Grey's Anatomy s09e04 Episode Script

I Saw Her Standing There

The clothes a surgeon wears help to present an image.
The lab coats and badges and scrubs all work together to indicate a person of authority someone you can trust.
When the clothes come off, that's a different story.
We're sensitive, vulnerable human and just as prone to questionable judgment as anybody else.
His hemoglobin is what? Okay, so just-just do an M.
and a hemoccult, and I'll be right in.
My idiot intern thinks she found a rare retroperitoneal tumor.
So now I have to go in and tell her that she's wrong.
Well, I'm sure she'll still be a wrong in 20 minutes.
I can take care of Zola this morning.
I, um, I don't have to lecture until 10:00.
Still not sure it justifies the size of my paycheck.
You're a great teacher.
I should know.
I was hot for teacher in my day.
- Oh, really? - Mm-hmm.
So what is on the ol' agenda today? Oh, just catching up on, uh, Thomas' plan for tomorrow's open P.
ligation and left main bypass.
I've never seen one before.
Yeah, that's because nobody's done it that way since 1993.
How long do you suppose that's gonna take? That's perfect.
What does that mean? Nothing.
I have 20 minutes.
Want to go again? I guess so.
That was the last time.
We can't do this anymore.
No, no, we won't, because this is the last time, ever.
I'm gonna get some coffee.
- I'm gonna go pray.
- Cool.
Oh, morning, Hunt.
It's beautiful out there.
Webber, what's with the tie? Oh, just thought I'd up my game a bit today.
- Yeah.
- Where's yours? Huh? Oh.
I had kind of a rough night.
Got a spare.
Oh, thanks.
Don't mention it.
Good morning, Bailey.
What's with the tie? It felt like a tie kind of day.
Oh, well, does it also feel like a small bowel obstruction kind of day? I'd be happy to have you scrub in.
Oh, not this afternoon.
I'm busy.
Oh, I'm sorry.
You have an appointment with your haberdasher? Now what is so wrong with a man taking a little pride in his appearance? Hello, handsome.
Oh, Catherine, there you are.
Yes, here I am.
Nice tie.
Yeah, whatever's wrong, that'll fix it.
Barnett decided everyone should create new passwords.
You do it in the settings menu.
But I-I can't access the settings menu without a new password.
So you're trying to break in? Hey, probably gonna need to go back in and do a redo O.
on Brody wright's humerus fracture, okay? When the hell is Robbins coming back? Wait, did you see her? Uh, did she see you? Robbins is here? Oh, damn it.
What? Uh um, she's she's being fitted for her first prosthetic today, which I wasn't supposed to tell you, because the only way I was able to get her to agree to come in at all was to promise that no one knows she's here.
Which makes two promises I've broken, if you count the time I said, "I promise you won't lose your leg," - which she certainly does.
- I didn't see her.
Tell her I hope it goes well.
No, I can't, because then she'd know I told you she's here.
Yeah, right.
Do you need me to write this down? Hey, Dr.
Good morning.
David Moore.
I'm your prosthetist.
Um, you know, we're we're gonna be working together for a while.
Uh, you can all me David.
Um Can I call you Arizona? What's a while? Well, till one of us dies or your leg grows back.
Yeah, that joke's always a risk.
Which one of these is mine? Uh, none of those, actually.
Today we're just gonna get you started on a post-op socket, and that'll give us a good idea of what's most comfortable moving forward.
May I? Oh, excellent.
You see how there's no scar tissue? That-that means it's healing well.
Oh, great.
Yeah, it is.
All right.
Uh, let's get to work? Just stop having sex with him.
I am trying to fit in.
I live here now.
I have to just, you know, adapt.
So I'm making friends.
But you don't even like him.
Who says I have to like him? He's my sex friend.
Well, what about the ancient guy? What about him? You want me to be sex friends with the ancient guy? No.
I want you to be regular friends with the ancient guy and stop having sex friends in general.
I am regular friends with the ancient guy.
He, frankly, is my bestie.
He's my you here in Minnesota.
Well, how does the ancient Minnesota me feel about you being sex friends with Parker? You know, it's no big deal.
Parker is fine.
A little reptilian, a little chatty, but fine.
This is a cry for help.
It's a cry for an orgasm.
And how's that working out? Dr.
Grey, the radiologist report does indicate a retrocrural mass, which means I could be right, right? Or not? Holy crap.
- What? - I gotta go.
Holy crap.
Is it a big surprise? It's very big.
Will I need to use two hands? Two hands won't be enough.
Webber, does this bed go down at all? Bryan, um, this is the urologist that I was talking to you about.
This is Dr.
Catherine Avery.
Um, before you say anything, uh, no, these aren't basketballs in my pockets, and, yes, I am very happy to see you.
I don't understand why you've let it get this bad before seeking treatment.
He's using it as an excuse to avoid our 10-year high school reunion.
Paula, I am not.
He is.
It wasn't this bad before.
I mean, I-I've seen other doctors who prescribed pills that never seemed to work.
Then a few months ago, everything sort of just blew up.
He wouldn't even have come if I hadn't dragged him.
I would have.
When? After the reunion.
Bryan, there's no need to fear.
By the time we get finished with you, you'll be hitting that reunion with 98% less scrotum.
Thomas, the P.
was one thing, but now with the blockage, does that mean two surgeries? No, it means two procedures, both of which I propose to perform during one surgery.
We'll fix your P.
from the side, then flip you over and then open up your blocked arteries from the front.
Flip me, spin me whatever you want.
If it means not feeling like I'm trapped in the body of an 80 year old anymore, - I'm in.
- Janet, believe me.
I know exactly how you feel.
Because he's old.
He's very, very old.
Don't mistake Dr.
Yang's disrespect for a sense of humor.
She hasn't got one.
Oh, no, no, no.
I-I respect you.
You're a historical landmark.
Case in point.
Like the grand canyon.
Keep it up.
Only-only older.
Oh, all right.
- Just a smidge.
- Oh, my god.
A smidge older than that.
I work out all the time.
I read "Men's health.
" And I don't eat anything I actually want.
And you're telling me I'm gonna die? This tumor is difficult to resect.
It's not impossible.
Rob, you're in private security, right? Yeah, I'm a bodyguard.
All right.
Well, that's my job, too.
I have your back.
Yeah, you know what? This tumor is just a little punk.
Can I have some tissue, please? Any questions? When you performed That transcranial resection of clival chordoma in 2003, did you realize you'd become a major influence on surgeons around the world? Any questions about central lines? Okay, look, I get that you went over this in med school, but as interns, you're gonna be asked to insert central lines every day.
Do it incorrectly, and the patient could die.
I could be watching a whipple right now.
I heard that Dr.
Webber's has a patient with scrotal lymphedema.
Scrotal lymphedema? - Ladies.
- Uh, Dr.
I have a question about central lines.
Go ahead.
In learning to insert your first central line, did you develop any of the skills that contributed to your influential clival chordoma resection in 2003? Dr.
Yang, can I see you for a second, please? You know, I'll be right back.
Is this gonna take long? Just a quick question.
Did you even try to suggest a less invasive approach? Uh, yeah.
Of course I did.
A hybrid surgery.
Only one incision, done in half the time.
When? When did you suggest it? I don't know.
What did he say? Uh, ah, he said, "Are we a hospital or a pizza delivery service?" He asked if we needed it done in 30 minutes or less.
He is so stubborn.
Uh, but he's not wrong.
I mean, his way minimizes the risk of recurrent shunt.
I mean, it's old-school, but I never would've thought Got it.
Sounds great.
So I can go back? Yeah, go, go.
Enjoy it while you can.
What does that mean? Will I be off probation soon? Just go.
Most men would just bring a girl flowers.
You know, this is a very dangerous game we're playing.
I've done my best to keep Jackson in the dark about the further adventures of Catherine and Richard.
Which is why I made sure to grab Dr.
Quaid for the skin flap.
There's no reason Jackson needs to be in that O.
Maybe that's a mistake.
I come into town to work on a case that has a large plastics component and don't bring him in? You saying, it seems suspicious? Maybe.
Oh, maybe not.
It's just like high school.
I know.
Isn't it fun? Ooh, when you said you were busy, you weren't kidding.
- Dr.
Bailey, how nice to see you.
- Hi.
Uh, what happened to your small bowel obstruction? Cleared up.
Hey, you wouldn't need an extra set of hands on those puppies, would you? Um, w-well, actually, I was, uh, hoping, uh, that April Kepner could come aboard.
Kepner? Yeah, I'm, you know, I'm I'm taking her under my wing.
She's fragile.
Y-you understand.
That is a giant scrotum.
I do not understand.
I'm sorry, Bailey.
Um, n-next time.
You're the prosthetist? Yeah.
I've always thought that'd make a good title for a movie.
Hey, David Moore.
Alex Karev, peds.
Um, if you're looking for Dr.
Robbins, she's over in the clinic.
We're about to do a plaster cast of her residual limb.
But you've got a few minutes.
Oh, no, that's cool.
I was, uh, I was just hoping that you could tell me how she's doing.
Any scar tissue or contractures? No.
So far, so good.
All right.
How soon before she's back up on her feet? That's a little harder to say.
I should have a better idea after tomorrow, though.
Tell her you stopped by? No, no, don't, because, uh, I didn't.
All right.
Keep trying, folks.
Nobody gets it the first time.
Or the 4th time, apparently.
I just can't seem to locate the vein.
Okay, give it to me.
I, uh Close your eyes.
Visualize the anatomy.
Sublcavian vein is what you're looking for.
Okay, walk it up the clavicle.
Watch on the angle.
Not too deep.
I see it.
Watch your angle.
That's arterial blood.
He's gonna bleed to death.
So not boom? No.
Not boom.
You've gotta work around the azygos and the hemiazygos veins.
There's fatty tissue, lymph nodes, lymphatic tissue, and the sympathetic chains, not to mention the fact that the tumor has lifted up the inferior vena cava and is adherent to the aorta.
This is a mess.
I know.
So how do we get the entire mass without having to resect the aorta? I have no idea.
Yeah, I'm happy to take this off your hands.
I called you for an opinion, not to steal my surgery.
N-no first-year attending in her right mind is gonna want to take on something like this.
I mean, not when full responsibility for every decision made in the O.
falls on her shoulders.
Don't come crying to me when a man's bleeding out on your table just 'cause you think you bad.
Oh, she's bad.
Yeah, we'll see.
I still don't understand what it is I'm looking at.
Those are testicles, Dr.
Don't worry, sweetheart.
They're not supposed to look like that.
I know what testicles are s Jackson didn't mention that you were coming.
He didn't know.
He made it very clear, he would like me to stay out of his personal business, so I am doing my best.
Well, I think that's great.
I've made no such promises to you.
You need to start prepping for next year's boards.
There's a fellow in our gynecology department that's an excellent tutor.
And he's cute.
That's-that's not really even nec I said it before, and I will say it again.
You're just too uptight, baby.
You need to get l-a-i-d.
Look at me.
Look at me.
I am having the best sex I have had in years.
And it's just opened me up like a flower, blossoming towards the sun.
That's a powerful image.
I bet that fellow knows his way around a woman.
Oh, relax.
I'm kidding.
See that? That's what I mean.
But I will give you his number, just in case.
Hey, Dr.
Um, yes, sir.
Why is my name on tomorrow's O.
schedule for a scrotal lymphedema surgery with you? Uh, got the wrong Avery.
I'm doing the surgery with your your mother.
My mother's here performing a surgery with you? B-but we were hoping that you'd be available to do a skin flap.
Actually, she sent me to find you for a consult.
O-okay, sure.
Yeah, I'll just be a minute.
Just a few more minutes, okay? It's fine.
I thought you'd be ready.
That's because you didn't check your voice mail.
You just looked to see who called.
If you had checked your freakin' voice mail, then you would know that I was still gonna be here a while, because you would've gotten the freakin' message! I'll come back.
You know, my-my brother, he never checks his voice mail either.
It's maddening.
Derek must be so proud.
You'll be, like, Mr.
and Mrs.
Impossible tumor.
But that's the problem.
I mean, he's not Mr.
Impossible tumor anymore.
And I don't want to rub his nose in it.
He's trying to be so cheery about teaching.
That's so sad.
It's not sad.
It's just an adjustment.
Can you imagine never doing surgery again? I can.
I do.
I mean, he didn't see this coming.
So I just try to enjoy it while I can.
Oh, my god.
He doesn't see it coming.
Oh, my god.
Thanks, Mer.
I gotta go.
Oh, I hate teaching.
You love teaching.
I just never realized how much I rely on just having them be able to watch me do the thing.
Well, I used to love it when you stood behind me and whispered instructions in my ear.
Well, I can't do that with all the kids.
How are you? Yes, I know.
So I'm guessing your intern didn't like finding out she was wrong about the tumor.
No, she didn't like it at all.
This is the last time.
The last time was the last time.
Yeah, but this is the last last time.
I have to be in the O.
All day tomorrow with your mom.
You're in that surgery, too? What do you mean, too? Wait.
You're gonna be there? - Yeah.
- No, no, no.
We cannot both be in that O.
She's gonna figure it out.
She is obsessed with my sex life.
She's having amazing sex, so I have to, too.
You don't want to hear that.
Webber's still banging my mom.
That's who she called the best sex of her life? And we're done here.
White wine.
What kind? The big kind? Torres, it's late.
Well, you know how they say one of the biggest things couples fight about is money? Turns out money fights ain't got nothing on an amputation fight.
I can imagine.
Yeah, but I can't get mad or yell, because then I'm the woman yelling at her one-legged wife.
So I've been sleeping at Mark's, I don't think I can take another night in my dead best friend's bed.
It just reminds me that he's gone, and I end up having the worst dreams.
It's getting so bad, I even considered asking Shepherd if I could crash in his trailer in the woods.
That's pretty bad.
That was a lot.
Oh, I asked.
I'm not sure you did.
It's fine.
Honestly I haven't been sleeping too well, either.
Want another? Uh, yeah.
Yeah? Yeah.
He'll have another.
Not to add insult to injury, but that's the worst tie I've ever seen.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, coming.
Well, hey there.
Uh, I didn't know we, uh We're not.
What's your deal with Dr.
Thomas? You came here to talk about Craig Thomas? Well, color me disappointed.
You said, "Enjoy him while you can.
" What does that mean? Come on in.
It's cold.
Are you firing him? We can't fire him.
We can force him to retire, though.
Listen, telling you this breaks a whole bushel of board regulations.
Tell me one mistake he's made.
He hasn't.
Not yet.
But when he does, his age will make it an instant malpractice suit that we will lose.
He's years behind the medical education curve.
You said it yourself.
He refused to try a minimally invasive technique.
Why, because he's stubborn or because he doesn't know how? That's why you've had me working with him.
Well, yeah, you represent everything that is new and smart and advanced in our field.
You're his opposite.
And when the time comes to make a case, it won't hurt to have you help us do it.
You should've told me.
Ethically, no.
Ethically, yes.
You should have.
Honestly, I never would've thought you'd have a problem with it.
I can't see anything.
You described them as, "so big, a sheet couldn't cover them.
" I may have exaggerated.
Okay, ladies, this isn't a sideshow.
Gentlemen, step right up.
That's it? Okay.
That's not okay.
Oh, great.
Karev's here.
Here to make us all laugh with funny jokes about my hands on a man's parts.
This isn't funny.
That poor guy.
I know.
Can you imagine becoming so swollen that a surgeon needs to use a scalpel to dig out all that excess tissue until the testicles and cords hit the open air? I mean, who even knows what happened to his penis in all that mess? That's not okay.
Your mother won't stop asking me why I look so tired.
Why do you look so tired? - They look so cute together.
- Shut up.
Think they look tired? Go to hell.
The hybrid surgery was a good pitch.
Yes, it was.
So why aren't we doing it? Because we have a surgical plan.
Do you have a problem, Dr.
Yang? Nope.
But I think you do.
I think you reject my pitches because they scare you.
I thought you were learning something from me.
I have.
I have learned that mortality is breathing down your neck, and you are running from the future like a scared old chicken.
- I won't change my plan just because - Won't or can't? I'm perfectly capable of threading a catheter, Dr.
Prove it.
Prove me wrong.
Take a deep breath for me, Bryan.
And let it out.
Wh-what about my recovery time? I mean, is there any chance I won't be able to walk for a while? God, Bryan.
Stop hiding from Amy Miller.
I'm not.
She probably won't even be at the reunion.
She will.
Sheryl Thompson told me so.
Also said she's single.
You're not that skinny kid from Rocketry club anymore.
You're smart.
You're funny.
You're good enough for Amy.
Actually, you're too good for Amy.
You would be the perfect guy except except I've got giant balls? No! Except that you don't.
It's a good trade, Grey.
My two leisurely abdominal surgeries for just one retrocrural tumor.
This is getting a little sad.
No, I'll tell you what's sad.
Meredith Grey flaming out 'cause she doesn't know a good bargain when she sees one.
Stop, Mr.
Mays! Mr.
Mays, stop! Should've made the trade.
Uh, Dr.
Hey, um, I might be interested in a trade.
He's right over there.
I mean, do I call for backup? Do I get a net or what? Forget it.
I would operate out here, but I don't think it's particularly sterile.
You lied to me.
I didn't.
That intern was in the hallway bragging to all her little friends about my once-in-a-career tumor.
She said you didn't even know where you were gonna start.
With a tumor like this, no surgeon would until you're open and on the table and I can get a look at the thing.
Yeah, well, that's terrifying.
I know.
That's why I didn't tell you.
You're an emotional guy.
Not usually.
I mean, at work, I'm in dangerous situations all the time.
But then, you know, it's all about the client.
So I'm not allowed to freak out.
But right now, I'm freaking out.
Well, today you're allowed, because I won't.
Th-that intern's got a big mouth.
Tell me about it.
Um, did you hear anything about Robbins' fitting? I mean, uh, Moore said You spoke to Moore? I told you not to do that.
If she'd seen you Look, I'm the one who cut off her leg.
If she has a problem adjusting to the prosthetic or if turns out she's gotta have more surgery I mean, what if I screwed it up? She even blames me for being on the plane.
She doesn't blame you, Karev.
She doesn't even know you made the cut.
I made the call, okay? I was supposed to protect her.
I'm the bad doctor, the bad person.
Your name never comes up.
Now if this doesn't feel right, I can adjust it or-or we can try a whole new cast.
It's fine.
Don't rush this.
If it's not right, you're the one that suffers, not me.
Okay, let's get you up on your feet.
No, that's fine.
I don't need to I need to see you take a few steps.
Let's see how it feels when you put some weight on it, all right? No.
Hey, let go! Arizona, you-you can't do this on your own.
You need help.
If we do this right and we and we get you on a prosthetic that fits, you'll need less, but you are not there yet.
And, you know, you're very lucky to have people in your corner that care.
You should let them help.
You're like a gift from god.
I-I wasn't talking about me.
I barely know you.
I'm here because this this is my job.
I have plenty of other things I could be doing right now.
Yeah? Well, why don't you go do them? You know, I think I will.
Okay, folks.
Let's get started.
Um Dr.
We were wondering if, instead of a lecture, we might be able to watch Dr.
Grey remove that rare tumor.
Grey is not removing a rare tumor.
- Yeah, she is.
- No, she's not.
But she and Dr.
Brooks are in O.
one right now.
What did you say to him? Who? Thomas.
Because, you know, legally, I could get in a lot of trouble for telling you about the I didn't say anything.
It was his idea.
Really? He just suddenly changes his mind and goes with an approach he rejected two days ago? I know.
I was surprised, too.
I was, like, "Whoa, what a surprise.
" Okay.
No, actually, maybe we lucked out.
I've never seen him use one of those.
I wouldn't even allow it if I didn't know you'd be in there to take over when he craps out.
When he does, it might just be all the board needs to proceed with his dismissal.
I'm sorry.
You're just such a badass.
And I shouldn't have been bragging, but I-I liked feeling like one, too.
If I was a real badass, I would've just kept my mouth shut, been stoic, silent.
Why don't you try that? More suction, please.
I can't get good visualization.
That's a big tumor.
Yeah, it is.
She didn't even tell me about it.
I found out through one of my interns.
My wife is bubble wrapping me.
Shepherd, you have a reputation for needing to be bubble wrapped.
Excuse me? You fight for your patients against the worst possible odds, but when things get messy personally, you're gone Off to the woods to drink and grow a beard.
And with everything that's happened and this lawsuit keeping it all alive, maybe she just worried that the slightest little thing is gonna make you run off to that trailer and leave her alone in the house you gave her, not sleeping at night because whichever room she lays down in, she just can't get away from the fact that you're just not there.
Sounds like you had that all teed up and ready to go.
Yeah, well, a version of it.
It's meant for somebody else, you know, but, uh, it kind of works here, too.
You don't think she's coming back.
No, I don't.
Here it is.
Where do we start? We need to identify the testicles and the cords.
Don't want to damage them.
Yes, ma'am.
I'll keep my eyes peeled.
I'm having the best time.
- What's with the face? - I'm not making a face.
I've spent a few thousand hours looking at you with a mask on.
I know when you're making a face.
Bailey, I'm not making a face.
Just so you know, I did not bully April Kepner into giving up this surgery.
She approached me.
So nuts to her.
Get it? Nuts to her? Oh, come on.
You get it.
I'm a urologist, Dr.
Of course I get it.
Hey, I spend most of my day in a bowel.
Doesn't mean I don't laugh at a fart.
Oh, tough room.
Oh, hey, Avery, knock, knock.
I think I just located the left testicle.
Yes, you have.
I will continue to excise the surrounding tissue.
If someone can just get a hand underneath - Yeah.
- Uh, sorry.
- No, no, no.
Go ahead.
- No, I insist.
Oh, for Pete's sake.
It's just a little testicle.
Somebody get up in there.
Of all the organs in the body, of course it had to be this one.
Damn it.
You know, I'm pretty sure no one's ever closed a P.
by swearing at the catheter.
I don't need any tips, thank you.
I've used a guide wire before.
Really? Was that before or after you learned to use sheep's blood to lift a witch's curse? Would you be quiet? Damn.
Just relax.
I can't pass the wire.
You-you better take over.
Your-your right wrist.
What about it? Just turn it in, like this.
- I don't have time for this.
- Just-just try it.
Try it.
All right.
All right.
All right.
That's all, huh? That's pretty neat.
If you'd like, I can advance the balloon for you Back off, sister.
Eyes on your own work.
You okay? What are you doing here? I was looking for Moore.
It looks great.
Incision's healed well.
No edema.
You haven't completely destroyed my department, have you? Me? I'm the one thing that's kept that place together.
This guy Barnett's a one-man wrecking crew.
We need you back.
I'm trying.
You you know, Callie's trying, too.
Hey! Boy, that went like gangbusters in there.
It did, huh? You could look a little less disappointed.
The guy's a historical treasure.
That's funny.
No, it's not.
You're right.
But on the bright side, you're out of surgery sooner than expected.
What do you say to a little, uh I'm meeting a friend for drinks.
That's nice.
You're making friends.
- Good night.
- Well It's a little loose.
And it and it pinches right here.
And it hurts a little there.
Well, let me see what we can do about that.
I was visualizing the anatomy all wrong.
But if I just do it the way you told me Excellent work.
Keep going.
It's, uh, not so hopeless after all.
Hey, you you got a second? Yeah.
Good news, Bryan.
The procedure went as planned.
Amy Miller's got a lot to look forward to.
You know, it's really not about Amy.
But Paula and I have been friends for so long, I've never really known how to say it.
Son, uh, it's none of my business, but I don't think you oughta be ashamed of your feelings.
Seems to me we just surgically removed the only thing you had to be embarrassed about.
There's a whole lot less of you under that blanket.
Would you mind? No, not at all.
Think we'll get invited to the wedding? Hey.
I need a moment to talk to Dr.
Webber, man to man.
Oh, no.
No, you don't.
It's all right.
It's all right.
Well, all right, then.
All right, here's the deal I understand how two people can be drawn together even though they know it's incredibly wrong and it's something that shouldn't have happened.
Sex is a powerful force.
All right, look you hurt my mom, and I hurt you.
I wouldn't hurt your mom.
I like her.
And I don't like that you like her.
Well, man to man, you're just gonna have to deal with it.
You don't want a piece of this.
Not today.
I'm watching you.
I hope you like the view.
I know what you're thinking.
I'm married.
I haven't forgotten that.
Actually, I was thinking that all of that over there took some pretty big balls.
How was your day? Fine.
How about the tumor? Hmm? I was in the gallery.
That was no big deal.
I'm not gonna grow a beard and run off and live in the woods anymore.
If you have a good day, I want to hear about it.
It was amazing, actually.
I didn't know where the hell to start.
I stood there staring at the thing forever.
I knew that supraceliac aorta was gonna be a bitch to get around.
And I couldn't risk clamping without killing off the gut and the kidneys.
And then finally, it just came to me.
Mattox maneuver.
That's a trauma move.
Right, and it exposed the other side of the kidney, and wham I had perfect visualization.
What is that for? Contact high.
I might not come down for hours.
Okay, uh, Sofia's down for the night.
And, uh, I'll be at Mark's if you need anything.
"American bake-off" is on in a few minutes.
It might be hard for a surgeon to admit but there's no shame in simply being human.
It can be a relief to stop hiding to accept who you really are and let the world see you that way, too.
You okay? I'm fine.
- Are you sure? - Yeah.
Want to have sex? Yeah.
A little self-awareness never hurt anybody.
I know they're trying to push me out.
Got this watch at a surprise retirement party four years ago.
I mean, it's a piece of junk but I wear it just to screw with them.
They are so polite.
They don't dare say anything directly, you know? It's been a while since I've had anyone who cared enough to give me grief.
Um, I'll have another tequila, and, uh, something that contains actual alcohol for my friend here.
Oh, no, it's late.
It's, like, 10:15.
Have a drink.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
I'll have, um An old fashioned.
What? Really? An old you know what? I'll have two.
Make it two old fashioneds.
There you go.
Old fashioned.
Because when you know who you are it's easier to know what you're about and ultimately what you really need.

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