mogwais repeating]
Caca, caca.
I enjoy the finer
things in life.
Diplomacy, compassion,
and this suit.
Right, my furry father-brother
is taking in a show
at Madame Claw's.
One of you owns
a nightclub and is named Madame Claw?
Why certainly.
My species may be
remorseless agents of chaos,
but we still have names. [whimpers]
[mogwais repeating]
Caca, caca.
Oh! No caca, no caca.
[man pants, grunts]
[mogwais laughing]
There, with these boards,
you can barely tell how bad it is outside.
[screaming and shouting
continues outside]
We need more boards.
[man sobbing]
Who am I kidding?
I always knew I'd go out like this.
Sam, get more nails.
[sighs wearily]
Sam, look at me.
This is not on you.
You did what you had to do
to stay alive.
Now go get
some more nails.
Still waiting on those
- Sam?
- Goodbye. Don't worry. Love you.
Sam, no!
[music playing in club]
[bottles smashing]
[mogwai] My seat! Mine!
- [laughing]
- [snarls]
[mogwais scatting]
[music stops]
[mogwais laughing]
[chuckles nervously]
[indistinct chatter]
[mogwai] Password?
Gonna take a guess here.
[mogwai] Yeah.
[door opens]
[smooth jazz music playing]
[mogwais chatter, laugh]
[Gizmo snarls angrily]
- Uh-oh.
- Yeah! [laughs]
[Gizmo scatting]
[mogwai laughing]
- [gasps]
- [other gismos gasp]
[snarls, laughs]
[Odd-Odd snarls]
Gizmo scared?
[chuckles in satisfaction]
[Gizmo cries out]
[sighs sadly]
Gizmo no go.
Dance, dance!
[dance music playing]
[giggles happily]
Sam, come back.
It's not safe
out here for you.
[loud crash]
[cat meows]
Or anyone.
Sorry, I can't.
Sam Tze Wing,
stop this instant.
There's nothing you can do
right now except get hurt.
[Sam panting]
Maybe I'm not an adventurer.
Maybe I will make
everything worse.
But I won't know
unless I try.
I have to do something.
No, you don't.
Doing something
is dangerous.
Doing nothing
gets a bad rap.
And don't follow
that lying, stealing street thief.
We're Wings.
We run away from danger.
[Sam] Grandpa didn't.
And look where
he is now?
[music stops]
You're our Sam, not some hero.
If I don't do something,
who will?
[mogwai] Surprise!
Let go of our son!
[Sam] Look out.
[explosion thunders]
Mom, Dad, I'm not the
[mogwai snarling]
[Sam sighs]
I'm not the same Sam
So, you're saving
the day how?
I have
a five step plan.
That's my boy.
Step one, find Elle.
Step one A,
find Gizmo.
[jazz music playing]
Boo! Boo!
Boo! Boo!
- [groans softly]
- [mogwai laughs]
[scatting continues]
[Odd-Odd] Whoa!
[loud crash]
[jazz music, scatting continues]
Hey, I hope I'm not
interrupting your family reunion?
[Gizmo laughs] Oh!
Where's Sam?
- [Gizmo whimpers]
- Hey, we don't need Sam.
I'm the one getting
you out of this
[mogwai singing]
- [snarls]
- [both scream]
[jazz music continues]
[Elle] Whoa!
[mogwai screams in high-pitch]
At least I'm not gonna
die alone.
[Gizmo mutters fearfully]
[Odd-Odd] Gizmo mine!
- [Gizmo squeals]
- [Elle grunts]
Gizmo mine!
- Bright light! Bright light!
- [Gizmo] Bright light!
Elle, come to the light.
[mogwais chatter fearfully]
- [Gizmo] Sam!
- You came back!
[Gizmo exclaims]
I'm never leaving you
ever again.
How'd you find us?
We followed every bad mogwai
in Shanghai.
They're all coming here.
[mogwai grunts]
[Elle] What's next?
Burn down the nightclub?
[Sam] No, step four,
steal back the clay knife.
Then burn it down?
No, step five is to turn
all these bad mogwai into good ones.
Just like Nuwa would do.
They're Gizmo's family.
Eh! Fine, no fire.
I'm in.
For Nuwa.
For Nuwa.
[Odd-Odd screams]
Where Gizmo?
Right, back to the plan.
Mom, step four.
[intense music playing]
[Odd-Odd laughing maniacally]
[Gizmo exclaims]
[footsteps thunder]
[mogwai laughing maniacally]
[exclaims, screams]
[Odd-Odd] Gizmo!
Wait, where are the kids?
[both screams]
[both panting]
Mom! Dad!
[loud rumbling]
[Odd-Odd snarling]
[intense music playing]
[Elle grunts]
[Odd-Odd roars]
[grunts] Huh?
[Sam] Mom! No!
[Hon straining]
[footsteps thundering]
[intense music playing]
[all laughing]
Everyone caca.
Okay, now things
can't get worse.
[mogwais laughing]
[box rattling]
[mogwai screaming]
Where is my knife?
[theme music playing]
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