Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai (2022) s01e08 Episode Script

Never Hug a Mogwai

Whoa. Guys.
Did I actually, like,
really die back in Fengdong?
'Cause this looks
way too good to be true.
If this was my home,
I'd do anything to get back here, too.
I wish my grandpa were here
to see this.
Nuwa, too.
Nuwa's going to be okay.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
No, sir.
Not getting stuck
in that worried Sam head.
Not when there's so much
good stuff happening.
I mean, for one, I'm alive
after being dead.
Uh, still amazing.
And we're in
The Valley of Jade.
Tons of people have spent
their lives trying to get here.
And look who made it.
A super sheltered goody-goody,
a highly-skilled, brilliant pickpocket and
a pint-sized circus escapee.
Hey! Hey, it's me!
Gizmo? Gizmo!
Wow, it's so great to see you!
Come on! Come on!
Hey, everyone! Gizmo is back!
Hey, everyone!
- Gizmo!
- Yay!
Friends! Brought me home!
Calm down, calm down.
It's okay!
It's okay, it's okay!
We made it.
We really made it.
You must be
the celestial administrator.
Allow me to introduce myself.
Oh, I know who you are.
I assist and open portals for Nuwa,
and you are no Nuwa.
In fact,
according to your life file,
you're an only child,
an excellent speller
and a petty magic hoarder
with only one good trick of your own:
stealing magic know-how
from others smarter and more talented.
Yet, no matter how much
power you collect,
you'll never fill your aching void inside
because you were
Checks notes
never hugged as a child.
Not even by your own mother.
Hug yourself.
I'll never open
a portal for you.
Why would I ever need
your help
when I'm already a God?
Get him! Get him!
Huh. Grandpa was right.
He really is an entertainer.
Hey, Giz,
after you're done with pretend us,
can real us get our treasure?
Come on, Gizmo.
I don't want your rock.
I want treasure, you know,
to trade for goods and services
like non-stolen food
in a non-shack room.
What is this?
No, that's Nuwa's!
And a knife?
Ha! It has everything.
That's Nuwa's knife?
From the story?
The clay knife she used
to create you?
Oh, so how does it work?
Did she use it to shape
a special clay?
Or more like a wand?
What to create?
Ooh, I know!
You were thinking of gold,
weren't you?
I think about it a lot.
So let's put the knife back.
Nuwa used that to make
and unmake creatures.
- And non-Gods shouldn't play God.
- Yeah!
Gizmo, I'm really sorry
about the butterfly,
but I was promised treasure.
- Maybe the real treasure is
- If you say friendship,
so help me. I will
The rocks are jade?
Sam! Sam! The rocks are jade.
Beautiful, bright,
valuable jade.
Oh, it's everywhere!
We're rich! Do you realize
what this means?
We can take an airship
to anywhere in the world.
I can get new clothes.
Oh, oh, thank you.
Thank you, thank you,
thank you, thank you!
But first Shanghai.
Straight back.
We helped Gizmo.
Now you help me
help my parents.
You promised.
I didn't forget.
I said I'd help you bust them out.
And now, I know exactly
how we're going to do it.
You didn't know before?
I don't need to know anything ever again,
because money beats everything.
Even magic.
We'll buy off Greene's goons,
set your parents free.
Aw. I'm going to
miss you, too, little guy.
We both are.
But I have to return
to my family now.
We have to say goodbye.
No. No bye!
Yes bye
But maybe
we can visit sometime?
Yeah, probably not.
Come here.
Gizmo with Sam.
Gizmo with Elle.
Never bye.
Sam. Elle.
Assorted mogwai.
I believe you bow before a God.
What did you do to Nuwa?
Yeah! What did you do?
What I always do when
someone has knowledge I want:
I swallowed her and took it.
My plan was to gather
all these furry ones,
sell their immortality and procure riches
beyond your tiny, poor children dreams.
But as I've been processing
Nuwa's alcohol-drenched memories,
I realized this valley may hold
more than mogwai.
So it is here.
No way!
- Hello, Gizmo!
- No!
Mr. Greene,
you better get out of here.
This is the knife of creation.
Nuwa made the mogwai with it.
And now, I'm going to use it
to protect them.
Sam Wing,
your naivety is infinite,
but its charm is not.
Lower the knife.
You have no idea how dangerous
it can be in the wrong hands.
You can keep them safe.
I am the right hands.
I know your grandfather
told you that, but he was wrong.
No, the knife belongs
with someone
who has the mental fortitude
to use it correctly.
It's a deceptively simple tool.
One needs only to think
of something with perfect focus.
And then, poof! Creation.
But perfect focus
means no stray thoughts.
No fear, no self-doubt.
Are you sure of yourself, Sam?
I've searched through all
your grandfather's memories,
and he does not remember you
as a very confident boy,
and I'm sure they don't either.
- Sam!
- Sam!
Dad? Mom?
What are they
Creation magic gone wrong
can go very wrong.
For example, let's say you want
to make wings for your mother so she doesn't fall and die.
But you're also hungry.
When is the last time you ate?
Wouldn't a hot steamer
of bao taste good?
And now you're thinking
about wings, and your mother and bao.
Delicious bao.
And you use the knife.
Poof! Your mom's wings
flap around,
and so does her giant bao head.
He's lying, Sam! Don't listen.
You can do it!
Use it now!
I can't I
Behold, the knife of creation!
It once belonged to a God,
and now it belongs to me.
Also a God!
Only one thing remains
for my ascension
to be complete.
A taste of eternal life.
No! Stop, stop, stop!
Stop it! Stop!
Yes. Yes!
I I feel it!
I am immortal!
Brothers and sisters.
Lord Greene has entrusted us
to round up our furry brethren
for his grand plans.
So, please, don't hurt them
too noticeably.
Appearances matter.
What can this knife do for me?
I already ate a mogwai,
but I am still peckish.
Not bad, but I want a meal
elegant enough for me.
No, no. Undo, undo.
That's enough practice for today,
my divine blade.
Now, let's make sure
you know your master.
What happened?
Where's my mom and dad?
Where's Gizmo?
Look for yourself.
- Wha what do we do?
- We?
You had the knife.
He was right there.
If you could have
at least tried,
we could be dealing with
a gold statue right now instead of this.
I didn't know what to do.
You shoot the knife!
It's not that simple.
What if I used the knife
and everything went wrong?
You would have felt the same.
I would have used the knife
without a second thought,
and you know it.
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
Hey, ugly mogwai.
Can someone please
come knock me out?
Anything, so I don't have
to hear these lame apologies?
Another big talker?
Come on! You know what?
Why not just skip to the end
and just kill me?
Oh, Elle. I am a God now.
I'm not going to kill you
when you don't matter at all.
It would seem petty.
No, I came up here
for Sam Wing.
I have a present for him.
I don't want anything from you.
Hm. Yes, you do.
I believe in giving credit
where credit is due.
And you led me here.
I could not have achieved
my one true destiny without you
and your parental leverage.
So, thank you.
Oh, Sam!
Now, goodbye. Forever.
Mom. Dad. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for everything.
I never should
have left Shanghai.
I never should have
gone to the circus.
I never
Greene was right.
I led them all here.
And when it mattered, I froze.
don't punish yourself.
We're together now.
Yeah, right.
Gonna die together.
Just because you're no longer
with Greene, doesn't mean we suddenly like you.
Mom, stop!
Elle saved my life.
We've got to go down there
and help save Gizmo.
Hey. Hey, you guys!
That guy's cheating.
And your plan is?
To not do nothing.
Stay low, behind me.
Deal, done.
You know, it's funny
how Godhood alters one's perspective.
Like my original plans
for these mogwai seem adorably small,
now that I have
the knife of creation.
So consider our deal changed.
As Miss Claw's liaison, sir,
she would like the ship now.
- Quite understandable
- Yes, yes, I remember the deal.
But circumstances have changed.
The ship is irrelevant.
I am going to open a portal
straight to Shanghai
and your kind running free
and wreaking havoc in my brave new world,
that's not going to work.
This is where you shall stay.
In your ancestral home.
Where mogwai belong.
By your blank stare,
I assume you understand.
Very good.
Now, if you will excuse me.
I don't want to be late
for my portal to Shanghai.
Ah, new plan.
Finally, Shanghai.
Then, the world.
For he's
A jolly good fellow ♪
Oh, my God. This is insane.
It is. But also
kind of moving.
This isn't like them.
Something is wrong.
Fellow ♪
Which nobody can deny! ♪
Isn't a hug
what you always wanted?
Allow yourself
to accept love, sir.
You idiots!
You can't defeat me
with pure force.
I'm the apex
of power and intellect.
I thought of everything
and more
than you puny numbskulls
can ever imagine!
I even enchanted my knife,
so that if anyone tried
to steal it,
it would magnetize to my hand!
No one can take it from me.
Now what?
Why are you smiling?
Oh, my!
That was my magic hand.
My right hand may have
held more power,
but my left can still
summon enough to
No hand!
Now, Gizmo. I imagine you're
a bit stressed right now.
After all, the clay knife of creation
demands perfect concentration.
And like any true mogwai,
our glorious
monstress-in-chief, Lady Claw,
is remarkably single minded.
Always focused on one thing
- Fun!
- Fun.
Fun, fun, fun, fun!
I know it feels like she's only
doing this to spite you,
but she's also doing this
to break you.
Elle! What are you doing?
Our family is quite dysfunctional,
eh, my brother/father?
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