Grey's Anatomy s15e12 Episode Script

Girlfriend in a Coma

1 Time is a strange thing.
When you're waiting for something good to happen, it can feel like time is dragging on.
But when you want it to slow down, it goes by in the blink of an eye.
The odd part is time isn't real.
It's a concept imagined by scientists based on the imperfect movement of the earth around the sun.
So why do we put so much importance on something that's just a theory? Because it's all we have.
Hey, do you two want to come over tomorrow morning for presents? You know, Owen and I are trying to establish our own traditions with Leo, just give him a little bit of normalcy - while we still can.
- Right.
Before his mother/sister comes home from rehab? And his half-sibling arrives, yeah.
Well, kids can make anything normal, so he'll be fine.
Grey? Uh, I start my ICU rotation tomorrow, and I was wondering if you have any advice on that.
Well, first of all, Schmitt, don't call them "that.
" Sorry, I just mean, it's so emotional in there.
Well, it's the ICU, and she's been here for a month.
She's off the sedatives now.
We don't know when she'll wake up or even if she'll wake up.
You know, it's brutal, and it's depressing.
And it can make you feel like you're going insane.
So, I You are going to watch Natasha very closely.
You will examine her every day.
If there's any change, any type of change, you'll page me immediately.
- Okay? - Okay.
And you should go outside on your breaks, because you can feel like you're losing all sense of time in here.
- You had the husband? - Yeah.
Ice skate to the tibia.
You? Ouch.
Wife had a hell of a concussion.
Most wonderful time of the year, right? Hey.
It's snowing.
What are you guys doing for Christmas? Oh, you know, Leo's too young to absorb any of it.
I think we're gonna do presents and cocoa and cinnamon buns, all that.
Hopefully some of it'll stick.
Yeah, that's sweet.
And Amelia has to go to rehab to visit Betty.
The usual.
So, we're gonna, um We're having Christmas dinner tomorrow night, and Amelia wanted me to invite you.
Oh, no, no.
I'm I'm covering for you in the pit, remember? Oh, right, right.
Of course.
And thank you, again.
Yeah, of course.
We're gonna find our own traditions, too.
I know.
Merry Christmas, Owen.
It's a unique choice.
I mean, I don't think we've ever had a chief give us cured meat before.
I did something nice, and you're mocking me for it.
Oh, wait! Did you tell her? We're having a New Year's Eve party.
Attending and fellows only.
Little snacky things on crackers.
- Very classy.
- How glamorous.
I know.
You should invite Link.
I mean, I already invited him, but y-you should ask him to be your date, 'cause I already told him that you would.
Jo Ooh, sorry.
Ohh! Oh, my - Oh.
- Hey.
Um, I-I was just leaving, and it looks like you are, too.
Do you want to take our hams out for a drink? Oh, that sounds amazing, but I have to get home because it's Christmas Eve.
I have to put the kids to bed so Santa can come.
- Right.
- Yeah.
- Soon though? - Yes.
Oh, you know, actually, the Karevs are having a very classy New Year's Eve party.
I'll be there.
No Dark blue scrubs only.
She can have a plus one.
- You're supposed to read my tone.
- Read your what? Jo, I'm a big girl.
I can handle my own love life.
- Thanks for the ham, Chief.
- You're welcome.
Here comes Santa Claus.
This is for you.
Cookies for Santa, in case you don't feel like baking later.
Link is spending his Christmas Eve visiting kids in the cancer ward.
Seriously? Seriously.
You're mocking him for doing something even nicer.
You should take a look at that.
We'll see you New Year's Eve.
Bye, Santa.
You are in a love triangle.
There's no love.
There's no triangle.
Unless, of course, the ham, the cookies, and I are a triangle.
She's totally in a love triangle.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Uh, sorry I didn't call first.
Oh, it's okay.
Come in.
Uh, I can't stay.
Just, uh just wanted to drop these off for Tuck for in the morning from me.
Thank you.
Uh Uh, but I put your name on all the gifts I got him.
Why would you do that? Well, 'cause they're from us.
It's funny.
I-I don't remember us going shopping together.
I just didn't want him to think that You called a time-out on our marriage? Okay.
I'm sorry.
Uh, thank you for the gifts.
I'll make sure that he opens them.
Uh, what are you Wait.
Where are you gonna be tomorrow? On call.
You know, Christmas is a big day for us.
Oh, us, too.
Uh, maybe I'll see you in the pit.
Maybe don't sound so hopeful that somebody gets injured in a fire on Christmas.
Anybody want to play cards? I play a mean Gin Rummy.
Oh, you don't want to do that unless you want to lose.
I am the master of Gin Rummy in this house.
I'm sorry, kids.
I'm just exhausted.
Would I be a party pooper if I just went to bed? Of course, Mom.
Get your rest.
I'm sorry.
Couldn't even chase Harriet around that tree this morning.
Thank you so much for taking care of Christmas dinner.
I've just been no help at all.
We have Christmas dinner catered every year, Mom.
There's no reason to change that.
- Merry Christmas, baby.
- Okay.
- Maggie.
- Merry Christmas.
Can I help you upstairs? Oh, no, no.
No, I can make it to my bed on my own.
She doesn't let me help her do anything.
She'll get there.
I hope so.
It was fine.
A little boring.
I kinda wished you were there.
At Christmas? With your family? Yeah.
Why? Is that weird? No.
I'll come next year, and I'll bring some Chanukkah gelt.
It's creepy in here.
I'll protect you.
You are so cheesy.
Hey, uh, Dr.
Shepherd asked me to come check on Natasha.
Help! Can you Hello! Somebody? Page Dr.
Oh, my God, it's Natasha.
She's She's awake.
Thank you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I'm saying it a lot for the both of us.
Schmitt? Natasha Deon, 45, hospital day 35.
Neuro She regained consciousness overnight.
She is now A&O times three.
Cardio and pulmonary She's on a vent and has an open thoracostomy for empyema drainage.
MSK Spine was cleared, and her pelvis was fixed internally.
When will she be able to talk? We're working on decreasing her vent settings first.
We also have to get her nutrition up.
She's weak and has been through quite a lot.
We can close the thoracostomy today, though, since her lungs are doing so much better.
Natasha, we need you to get strong for us.
I'm gonna get you up and out of that bed soon, okay? Let's make sure the respiratory therapist brings that peep down to 5.
Welcome back, Natasha.
You may get that planetarium wedding yet.
At this point, I'd settle for a courthouse.
Nice work, Grey.
Love triangle.
When are you gonna stop stringing him along, huh? Excuse me? You heard me.
Link he likes you, and you keep giving him false hope.
Who says it's false? Oh, please.
We both know it is.
Do we? Andrew.
New Year's Eve.
Is that a date? Or is that like, "Oh, come to this party, and we'll make eyes at each other over the punch, but I'm not really brave enough to talk to you in public"? I've been called a lot of things.
"Not brave enough" isn't one of them.
It's a date.
Brooks, dial Admitting.
Brooks, dial Admitting.
You look good.
Your hair, it's shinier.
Oh, ew.
Please don't talk about my hair.
- How's Leo? - He's good.
Yeah, he's teething like crazy, but he's good.
You miss him? I mean, not as much as I miss drugs, but yeah, a bit.
Well, that's good.
Identifying that.
It's part of the process.
No, it's not part of the process.
I just miss drugs.
I know they ruined my life, but they made me feel better than anything.
Better than being a mom.
Oh, God.
That's so stupid.
I shouldn't even be a mom.
I'm a kid.
I should just give you guys Leo and pretend none of this ever happened.
Betty It's New Year's Eve.
Don't you have somewhere to be? Girl, look at you! Oh, hey, um, weren't you supposed to be covering the ICU? Oh, uh, Natasha was using the speaking valve for the first time, so Dr.
Grey said she wanted to stay.
Where are you right now? Sorry, I'm just distracted.
Let's get out of here.
The ball hasn't even dropped yet.
The ball can drop in our bed.
Hmm? I did not mean that to sound so graphic.
Do you think I can ask him over after his shift, like, for a toast maybe? Uh, I mean, my son's with his father, so I don't know Oh, would Ben think that's a booty call? He might think that's a booty call.
Well, maybe that's not such a bad thing.
Okay, hey, everyone! It's almost midnight! Come on.
Hurry, hurry.
- Oh, no, I'll take one.
- Thank you.
Oh, you look like I should've joined the Army.
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Happy New Year! - Cheers! - Cheers! Happy New Year.
Happy New Year.
Shut up.
Happy New Year, Dr.
Happy New Year, Dr.
And may this year be everything you wish for.
We want to thank you all for.
How are you feeling off the vent? and whether all your dreams came true this year, or you simply Like I haven't breathed on my own in two months.
Then you're doing well.
Garrett went to find us sparkling water so we could pretend it's champagne.
- He's a good one, huh? - He is.
He was by your side the entire time.
I could hear him.
He talked to me all day about you and the other doctors.
Shouldn't you be kissing one of them right now? Kissing who? One of the doctors who likes you.
Garrett calls them Abercrombie and Stitch.
Yeah! Come over here! Oh, dang! We missed it.
Happy New Year, guys.
10 10, 9, 8 Kiss the one who turns back time for you.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Happy New Year.
Oh! Scotch, neat.
Hey, how you doing? Good, good.
You, uh, been playing lately? No.
Been busy.
She stand you up, too? Looks like it.
Natasha Deon, 45, hospital day 45.
Neuro and cardio unchanged.
Pulmonary She has tolerated her speaking valve trials with intermittent oxygen.
We will remove the chest tube today.
GI She's on tube feeds.
PT/OT She made it bed to chair.
Well, there has been a lot of progress.
We're still not out of the woods yet, but, um, do you have any questions for us? When do I get to eat? She's been awake for 11 days, and she's been asking about tacos for 10 of them.
Tacos are a ways away, I'm afraid.
But we can we can do Jell-O.
The speech and swallow therapist will try that today.
I'll take it.
Uh, watermelon.
Okay, you take care.
- Hey.
- Dr.
I haven't seen you in a few days.
- How have you been? - Stood up.
I don't know if you've ever been stood up before, but it feels pretty awful.
- Well, I had a patient.
- You have a phone.
Rainey to Peds ICU.
Rainey to Peds ICU.
Look, it's been fun.
The waiting.
The build up.
The game.
But that? That wasn't fun.
- That was just rude.
- You're right.
I'm a good guy, Meredith.
But I'm not a doormat.
And if that's what you're after, then I don't know.
Maybe Link is your guy after all.
A little more.
A little more! Good! There you go! Please don't talk to me like I'm a child.
It's perfectly normal to feel How do you know what "normal" is? Have you ever had your spine carved open and dug around in? Huh? Um Marsha, can you give us a minute, please? - Yeah.
- Thank you.
Richard, spare me the lecture about recovery.
I know that's the pain talking.
No, that is me talking, and I say she's a pain.
You're a pain in my entire ass! I asked her to give me some exercises so that I could get back to my sensual self, and she said "Don't worry your little heart about that" like I'm some dried-up old mop.
Well, I'm sure that's not what she meant.
Then what did she mean? It's not like these pain meds are letting me have any sexual appetite anyway.
The average recovery time Since when am I average? Don't talk to me about time.
Don't help me.
Hey, sorry I'm late.
You already started.
This gel is really cold, and I have to get back to the pit.
You said we were gonna do these things together.
- You can't just - What do you want me to do? Every time I have to be a parent, wait for you? Yeah, but if you say you're gonna wait, then you can't just This baby is gonna be outside of my body eventually.
Oh, really? Is that how it works? Please explain it to me, Teddy.
Oh, my God.
- It's a - Oh, wow.
We're having a baby girl.
Hey! Ben! - Hey.
- Hey.
MVC out on Elliott.
This This black ice is no joke.
- Did you put your snow tires on? - Uh, I will.
Ben, um, I need to tell you something or ask you something.
I don't have the words ready, but my heart is.
I want you to come home, Ben.
I mean it's lonely at the house when Tuck is gone, and, uh, the fence, uh, it it blew down after the windstorm.
I haven't had a chance No.
Come home, Ben.
Come home.
Miranda, I I love you.
But you broke my heart.
I'm not coming home just because now you're lonely and the fence needs patching.
O-Okay, no, uh, that's not what I meant.
Uh You know I haven't been myself.
It was my meds.
I was working on my physical health so much that I was ignoring my mental My anxieties, again, they I-It wasn't the job, and it was not your fault.
But I'm I'm handling it.
I'm I'm being treated.
I'm better now.
Structure fire at Mercer and Fairview.
All nearby units, respond.
W-We have to go.
I'll talk to you later.
Ben? I'm sorry.
Natasha Deon, 45, hospital day 62.
Neuro unchanged, cardio she was tachycardic overnight.
Pulmonary she was placed back on the ventilator two days ago.
She's been awake for four weeks.
Why is she back on the ventilator? She has pneumonia, so she's on antibiotics, but her lungs have taken a pretty big hit.
GI Her tube feeds were held for the O.
today, but the CT from overnight My ostomy.
It's been hurting.
Am I are you still gonna We won't be able to reverse your ostomy today.
What? Why? The CT that we got back, it showed fluid collections in your abdomen, which may be the source of your symptoms.
What does that mean? It means that we will do surgery today, but it will be to clean out the fluid collections.
So you're gonna open her back up? The wounds she's been working to heal for the last few weeks? Unfortunately, yes.
GU She is on intermittent dialysis, and she is going to have another session today.
Heme she is on DVT prophylaxis.
Don't judge me.
I saw a bed.
I laid down on it.
My feet are very angry with me.
I know what you need.
And I know just who to give it to you.
Mimi at Pink Bunny.
Best Mani-pedi in Seattle.
Why does it make perfect sense that you have a favorite nail salon? Well, you don't want to dig around somebody's brain with sloppy cuticles.
You ever want to experience pure bliss for $29 Mnh! you let me know.
Okay, cut the knot.
Nicely done.
You can do the next tie.
You seem different.
I got contacts.
No, it's it's not that.
It's It's just you're less Glasses.
- Yeah.
- Hmm.
Yeah, and and the other day, when I asked you to change Natasha's central line, you didn't mess it up at all.
Kind of a backhanded compliment, but thank you? - I met someone.
- Mm.
And he's hot, and he's confident, and he likes me.
And I'm gay.
And he's gay.
And we're gay together.
And it's the most me I've ever felt in my whole life.
Well, I'm happy for you, Schmitt.
Thank you.
Yeah, I think it's beautiful.
After all, what's life for if not to share it with somebody, right? Does that mean life is not worth living alone? I think if you meet someone who lights you up, you should fight for them.
This fluid looks cloudy.
Oh, no.
She's got dead bowel.
Did we know that? No, damn it.
Oh, God.
That's really bad, right? Last time I was here, she was talking about someone named "Linus" a lot.
Is that a like, a boy? Does she have a boyfriend? She didn't call him that, but I think so.
- Hey.
- Hi! Was that him? Who? "Linus"? Uh, yeah, I guess.
You guess? I'm doing the stupid steps.
Um, and I'm on the one where you apologize for stuff and tell the truth.
So, I have something to tell you guys.
- Go ahead.
- Okay.
I've been lying to you guys since I met you.
My name's not Betty, and my parents don't even know I'm here.
But we've been calling them.
No, you've been talking to my friend Jerry.
Um, what's your real name? Britney.
I'm sorry.
I know I should've told you, but I was scared if they found out about Leo.
Hold on.
They don't know about Leo? I ran away when I got pregnant, and they've probably been looking for me ever since.
Um, well, we have to call them now.
No, no, no.
You can't.
You can't.
I'm not ready.
And I'm scared if they know about Leo, they're gonna take him.
Natasha Deon, 45, hospital day 73.
- Neuro - I don't understand what's happening.
It feels like every step forward she makes, she takes two steps back.
It's February 2nd.
Groundhog Day.
That's me.
I feel like I keep living the same day over and over.
Okay, Bill Murray.
Let the doctors tell us what's going on.
The reason we think she had the dead bowel is that she's Natasha? Okay, she's coding! I'm gonna start compressions! Crack open the crash cart and let's push one of atropine and one of epi.
- Natasha! - Schmitt, get him out of here.
Natasha, please! I need you! She probably threw a PE let's get an echo in here and start a heparin drip.
Natasha Deon, 45, hospital day 84.
Overnight, she continued Just tell me.
Well, when she had her pulmonary embolism 11 days ago, it it it weakened her heart and her lungs.
And since then, her kidneys have worsened, as well.
- I'm sorry.
- Why? Why? I just I Garrett, I Why is this happening to us? I don't have an answer for that Why is this happening to us? She was getting better.
After all we went through.
Natasha - Garrett? - Garrett.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Garrett.
If she dies, I die.
If she dies, I die.
- Okay.
- If she dies, I die.
Listen to me.
Look at me, please.
Look at me.
Look at me.
I'm here.
Look at me, please.
Listen to me.
You won't die.
I know it feels like that right now, but trust me.
You won't die.
You have to fight for her.
She's in there fighting for you.
You don't get to give up.
So part of that fight is you're gonna go take a walk, you're gonna take a shower, and you're gonna get a meal.
We will be here, fighting to keep her alive.
And you are gonna go fight to keep yourself alive.
Okay? Come on.
Oh! Oh, Catherine.
Oh, honey.
I can't do it! I can't.
No! I can't So, do you think Britney's spelled with two "T" s or one? Or maybe they spell it different, like with a "Y" instead of "I", maybe? Owen, you have to stop.
We've been having this conversation for two weeks.
We just need to find them.
We need to tell them where their daughter is.
And have you thought about what you're gonna say to them if you find them? "Hi, we're two strangers.
We took in your daughter without going through the foster system, and, oh, yeah, we have her son, who you don't even know exists.
Congrats, Grandma and Grandpa!" We at least need to tell the social worker.
Owen, she she needs to make that call herself.
She's not ready.
We can't push her.
Why is she running our lives? She's been lying to us, DCHS, everyone for months, with no remorse.
She had remorse.
She's an addict.
She's figuring it out.
This is all part of the disease.
Betty is Her name isn't even Betty! Sorry, I know that, yes, yes, addiction is a disease, but since when does its symptoms include lying and stealing from people who are trying to help you? It just all feels like an excuse for justifying piss poor life choices.
Wait, where are you going? To Meredith's.
- Why? - I don't know.
Piss poor life choices? Wait, wait, Amelia.
I'm sorry.
That was way out of line.
You don't even see the line.
I don't know who I'm gonna be if they take Leo away.
He's my son.
If they're gonna take him I need to know sooner than later.
I have a pitch for tonight.
You know it's Valentine's Day, right? You hate Valentine's Day.
I know.
I'm trying new things.
Really? I know you're hurting.
I, um I don't I don't know how to make it better.
Yeah, neither do I.
I just I'm trying to do normal stuff, you know? I just feel so On the worst day of my mother's illness, I wanted to take her IV and plunge it into my own arm.
I wanted out.
Not just of that day or that moment.
I wanted out of this life.
It was a fleeting thought, but it came, and you know, that's how bad the pain was.
That's how bad the fear was.
So what'd you do? I shook.
I shook.
My muscles shook in ways that I did not know they could move.
And then I, um my eye started twitching.
Yeah, my eye's been twitching on and off all day.
- Mm.
- And I've got, like, this shortness-of-breath thing happening, where I can't hold a deep breath.
All day, every day.
- Hey, can I ask you a question? - Yeah.
How can you stand there and tell Garrett to fight for love when you're the one running away from it? I have three kids and a big job.
What? Nothing, just you know, I used to think you were so beyond me, but you're not.
You're like a kid playing hide and seek, hiding behind a million excuses.
Happy Valentine's Day.
Do you want to go to dinner tonight? Are you asking me out on Valentine's Day? I guess I am.
Uh Well, I'm, uh I'm not one to usually bang my head against a wall.
- Is that a no? - No, no.
I'm banging my head.
It's my new thing, I guess.
Um I'll see you tonight? Okay.
Ben, you fixing the fence? You weren't supposed to see me.
Ah, Ben.
N-No, Miranda, Miranda, stop.
Okay, it's my turn to say things now.
You said you wanted me to be happy, to follow my bliss, and I did, just like you told me to.
And then you turned around and left me over it.
Now, I may be the one sleeping somewhere else, but you left me.
I know.
I'm sorry.
No, you can't leave me like that again.
Not ever.
All right? You can take all the the job sabbaticals you want and and change your career a dozen times, and I will be with you every step of the way.
But either we are in this together or we aren't.
And I never planned a version where we weren't.
I know No, don't say "I know.
" Listen to me.
I should've known something wasn't right with you.
I-I should've helped you get help.
I-I should've I've seen it before.
I should've recognized it.
When you had a heart attack, I promised you I would build you a treehouse, a place for you to go when you would worry, when you felt overwhelmed, when you needed to be alone, but I never followed through on that.
For that, I'm sorry.
You're building me a treehouse? Now, Miranda, I-I need to know that this is not something that you can call "time out" on ever again.
No, I-I promise you.
Well, then, yeah, I-I'm building you a treehouse.
It's, uh It's not finished yet, but, uh I just figure, you know, once I move back in, I can do a little bit of work on it every morning.
Oh! Oh! Dr.
Schmitt said you had something you want to discuss with us? We've been in this hospital now for over three months.
Since then, Natasha's only gotten worse.
And I know you're the best doctors we could get because I tried to find better ones, but I couldn't.
No offense.
Take me off the vent.
I can't eat.
I can't breathe.
I'm dying.
There are other options.
There's home ventilator care.
There's long-term acute care.
There's skilled nursing facilities.
They know.
They've been consulting palliative care doctors.
You all have done everything you can to give me as much time as possible.
We may not have gotten that wedding under the stars, but you gave us the rest of our lives together.
Take me off.
We need you to give verbal consent as her power of attorney.
I consent.
So, once I shut the machine off, I don't know how much time you'll have, so we will give you meds to keep you comfortable.
Are you ready? Yeah.
Alex has an idea.
Since when do we do Valentine's? Since I've been an ass and needed an excuse to make it up to you.
Ah, that's my cue.
I have a date, for which I cannot be late.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Happy Valentine's Day.
Uh, yeah.
Hey, are you guys free to come to the ICU? - What's up? - Just Just come.
Bring your phones.
When the night has come Your doctors wanted to make sure we got our wedding under the stars.
And the moon is the only light we see Garrett asked me to read the vows that you wrote before the accident.
be afraid No, I won't be afraid Just as long "Garrett, the moment I met you, I knew I would spend the rest of my life with you.
Before you, I never met anyone I could be in the same room with longer than a few hours.
" Darlin', stand by me "I waited my whole life to meet you.
I gave up thinking I ever would.
" Oh, stand "But here we are.
Better late than never, right?" Stand by me "Now that I found you, it all makes sense.
Everything that was once hard feels easy now that you are in my life.
And everything that was once easy is now sublime.
" I'm sorry.
I love you.
I'm sorry I've been so impossible.
No, no, you do not get to apologize, sweetheart.
I can't begin to understand what you're going through.
But I promise I'll be at your side while you do it.
And Catherine Fox.
I won't cry You couldn't be average if you tried.
No, I won't shed a tear Just as long Mnh.
W-What's the matter? Get me to that bedroom now.
Stand by me She's back, baby.
Darlin', stand by me Do you, Garrett, take this woman to be your wife? I do.
And do you, Natasha, take this man to be your husband? Stand by me By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife.
Stand by me Don't Don't I know.
Stand by, oh Thank you.
Thank you for marrying me.
Stand by me Stand by me Stand by me Stand by me There's never enough time.
Come with me.
Work, kids, life death.
Something always cuts our time short.
I'm supposed to be on a date.
You already are.
A toast.
To Garrett and Natasha.
To Garrett and Natasha.
So our best bet is to make the most of the time we have.
Oh, oh, oh.
This is better than sex.
Every pregnant woman I bring here says the same thing.
What? You are just so I know.
I am so.
But not as so as you.
Ah, dinner is here.
- Thank you.
- Mmm.
- Do you like? - Yeah, I like.
- Yeah? - Mm.
Happy Valentine's Day, my love.
Or make up for lost time.
Did you want to keep waiting, or? Uh no.
I think I'm done waiting.
Um, give me a glass of Lagavulin, neat But sometimes, if we're really lucky time stands still.

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