Grey's Anatomy s15e16 Episode Script

Blood and Water

1 Morning Zelda.
All deseases have a genetic component.
- Auntie Maggie? - Yes.
Is Grandma Ellis your mom? Biologically, yes.
But Diane and Bill raised me, so they're my mom and dad.
Just like my mom and dad raised me.
But of course, genes are not always to blame.
ELLIS: Margaret, before you publish your next piece, you really ought to let me proofread your work.
It's riddled with typos.
What? - No, it's not! - [CHUCKLES.]
And don't make that face.
What face? That face like you've got some secret we don't know.
The Meredith face.
Well, Meredith got it from me, so it's the Ellis face.
In diagnosing a disease, physicians must take into account other factors.
Who are you? I'm Derek's sister.
We must have met before.
I think I'remember.
Would you, though? Their environment.
Their lifestyle.
What does that mean? Your mom will know.
Quick, write it down.
Don't forget to take your vitamins, dears.
However, some genetic traits are, annoyingly, unavoidable.
Thanks, Mom.
On the move, out of control [PANTING.]
Mama said, "Bless your soul" [CELLPHONE MAKING "BOING" SOUND.]
Everybody, move with me now Wanna see your body groove with me now Hey, Mom.
- Uh, I'm actually kind of busy - Hi, Mrs.
Schmitt! - Right.
Yes, I'll I'll I'll call you later.
I just wanna get loose, I just wanna live life - Ohh.
- Oh.
What the hell was that? - Did you just shush me? - No.
I'm feelin', I'm feelin', I'm feelin', I'm feelin' a vibe I mean, yes, I did, but not in a shame spiral-y way.
Y-Yeah, you just You just shushed me.
It It's just she [CLEARS THROAT.]
It is not that I don't want her to know.
She's just a lot.
She has a lot of opinions about everything.
Then, what you think she won't like me, or she won't like that I'm male? I just don't want her to learn about you as the hot shirtless guy I'm in bed with.
Let it loose, just let it go Even though you are hot and shirtless and in bed with me.
Not anymore.
Wanna see your body groove with me now - Wanna see how you lay it down - [SIGHS LIGHTLY.]
Lay it down Day and night DELUCA: Hey, you.
Helm says you, uh, handed off all your surgeries.
What are you working on? I'm not totally sure yet.
It It came to me in a dream.
You dream science? Rarely, but thank you.
How's it going with your dad? Weirdly, not terrible.
He seems stable, but it's hard to tell.
- He's here today with a pitch.
- A pitch? A medical breakthrough, he says.
"It's gonna change the world, Andrea.
He gets these big ideas, he gets obsessed with them, and then he just cycles out and loses interest.
It It probably won't amount to much.
- Is there a diagnosis or? - No.
But Carina seems to think he's got bipolar, but he refuses treatment, of course, so we don't really know.
He just says he, uh, feels the world deeply.
Well, that's poetic.
- Oh, he has his charms.
Whoah, oh, oh, oh, oh, put up your hands [CELLPHONE RINGS.]
Just dance I got to go.
Keep me posted.
Put up your hands - We have rules.
- Okay.
Just dance Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Whoah, oh, oh, oh, oh [BREATHES DEEPLY.]
- Hey.
- Hello.
- More interviews? - Yeah, some medical podcast.
She's on fire, though.
Why do they call it that? "Podcast.
" I mean, there's pea pods.
There are certain pods in aviation.
Whales swim in pods, but that word has nothing to do with audio recording.
Uh, I got a rotation-plasty.
What does that have to do with [CLEARS THROAT.]
Nothing, sir.
PODCASTER: We hear you were a bit of a prodigy.
You finished med school at 19.
You made chief of cardio at Tufts at 27.
- Impressive.
- Yeah.
Thank you.
Um, I had a very strong family.
My parents told me I could be whatever I wanted to be.
Are they surgeons, as well? Oh, God, no.
Then what drew you to the field? You know, I can't really remember ever not wanting to be a doctor.
I knew at age 12 that I wanted to be a surgeon.
By 14, that it was cardio.
- Wow.
Born to be a surgeon.
Yeah, yeah.
It makes you wonder about a genetic component.
Uh, genetic? Yeah.
Well, both my biological parents were surgeons.
Although Ellis and Richard were both in general surgery.
Same with my sister, Meredith.
So I don't know where the hearts come in.
That must be nurture over nature.
I'm I'm sorry.
Did you say Ellis and Meredith? - Hm? - As in Grey? Ellis and Meredith Grey? Oh.
Well, ah M-My point was that And And Richard is? Uh, my my biological father, Richard Webber.
- I'm sorry.
- Are you saying that Ellis Grey, two-time Harper Avery Award winner, mother of Meredith Grey, is your birth mother? Um M-M-Maybe we can edit that.
- Holy crap.
- Wow.
ALEX: I mean, it's not exactly a real library, but it's Would it be okay if I did a little sorting? Seems like doctors don't put books back - where they found them.
- Oh, sure.
Sorry, but I have back-to-back meetings.
I'll come back and grab you for lunch.
Okay? My son, the chief.
Oh, my God.
This is so cute! Thank you.
Those are for my grandchildren.
Oh! Is Amber having another baby? No.
Those are for yours.
- Our Our what? - Kids.
Uh, you know, I was reading an article about how gender is a more fluid concept than previous generations realized.
So I figured that purple, green Neutral colors.
We're in the baby hat place? Are you pregnant and you didn't tell me? She asked me if we wanted kids, and I said yes because we do.
And she's making the hats extra big because I had an extra big head.
Which, now that I say it out loud, probably sounds daunting.
- I have a surgery.
What surgery? Hey Hey, Bailey.
: Dr.
Hobb to Dr.
Hobb Hunt and Altman are both taking personal days, so I need you to cover the pit today.
Please? - How many? - How many what? - Days left.
- Till what? Till I stop taking orders from you.
: Dr.
Oliver to Radiology.
Danny Oliver to Radiology.
- Maybe.
- Kidding.
- Hey, Link! - Hey, number 20.
- Yeah.
Heh! - [LAUGHS.]
All right.
Jackson Avery, plastics.
Jenny Martinez, mother.
- Nice to meet you.
- You I know.
Come here with that face.
We miss you at the clubhouse.
You're gonna get him squared away so he can get called up next year, right? That is the hope.
But it's gonna be a long road.
Kim, all you.
KIM: Okay.
Hunter Martinez, 20 years old, diagnosed with osteosarcoma of the distal right femur, here for a rotation-plasty.
Uh, what exactly is that? He only told me about this last week, so I'm playing catch-up.
She worries too much.
Show her the cartoon.
- Okay.
We will begin by removing the lower end of the femur, the knee joint, and the upper tibia.
Then rotate the lower leg 180 degrees and re-attach the remainder of the leg.
The ankle joint will serve as the new knee joint to fit in for the prosthetic leg.
Oh, my God! Now, don't worry, Jenny.
He's already done his three months of chemo, so this surgery will leave him - Three months? - cancer-free You've known about this for three months? I didn't want to freak you out.
We'll, uh talk about this later.
Please, um continue.
NICO: Okay.
Well, the first step would be to make an incision in the thigh.
: Dr.
Swan to Oncology.
Nice to meet you, Mr.
Or should I say "Doctor"? - It is, grazie.
Uh, bambini, you can go now.
I can help with the English.
You? You can barely speak it yourself.
I can help.
And, plus, I'm curious to see what this research is you're presenting today.
It is a baby in a bag.
1 in 10 babies is born preterm because mother can't carry child to term due to trauma or accident, so many reasons.
And the baby, she dies.
Premature babies cannot survive outside the mama.
But what if it could? What if we transferred the baby from the mama to an external gestational sac so her little lungs and her brain and her heart, they can develop? And then we give her the birth, yes? From the bag, a beautiful, full-term, healthy baby! You want to create an external gestational sac? No.
I have already.
I am in animal trials.
Four ovine subject subjects.
The latest showed normal pH and lactate levels, good fetal circulation, and then Eccolo! Born at 125 days.
- That lamb gestated? - In a bag.
It's a baby in a bag.
You'll fund this, yes? Britney's signature, her parents' signature Everything's notarized.
Well, I have good news and bad news.
Is something wrong? No.
That's the good news and the bad news.
This is so straightforward, I'm not gonna be able to bill you for many hours.
- Oh.
So, let's get started with you two.
Uh, what is Leo's address? [TELEPHONE RINGS IN DISTANCE.]
Uh, trick question.
It's really your address.
No, it's it's not that.
Just we don't live together.
- We used to - Yeah.
- uh, but not anymore.
- Mnh-mnh.
- Is that a problem? - Well, you tell me.
Because if the two of you are gonna be fighting for custody, - I mean, that's - No, no, no, no.
Neither of of us wants that.
- We are totally committed to Leo - Yeah.
and, um, we want what's best for him.
Then we should be good.
But I am gonna have to take back what I said about this not being complicated.
Wait, wait, wait! I, uh I need you to put me on a surgery.
- Any surgery.
- Why? Because I told my husband I had a surgery.
Got it.
What are you avoiding? Telling you would defeat the purpose of avoiding it.
Oh, God.
Oh, what's happening? No.
Eye contact.
God, I am so embarrassed for you both.
We're doing a rotation-plasty, so You're turning an ankle into a knee? - I want in.
- Okay.
Schmitt, you're out.
I've been studying for this surgery for three weeks.
- Seniority.
- Special treatment.
Oh, yeah? How'd you get in on it? JACKSON: Oh.
Sorry, bud.
Too many cooks.
Karev, prep the patient.
Oh, and, uh, tell his mom where to hang.
- She's a little freaked.
- Okay.
Ooh, whatcha working on? Well, Ellis came to me last night in a dream and gave me the answer to something.
I just don't know what the question is.
Ellis got into my head this morning, too.
Did she give you the question? No, I was doing that podcast, - you know, for my article - Uh-huh.
and I accidentally let it slip to the entire medical community that I'm her secret love child.
Well, that's not that big a deal.
You said, "Oh," and you made a face.
Maggie, that's your life.
Well, yeah.
And And yours.
And Richard's.
- Biomarkers? - What? Ellis.
The question.
Was it about biomarkers? You're a genius.
Yeah, it's in our DNA.
- Ugh.
- Maggie, Richard will be fine.
He's Richard.
: Rhys Joseph to Peds ICU.
Rhys Joseph to Peds ICU.
How long will that take? It could be around eight hours, but we'll make sure to update you.
And what time will that be? Every couple of hours.
It's normal to be scared.
I'm not scared.
I'm enraged.
This child, who I poured my blood and sweat and soul into my child didn't tell me about three months of chemo 'cause he didn't want me to freak, so now I-I-I'm not allowed to freak or I prove him right, and I'm not allowed to rage because you're turning his ankle into his knee, so I have to be supportive! [TELEPHONE RINGS IN DISTANCE.]
Is there a gym in this hospital with some kind of punching bag? [SIREN WAILING IN DISTANCE.]
I'm sorry, Dr.
I was on the OR floor, - so it took me a minute.
- Stop, Schmitt.
I'm bored already.
Bed 3.
Frank Nelstadt, 47.
Chief complaint fever, sore throat, productive cough.
O2 sat 88% on room air.
- It's Dad.
- I'm kinda busy, Ella.
Nelstadt, I'm Dr.
How long have you had that cough? Uh, I don't know.
A few days? It's not as bad as it seems.
Don't think I didn't see you just decline my call, honey.
You're supposed to be at a conference.
I was, until our daughter ratted you out.
"Dad hacking up lung.
Sounds like dying moose.
So gross.
" We've raised such a sensitive and supportive young woman.
Sir, do you have any chest pain? I'd like to get an X-ray, maybe a CT, just to rule out anything more serious.
- A CT? Really? - Dan.
- How old are you? - Danny! Sorry, Doctor, my husband spins out over a hangnail.
- Dan - Excuse me.
Are you in charge here? Because, uh, there's a child doctor working on my husband, and I would like for you to change that.
- Uh, Dr.
Schmitt is a surgical resident.
- LEVI: All right, deep breath in.
And although he looks young, he does All right, I-I'm sorry.
It's not in my nature to be rude, so I-I'm hoping you're gonna forgive me and know that this is just the fear talking when I say if my husband needs a CT, then I need for him to have a grown-ass doctor.
Sir, lean forward.
Frank? Frank! Can he breathe? Let's prepare for a possible RSI with 100 sux, 100 propofol, and get an intubation tray ready.
- Oh, my God! - Ohh.
I do not enjoy this.
Oh, that feels better.
- I-I-I can feel it I can feel it I can feel it All right.
Upper dissection complete.
Let's go ahead and remove the specimen.
We're ready from the lower end.
Jo, the honors? Yes, please.
I can't believe Hunter didn't tell his mom he had a tumor.
Oh, he told her.
Just not till last week.
Ah, he was trying to protect her.
Stupid, but I understand the impulse.
All right.
Let's rotate the leg.
- Okay.
Can you get the tibial plates and screws ready, please? Speaking of parents, how's it going with the mother-in-law? Still here.
Still sleeping on our couch.
In a loft? That sounds cozy.
No, it's fine.
She's sweet, and she doesn't take up a lot of space, and she just makes tea all day, and she knits.
So that's what you're avoiding.
- No.
- Who's avoiding? Jo wanted to scrub in for a distraction.
It's not Helen.
Helen is fine.
I'm happy that she's here and that she's doing well and that she is knitting hats.
A lot of them.
For babies.
For our babies, apparently, that her and Alex are planning just full steam ahead gender neutral, big-headed baby hats and all.
Lap pad.
Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh - I think we got what she's avoiding.
- [SIGHS.]
Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh - Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh - [SIGHS.]
- You paged me to the lab? - I did.
What you couldn't come to my office? - I couldn't.
- [SIGHS.]
Why not? Because that would be a concession to your superior job title, and that's about to end.
But it hasn't ended.
No, but when it does, I just don't want the fall to hurt too badly.
What are you working on? My mother gave me a tip.
- About what? - Never mind.
How'd it go with Vincenzo DeLuca? Oh, his pitch was awesome.
It's a freaking baby in a bag.
A baby in a bag? Yeah, an external womb.
He's already made a prototype.
He showed us the video of the baby lamb.
- In a bag? - Yup.
10 years in peds, and I have never thought of something so cool.
- Almost sounds too good to be true.
Yeah, well, I asked him to give me a day or two, but I wanted to say yes in that room.
Did you call his hospital in Italy? Yeah.
They love him.
You should dig a little deeper kick the tires on that one.
Why? What do you know? What? Read my face.
Constipated? My face is saying something that I cannot say.
Oh, this is about Jo.
Did she talk to you about my mom [CHUCKLING.]
and the baby hats? [CHUCKLING.]
Never mind.
So, are you planning on alternating weeks or splitting weeks? 2-2-3? 2-2-3 is? You each get two days, and then whoever went first gets three, and then, the next week, you flip it so the time balances out.
Um W-We haven't had much time to discuss it, so The judge is gonna want to know.
Well, I don't want to spend half my time away from him.
She gave custody to both of us.
Yeah, but she didn't know that you'd just left me.
Maybe she would've made a different decision.
Okay, so you don't even want me on the paperwork.
No, no.
That's not what I'm saying.
I'm just saying there's an argument to be made in favor of consistency.
Okay, folks, uh, we're done here.
- Uh, no, wait.
We will - Uh.
- We're gonna figure it out.
- "We'll figure it out" isn't the kind of answer I can give a judge.
Listen, this went longer than expected and I have another meeting, but use the room.
If you want this child in your life, you're gonna need to get on the same page, fast.
DANNY: She said, "Dad's coughing up a lung," and now he just coughed up a lung.
It's not his lung, or he would be dead.
Uh, according to image search, it's a a bronchial tree.
Uh, it's actually a blood clot in the shape of a bronchial tree.
Somehow, the coughing must've cause bleeding in his airway, but how it became so congealed and [BREATHING QUICKLY.]
- What's happening? - Dad? [MONITOR BEEPS RAPIDLY.]
Are you okay? Okay.
Schmitt, intubate while I do an ultrasound.
Um, I'm sorry.
Move back, please.
Let's get a crash cart in here and the sux and propofol that I asked for and an EKG.
What happened? He was just fine! Dad, come on.
Let them work.
Come on, let's move, Schmitt.
This could be a massive pulmonary embolus.
You ever hear an idea that's so good that it makes you angry you didn't think of it? Yes.
But it usually means my meds aren't working.
I spent several years in an outright rage that I didn't invent [CHUCKLING.]
the cordless phone.
When I was little, what did you think I was gonna be when I grew up? Well, you once asked me what the inside of a doorknob looked like.
I mean, you were 6, so I just took it apart and showed it to you.
But then you wouldn't let me put it back together again.
Eventually, you did it yourself, so I thought you were gonna be an engineer.
Oh, yeah, well, taking things apart and putting them back together again is kind of what I do all day.
That's true.
But I'm not really a thinker.
I mean, I'm a fixer, not an innovator.
Oh, I don't know about that, honey.
I've never been anything but in awe of your brain.
God knows where you got it, 'cause you didn't get it from either of your parents.
You know, you really freaked out Jo with those baby hats.
Well, I didn't mean to freak her out.
I Give her a little nudge, maybe.
: Chris Boddam to Admitting.
Chris Boddam to Admitting.
Why do I have a request for a comment on the "Maggie Pierce/ Ellis Grey" story? Oh, my God, Richard.
I'm so sorry.
I was doing that podcast, and we started talking about how I got into surgery and genetics, and then suddenly You were telling the entire medical community that Ellis and I had an affair? Richard, I'm so sorry.
I-I-I didn't think No, you didn't.
Thank you.
All right.
Neurovascular bundle seems to be intact and tension-free.
JO: Blood flow looks nice.
LINK: And I'm liking the bone alignment.
- Nico, we good? - Beautiful.
Rounding third.
So, what's up with Karev? He wants a kid and you don't? Well, I thought I did someday until someday started sounding like today.
Well, I can tell you that it's not all bad.
I mean, Harriet right now is learning how to pronounce her "K" words, which sound more like T's.
So she's got a little friend named Coco she calls her Toto.
And it's got to be the cutest thing ever.
Right, but does the cute outweigh the terror? - The what? - You know, all that potential heartache.
Little humans with giant heads who are gonna get hurt and picked on and have nightmares and wonder why they were born.
And even when they're grown up, you never stop worrying about them.
I mean, look at Hunter.
He's a freaking major league - baseball player - Minor league.
Top of his game, the best genes, and out of nowhere, cancer.
And now his mom is having a nervous breakdown, all because she made the choice to ruin her life with a child.
No offense.
Why would I possibly be offended? Irrigation, please.
So, on the days we trade, one of us will drop him off at daycare and the other one will pick him up? Yeah.
That makes sense.
You know this will probably all go out the window once Teddy has her baby.
You're not gonna know your 2s from your 3s.
Well, Teddy is with Koracick now, and they're on their babymoon in Palm Springs.
I still don't know what that is.
Owen, this is not the time for Teddy feelings.
W It's not a feeling.
It's more of - Okay, still not the time for it.
- Yeah, okay.
I'm gonna text the lawyer and let her know that we made a plan.
- Amelia.
I don't just want you in Leo's life.
I want you in mine.
Let's not do this.
I chose you.
I choose you.
That's never changed.
Yeah, it did change.
Everything changed.
Things went bad when Betty went missing and we thought that we'd lost Leo, but - Amelia, we now - Owen, stop.
It changed with Teddy.
That's when it changed.
And I know that this is messy and it's painful and it's not what you wanted, and that is no one's fault.
But breaking up with you was a moment of clarity for me.
And it hurts, but it hurts less than the alternative.
Well, you can have your clarity, if that's what you want to call it.
This is not no one's fault.
This is your fault.
What? "The clarity hurts less than the alternative"? [VOICE BREAKING.]
The alternative is loving me.
The alternative is letting me love you, but you just can't do it.
You have to just sabotage it.
I tried to convince myself that this was all the brain tumor, but, apparently, there's just some fundamental part of you that can't love or be loved.
Did I hear we've got a plan? - "Heepsters.
" - Hipsters, Papa.
It's my new English word.
They're making a statement that they are unique, yes? - Yeah, by dressing exactly the same.
- Please.
In English.
So I can practice.
Va bene.
Papa, this research really is incredible.
- Yes, it is, my boy.
- But we need And you your life is incredible.
Your city is incredible.
I'm so proud of you.
Thank you.
But how are you? Really.
Because Carina seems to think Ay, Carina.
She's like your mother.
She worries.
She controls.
You are like me.
You know a good idea when you hear one.
Carina worries for good reason.
It hasn't been easy between us, I know.
Your mother come between us - My mother has nothing to do with this.
- Andrea, let me finish.
You move away from me with Mama.
Then you stay away for college.
And now residency.
You are distance.
And I know some part is my fault.
Let me make good.
Andrea, you do this with me, I put you in the map! On the map.
On the map, yes! Look at you.
You are a man, all on your own.
A good man, too.
I see that.
And handsome like me.
I see you.
But this woman of yours, she is beyond you.
Thank you.
Andrea, even I have heard of Meredith Grey all the way back home.
She's more than a beauty she is brilliance.
Yeah, I'm aware.
So, then, we change the world together.
We save the babies.
My son, I owe you this.
Let me put you on the map.
Huh? BARISTA: What can I get you? [RESPIRATOR HISSING.]
- Mm-hmm.
- Easy.
Yeah, easy.
So, it uses the ultrasound to drive the clot busters directly into the clot? Not bad for a child doctor.
What? [LAUGHS.]
Um, less of a chance of intracranial bleeding.
The TPA will release over the next 12 hours, and boom.
No more creepy-looking blood clots for you, Frank.
Thank you for saying that, because I thought I was the only one.
I almost forgot I was a doctor there for a minute.
Right? Now we have to figure out why he's had two major blood clots over the last 24 hours.
LINK: All right.
Almost finished up here.
Looking good.
Let's update his mom.
Where are they? [SIGHS.]
They're closing.
You're mad.
No, I'm not mad.
It's your story, and you have a right to tell it.
Right words.
Wrong tone.
It is my story, and I do have a right to tell it.
Catherine has cancer.
She's living with cancer.
Yeah, I know that.
And what I think she maybe doesn't need added to her plate at this moment is the world knowing that her hus That her husband is an adulterer.
I'm I'm confused.
Are you cheating on Catherine? - Huh? Don't be obtuse.
- I am not trying to be.
I had an affair with Ellis, which you just made public.
And you think that that somehow reflects on Catherine? Well, it's not part of my story I'm particularly proud of.
It's the part of your story that culminated in me, Richard in my existence.
- Hi.
- [SIGHS.]
Everything okay? My sister is trying to shut down my father's research project.
She knows.
And she speaks Italian, so it's okay.
Only a little.
Andrea, we cannot let him do this.
Wait, you want your father to do research here? Yes.
I-I think it's a good idea.
I thought you said he has an untreated mental illness.
- He does.
- He has episodes, okay? But it's not like he's dangerous.
Until he is.
It's complicated.
No, it's not complicated, Andrea.
He didn't even train in this field.
Yeah, but you did.
So you know better than anyone how important this research is.
Right, but I also know better than anyone just how bad he can get.
Andrea, I spent the last three months with him.
He's not well.
You didn't grow up with him, so when he comes calling, you go running.
And he knows that.
He knows he can manipulate you, and you're letting him.
I'm signing on to participate in a groundbreaking medical study that could change and save a lot of lives.
Excuse me.
What would you do if you were me? Talk to the chief? Hm.
: Dr.
Harrington to the OR.
Paige Harrington to the OR.
Did you know? I know a lot of things.
You'll have to be more specific.
About DeLuca's dad and the mania and the four patients.
I did.
You could've told me.
I did.
I said dig deeper, read my face.
You could've just told me.
No, I couldn't because I was confided in by somebody I care quite a bit about.
So, no, I couldn't.
I don't want to be the guy who says no to something amazing because of a little mental illness.
I mean, look at my mom.
Have you thought about the ethical ramifications if this got into the wrong hands? Honestly, if it wasn't for the guy's history, I wouldn't even think twice.
Does that mean you're going to approve it? Mer, it's a womb outside the mother.
If he pulls this off, it's an honest-to-God medical miracle.
Sorry you had to grow up like that, man.
You told him? Carina did.
But I told her to.
Mer, he's my dad.
I'm telling you, I think he's okay.
I know, but, listen, I have my own complicated history with my parents, and I know that my judgment was very often clouded.
I need you to try to trust me on this, okay? [ELEVATOR BELL DINGS.]
: Dr.
Thatcher to ICU.
- Dr.
Rachel Thatcher to ICU.
- Hey.
He's okay.
We're moving him to an ICU room, and we were able to place the catheter to break up the clot.
Oh, my God, Frank.
We ran some tests, and we think he has something called Factor V Leiden.
It's a blood-clotting disorder that can lead to an abnormal amount of clots.
- How did he get that? - It's genetic.
He's had it his entire life.
It just didn't cause any issues until he became so sick.
His cough may have actually saved his life.
He could've died? Well, yes.
But we were able to get to it in time.
And it's genetic? Dad, what are you Okay, you need to test her right away.
I thought you said you and Dad didn't know which of you was my biological father? We don't.
We never wanted to know, and we always said that we would only find out - if you wanted to.
- Which I don't.
But if it's any chance that you have this Factor V thing, we need to find out.
I said a crappy thing, and I'm sorry.
Harriet's incredible, and I know that not all kids ruin everyone's lives.
They're sleep-depriving, sticky little monsters that demand snacks endlessly and want you to sing "Row Row Row Your Boat" to them - 50 times a day.
But they also think everything you say is hilarious.
And when they lay their head on your shoulder [SIGHS.]
everything seems right.
Yeah, kids can ruin your life.
But they also give you a reason to live when when life tries to ruin you.
Now, I don't want to get panicky phone calls when this takes time, okay? It always does.
It's the nature of the beast.
But I think you two are in great shape.
Thank you.
I need to make a change.
I'm sorry.
I don't think I should be on the paperwork.
Amelia, what are you doing? I'll be in his life because Betty wants me to.
Um, I'll see him as much as you'll let me.
I can be his friend.
I can help.
I will be Auntie Amelia, who is fundamentally incapable of love.
Hey, hey.
Come on.
We're over, Owen.
So this is what's best for him.
You heard her one home is ideal.
You don't have to do this.
I have clarity on this, too, Owen.
Leo is yours.
He's always been yours.
I'm sorry for wasting your time.
So, that's, uh That is your tumor-free leg.
Oh, thank God.
You can be honest now.
You really think I can play again? Well, I'm not gonna make any promises, but I've seen plenty of athletes return to their sport after this procedure.
And when you're able, we'll start physical therapy and then fit you with a prosthetic.
It's gonna be a lot of work, though.
You're gonna have to re-train your brain now that your foot is your knee.
Always searching for a place to hide away Training I can do.
Jenny, this is a good thing.
I know.
Maybe if I'd had three months to process all this, I would be crying a little less right now.
Or maybe not.
- Yeah.
- Maybe not.
Counting my conclusions and my "You shoulds" - Hey.
- Mm? And I don't know what to say [KNOCKS ON DOOR.]
Your head turned out perfectly fine.
Thank you? [LAUGHS.]
I mean, maybe maybe it was too big for regular hats, but who cares? You turned out perfect.
But it's my mom's head you're worried about, right? You don't want to pass on the crazy gene to our kids.
Alex, I love your mom.
I do.
I am not afraid of your genes.
I'm terrified of mine.
You know, every time I go to the doctor, I have to write "unknown" on my medical history.
On both sides.
And I've learned to live with that and define myself by my own terms.
But when it comes to our kids, I don't want to not know.
Okay, so, we will hire someone to track down your family and No, no, no.
I don't I don't want to meet them.
I am going to spit in a tube.
- Cool.
I'm gonna grow a baby in a bag.
- Wait.
What? - Yeah.
A baby in a bag.
- Count your sheep and [CHUCKLING.]
wake on a brighter day [KNOCK ON DOOR.]
Nelstadt? Frank.
We got Ella's test results back.
I'm running out of ways to see this place - Dad.
- Yeah.
- You okay? - Yeah, I'm okay.
- Are you? - Yeah, I'm good.
I get to wear one of these things now.
I'm gonna need one in gold, too.
It never mattered to me which one of you was my biological dad, 'cause you're both my dads.
Okay? So let's not flip out about this.
I'm talking to you.
- I am not flipping! - [CHUCKLES.]
I mean, he coughed up a lung.
- I'm allowed to have a feeling.
: Annie Abrumian, return to the Admin Desk.
Annie Abrumian, return to the Admin Desk.
I'm ashamed of what I did back then.
But I'm only grateful for your existence.
I know.
It's a scandal.
I'm a scandal.
No, I'm a scandal.
You're a miracle.
The best of Ellis, the very best of me, and the best of a mother and father who raised you so beautifully.
I am proud to be any part of you, Maggie Pierce.
And if the press asks, that'll be my only answer.
My dad's gonna listen to that podcast.
He's gonna be so proud and excited.
And then he's gonna hear me giving all the credit to you and Ellis.
Then he's gonna be even more heartbroken than you were.
I-I love you.
And I haven't come out to my mom because she will spin out.
And not because you're not amazing, and not because you're a man.
- Asian? - [LAUGHING.]
No, she will she will flip out because it's what she does.
She flips out when I try to purchase a backpack.
Literally, I-I when I bought this backpack, she counted the pockets, and we had three conversations about whether it would hold everything I needed and all the ways that it could accidentally choke me.
You are my first love.
I know I'm not yours, and that's okay.
But you are mine.
And I want to lock you in through my eyes before I see all the death traps through hers.
Diving in while the current's fast MEREDITH: Blood is thicker than water.
So, you love me, huh? Gotta leave the past, it's in the past It means the family you're born into is important above all else, right? Strike a match Watch the flames grow higher We can burn much brighter Wrong.
The original proverb goes a little differently.
So, er, you're not gonna say it back? What does it take to leave it all behind? I will in two minutes.
I just love to see you sweat it out.
We'll see it happen one step at a time It actually says, "The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.
" Here we go Oh-oh-oh-oh No, we're never slowing down [SPEAKING ITALIAN.]
Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh - Hey.
- Oh, oh - We'll get lost until we're found - [CHUCKLES.]
- Darlin', here we go - Ah! Meaning the blood shed on the proverbial battlefield bonds us more than simple genetics.
Feel the blood rushing through my veins Got some brand-new wings No, we won't go back What does it take to make our dream collide? And, yes, DNA matters when it comes to medical history.
The smallest change - Look who I found.
- Hey! can make you feel alive Here we go I'm not ready to talk about it.
- I'm cooking.
I hope his apartment never gets repaired.
- How expired is too expired? But I'm a doctor, and I say family is family.
Did you find the question? So, what if there was a non-invasive way to diagnose disease as easy as taking a vitamin? Oh, oh Oh, oh No, we're never slowing down No, we're never slowing down We'll get lost until we're found No, we're never slowing down I don't give a crap whose blood you have.
Darlin', here we go
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