Grey's Anatomy s15e02 Episode Script

Broken Together

1 Just like we need food and water, humans need each other.
Do I know you? No.
Is that a deal-breaker? Really, Meredith? This is kind of a lot.
Don't you think? Stop judging me.
I really can't.
I can't.
A brain study revealed that, when placed in an MRI, a patient's reward center lit up when another person sat in the room.
Neurons fire when we talk to someone, think about someone, and they go haywire when we hold someone's hand.
Come on.
Come on.
Shake, shake - Ugh.
- Nope.
- Hmm? - Kids live here now.
- Oh.
Oh, okay, bedroom, bedroom.
Good idea.
Betty's still awake.
Oh, and so is Leo.
Okay, I'll just, uh Our brains and bodies are actually programmed to seek each other out and connect.
Whoo! So, then why do so many people prefer being alone? Have you been home all night? I just got here.
Do you dream vividly? Like, so vivid, you can feel how the dream felt in your whole body? What's with all the milk? I almost slept with Owen.
- So, you bought milk? - No.
The baby woke up, it was awkward, so I came over here to get clothes.
Why is everyone awake? Uh Jackson proposed.
- With milk? - Wait, what? Or half-proposed.
He was not not talking about marriage.
- Is he competing with April? - I kind of get that.
What did you say? I said that, um, I had to go get some milk.
And what did he say? I don't know.
I left to get the milk.
You know, he probably doesn't really believe that you needed it.
I had to get it, Meredith.
Okay, well, why don't you just tell Jackson that you're not ready? No.
- You are ready? - No! No, we haven't even said "I love you" yet.
It is too soon.
It It's like you and Owen playing house.
Like insta-family, like you just get a cup of soup, add some water, and bam, family.
At least until Until what? We need toilet paper.
Hey, I'm not entirely sure why you left, but I'm back at the hospital.
My patient spiked a post-op fever.
So, call me back, okay? Is she okay? Just lay back, Ms.
Try to relax.
She's been in and out since you left, and her blood pressure's dropping.
All right.
Let's get a sepsis work-up, a chest X-ray, and some cultures.
Blood and urine is already done.
Hey, Nisha, I'm gonna check out your back, all right? It might sting a little bit.
Nisha, how you feeling? I don't know.
How am I feeling? You got a bit of an infection back here, but I'm gonna change up your antibiotics, okay? You can do whatever you want to me.
See? I flirted! Excellent work.
A little aggressive, but once the drugs wear off, we'll work on the nuance.
She's in V-Tach! Pull in the crash cart! What's happening? Paddles.
Sync charge to 100.
All right, here we go.
We got you.
Clear! Still V-Tach.
Help her, please! Clear.
Help her! You have to do something! 200.
What What happened? Dr.
Avery, her heart rate's climbing.
Ah, it's gonna be a long night.
Here we go.
Victoria Fisher, return to Admitting.
Victoria Fisher, return to Admitting.
It's like a spa, but on the moon.
Just, uh, put on some smooth jazz and some slippers, light some candles, and, uh And you'd blow yourself up.
See, when these doors are closed, it pressurizes the room up to three atmospheres.
It will radically decrease healing time.
This is a world-class hyperbaric chamber.
Yeah, no, I know.
But moon spa sounds better.
Oh, hey, uh, I've got some requisitions that need approval.
Does that go through you, or You choose an interim chief yet? Almost.
Just going over a few final considerations.
Yeah, it's a tough decision.
I mean, you want somebody good, but not better than you, right? Like a solid substitute player, maybe plays half the game.
I'm sorry? You want a third-, maybe fourth-round draft pack so your people really miss you when you're gone.
I mean, we all know what happens when LeBron's on the bench, right? The crowd goes wild "MVP, MVP, MV" You're LeBron.
They want you back on the court as soon as possible.
Not into basketball? Okay, uh, enjoy your moon spa.
You paged me to the breezeway.
- I wanted to see you, and - Whoa.
How was this morning? Uh, Leo slept in, and Betty made breakfast.
It was fine.
She was asking for you.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
We need help, please! - Are you hurt? - They are! They're in the back! - Who? - Our stupid parents.
He was bleeding a lot.
I used the whole roll of paper towels.
Uh, we need a gurney, now! Two.
My mom was also on the motorcycle.
Honey, did you put the van's emergency brake on? Yes, I'm not an idiot like you and Dad who just crashed a death machine! We were trying to avoid hitting the dog! And please don't yell at me.
I'm your mother.
- You're not acting like it! - He wasn't wearing a helmet? We only had one.
He made me wear it.
We were just going around the block! Where's that gurney? There's a somebody I'm wanting to see I hope that he turns out to be Someone who'll watch over me That's nice.
Cece, you really need to be back in bed.
I'm a little lamb who's lost Uh, exactly.
I mean, she went into V-Tach at least four times in the middle of the night.
And until the dialysis restores her electrolytes, she's at risk for arrhythmias.
We could start her on an amiodarone drip.
All right, well let's keep that as a plan and just keep rechecking her potassium.
And how's Nisha? She's septic, white count of 22,000, and we started her on pressors.
Her parents are on a flight back from Tokyo now, but until they get here, Cece won't leave her side.
So, let's make sure that she wears a mask and gloves.
Send for an ABG and, uh, lactic acid.
Thanks for keeping an eye on her.
She's a very sweet woman, but she's so aggressive with the - The matchmaking? - Yes.
Right? Yeah, no kidding.
She asked me about my status, my relationship history, my 10-year plan.
Career- and relationship-wise.
That's why I can't go back in there.
At least you can tell her to back off because you have Maggie.
Yeah, but you should just tell her you have work, you know? And what does that mean? Like, that you're married to your work.
I mean But I'm not.
Oh, come on.
We all are.
Just you are especially.
Excuse me? Have you seen the, uh, hyperbaric chamber? That thing is finished, so it's probably worth taking a little peek.
You're very successful.
Oh, very.
Very successful.
Yeah, but I'm not married That's cool.
Me neither.
Oh, hi.
Um, may I remind you that many people still call me "Chief" out of habit? I mean, I can ensure a seamless transition It's not going to be you.
Wait, why on Earth not? Because One day, I want the job back, and you're a first-round draft pack, and no one removes a game starter from the court I mean office.
Since when do you like sports? - Where are you going? - To the moon spa.
Where it's quiet.
Her creatinine keeps climbing, so let's order an ultrasound with contrast and a cardiac MRI.
I just want to make sure her tanking kidneys aren't tanking her heart.
I, uh I understand why you don't want to go in there.
I mean, I'm married to general surgery, too.
I get it.
I relate.
Helm, no.
I It's Just Go get the MRI, please.
Oh, Meredith! There she is.
Can we talk? What happened to the honeymoon? What happened to your face? I forgot sunscreen.
And I want to save the world.
- Oh.
- Come on.
What do you think? I think Alex married up.
Right? If she does this, I can retire and buy a bigger boat than Avery.
And also save lives.
And this would work for all types of cancers? Leukemias, adenocarcinomas, liver hepatomas? Maybe? I don't know! But if we can isolate the cancer cells and locate the gene sequence that makes them grow uncontrollably, then, theoretically, we can make the anti-DNA sequence that'll stop it.
Well, then you could use it for anything that goes wrong in the body.
Well, now I'm pissed because you came back early from your honeymoon to wave the future of medicine in my face and take it to Boston? I came back to ask you to create a fellowship for me.
So that I can keep working on mini livers and this.
Mostly this.
With you.
Give me an hour to get approval from Bailey.
So, you were lucky.
You may have gotten away with a few bruises and cuts on your hands.
I'm so sorry.
Don't apologize.
This is my job.
No, I'm so embarrassed.
We decided to take a ride, just around the block.
Doug bought the bike a few weeks ago.
He works in HR, and frankly, I think he might be having some sort of mild mid-life crisis.
But he had a motorcycle in college, and it made him happy, and I want to support him, but I don't like it.
But then I saw him in the garage in a greasy T-shirt, and he looked good.
Like, 1993 good.
You okay? Sweetie, where's the dog? He got away.
Wait, in here? You brought the dog in the hospital? I'm so sorry.
Uh, I'll check on your husband, okay? - Qadri, go find the dog.
- Uh Qadri.
I was third in my class.
Dad has a nasty scalp lac, and I felt a step-off on the right temporal area, so we've got to rule out a skull fracture.
I thought military people prided themselves on their punctuality.
I paged you 20 minutes ago.
I was in the E.
and you paged me to a stairwell and then you weren't there.
Well, I had to walk.
I was stressed.
And attendings are never wrong.
You're stressing about the thing we both know and can't talk about, right? I know.
I'm working with Dr.
Shepherd and Major Hunt today, and I feel like I'm lying to my commanding officer.
I hate secrets.
I've always hated keeping them.
They start out as these tiny seeds of information, and then they grow into these terrifying Venus flytraps that will eat your relationships alive, one by one.
We have to do something.
- We? - Yes.
Amelia's happy.
She's like "Leave It To Beaver," co-parenting happy.
She and Owen are completely oblivious about the love child that is just going to drop on them like a bomb! Babies are not bombs.
I'm very sorry.
I don't know what's wrong with me.
I used to have it together.
I used to be sane, but then HIPAA and half-marriage proposals and not enough sleep.
Avery proposed? Go away.
We're not friends.
Well, you paged me.
Go! - Hey.
- Hey.
- You okay? - Yes.
I'm really sorry I didn't come back with the milk last night.
I I drove to the store, and then I I drove to the wrong house, and I got tired, so I just I stayed there.
But I did buy the milk.
Avery? Nisha's cultures are back.
Uh Uh, can I Can we talk later? Mm-hmm.
We need to isolate her and get her into O.
, stat.
Cece, I need you on the other side of that glass right now, please.
Her parents aren't here yet.
I don't want to leave her alone.
Right now.
Thank you.
Nisha, you've got an infection, okay? It's called necrotizing fasciitis.
It's very serious.
We're gonna get you straight into the O.
, okay? Tell my mom I love her.
Tell her thank you.
Tell her You're just getting started, Nisha.
Do you hear me? You are just getting started.
Schmitt, wait.
We're not taking her to the O.
Let me get her to the basement.
What's in the basement? I got to find Bailey.
You better be here to wonder and marvel at the future of medicine.
That's exactly what I'm doing.
Jo Wilson came up with an insanely brilliant idea that will change the way we do our jobs.
And I would like to offer her a surgical innovation fellowship.
That is a thing that doesn't exist.
That's why we should invent it so we can wonder and marvel some more.
I just spent a lot of money to make money, Grey.
I need to let it make some money before I spend any more.
We'd get to keep Alex.
The only way I could afford a new fellowship for Jo Wilson is with the salary I'd free up by losing Alex Karev.
But I have to replace Karev, so there is no money.
My patient has necrotizing fasciitis.
I need the hyperbaric chamber.
I think it's her only shot.
You want to debride her in here? How would you do that? You can't use any electricity in here.
- No cautery, no - It's okay, I'll go old school.
- I'll just use a scalpel.
- No, you sit in here.
You don't operate in here.
Think of it like a spa.
Debriding in high-flow oxygen has shown to improve survival outcomes in crush injuries with wound infections.
Debriding with a scalpel would take hours.
You'd be putting your staff at risk for decompression illness, a-and you'd be stuck in here.
You couldn't leave until it was depressurized.
Okay, this thing is useless.
I say we sell it and keep Jo Wilson.
Grey, the answer is no.
Avery If DeLuca hadn't pulled me out of the way of that van, then that woman might be fine.
All right? She might have been the one that called 911 and put me in the ambulance for all that I know, and I'm here, I'm okay.
I'm standing in a medical spaceship that you built for us to save lives, and the only one standing in the way of me saving hers is you.
So? She built a submarine in the basement, and apparently there's no money now.
So, what do we do now? I don't know.
Wait for more funds to become available? I'd say for now, just go to Boston.
- As much as I hate it.
- We can't.
It's only a year.
We go, you learn more cool stuff, we come home.
We can't because I already called them and told them no.
I don't have a job.
All right, once this door closes, you're in.
If we depressurize too quick, you will get nitrogen toxicity.
You're also looking at eardrum rupture, lung collapse, sinus damage, changes in vision, uh Don't forget to pop your ears! Megan Salinas to Oncology.
Doug's CT shows a skull fracture with a small bleed underneath it.
I gonna need to take him to the O.
and drain it and relieve the pressure.
He needs brain surgery? Actual brain surgery? Honestly, it could've been a lot worse.
Motorcycle accidents without helmets Honey, maybe you should take Hank to the cafeteria.
I want to stay with you.
Are you crazy?! I'm not leaving you two alone again.
Wynnie, I am so sorry, but we'll be okay.
No, I had to drive you to the hospital, and I don't even have a license! She has her learner's permit.
No, I'm a terrible driver.
We could have all been dead today.
Dad! Hey, guys.
Don't worry.
I'm fine.
He's got a little bruise on the inside of his head, but I'm gonna fix it right up, okay? Mm-hmm.
Well, surgery shouldn't be too long, so I can show you where you can wait, okay? I got him! He may have eaten someone's Jell-O, but I think he's okay.
Here's your dog.
Oh, no, he's not our dog.
He's a stray we almost hit.
Can we keep him? I'm allergic.
So lame.
No, don't just let him go Qadri.
Third in my class! She's still hyperkalemic, even with the dialysis and the insulin drip.
Is she on her way up to the MRI? Yes, uh, radiology should be sending the results any minute, and I asked Dr.
Pierce to meet you in the tech room so she could have a look.
Great work, Helm.
Thank you.
Why are you looking at me like that? Nothing.
I'm not.
- Hey.
You needed me? - Yep.
Shea Drexler to Pathology.
Shea Drexler What do you got? Motorcycle injury.
No helmet.
- Stupid.
- Yep.
You? Matchmaker with a bad heart.
- Ironic.
- She's a matchmaker? Those still exist? I guess Internet dating is just so - Deceitful? - Depressing.
Is there a dog in here? - What? - What? No.
I had an 89-year-old patient in L.
who hired a matchmaker to help her find a man who could drive at night.
That was her only requirement.
That's so sweet.
Well, they take the work out for you.
They weed out the creeps and the emotional baggage.
They get you to that pre-vetted place.
Like where Owen and I are.
Which is where, exactly? Where he's gonna drive her around at night? I think so.
I hope so.
I don't.
I don't hope that for you.
What? Why not? I just You know what? Don't answer that until you have dealt with your own half-proposal.
Jackson told me I'm married to my work.
Am I married to my work? Oh, he just throws that word around a lot, doesn't he? Oh, they sent the studies.
I may be a little rusty with hearts, but that looks like It's barely pumping.
The scar tissue's restricted her entire heart.
Schmitt, if you stand there, my elbow's gonna be in your face for hours.
I need you to move.
How many hours are we thinking? I I should have mentioned, I'm a tad claustrophobic.
You're You're standing on her suction.
Schmitt! I didn't sign off on this! I did.
I signed.
Well, she's my patient, too.
Open up the oor I want in.
I sor I y e And why doesn't that work for all the money I paid for that? Let me in.
I can't.
It's already pressurized.
They're in.
You're out.
Oh, God.
I'm feeling like I, uh I can't breathe.
A-A-Anyone else feel that? Like there's not enough air? We're in compressed air.
It's literally the whole point of this thing, all right? So just grab a scalpel.
Take a breath.
Won't you tell him, please, put on some speed Follow my lead How's Nisha? She's still in with Dr.
Cece, we need to talk about your heart.
Tell me I didn't kill that girl, Dr.
Go get me an update on Nisha, please.
Get me a crash cart.
Let's page Dr.
- Charge to 100.
DeLuca, I need a quick statement about the O.
fire yesterday.
How are you feeling? Any pain? You know what, Dr.
Webber? I'm not feeling any pain for the first time in a long time.
That fire It's like it woke me up.
I mean, that and the car crash, obviously.
But saving lives? I mean, yeah, maybe it was the adrenaline rush, but I needed it.
I needed all of it.
You know, I feel better.
I feel awake.
I feel grateful.
I feel awake and alive.
DeLuca, I just need to know if you were injured in any way - by the fire.
- Oh, yeah, no, I'm good.
Okay, thank you.
Stop! Oh! First, I was worried about my heart, but it was my kidneys.
Now that I'm worried about my kidneys, you're worried about my heart.
Cece, I'd like to do a heart biopsy on you, which is I've had three hearts, Dr.
I could probably do a biopsy on myself, so Right.
Okay, so you know that I'll have a better idea once I can actually get in there and see the muscle.
Okay, so let's change her dialysis bag, start her on a lasix drip, then get her upstairs.
On it.
Whatever you need, Dr.
I spent 35 years of my life falling for straight women.
I don't know what you mean.
Hook me up to that thing and sit down.
Let me save you from a whole life of misery.
Zellman to Labor and Delivery.
Zellman to Labor and Delivery.
- Hey.
- How is she? It's hard to say.
Stop! Stop! Oh, stop I'm Link, by the way.
- What? - We haven't officially met.
Although you were kind enough to let me know your marital status, which I appreciated.
- No games.
- I should clear that up.
I was saying that I wasn't married to my work.
Oh, yeah.
No, that was not clear at all.
Avery was saying that I'm married to my work, and I was saying that I wasn't.
Ah, got it.
Yeah, so you are married.
No, I'm not, but that's not the point.
The point is I have a life after work.
All right, that's cool.
- You mean like tonight? - What? I mean, I got to see how this patient comes out, but, uh, we could do a late drink? Oh, no, I have a surgery I have to Your first name's Atticus? Oh.
Uh, eh.
Really mostly in writing.
Your name is Atticus Lincoln? And you call yourself Link? Yep.
Wait, so your parents named you after two of the greatest figures of our time, both literary and historical, and you call yourself Link? Okay.
It's shorter.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So, I'll elevate the fracture and evacuate the hematoma.
It looks like it's gonna be fairly simple.
Are we on a motorcycle with only one helmet? - What? - It's just Last time we did this, did us there were no strings.
It was uncomplicated.
And now there are strings.
And you don't want strings.
No, no, no, it's not that.
It's just Leo and Betty are stable, they're doing great, and I just want to make sure that you and I we're not being Reckless.
Let's talk after, okay? Yeah.
All right.
How are we? Better.
Ears a little stopped up, but Our patient.
How's our patient? Oh Pressure's up.
Heart rate's stable.
Steady sats.
And finally got ourselves some viable tissue.
Blood has never looked so good.
Whoo! And the peanut gallery's happy, too.
I can't believe it worked.
Such a crazy idea.
But brilliant.
Well, we got to try our best, right? I mean, life's too short not to.
Right, 'cause you almost died.
Is Is that why you proposed, too? What? 'Cause life is short, so you proposed.
Seems a little sudden, but Just stop talking.
Irrigate the field.
I didn't I didn't propose.
I will shut up.
Just irrigate the field.
She thinks I proposed? Uh I screwed everything up.
I made you quit your job here because I had a job not here, I abandoned you on our honeymoon, and n-now you are married to a day drinker, so Look, you can call Mass General, ask them to reconsider, and, you know, just say that it was some kind of misunderstanding.
I don't want it.
I think I applied for a fellowship in Boston because I could apply for a fellowship in Boston because Paul's dead.
But I didn't stop to consider what I actually want, which is not Boston.
I hate Boston.
Boston feels like I'm moving backwards with my life.
I want to move forward.
You know what? I'm gonna talk to Bailey.
Bailey said there's no money.
There is always money.
You just have to make 'em want to spend it.
All right.
We're almost done here.
Why are her vitals dropping? We already debrided the source.
I don't know.
She's still hypotensive, tachycardic.
Switching to manual ventilation.
What is it? Why is she taking a dive? Avery, what's happened? Check under the drapes! She's crashing.
Max out her pressors.
Come on.
Check under the drapes.
W-What is he pointing at? - The drapes? - The drapes? Yeah, she's sterile.
Ex-fix! Look at the ex-fix! Infection spread to the ex-fix.
I need ortho to remove this hardware now.
Get in here.
I can't get in! He can't come in until we depressurize the room, right? Damn it.
All right.
I'll take it out myself.
I'm taking it out.
I'm taking it out.
Yeah, yeah, remove it.
I'll stabilize it later.
The ex-fix is holding the entire leg together.
She's not gonna have a leg if she's dead, Schmitt.
Give me a wrench.
Something like a wrench.
Is she in rejection again? The path results will let us know for certain, but she is in congestive heart failure.
Having two non-functioning kidneys is not making anything easier.
Damn it.
She's not gonna make it.
It's just a biopsy.
I know, but she's not gonna get a third heart while she's in kidney failure.
I think we both know that.
Are you upset because you wanted to hire her? No! I'm upset because she's dedicated her whole life to helping people find love.
You know she's got like an 85% success rate.
She's an expert in her field.
She's like a UNOS of love.
It's got to be worth something.
Also, you wanted to hire her.
I'm not the one buying household goods in bulk.
Do you want to talk about that? I'm gonna put in an internal defibrillator, and that should help with her V-Tach and buy her some time.
So you can hire her.
You're not cute.
All right, start CPR.
Let's flip her on her back.
All right, give me one of epi.
All right, guys, on my count.
One, two Start CPR.
Got her? - And we need the paddles.
- We don't have them.
What? Why? No electricity.
Come on.
I live, you live, Nisha.
If I get to live, you get to live, okay? If I get to live, you get to live.
Please let her live.
Let her live.
Your neuro exam looks good.
I'm not worried about permanent deficits.
But you should stay here for a few days just to be safe, and a helmet would be a great idea.
- No.
No helmet.
- Dad! I'm never getting back on that thing.
I thought I wanted to re-live something, but it's not worth it.
I want what I have now.
I'm so sorry I scared you.
I'll find a way to get rid of the bike, okay? Please let her live.
What's happening? They can't get her pulse back.
How long has she been down? At least 35 minutes.
How much epi? 7 rounds.
She's gone.
Come on.
Come on, Nisha.
I need out of here.
Are you gonna call time of Time of death, 18:21.
I need out.
Avery, we need to wait until the room - is completely pressurized.
- Open the door.
Open it! You'll put yourself at extreme risk! No! Open the door and let me out! Now! Open the door.
Maggie! - Jackson - Open the door! Let me out! So, my bad hearts gave me bad kidneys which gave me a bad heart again.
Do I go back on the list? We put in an internal defibrillator to keep your heart from misfiring, but, yes, we will put you back on the list for both organs.
Cece, the wait may be longer than it was before.
It can be extremely difficult to find A match.
I get it.
How's Nisha? Is she out? Uh, her injuries were severe, and they caused an infection that spread rapidly.
So sorry.
She didn't make it.
I don't want it.
I don't want another heart.
- Cece - I don't want it.
I killed that girl.
That poor baby girl.
I don't want it.
Just go.
Just just leave me alone.
You paged me.
To the bench.
I want the strings.
I have always wanted the strings.
I want the kids, I want the noisy house, I want the fighting, I want the dog.
I want the strings, Amelia.
So, I guess the real question is do you? I'm scared of them.
I'm still a little scared.
I mean, the tumor is gone, but I'm still an addict.
But addicts tend to have certain character traits in common, and that includes fear, you know? A certain wariness of change and commitment.
And, uh mini vans.
Hey, no one is getting a mini van.
I don't want to be reckless with the kids.
I don't want to threaten their stability.
So for this lost lamb So I'm gonna try to be less wary.
I'm really, really gonna try.
Good puppy.
I heard.
That was a hell of a case.
She was too far gone, Bailey.
If it had been any other type of infection, - the chamber would've worked.
- Hmm.
It's an excellent addition to the hospital, and you're responsible for it.
You're still pitching for the job.
Look, I'm not gonna be better than you.
I haven't been in this office in so long, so, by nature, there'll be kinks.
But out of everyone else, Bailey, you have to admit that I have Richard, do you have a new sponsor? Excuse me? Ollie died.
You said you'd be a mess when she died.
You been talking to Catherine? I don't need to talk to Catherine.
I remember what happened the last time you were chief.
I do not want to add more to your plate right now.
Where are you going? If you'll excuse me, Chief, I need a meeting.
Richard - Hi.
- Richard! - Dr.
Bailey! - What?! I need you to give me five minutes to explain why the future is here and the future is me.
My future, my future medicine.
Are you drunk, Wilson? Only mostly, but I did not do these drunk.
Why are you here? It's my honeymoon.
You were right.
- About what? - Jo Wilson's idea.
It is full of marvel and wonder, - and it's gonna happen.
- Really?! I just made her the first official recipient of the first surgical innovation fellowship at Grey-Sloan Memorial.
- Oh, Dr.
Bailey! - Yeah.
Thank you! You won't regret it.
I promise.
Where did you get the money? I wrote a personal check.
And I know I won't be sorry, because I'm running it.
Jo Wilson will be my fellow.
What? You bought Jo Wilson? I saw it as an opportunity to invest in the future of medicine.
I'm downright philanthropic.
You stole her.
You stole Jo and you stole my fellowship? Hey, I didn't steal anything.
I took it because I'm taking a step back from my job in order to find a little joy, a little tranquility, and when Wilson pitched me her sci-fi space-medicine-of-the-future fellowship, I thought, "That, Miranda Bailey That will give you joy and tranquility.
" So I took it because I wanted it, and also because I had the will and the means to take it, and you did not.
So, I suggest that you do as I am doing and go find yourself some joy.
And if that doesn't work, take it up with the chief, 'cause that ain't me.
Well, who is it, then? - You're chief? - No idea why.
You're chief? Interim chief.
It's temporary.
And it's a win-win for everyone.
Jo gets this killer fellowship, and I get this sweet office.
How is that a win for me? You get me.
I'm staying.
All right, I get it.
Jo was your work wife for a minute, but now she needs to move on to her own stuff.
It's not like she's cheating on you.
You'll get to see her in the hallways.
With Bailey, who made you chief.
Oh, you sound like a jealous girlfriend.
Nyah! I only report to Bailey, I'm gonna get to work in a fancy lab with cellular technology, and I get dark-blue scrubs, which makes me better than you.
And you.
What is that? My dog, apparently.
Here you go.
That's for me? You had a rough day.
Glad to see you got sprung.
Well, here, I I can pay You'll get the next one.
Why do we often run for the hills when we feel the slightest connection? What in God's name, DeLuca? Hey, Dr.
Webber! She's pretty awesome, right? Want to see what she feels like? No, I have somewhere to be.
Awake and alive, huh? Get off.
Push a little harder, harder Give me the helmet.
Why do we feel compelled to fight what we're hard-wired to do? I'm sorry about last night.
- I - I don't understand.
- Well, I-I panicked because I - No.
That I understand.
I get why you panicked.
I don't get why Nisha's dead and we're alive.
Maybe it's because when we find something or someone to hold onto, that feeling becomes like air We were pulled out of the way of a car and she wasn't.
Why? and we're terrified we're going to lose it.
Jackson I think you have a little PTSD.
- It's not about the van - It's not just the van, I Your whole world changed.
And then April.
I'm happy for April.
I know that.
I know that.
Your family empire crumbled.
Jackson, it's a lot.
You've been through a lot.
I fell in love, though.
Well, I-I mean, if you're, like, making a list of big things that I love you, Maggie.
I love you, too.
- Sorry about my accidental proposal.
- It was sweet.
It was insane.
What are you talking about? But you're right.
I guess I have some, uh, things to figure out.
And trust me, you can get pretty good at the along thing.
Cece It was an accident.
You were hurt, and Nisha was hurt.
And you have to get a new heart because Nisha would want you to.
- And because I need you.
I need your help.
I am married to my work, and I don't want to be.
So, if you're still interested Have a seat.
But most things are better when they're shared with someone else.

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