Grey's Anatomy s15e13 Episode Script

I Walk the Line

1 There's an invisible line in the O.
You scrub, you gown, you glove, and you approach the sterile field.
I'll get that.
And a large Americano for me, please.
- I can pay for my own coffee.
- I know.
But since you won't let me take you on an actual date Yet.
I just have to speak to Maggie first.
I told you she doesn't care.
Come out with me tonight.
I know this great spot with a view of Lake Union.
Thanks for the coffee.
It's an important boundary.
It's there to protect the patient and you.
I realize that I can't live out of a hotel forever, but I would really miss the bacon on the buffet.
Oh! Otherworldly crispiness.
- I don't know how they do it.
- Mmm, the Danishes.
Maybe it's the hormones, but just mentioning - the word "Danish" just gets me - What? Hungry.
Well, we should try room service some time.
- Oh, room service? - My My My treat.
Without that line - Hey.
- Hey.
about a million things can go wrong.
Uh, uh, Tom and I just realized that we're, uh - we're staying at the same hotel.
- Yeah.
Oh, wow, that's - Convenient.
- Yeah.
I have to go follow up on a a patient, um, from last night.
So, you're gonna cover the pit? Yeah, yeah, I'll be there after I drop Leo.
- Great.
- Okay.
- Funny that something so important - Uh.
is completely invisible.
How is it we spend every day saving lives and we can't keep a stupid houseplant alive? Mnh-mnh.
We just need a plant that doesn't need sunlight or water.
When did that happen? Oh, come on.
I hate that thing.
I smile weird.
No, you don't.
You smile handsome and confident and accomplished.
And, Alex, think about where you started, how far you've come.
W-When you were bouncing around foster homes, trying to keep your brother and sister alive, did you ever think that you would grow up to be Chief of Surgery? This is something to celebrate.
Here, get beside it.
I'm gonna take a picture for your mom.
- Come on, Jo.
- Get beside the picture.
Okay, ready? Perfect.
I'm gonna frame it.
This is so much better than a houseplant.
- Hey, Chief! - Thanks for the breakfast again! Oh, yeah, no problem.
He's the best.
Um, hey, there was a breakfast? Yeah, yeah, it was just something with the interns.
I do it once a week.
Uh, coffee, bagels.
It's, uh it helps with morale and stuff.
How much longer is the sabbatical? Two months.
And stuff.
Say "hi" to Harriet.
You remember Leo.
We left Flopsy at Mom's yesterday, so it was a super fun morning.
Flopsy? - Yeah, that's her stuffed bunny.
- Ah.
There's gonna come a time when Leo becomes so attached to something, he can't sleep without it.
Buy two of those things.
Maybe 10.
- Hey.
- Okay.
Rehab called.
Betty ran away.
What? Okay, what do we do? I-I got Tom to cover my service.
I can go to the house.
I'll call her friends.
I've got a trauma.
Um, I'll get Teddy No, no, no, Take the trauma.
Well, if we both leave work every time Just give me Leo.
I will check him into daycare.
I think this thing with Betty is more a marathon than a sprint, you know? Okay.
You sure? - I'm sure.
- Okay.
Tami Bercini to Physical Therapy.
Tami Bercini to Physical Therapy.
Can I speak to you? Mm-hmm.
So, I was thinking about going on a date.
With Andrew DeLuca.
Cece liked him.
And if you're mad, then I don't Why would I be mad? I am so mad at you.
- Why? - You stood up Link.
Well, I apologized, and he accepted.
Yeah, 'cause he's a great guy! - I can't take everybody being mad at me.
I What? I'm on your service.
So we'll talk? Yeah.
A-about what? First up, Kimberly Thompson.
Oh, my God, I saw that name.
It gave me chills.
I went to med school with a Kimberly Thompson I could not stand, but she made everyone call her Kiki! It's really you.
I cannot believe it is really you.
Me neither.
You look exactly how I remember you.
Minus the braces, of course.
Your teeth turned out so cute.
I Uh, thank you.
And And, uh, you? You Are you I have a little practice in North Dakota.
Family medicine.
Not like Magpie.
Head of cardio, hello! Hello! Yeah.
Uh, do you want to, uh, present? Uh, Kimberly Thompson, 43, with a history of a bicuspid aortic valve and a thoracic aortic aneurysm requiring repair with the elephant trunk technique 10 years ago.
She presents with weakening and dilation of the graft.
I guess I don't have to explain how serious this is.
Old graft in my aorta's giving out.
I've seen eight surgeons, including Abby Miller.
You remember Abby from school with the weird dresses? No one will touch it.
And then I saw that you are running cardiothoracic at Grey-Sloan.
So, what do you say, Magpie you wanna save my life? Okay.
Dispatch mentioned there was a shooting downtown? Gunfire at a parade.
People just started running.
Not quite sure what we're getting.
The first sunny day in weeks, and families are dodging bullets.
What do we got? We were right in the middle of performing on 24th, and and my son he was shot.
He was bleeding everywhere.
Colin Anderson, 15.
Bullet went through his hand and into his chest.
Sats 87 on 4 liters of oxygen.
What's happening? Dad? Yeah, you're all right, sonny.
Okay, clear Trauma 1.
Let's go.
Why would someone bring a gun to a bloody parade?! Doctor, excuse me.
I'm looking for Colin from the parade.
- I just came in here.
- What? Me mate's lad that was shot, mate they just brought him in here.
Sir, just W-We're gonna update you, okay? All right? Uh, catch me up.
Police arrested a shooter some drunk got worked up during the music.
Said he meant to shoot straight up.
The pistol "slipped.
" Oh, it slipped and hit a kid and started a panic.
- Yeah.
- I am so sick of this crap.
Everything else is people who got hurt trying to escape.
Uh, where do you need me? GSW to the right chest and left hand.
I put in a chest tube, but he lost his airway before we could hook it up.
So, how is he doing? - What's your name, sir? - Sheumis.
We're gonna figure that out, Sheumis, okay? Oh, God.
W-What is happening? 200 cc in the pleurovac.
We're gonna have to do a scan, get a better idea of your son's injuries.
Sorry, but it's best if you step outside.
That's my boy.
I'm not leaving.
- Sheumis - I'll I'll step aside, but I'm not leaving my boy.
Let's get a portable X-ray, and somebody page Avery! Lucy Reid, 71, admitted last night for a syncopal work-up and a head lac after a fall at home.
Well, your EKG and enzymes all look normal.
Which means I get to go home.
You just need to make sure that she follows up with the clinic, but other than that, everything looks good.
And you'll need to keep an eye on her when she's home.
Or, uh Or Or you'll keep an eye on her at home.
- I'm I'm not sure.
- Please.
These two all they do is hover.
They got it covered.
Now, if one of you will just hand me my slippers so I can blow this popstand.
What about her dizzy spells? The ringing in her ears? Did she get a carotid duplex? Uh, she never mentioned anything about dizziness or tinnitus.
Not to me, either.
Well, you were dizzy at the Wakemans' anniversary.
Because you were heavy-handed with the Gin Rickey.
And when you came to my place Friday, you stood at the door and asked, "Is a tea kettle whistling?" So this has happened a few times? - This is all news to me.
- Please.
I'm getting old, okay? This is all nonsense.
"Nonsense" is what you say when I'm right - and you want me to shut up.
- Same here.
Well, it only happens when I turn my head too quickly.
Helm, forget about the duplex.
Get a CT angio of head and neck and page neuro.
- Neuro? Why? - W-What is it? W-What do you hear? She has a bruit.
Uh, it's the sound that the blood makes when the artery is constricted.
So I need to do some tests to make sure that her blood vessels don't have any disease.
So, the two of you can stay here and wait for your, um for your Lucille.
All right, let's go.
Seniors rocking the poly.
I like it.
Yes, just let me know if you hear from her, please.
That's her there.
Shepherd? Dr.
Amelia Shepherd? Yes.
Uh, I-I can't talk right now.
If you have We need to talk to you about Britney.
I think you know her as Betty.
Are you - You're her - We're her parents.
- So, she did call you? - Yeah.
- When? - Uh, two days ago.
We started driving to the rehab center right away.
We were just so happy she was alive.
And they gave us your number, and they said that that you were her legal guardian? Uh, she's been living with us for a few months now.
I tried to call you several times.
I-I thought I was calling you, but she gave me a fake number.
I-I'm sorry, I'm just trying to figure out how she even met you in the first place and how you started looking after her.
We thought that maybe she had come to the hospital looking for more drugs.
She came in, uh, for a doctor's appointment for Leo.
And, um, she was trying to stay off drugs for him.
I could see that she needed help, and, uh And so she just became a part of our family.
Who's Leo? Is that Is that her boyfriend? Is that why she never came home? Yeah, it looks like the hand's perfused, but we've got metacarpal fractures here.
I'm gonna have to take a look in the O.
Blood pressure's holding and the bullet's near the hilum Let's get him ready to move.
Bleeding might be from a damaged branch of the pulmonary artery.
He was just playing in the band.
I-I don't understand why this happened.
Sheumis, we have to take Colin to CT now.
- I'm going with him.
- No, sir, we're we're gonna take really good care of him.
Karev, it's fine.
Let him go.
All right, son.
How's it out here? Oh, usual bumps and bruises.
You three have the worst of it.
I can help out down here until Colin's out of CT.
Uh, we've got a complex forehead lac in bed 2 it What in God's name is that sound? So, um, what's the deal Is this really bad or really good?! Well, I think it's a beautiful instrument! Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey, guys! Stop! Stop! Stop, please.
Sorry, mate.
We're just trying to find a way to lift Colin's spirits.
His what? His spirits.
Colin's spirits.
Yeah, whatever.
Look, we got ambulances coming in and out of here.
If you guys want to help, just go inside and give some blood, okay? Hey, hey, did you find her? No.
But her parents are here.
- What? - Yeah, Betty's parents.
Britney's parents.
She called them from rehab, but before they could get there, she ran away, and rehab gave them my name.
Are they What are they She didn't tell them.
They still don't know about Leo.
Come with me.
I need you.
For what? Well, you are studying cutting-edge medicine, and I am in need all of the cutting edges that I can get.
I need your brain on a case.
Um, we're pretty busy today.
Well, Jo found the scope that saved Catherine's life.
And And you're reading all the latest everything, and that is what I need today.
And I cleared it with the chief.
Uh, I sign her paychecks, and I say no.
I'm asking for help.
Do you have any idea how rare that is for me? Fine.
But next time, clear it with this chief.
Lucille, there's an area of narrowing in one of your arteries called a stenosis, as well as an aneurysm in that same artery deeper in your brain.
Koracick is a neurosurgeon, and he will repair the aneurysm, and I will fix the stenosis.
I knew I should have made you go to the doctor the first time you were dizzy.
And I should make you eat less red meat, but how lucky am I with that? No time for jokes, Luce.
Look at these doctors.
They're tops.
We have nothing to worry about, right? Absolutely.
Jules, your wife is in excellent hands.
Usually I earn the laughter, but this seems a little, um What's the word I'm looking for? It's called being wrong, dear.
But we get it all the time.
Marvin is my husband, but Jules, oh, he's my best friend.
We've wow for 30 years now, huh? I think you skipped a decade.
Oh, yes, the decade you were married to that dreadful woman.
As if that were a name.
You know, Shirl never believed that Luce and I were just friends.
And she's not here, but I am, so what does that tell you? Oh, it tells me you have better taste in men than I do in women.
Damn right I do.
- Excuse me.
- Mmm, my little, mmm, pookie.
Well, um, Dr.
Helm will be here to prep you for the O.
, and we will see you in surgery.
My money's on thrupple.
Thrupple? Oh, God, there's so much I have to teach you.
Um, can you talk? And, Magpie, do you remember when Dr.
Hartwell made us suture on ham hocks? What was wrong with him? Did she just call you "Magpie"? Who is that? Kiki Thompson.
I went to med school with her.
- Apparently she hates her.
- What was her name? Sally? - Why? - Oh, my God.
Do you remember when you stole that cadaver heart? You were so weird.
Yeah, I was.
She used to belittle me every single day in front of the whole class.
She bought diapers and put them on my work station 'cause I was the "widdle baby of the class," and everybody laughed, and I laughed.
I had to pretend she was funny, but she wasn't.
She wasn't funny.
She was mean and vicious.
How much longer, Magpie? You're doing great, Kiki.
Uh, we just need a few more scans.
of your guts, which I hate.
I hate your guts.
- Did you need something? - No.
Scans are up.
It's worse than you thought.
Can she even survive a replacement? I used to lie in bed at night, wishing she was dead.
That's dark.
Hena Cuevas to the O.
Hena Cuevas to the O.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Another kid got shot.
Probably won't even make the news.
Hmm, that's great.
What? Sorry.
What? - You okay? - Um I have an aortic graft replacement.
I have a very dangerous aortic graft replacement on a woman I hated in med school and I still hate, and I'm I-I'm shaking with rage about the fact that she would even come in here and set me up to be the one to kill her.
Well, first of all, that is excellent sharing, Maggie Pierce.
- Right? - Very nice.
- Please try not to kill her.
- Mnh.
And if you do, just try to make sure it is not on purpose.
She was pregnant when she left? Eileen and Rachel haven't heard from her, either.
So, wait.
D-Did the Did the drugs Did Did they affect the baby? No, no.
No, he's perfectly healthy.
That's him.
In the red sweatshirt that's Leo.
Can I hold him? Okay, Qadri, so, we're gonna get Mr.
Dyson's labs back right away, and tell me what complications we are going to look out for.
We'll want to monitor his crit for any bleeding, his drain output for a leak, and monitor his vitals for Right, Dr.
Grey? I'm sorry.
Say that Everything you just said, say again.
We'll monitor his crit for any bleeding, his drain output for a leak, and watch his vitals for um No looking at me like that at work.
It's a rule.
Until you talk to Maggie.
We're professionals, and it's distracting.
- I spoke to Maggie.
- What did she say? Nothing, but she was acting weird.
I think maybe you're acting weird.
Well, I hope you're right, but, still, she's my sister, so I need to hear it from her.
Okay, well, for the record, my sister's never once asked me if she can date my exes.
She just dives right in.
And how does that make you feel? Good point.
Ah! Stop breaking rules.
He totally has Britney's eyes.
Oh, my God! He's so strong.
What a strong baby she was.
Hey, is he talking yet? Uh, he just started saying, "doe doe," but we we don't know what it means.
I just I can't believe this is real.
So cute! Okay, Mr.
and Mrs.
Nelson, I need to be in the O.
- - - Dickinson.
Last name is Dickinson.
So, so she lied about that, too? Uh, please excuse me.
Can't you just hand it off? I can't be here, Amelia.
I just can't.
No, Magpie.
Don't you say it, too.
I have to agree with your other doctors.
We've We've looked into it, and the procedure is just too dangerous.
I'm sorry.
I can't help you.
Or you don't want to help me because I'm the bitch from med school that made life a living hell for you.
Did she leave the CT microphone on? - Mnh.
- Mnh.
Um, this isn't about you or me.
It's about the graft.
It's too risky to repair it.
Did she tell you I left diapers on her work station? Yeah, were they dirty diapers, or? Listen, I can hold a grudge with the best of them, Maggie, but come on.
Okay, fine.
I don't like you.
I really, really dislike you.
When we studied grotesque diseases in pathology, I imagined that you had them, because you singled me out and you tortured me and abused me.
So, no, if anybody can repair your heart which I don't think that they can I can't imagine why you would want it to be me.
Should we still be here right now? Remember Michelle Bukin? I told her our immunology final was moved a week.
She slept through it and failed the class, because I wanted a better shot at being number one.
So, your defense is that you were hateful to everyone? Yes, and I'd like a chance to change that in this lifetime.
Because if I die now and there is a hell, that's where I'm going.
Do you think I wanted to come here? I didn't.
But you're the best.
So, I'm asking Could you just take the win and help me? Please? Okay.
What do the scans show? Show that it hit a branch of the pulmonary artery and veins.
Okay, we're gonna have to open his chest so we can directly visualize any other injuries.
All right, I'll stand by and repair his hand when you're done in the chest.
There was a shooting of schoolchildren in Scotland.
16 schoolchildren.
What? When? 20 years ago.
A man walked into the gym and opened fire on a bunch of innocent kids.
We still talk about it.
We still cry about it.
We still pray about it.
And we changed the gun laws because of it.
We said never again, and there's never been another one.
My boy could die and nothing will change because of it.
No law will change.
How How can that be possible? Sir, we can't let you go past this point.
No, no, no! I want to hold his hand! You stop here for his safety.
Let us save him.
Let us save his life.
He was just walking down the street! He was just playing his music.
Sheumis, you must look at me.
Look at me.
I've got him.
I've got your son, okay? Okay? Got to go.
No haggis, neeps, and tatties typical.
What's wrong with this picture? Karev's smile is unnatural, and and it seems forced.
No, why is it in this order? With him on the end.
And why does he even have a picture at all? He's an interim.
Mark Sloan was an interim.
I don't see his picture up here anywhere.
Well, Mark Sloan's name is all over this hospital.
I read an article in Tech Daily that glowed about Grey-Sloan Hospital's hyperbaric suite, and do you know who got the nod for spearheading innovation here? Chief Karev.
Not interim, not temporary just "chief.
" The world is anointing Alex Karev for my blood, sweat, and tears.
Stevie Ryder.
Patient I treated repeatedly for years for diverticulitis.
And I worked tirelessly to get it under control.
Then, one Thanksgiving, I left to have dinner with Adele's family, and Stevie came in with severe bleeding, and you performed an emergency colectomy.
Now, even though I did all of the legwork to keep him healthy all those years, you get a gift basket of Christmas pears every year.
Oh, those are your pears.
They're absolutely my pears.
But that's just how it goes sometimes, Bailey.
It's part of the job.
And stop staring at that picture.
Huh! That's more like it.
What? I mean, if Lucille and Julian are friends, they're friends with benefits.
Oh, friends with retirement benefits.
Ha! That was solid.
I-I don't even think that it's a friendship.
I mean, it's just a whole lot of denial.
What you can't picture a world with septuagenarian three-ways? Right? I mean, you could do a whole lot worse than having too many people love you.
Remember when interns were afraid to speak to their attendings? I miss that.
In relationships like this, someone is always holding a torch.
Look at poor Julian, standing there, torch in hand, settling for table scraps because the woman that he loves is married.
I mean, Marvin he's just caught in the crossfire.
You sound like an expert.
So, which one are you torchbearer? Or the one getting burned? I'm done.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So, listen, if you don't like it, I get it.
Just forget it, and I'll forget it, and all that really matters is that we're sisters.
There are rules against operating on people that you love.
There should be a rule against operating on people that you hate.
And I know that "hate" is a strong word, but I I strongly hate this woman, and I cannot be the person who kills the person that they hate on the table because there is a name for that and and a prison sentence.
Well, then, why are you still staring at her scans? 'Cause I also can't be the person who kills her by not doing something when I possibly can.
Well, can you? The rate of mortality is 30% just to open up her chest again, and that wouldn't even let me see the stent.
I would have no visualization, certainly not enough to do the procedure in the 40 minutes I would have before she goes brain-dead from a lack of blood in her body.
Can you put in the stent from below? That's not how it works.
Right, but I'm not asking how it works.
I'm asking, can it be done? I mean With an intravenous ultrasound, I suppose the stent could be sent through the groin and insert it into the graft from below.
Well, that sounds promising.
But someone else would have to do it.
I would have to be at the heart to connect it to the graft once it's in place.
It's risky as hell.
And I-I've never done it before.
Well, neither have I, but it sounds kind of fun.
Do you want to assist? Yeah.
And you have a sister now, so if that bully gives you any trouble, I got your back.
Well, parade just got added to my list.
What list? List of places I'm terrified to let Harriet go.
I already worry about schools, malls, parks, concerts.
Yeah, this isn't even the first kid with a gunshot wound - I treated this week.
- That bad? Yeah, I don't know why we let them out of our sight.
Oh, crap, I'm not getting a signal.
Fingers are dusky.
I need to get in there right away.
- We're not done up here.
- If I wait, he loses the hand.
Parker, you're with me.
Sarah, can you prep the arm while I scrub? Oh, man, his pressure is dropping the suture won't hold.
The entire lobe's trashed.
We need to remove it.
I called all of her friends twice.
Well, John's finding a hotel.
Just in case she comes back.
The first time she ran away, I was so terrified, I could barely breathe.
I can't imagine living with that fear for a year and a half.
Did she say who the father was? Never a name.
He's not in the picture.
I'm a good mom.
I don't know what you must think, but I don't I don't think anything.
Well Britney was a happy kid.
I mean, she She loved school, loved soccer and fuzzy socks and cinnamon toast.
And then she started using drugs, and and she just just became someone I didn't know anymore.
She'd be standing right in front of me, but not there.
I just missed her so much.
I missed her before she ran away.
Why would she call me again and say, "I love you," and, "I'm sorry," and, "Come see me," and then just I don't know how I keep doing this.
I don't know.
I don't know if I can keep doing this.
I-I took her in because I'm an addict, too, and, um, I did all that.
I ran away.
I lied.
I broke my mother's heart over and over again.
But when I got clean, she was the last person that I wanted to see.
The shame was too great.
I'm sure you're a good mom, and I promise you, your little girl is still in there.
The first snow First winter of my life I was told it was the height of me The first dance Well, the first one that counted Felt like my blood was built from crackling lights Oh, this ancient wildness 16 years old.
That we don't understand Ah! Damn it! Lap pads.
More lap pads.
More, more, more, more.
This is not love you've had before This is something else This is something else This is not the same as other days This is something else This is something else This shouldn't need to be so hard This is life on Earth It's just life on Earth It doesn't need to be the end of you, or me This is life on Earth It's just life on Earth Well, it looks like it's docked in the right position.
We're about to find out.
- Wow.
- It worked? So, there are no consequences.
Did you see Kiki's emergency contact? - No.
- It was blank.
She has no one.
There may not be rules about who gets to live and who gets to die, but she is all alone in this world, so there are consequences.
He made it through surgery.
He's gonna be okay.
We'll take you up to see him.
- Whoo! - Yes! Yeah! We'll keep a close eye on if there's any neurological changes and but the surgery went very well.
- Oh, thank God.
- Oh.
I don't know what I'd do without her.
Me neither.
Do you want to? Uh, you go ahead.
I'll be right there.
All right.
I see the look.
The last five years, any time we're all together, no one can figure it out no one can name it or understand.
It's not like you think.
Lucille is possessive with me and jealous in a way she just isn't with Julian.
And he's cold and distant with his girlfriends in a way he would never be with Lucille.
And that's because they made a decision a long time ago to let their love be the easy kind.
They let it be friendship.
They never wanted to risk all that ease between them on something as fickle as sex and romance.
I'm Lucille's third husband, and I hope I'm the last.
But she only has one Julian.
And now, if you'll excuse me, my wife needs me.
- Here you go, Dr.
- Great.
Thank you.
We had to remove the right middle lobe, but with rehab, the remaining lung will compensate for the loss.
His hand's warm and pink, which is a great sign.
We repaired the fractures with pins.
But he's gonna be okay.
Just a few weeks in the hospital and - Dad? - Hey, hey, hey.
I'm here, son.
You're all right.
I'm right here.
What happened? Colin.
My baby boy.
My sweet boy.
You're all right.
Excuse me.
Hey, Owen.
Are Are you okay? I need to get up to daycare.
It's me.
Talk to me.
Betty's parents are here.
And they didn't know about Leo.
I'm gonna lose him, Teddy.
I just know I'm gonna lose him.
s are stable.
Chest tube output is minimal.
Well, she was right.
You really are the best.
Nora Lau to the E.
Nora Lau to the E.
Okay, so, now can we talk about how you feel? Ugh.
Relieved, mostly.
A little gloaty.
About me and DeLuca.
What? Maggie, I'm not gonna be a Kiki.
I can't have you smile to my face and then hate me when I walk out of the room.
When I told you this morning, you just smiled at me very weirdly.
When you told me what? That I was thinking about going on a date with DeLuca.
This morning.
I told you that.
Y-Yeah, I had just read Kiki Thompson's chart, I saw her name, and I was paralyzed with rage.
I did not hear a word you said.
DeLuca? Andrew DeLuca? And you? Yes.
Is it weird? It's weird, right? No, no.
It's surprising.
For me, too.
He's a good guy.
And if he's ever not a good guy, I got your back.
Yeah, the hotel's sending up a crib to our room along with diapers, some formula just anything else that we need to get through the night.
I'm sorry, I don't What? Thank you so much for taking care of Leo, but we've got this now.
What We can talk tomorrow about the rest of his things.
- No, wait, you - Yeah, you can't take him tonight.
He's He You can't just take him.
He's our grandson.
Yeah, and we're his family, and he knows us.
We're not letting you leave with him.
Well, I am not leaving him here with another drug addict! You're not taking Leo anywhere without a court order.
I'm his legal guardian.
I have sworn to protect him.
So I'm not gonna allow two strangers to just take him.
And if you try, I will have you arrested for kidnapping.
You'll be hearing from us.
You told them you were a drug addict? - Why would you do that? - I I was trying to help.
Trying to help who? Owen, this is a painful situation for everyone.
Everyone in this situation is in pain.
- Please don't - Please don't what? Please don't be upset that you'd just give them the one piece of information they can use to take Leo away from me? Owen, you and I are we're not married.
So, if you want to fight for him If I want to fight for Leo? Yes, if if you want to fight to keep Leo, I am not standing in the way of that.
Why would I not want to fight to keep Leo? Because you are his foster parent! You said that you want him to have his mother in his life.
You said that you want what is best for him! And those are his grandparents! And Betty is his mother, and she is missing right now, again, and you don't even seem to care! Her name is Britney, and she's never been much of a mother! I think we both know that.
There's a reason so many babies' first word is "No.
" It's because it's the word they hear the most.
From the second we are born, we want to cross the line, push the boundaries - What's up? - test the limits.
A few months ago, you said you didn't want to be interim chief anymore.
But at the time, I was not yet ready to return.
Since then, I've done the work on myself, I have done the work on my marriage, and now you'll be happy to hear I'm ready.
I'm ready to be chief again, so you are off the hook.
Look, I-I-I sucked when I started this job.
I mean, I-I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, - and and I felt like a big joke.
- No comment.
But somewhere along the way, I got good at it.
I like it now.
I mean, I kicked this job's ass, just like Webber told me to.
- Webber? - Yeah.
Plus, it's way more money.
So the answer is no.
Oh, I-I wasn't asking so much as telling.
And I'm telling you no.
I mean, we agreed to a six-month contract, Bailey.
That's what I signed.
When it's over, it's all yours.
I didn't even expect you to survive your intern year.
What? I'm saying I'm proud of you, Karev.
But then we grow up and learn that not all rules are bad.
Look, uh there are certain friendships that are meant to be just that friendships, even if the feelings are so big, and You didn't have to come to my hotel room to tell me we're just friends.
That's, like, a "leave a note at the front desk" kind of thing.
No, that's that's What I'm What I'm saying is I'm saying Owen and I are supposed to be friends.
I mean, we we are just friends.
Very close friends, but You and I are You and I are? Something else.
We are Some boundaries protect us.
Some lines keep us safe.
Tom, I am I am really pregnant.
I ordered a club sandwich.
I mean e-extra bacon.
You must be hungry.
Come on.
But the nice thing about being an adult is we can choose for ourselves.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You, uh, paged me? Yes.
You are not taking me out tonight.
God, is this Is this Maggie? Do I need to talk to her now? Unbelievable.
I have three kids, and I'm not getting on the back of a motorcycle.
So I'm driving.
So where is this place with the view? We can screw the rules Okay, then.
My treat.
or we can make our own.

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