Grey's Anatomy s15e03 Episode Script

Gut Feeling

1 In the early days of medicine.
Surgical students were perfecting a technique on three branches.
Because when looking at on a exposed bone in an amputation, human instinct is to recoil.
Not cut.
- Why did we ever stop? - [CHUCKLES.]
I mean, I know why we stopped, but still - Yeah.
- why? Well, the important thing is, we have un-stopped.
They needed students to get out of the habit of listening to instinct.
I been kept out, yeah, they pushed me down - [ALARM BLARING.]
- Shut it up.
- Don't wake the baby up.
- [SIGHS.]
That's something I never thought I'd say.
- Well, we have to go.
- [SIGHS.]
Betty's got school.
And something I never thought I'd hear.
Light it up on fire I know, it's crazy, right? I mean, this it's I don't even know what to call it.
- It's working.
- Mm.
Feels right.
Why name it? Whoa-oh-oh-oh Oh, oh-oh-oh-oh Whoa-oh-oh-oh Come this far Whoa-oh-oh-oh Oh, oh-oh-oh-oh Good morning, Mr.
Good morning, Mrs.
Fireman"? Yeah, well you're not Chief of Surgery anymore, - so what do I call you? - Mm.
Had my face painted all black and blue You gonna come at me, I'm gonna come at you I miss you.
But I didn't even get to see you last night.
Why do you have to leave so early? Why do you have work so late? But winning's not enough I need to burn it Light it up on fire Mm.
- Come on! - I'm sorry! [SIGHS.]
A lot of our training it breaking instinct to only go this far I didn't come this far to only go this far developing new habits.
- I didn't, I didn't I didn't come this far, no Whoa-oh-oh-oh - Oh, oh-oh-oh-oh - [CAR DOOR CLOSES.]
Whoa-oh-oh-oh Come this far, yeah Don't react to bad news in front of patients.
Don't show fear when faced with uncertainty.
Come this far [HORN HONKS.]
When you're looking at that exposed bone cut.
Ooh, yeah So, the trick is trying to stay human when we've shut down all those gut feelings, all those messy instincts.
Is that DeLuca on that bike? Does he always look like that? Yes.
- No.
I didn't come this far to only go this far I didn't come this far to only go this far You should totally go there with DeLuca.
Yeah, you should totally hit that.
But that phrase is kind of gross.
I agree, and I apologize.
I'm just saying that, you know, if you wanted to date him, I-I wouldn't mind, you know, even though we, you know I'm j I'm fine with it.
I encourage it.
Well, thanks, I think, but I'm kind of off the market.
I mean, Owen and I haven't exactly slapped a label on it, but, uh, there's been a fair amount of other kinds of slapping.
Yeah, no.
Now I'm sorry.
I didn't, I didn't come this far, no [SOFTLY.]
Are people looking at us? I feel like people are looking at us.
- No one's looking at us.
- Okay.
Well, looky here.
Congratulations on the fellowship, Wilson.
Or is it, uh, Karev? Karev.
Like the chief.
Yes, the, uh, new inter chief.
Oh, I, uh, got you a present for your first day.
I mean, this is gonna be weird, but I heard you wanted this job, so Yeah, well, I offered experience, wisdom, countless hours in the OR, and not to mention that less tangible quality, which is that I know what the hell I'm doing.
But, clearly, Bailey was looking for - For what? - [SIGHS.]
Something else.
Uh, this is who you need.
Uh, the new guy was looking for the new chief understandably, he thought it might be me.
Alex Karev.
How can I help? I want to make prosthetics that look like this.
Kids will freak out for them.
I can adjust the, uh, skin color, costume.
- Sky's the limit.
- Wow, it's incredible.
Right? Wave of the future.
Not to tell you how to do your job, but I think this is where you, uh, ask him how much money he needs.
Yeah, thanks.
Uh, how much? Just less than 500 bucks each.
But, uh, we need a better 3-D printer, and that's 65 grand Ohh, steep.
Order it.
I'll sign.
- Sweet! I like it, Karev.
- My kind of chief.
Firm, decisive, and here I thought Bailey just picked you to make herself look better.
Altman, Teddy.
It's me.
Um, things for getting really complicated over here.
So, if you could call me back, please, before it's took late.
Morning, Doctors.
Wow, okay.
Pants feelings.
"Pants feelings"? Well, what would you call it? What's his story? Ortho.
Not married.
And not unattractive.
You should totally hit that.
Lost? - Oh, still new.
I'm looking for the fastest way to the ER.
Oh, I know a shortcut.
Lead the way.
- What have we got? - Table-saw accident in shop class over at Barrow High sent blocks of wood flying into the students.
Is Mr.
Buckley okay? He just kind of fell over in the middle of the demo.
Yeah, we're gonna find out for you, okay? - No, I got this one.
- Couple more rigs just landed, - and I hear there's worse coming in.
- Okay.
Is this the teacher? PARAMEDIC: Dave Buckley, 60s, partial amputations to the right third and fourth digits.
Kids said he was trying to guide a student's hand at the table saw when he suddenly lost consciousness.
- Why? - Page Ortho.
They're gonna want him in the OR.
- Webber, you got him? - Let's get him inside.
- All right.
What the hell is taking them so long? Can we move a little faster, guys? Hey, we didn't want to bump it.
Bump what? Why?! [WAILING CONTINUES.]
Clear trauma one! [WAILING CONTINUES.]
TARYN: Cece Colvin, day eight of dialysis Skip the introductions, Taryn.
We're all friends here.
Good morning, Cece.
- Dialysis again? - [CHUCKLES.]
Maybe you could waterboard me or hit me with a lead pipe just to mix it up.
Well, you don't want to lose your place on the UNOS list.
Okay, but you know the drill.
You work on me, I work on you.
Let's get the, uh, dialysis solution.
So, where were we? Childhood.
Your mother was quite successful.
That must've been intimidating.
- Is that a question, Cece? - You tell me.
It was intimidating.
Feel free to elaborate.
It was very intimidating.
- Don't tug on that.
- Sorry.
Grey saying "yes" to me was not the end of the process it was the beginning.
One-word answers do nothing for me.
Well, I have to pace myself.
I mean, there are a lot of questions.
Now, we don't want to lose that port, okay, so watch it.
What was the best quality you got from your mother? I would say, uh ooh, a strong work ethic.
Which is why I have to go.
You did hire me, right? Yes, Cece.
I did.
But I did not realize there would be so many questions, and I do have other patients.
Helm, let's make sure she's not fluid overloaded, and keep rechecking her labs, okay? Will do.
MEREDITH: Take care, Cece.
- All right.
Let's do you.
Uh my mother was very intimidating, too.
BAILEY: You have the new insurance mandates? Yep, right here.
Uh, and you know the budget meeting - was moved to - Wednesday.
- Thursday.
- Thursday.
I knew that, uh Got it.
Right here.
You should start de-stressing.
Well, then, the baton is passed.
I'll leave you to it.
Happy first day, Interim Chief.
Yeah - Are you nervous? - No.
I mean, the only thing that would make me nervous is if you were nervous.
- Are you nervous? - No.
It's just, um You hired me 'cause I'm good, not 'cause you think I make you look good, right? Correct.
I have trained you.
I have entrusted to you my patients, my doctors, and my staff because I believe in your abilities, and that belief fades a little every time you open your mouth.
So, stop, and step up.
- Chief? - Yeah? - Yes? Uh, just just, you know, checking in.
I'm supposed to stay with the chief.
So, do I stay with - Her.
- Him.
Oh, no.
Uh, you have my office.
You have my parking space.
And, therefore, you have my Dr.
Heavy's the head, Karev.
I'm relaxing already.
: Dr.
Madigan to Dr.
Madigan to NICO: You got 22 bones in your face and skull, and you managed not to break a single one.
You're lucky, dude.
Excuse me, sir? Doctor? Hey, hey, careful there, buddy.
Lean back down.
Is Mr.
Buckley awake yet? Do you know why he collapsed? Was it, like, his heart or s Sorry, we don't yet, son.
Um you know if anyone's called his family? Doesn't have any family in town.
- His daughter lives in - Maryland.
She lives in Maryland.
And I know you have rules, but we're all just really worried about him.
He's a great teacher and a friend to my son.
So, if you could just keep us posted? Oh, we'll update you when we can.
Webber, you're gonna want to see this.
The teacher's blood alcohol level.
I honestly didn't know it could get that high.
Well, I guess we know why he collapsed.
He was blind drunk.
He knocked over a kid Into a table saw.
OWEN: We need medical in here now! This kid is bleeding! WOMAN: I'm so sorry, ma'am.
As soon as we know more.
Son of a bitch.
- Wow.
- Geez.
Pierce, take a look.
The teeth have penetrated deep into the right chest, next to the auxiliary artery.
We placed a chest tube for a hemothorax.
We're gonna want to do an angio first to make sure nothing got yanked around in there.
DeLuca, will you page Dr.
Avery and tell him we're gonna have to reschedule that scar revision? Wait.
He left already.
Right? Left? No.
To where? He took a leave of absence.
He e-mailed all of us.
- He handed off all his patients.
I mean, Plastics is kind of scrambling, to be honest.
- [SIGHS.]
- "Leave of absence," right.
So, where'd he go, anyway? NURSE FRANKIE: The schedule's a mess, I know, but don't take it out on me.
It's our new chief's first day.
He needs time to learn - how to read.
- Uh, Frankie, I certainly hope you never spoke about me this way.
- I never needed to.
- You don't need to now.
You see a problem, fix it.
No commentary necessary.
Good morning.
Hi, um, I-I have cancer fusion cells, I have innervated electronic prosthetic skin.
Just, you know, to kick us off.
This is all wrong.
Karev has scheduled three-hour surgeries in 1 and 4, and 3 is sitting empty when you could be [CLICKS TONGUE.]
You know what? Mnh.
I should just do my gastric stim now.
That'll smooth out this whole board.
Oh, look at your navy blue scrubs.
You want in? Wait.
No, no, no.
Or we could get started on my fellowship that you paid for.
Yeah, great.
We'll talk about it during surgery.
It's Karev.
Not Wilson.
MEREDITH: Let's prep for a lap chole, and I'll be down in a moment.
Right away, Dr.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What's up with this e-mail from Jackson? - Where did he go? - I didn't get an e-mail.
Oh, I would hope not.
I got a voicemail.
He didn't say exactly where he was going.
Just said he needed to take a step back from his whole life and try to see the bigger picture.
I feel really I'm really, um [CHUCKLES.]
"humiliated" I think is the word I'm looking for? I'm an award-winning surgeon, and I pay someone whose job it is to find me a sex life.
That's humiliating.
I think the word you're looking for is "enraged.
" Yeah, that's it.
That's the word I'm looking for.
: Dr.
Chism to Pediatrics.
Chism to Pediatrics.
It was a table saw, Mom.
He fell into it.
I don't know! Uh, Doctor, is there any news on our son, Kevin? - I don't know, Mom.
- He's had the table saw We got a call.
We understand the teacher may have been impaired.
- What? Impaired? Like, drunk? - Oh, my God! Or high? And he's using power tools?! [CRYING.]
That's That's not okay.
- Mom, the teacher was drunk! - Is he in surgery already? - I need an update on my son! - I'm sorry.
I was paged on a peds consult.
I don't have a lot of information right now.
Then can you just point me to whoever's in charge? - Uh, that's you, boss.
- Yeah, I know, all right? Get these people out of the ER.
Tell them we'll update them as soon as we know anything.
I-I'll see what I can find out.
Folks, we need this area clear.
Please head to the waiting area.
Right this way.
I need an update on my son, Kevin Gailis.
And I will get that for you right away, sir.
Yo, dude, a little help.
Nosebleed, huh? - I can't seem to stop it.
That sounds like a rough night.
Been there, trust me.
Have a seat.
Okay, you want to apply pressure and keep your head forward.
I'll come back to pack it.
And lay off the nose candy.
I'll check on you in a bit.
This guy.
ALEX: This the guy? He's drunk? Drunk? No.
Well, your blood test says otherwise.
Cops want to talk to him.
Well, it looks like he's gonna lose a few fingers.
I need to get him straight up to the OR to salvage what I can.
All right.
Keep me posted.
The police want to talk to him as soon as you're done.
How did this happen? You know how it happened.
And you need to take responsibility for your actions.
LINK: All right, let's get him up to the OR.
You need general anesthesia for this? Um, no, I can just numb his arm with a block.
Um I've been where he's been.
I'd like to talk him through that if I can.
'Cause the more sober he gets the worse it's gonna feel.
DeLuca, where did they go? Kevin's BP is still borderline.
I just updated his parents, and I'm meeting Hunt in the OR.
You mean angio.
I told him to get an angio first.
I don't think so.
Hunt said straight to the OR.
When did it become okay to just run off without telling someone first?! It's not okay! [TELEPHONE RINGS IN DISTANCE.]
Grab and elevate the fundus.
Got it.
Grey, Cece's dialysis fluid output is cloudy.
- White count? - 16,000 with a left shift.
Gram stain and culture the fluid - and start her on antibiotics.
- Right away.
Anything else, Helm? Uh, Cece wondered if I could, uh, ask you about your father while I'm here Get out! [SIGHS.]
Okay, keep lateral traction on the fundus.
Make sure Mrs.
Jarvis gets neuro checks every two hours.
NURSE FRANKIE: No problem, Dr.
I'm on it.
: Dr.
Patacky Dr.
Patacky Can I help you? Dr.
Shepherd? I'm I'm Link, new head of Ortho.
Um, welcome.
Uh, yeah, I've seen you around.
I would love to pick your brain about nerve graft transfers sometime.
Uh, well, I have a few minutes between surgeries I can't.
I got to cut off this drunk shop teacher's fingers.
Um, how about tonight? Tonight? As in after work? Brains and bones hardly seems like work.
But, yeah.
8:00? - Are you asking me out? - I am.
- I don't even know you.
- Well, we can fix that.
I heard you like Italian.
I know a great new spot.
I'm sorry, you heard? Heard where? Maybe I shouldn't answer that.
Maybe you should.
Pierce, you ready for proximal control of the subclavian if we need it? You see any vascular injuries? It's difficult to say.
I needed an angio.
There was 750 of blood in the chest tube.
I made a judgment call.
Are you seriously mad about that? Am I seriously mad? You know I am.
I am seriously mad because you can't just disappear with my patient.
My patient, and we didn't disappear.
- We came to an OR.
- How's it going in here? OWEN: Uh, well, there's no obvious active bleeding.
MAGGIE: We're looking at a pretty big hematoma.
Yeah, I won't keep you.
I'm just wondering if I should expect any more romantic advances today, or if Dr.
"Link" was it? Link? I don't understand.
- Wasn't asking you.
- Um, just just Link.
Are you sure? Because you also tried to cram DeLuca down my throat earlier today.
- What? - DeLuca? If someone's gonna be serenading me after work, I'd like to know.
Uh, like I said, it's just Link.
Ah, thank you.
I would say, "It's the thought that counts," but I'm not sure what the thought was.
- Cram me down her throat? Look, we got an active bleed here.
Can we focus, please? Clamp.
MEREDITH: It's called peritonitis.
It means we cannot use your abdomen for dialysis because it's infected.
We can't use any of your other ports because they're closed from your other surgeries.
Well then I will welcome the break.
This is potentially a serious complication, Cece.
I know, but that's your job.
I'll do mine.
May I speak to Dr.
Grey alone now? I have some private questions.
Of course.
This is a teaching hospital, Cece.
We'll talk sexual proclivities in front of your student, if that's the way you want it.
That is not anything I want to talk about with anyone.
My main priority right now is getting you back on this dialysis.
My port's not the only thing closed off in here.
LINK: Rongeurs.
This is gonna sound worse than it feels.
God, I-I hope all the boys pull through.
RICHARD: I know you do.
I know.
What you're feeling right now the fear, the guilt, hurting the people that you love the most that's what rock bottom looks like, but only if you admit that you have a problem.
Kevin, he gets scared of the saws.
The sound.
I was trying to help him.
I-I slipped.
I-It It was an accident.
Look, how long do you want to keep telling that lie? Isn't it exhausting? How many more people do you need to hurt? I-I slipped.
I-I-I swear.
Alcohol does tend to affect one's balance.
Webber, I think that's enough.
ALEX: How's it going in here? Cops need a timeline.
- 10 to 20 years, I'd say.
- Would you give it a rest? Half an hour, Chief.
Cut, shave, close.
What's going on? Just trying to offer this man some help is all.
I told you I don't drink.
I-I-I don't drink! That boy has a sawblade in his chest.
- You have to own what you did.
- I didn't.
I-I-I wouldn't An innocent boy is fighting for his life.
Webber, I really think I have things under control here The least you can do is tell the truth! Enough, Dr.
You're gonna lecture me, Karev? I trained you when you didn't know your ass from a scrub room.
And now I'm your chief, and I want you out of this OR.
Your mentor? Fun first day.
So, this electronic skin not only helps amputees regain the sense of touch, it's an elastomer that reforms covalent bonds Oh, yeah, hold that thought.
Uh, hey, my gastric stim patient needs to go to recovery.
May be a little while.
This morning shift was down a couple nurses, and it never got covered.
- What? Why? - I would tell you, but I don't want to speak badly about the chief.
- Karev! - Yes, ma'am.
No, not you, your husband.
He knows to look at the OR staff report in the mornings, right? I don't know what my husband knows.
I don't either, it turns out.
I need to go check some things.
I'm just gonna e-mail you stuff! [SIGHS.]
Try a 60-second sonication.
I did that yesterday while you were off in the OR drilling burr holes, and I was feeling neglected.
Well, if you want a change of pace, I've got an epidural abscess you can take off my plate.
Shepherd, I don't work for you.
I'm your research partner and your sometimes lover.
One time.
It was one time, Tom.
Yeah, but who knows what the future holds? Did my sister put you up to this? No, but I like the way you think.
Can we invite her? 'Cause Okay, why is everyone against me and Owen? I mean, I know that we hurt each other, but now we are un-hurting each other.
That's a good thing, right? I mean, life happens.
Life comes around.
- Life surprises you.
- Life is boring.
- What? - I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I meant, uh, this conversation's boring.
It's boring me, but it makes the epidural abscess, uh, sound thrilling, so What? Is it something I said? I don't like being alone.
VIK: The chest-blade kid is still in the OR.
The other shop-class kids have been discharged.
Uh, the cops want a time-stamped copy of the teacher's tox screens.
A guy came in with a nosebleed, but I took care of that.
And these are more purchase-requisition forms.
: Charge Nurse, dial 80.
Charge Nurse, dial 80.
Find me a pen.
Excuse me, Doctor.
I'm Ava Krug, Arthur's mom.
We spoke earlier? Oh, yes, yes, uh, is your son all right? Yeah, he's fine.
He's fine.
We're just staying to see how Kevin comes out, so Well, we promise to give him the best possible care.
We've got two of our finest surgeons.
And to check on Mr.
It's terrible what that teacher did.
It's just unconscionable.
That's what I wanted to talk to you about.
It just doesn't make sense.
Alcoholics are very good at their job, until they aren't, and until they take responsibility I know.
I know drunks.
Arthur's dad is one, and my dad was one.
I know the signs.
I was at Mr.
Buckley's daughter's wedding last year, and he got tipsy off two sips of champagne.
He's not a drinker.
And he's the only decent guy in Arthur's life.
It j [SIGHS.]
It just doesn't make sense.
- I miss you.
- [GASPS.]
- What? - I miss working with you.
We had a rhythm.
You know, we had a shorthand.
What do you know about alternative dialysis access? Uh, I-I did read a study in which certain enzymes helped improve the longevity of vascular access.
- Send it to me.
- No, in mice.
Human trials are still years away.
But this is what I'm talking about! You and I, bouncing ideas off each other.
- Steal me back.
- I can't.
You know, Bailey's not your boss anymore.
In fact, you are her boss.
So, you could tell her that you're taking me back.
But we work so well together.
You know, Bailey's technically not your boss, either.
I mean, a fellow is not a resident.
It's more like a partnership.
So, you should just tell her what you need.
- What if I piss her off? - I don't know.
You could tell on her to the chief.
He likes you.
OWEN: Good work on controlling that bleed, DeLuca.
- DELUCA: Thank you, Dr.
- MAGGIE: Can we not pop the champagne just yet, please? Is everything all right, Pierce? [EXHALES SHARPLY.]
Uh, you mean besides the sawblade? [SIGHS.]
I'm asking if you have an issue with me.
Or maybe with me and Amelia? I'm asking if there's something that we need to talk about.
My issue is that this kid's arm is turning white.
I lost the signal.
There's no blood flow.
He's gonna lose his arm because you rushed.
Because you rush into everything.
This This is what I was afraid of.
This is why I wanted the angio There wasn't time for an angio! I'm a trauma surgeon.
I did years of field medicine, and I saw a lot of ammo embedded into men's chests.
I read the situation, I made a call, and this kid is alive because of that call.
So, whatever your issues that you're having, they're not because of my medical decisions.
I think we both know that.
: Dr.
Kentalky to Allergy and Immunology.
Kentalky to Allergy and Immunology.
Hey there, Mr.
How you feeling? I've I've been better.
H-How are Arthur and Kevin? I'll check.
Um, meantime I know what withdrawal feels like.
: Chief Karev, dial 5241.
- Chief Karev, dial 5241.
- [SIGHS.]
VIK: Your 4:00 leg braces consult couldn't wait any longer or she'd miss choir.
Amanda Perez's dad can't believe you missed her esophageal Atresia follow-up and is composing an angry e-mail.
Very disappointed.
I could do without the tone, Roy.
Did we mock our attendings? - Never to their face.
- That's what I'm saying.
In no hurry to go nowhere Why doesn't anyone tell you that, if you take this job, you piss everybody off, and never get to practice medicine? Everyone who ever takes that job tells you that.
I'm a bad listener.
Cece says I'm closed off.
- Who? - Cece.
- My matchmaker patient.
Jo told me you hired a matchmaker, but I thought she was kidding.
I wish.
It's just there's so many questions.
It's exhausting.
I mean, why can't it just be a fancy restaurant I go in, give them money, they ask me if I have any allergies, and they give you a steak? That's a different service.
She wants me to spew emotional vomit every time I walk into a room, and I'm not just not I'm not Amelia.
Where does this woman get the idea that you're closed off? I mean, I know I am.
But so, that's it? I just die alone? Like it's the last time Listen, you know what? With everything and everyone that you've lost in your life, you have earned the right to pick and choose whoever you want to let in.
I mean, I know it's not easy to get to know me, but it's not like you can't get to know me.
Yeah, if the front door's locked, try the back.
Or a window.
Head up in the clouds Shuffle body is moving - That's it.
- What's it? The back door for Cece.
You are an excellent chief! Thank you.
Head up in the clouds Shuffle body is moving Buckley's wasted again.
What? How? Think you need to talk to Dr.
MAGGIE: The distal anastomosis looks good.
So, let's do a quick back-bleed, and then we can remove the clamps.
DELUCA: All right, BP is stable 110 over 75, and I got a strong radial and ulnar pulse.
He gets to keep his arm.
I'm not in a rush.
With Amelia or Leo.
Or Betty.
They aren't a whim, they aren't impulse, and if they were, they were the best impulse of my life.
I'm not going anywhere.
I know.
I know.
I'm I'm sorry.
Um, if you guys are okay here, I will, uh, go and update the parents.
Hey, can you track down Chief Karev? I need him to sign a requisition before he gets fired.
- Fired? - Kidding.
Uh, dude.
I think it's been long enough.
I don't know.
I can still taste blood.
Oh, it's nothing.
All right, let's see here.
Oh, it looks good, buddy.
- Oh.
Page Page ENT! Or Neuro! We need a Foley, packing, suction.
- I need an attending! - [GROANING.]
All right, call a code.
What the hell's going on? - Uncontrolled posterior bleed.
- Yeah, I got that.
Why the hell isn't this guy already in an OR? - Ask him.
- All right, back off.
Back, back, back, back, back, back, back, back.
Let's go.
We need to get him intubated, open a central line kit, get some O neg here right away.
You what's his bleeding time? Clotting factors? I-I don't remember.
I-I was juggling, like, five patients.
Did you even go to med school? What are his labs? - Uh, I don't - Did you even do a physical exam? NURSE KAREN: No labs were ever ordered.
How long has this patient been here? Bleeding in the ER? It's not my fault.
H-He was fine.
- How long?! - Five hours.
Yeah, I can't visualize.
I can't visualize anything.
Get me a crike kit.
And you go put the IR suite on standby.
You! Now! Go! Go! You gave alcohol to a patient under investigation by the police for reckless endangerment.
Look, I offered it.
He didn't take it.
You know how many alcoholics I've met who've passed on a drink? Then why is his blood alcohol through the roof? Are you trying to lose your license? I was testing a theory.
After I left his room, I ran some labs.
He's got auto-brewery syndrome.
It's incredibly rare.
His GI tract contains a yeast that ferments any sugar he eats and turns it into alcohol.
It was probably the Jell-O.
- I've never heard of that.
- Yeah, that sounds made up.
Well, maybe that's because I've been around the block a few times more than either of you.
Look, I replaced the vodka with water, by the way.
- I'm not an imbecile.
- Oh, you got lucky.
No, I trusted my gut.
Now, that's not luck.
Well, next time your gut talks about one of my patients, have it talk to me first.
I'm still not apologizing.
You acted like an ass.
I was right.
That's satisfaction enough.
You've got to be kidding me.
All right.
KORACICK: Time for another round of epi.
WOMAN: No pulse with CPR.
MAN: I can't get a readout on oximetry.
What happened? Get in here.
I could use some help from a grown-up.
We need to embolize the spheno palatine artery.
- All right, tell me what you need.
- Trying to access the femoral artery.
I got the right side.
You take the left.
Got it.
What the hell happened? Torrential posterior nose bleed.
I tried to stabilize him in the ER.
Packing, Foley didn't work.
I got an IO line in, but the blood is barely transfusing.
- Damn it, I can't get in.
- Me neither.
Vessels collapsed.
I'm gonna try a cutdown.
- All right, stop compressions.
Without central access, he's done.
Hold off.
Hold off.
Stop compressions.
Call it.
It was just a nosebleed.
A nosebleed that brings a person to the ER is never just a nosebleed.
It was a mistake.
It It was just a mistake.
I've got this.
You can go, Roy.
Not until Roy calls it.
His patient.
- Roy.
- No! I'm just an intern! This isn't on me.
You're killin' it, Chief.
Time of death 17:57.
So, what's it called again? Translumbar catheter.
We just go in through the back and bypass all of your fried central veins.
So, you saved my life again.
Just finding another way in.
Well, if you can keep finding new ways to do your job, so can I.
No more questions.
But you are going shopping, Dr.
Shopping? Most people love to pour their hearts out to me, but that's not you.
So I can't start inside out.
I've got to go outside in.
I want you to buy five great new outfits.
Break the mold.
Take chances.
Make yourself ready for something new.
You do me I do you.
- That's the deal.
- Okay I can come.
Just, uh, in case you need an extra set of eyes.
Or I can stay here and monitor Cece.
Do that.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Um Kevin's all set in the PACU.
His, uh, neurovascular checks look good.
Um, let me know if anything changes.
Hey, um, you trying to hook me up with Shepherd? Oh, God, um that was a mistake.
Um, um I apologize.
No, I'm not mad.
I'm just surprised you'd be into it.
Me and your sister? With our history Our history is ancient, Andrew, and it is the least of my worries right now.
Can you just keep an eye on his vascular checks? Yeah.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Got to go shopping.
There's showers in here.
Fellows have a lounge on three.
You kicking me out? No.
No need to come in tomorrow.
Oh, thank you.
I could really use I'm not giving you the day off.
I'm giving you every day off.
- You're fired.
- But Bailey Bailey's not your boss anymore I am.
- It was a mistake.
- It wasn't a mistake.
It was a lie.
You said you'd taken care of the patient, and now a guy is dead.
And you can't even take responsibility for it.
Which means, you're not cut out for this line of work.
- But - Save it, all right? This isn't where you defend yourself.
This is where you pack up your crap and you get the hell out of here.
You are never setting hands on a patient in this hospital again.
You got it? [DOOR OPENS.]
Oh, my God.
- Oh, good.
You got my stuff.
- Huh? I sent you that stuff on electronic skin.
I thought that's what you were looking at.
No, I'm looking at the budget.
Where's Karev? Right here.
You're looking at her.
- I mean - No, no, no, I-I am the only Karev that you should be looking at.
I'm the Karev who sold you on the future of medicine, the crap that you funded with your own funds.
We should be making magic, and, instead, it's starting to feel like a big mistake.
A fellowship is a partnership, Dr.
Bailey, and you are not holding up your end.
It's not, is it? It's not a partnership.
You're still my boss.
And I just lost my fellowship.
No, it is.
You're right.
I've been distracted.
It has been a little hard for me to let - Karev! - Okay.
What are you doing approving all of these requisition requests? Oh, making people happy.
Where do you think the money is coming from? You can't say "yes" to everything that they ask for.
You know, it turns out you can and still be under budget.
Look, even with these expenditures, I am under for the month.
That's the quarter, not the month.
Hmm? What? W-Where do you see that? Here.
Where is says "quarter.
" It says you spent the entire quarter's budget - on your first day.
Hey, I'm gonna I'm gonna let you guys talk.
I don't Hey.
I'm sorry.
I just saw Meredith.
Jackson left without talking to you? He just left? I wish I could blame this on him, but I told Link about you before I even knew.
Jackson left? And I was really kind of awful to Owen.
I was really I was very awful to Owen.
Jackson left.
Uh, yeah, he he said he needed to go clear his head or unplug or whatever.
He has some big questions.
He needed some big answers.
Holding me close Is there something wrong with me? Begging for mercy, forgiving the ghost 'Cause I almost died, too, and all I feel is lucky.
There is nothing wrong with you.
Lay me to waste He said if he had told me to my face, he wouldn't have been able to leave, so I guess that's good? [CHUCKLING.]
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know anything.
Hi-lo, hi-lo You're so hi-lo, hi-lo Except Jackson left.
Hollow, hollow And I'm so hollow, hollow Hollow, hollow I'm so hollow, hollow Hollow, hollow, oh [CHUCKLING.]
Hey! How are you? Hollow, hollow, oh [LAUGHTER.]
Hollow, hollow Ooh, ooh Hollow Ooh, ooh Hollow Ooh, ooh Hollow Hollow [MUSIC ENDS.]
Evening, Dr.
Oh, evening.
Your, uh Your wife still out of town? Well, she has a few more Catherine Fox hospitals to christen.
You know, first few days as a bachelor are fun.
But after that, it's boring.
I think I'll catch a movie or something.
Hey, I don't have anywhere to be.
That's nice, DeLuca, but I don't need a babysitter.
- Long day.
- Hey.
Where do we drink around here? Uh, there's, uh, Joe's pub across the street.
You know, underground.
Yeah, I can show you.
What about you, Nancy Drew? - Wanna come? - I don't drink.
Pub have a dart board? Pool table? Burger? Soda pop? You serious? [CHUCKLES.]
We went a couple rounds over a patient.
Doesn't mean we can't be friends.
So, what about those times when there is no roadmap? Burger sounds good.
Should we go with our gut then? All right, let's do it.
My knees are shaking - It's right here.
- And I can't feel my hands If instinct is all we have, it's not always a bad thing.
Toes are tingling - Hey.
- You wrapping up? Yep.
So, I talked to Maggie.
She's Well, it had nothing to do with us.
That's fine.
I get it.
Okay, well, let's, uh, get the kids and get home.
Like the static swimming wildly through a broken TV set Wow.
Are we ever gonna get used to saying this stuff? Yeah, that was weird.
But nice.
Nice and weird.
And you say we're only getting started It can bring us wonderful places Joyful places - Hi! - Hello! - Hi, Mommy! - Hi.
- You went shopping? - I did! - That's quite a haul.
- I know.
It goes against every fiber of my being, but I made a deal.
Fashion show! Fashion show! Okay, maybe just one, okay? But we should get up to bed.
It's getting late.
- Yeah.
- Yay.
ZOLA: Fashion show! Fashion show! Fashion show! - Coming up? - One sec.
And it can also serve an important purpose.
ZOLA: Fashion show! Fashion show! Fashion show! [VOCALIZING.]
You say we're only getting started 'Cause our gut is usually what warns us Just wait I'll show you where your heart is when trouble lies ahead.

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