Grey's Anatomy s15e17 Episode Script

And Dream of Sheep

1 When I was in second grade.
This girl Misie, could cross her leg behind her head like a pretzel.
And one day her leg just poped.
And then it was lying there, behind her.
My mother said, "Stop crying.
It was just an anterior hip dislocation.
" Then she said something I've never forgotten.
Mm Nope.
Save it for the sake of the fight "Just because you can do something" [SIGHS.]
- "doesn't mean you should.
Copy/paste the child inside You used to smile, but now you are staged [ELEVATOR BELL DINGS.]
- Hey.
- I hate to watch you walk away Hey.
Did you spend the night here again last night? Yeah.
One of the lambs had a rough night.
I-I really need some of that.
It's actually for you.
It's a peace offering.
I guess I was wrong about your dad, and it's none of my business.
- No, it's it's not that - I'm just - [ELEVATOR BELL DINGS.]
- I'm glad it's going well.
- I appreciate that.
- Yeah.
And I really appreciate this.
Do you have a minute? Save it for the sake of our love I missed you.
Raise a hand to show that you're strong You're not mad at me? You used to smile, but now you are shunned So, if I was to stay at my place one night this week, would you care to join me? I hate to watch you walk alone That's the best idea I've ever heard.
I'll try to figure it out.
Is this how you're gonna grow old? I really should get to work.
Is this how you're gonna grow old? And you should get some sleep, Doctor.
- Is this how you're gonna grow old? - [CHUCKLES.]
Don't forget your coffee.
- I'm already wide awake.
JACKSON: Keep your cuts straight.
You want to go into the dermis.
Stay as shallow as we can.
Wonder if the guys at Pike Street Market went to four years of medical school.
So I think I should cancel this thing tomorrow.
Oh, my God.
Honestly, I don't even smell it anymore.
I do.
Yeah, I-I'm not going on "Good Morning Seattle.
" A podcast was one thing, but television? Plus, it's not even about medicine anymore.
It's It's "Genius surgeon finds out she's the illegitimate love-child of other genius surgeons.
" I'm morning show fodder.
You're in the genius surgeon segment, okay? It's not like you're going in there to make French toast.
No, that would be the worst segment in the world.
They'd just be watching me fishing around looking for eggshells with my fingers.
Yet I would still pay to see that.
So you're saying I shouldn't cancel it? I'm saying it shoots tomorrow, and it's too late to cancel.
Don't be nervous.
You're gonna do great.
- Okay.
Okay? Why are your interns making sushi? - Well - Oh, is this your thing? Well, I have to get out of here.
I can't go on TV smelling like fish.
Why can't we practice on cadavers? Formaldehyde smells nicer.
This is not for your scalpel technique.
It's not? Then why? This is why.
Oh, that's - Ohh.
- Fantastic.
Hey, Rick.
We're making fish people.
It is very disturbing.
Have y-you seen it? The little laminated lambs kicking in their little bags.
It's pretty amazing, huh? When I look at the fetal lamb in a bag, I imagine the next step would be a fetal human in a bag.
And if anything goes wrong with that, we are in an ethical and legal quagmire that you created and will have left me holding the quag.
That's funny, but I imagine rewriting the paradigm of at-risk pregnancies, - saving premature babies.
- Ohh.
And he's a long way from human trials.
And are you sure it's good to go down this road? I mean, I'm hearing things about this Dr.
DeLuca having a history of mental illness We should discriminate against people for that? [SCOFFS.]
Of course not.
But we should ask questions when they start putting babies in bags.
Bailey, my mom came out here by herself.
She's been in my apartment for over a week no routine, no being chained to a library desk.
And even if Dr.
DeLuca does suffer from mental illness, we need to support people Hellmouth, what? Hi, hello.
Uh, hi.
I, uh, was wondering if you might want to take a stroll by Dr.
DeLuca Sr.
's lab or, more specifically, you should you should do that.
Excuse me.
Did you call the headmaster now? What's the problem? He lost a lamb.
One subject expired.
A minor setback, to be expected.
We think that it Babies die in womb all the time.
papà, you're working very fast.
- Y-You are too impatient.
- Hey! You don't like the way I work, you can get out.
- I'm not saying that I - Go! I will miss your bold vision.
You, who chose a career helping women have babies a thing she can do by herself since the dawn of time.
Something needed? [WHISPERS.]
- Hey.
- Where have you been? I paged you like 15 minutes ago.
I think you meant to say, "Thank you for covering me when me and my boyfriend went away for four days.
" - I meant to say you're late.
I ran into trouble with Leo this morning, and Amelia's at a conference.
Actually, Amelia's out of the picture, which is You know, Amelia, she would sometimes help with Leo, but this morning, it was all me.
Not that it matters, you know? I can handle Leo on my own.
I do just fine.
- I didn't say anything.
MVC rollover, male in his 20s, possible fractured clavicle stable vitals.
His wife's next door.
You should see her first.
- I'll see you in Trauma 2.
- PARAMEDIC: Lizzie Hall, 22, oriented to person on the scene, pressure's in the 90s, GCS 13 in the field.
TEDDY: All right.
Trauma 1, let's go.
Leo and I are great, just me and him.
- I'm great with him, okay? - I didn't say anything.
Suddenly, I feel like I'm auditioning to be a father.
Excuse me.
Is this the, uh, line? - Hey.
- Hey! [CHUCKLES.]
What are you doing here? Uh Well, like the banners say, Western States Conference for Alternative Pain Relief.
I didn't, uh didn't know you were into this stuff.
Yeah, I'm not.
I mean, I'm interested, ever since that day with the mass overdose.
Tough day.
I cried at you, convulsively.
You might recall.
I haven't seen you around much since then.
Yeah, that was intentional.
It's hard to know where to go after that.
Anyway, I'm, uh, newly into it.
How about you? Uh, I do, like, three of these a year, yeah.
I'm giving a lecture.
- W-When is that? - Tomorrow.
Uh, but right now, I was gonna hit up this acupuncture demo.
Interested? Uh, well, I'm headed to this next-generation NSAIDs panel.
But no, you know what? I think I'd rather get poked.
With needles.
Never mind.
I'm gonna keep avoiding you.
Have a nice time.
Oh, my God.
LEVI: Sir, do you have any pain when I do this? No, I don't.
C-spine's cleared.
- You paged? - Left clavicular fracture and a possible fracture of the distal humerus.
Hey, is my wife okay? She is right next door.
She's being What about my baby? She's Is my baby all right? They didn't bring a baby in.
- Was there a baby in the car? - No, no, my, um My wife, um, she's she's ow.
She's five months pregnant.
Um, Schmitt, you can start on these abrasions.
Um, I'm gonna be right back, okay? Okay.
I'm doing a central line.
Switch with me.
- What? I'm just about to do - She's pregnant.
Five months.
Switch with me, and you can take the husband.
I'm fine.
Page OB.
She's pregnant.
And get an ultrasound, please.
Figure out why the lamb died, write a report, and I'll review it.
Look, I'll talk to papà about getting you back on the research project, all right? I don't want back on this project.
Andrea, stop pretending you don't see it.
These swings he's up, he's down, he's funny, he's cruel.
- He is bipolar.
He refuses to acknowledge it, and now you are, too.
I'm being paged to The Hole.
The Pit.
This is an important project, but my father Is the one who brought it here.
Could ruin it if you let him.
Is that your take? Look, he's not easy.
H-He's never been easy.
But neither is my sister, and she doesn't have the right degree to diagnose him.
The two of them, they they do this.
Always have.
Get me that report.
: Neuro resident to the ER.
Maggie, you're adopted.
Yeah, I'd heard that.
And good morning.
I know.
Sorry, um I was just wondering, did you ever get your DNA tested? Have you met me? I battered myself with tests.
I-I wanted to know everything.
My DNA results.
I don't want to open them alone, but I don't want to open them with Alex and have to watch his face if he discovers that his wife is a genetic lemon.
I'm your girl.
Look, I know this can be scary.
But I promise, whatever we find Ugh, what stinks in here? That's me, sorry.
I washed my hands, but [CLEARS THROAT.]
All right, you ready? Mm-hmm.
Alzheimer's, no.
Huntington's, no.
Parkinson's, no.
You won the genetic lottery.
It says here I'm mostly British.
I got a patient.
: Dr.
Sussman to Peds ICU.
Sussman to Peds ICU.
Oh, my "You are comparing with Martha Tomlinson.
It's probable that Martha Tomlinson is your first cousin.
" I have a cousin.
- Do you want me to find her? How would you do that? Start with a Web search, then Facebook, Instagram, then an exhaustive search of various consumer databases No, no, no, no! I don't want that! No, that's that's creepy.
It's all legal.
Okay, but if you could find her, could you also find out who she's related to? Could you find her mother or - Or your mother? - No! I didn't say do it.
Hello again.
You want me to move? - No, of course not.
- MAN: Shhh! [SIGHING.]
Oh, God.
What does this do? The frequencies respond to the energy meridians and, uh, resonate "Energy meridians.
" Oh, my God.
WOMAN: Shh! You're not supposed to talk.
Yeah, I'm not supposed to be here.
TEDDY: Free fluid in her abdomen.
Fetal heartbeat is good.
Baby? Hey, Lizzie.
You with us? I'm Dr.
You're bleeding from your abdomen, and I need to find where it's coming from.
My baby's okay? Your baby's great, Lizzie.
Strong heartbeat, moving, no signs of distress.
- Yes, but - It was a surprise.
We were gonna wait, like, five years.
We just got married, but when we found out, we were just like, "Yay!" All right, Lizzie.
You sit tight.
Can I talk to you outside for a minute, please? Yeah.
I know you're seeing a healthy baby, but I'm seeing a mother with a belly full of blood, and to save her, I might have to remove her uterus along with the baby.
The baby's no more than 21 weeks.
- It cannot survive outside - I know.
And I have to tell her now, and you just made it so much harder for her to hear.
So please keep your mouth shut and check with me if you need to talk to her again, all right? I-I-I'm sorry.
JACKSON: Brazil's been using tilapia skin to treat burns for years now decrease the scarring, costs nothing compared to standard treatments, and it just peels away.
My interns stink.
Yeah, and with its restorative properties It smells like high tide.
Patients are complaining, and I do not enjoy breathing through my mouth.
It's part of my spray-on skin research.
He made us skin the fish.
Well, what do you do with the other parts of the fish? Oh, that's medical waste.
Well, that's a crime.
What What is it? Uh.
Oh, that looks like tilapia.
Yeah, that's good fish.
Lambs in a bag, fish skin on people.
I mean, what's next here? Next is the machines come to life and take over the world.
Never mind.
: Dr.
Gennis to the ER.
Ed Gennis to the ER.
Karev? Hello.
D Uh, I'm, uh, Dr.
Miranda Bailey.
I was Alex's chief resident when he first came here.
Oh, my gosh.
It's so I'm happy to meet you.
Sit, please.
Oh, thank you.
You must be proud, Alex making it all the way to chief of the hospital.
- Mmmmmm.
So, what are you knitting here? Well, it was a scarf that became a sweater, and then I just kind of kept going, and now it's - Oh.
- Now it's It's maybe a car cover.
Alex said you'd extended your stay, so you must be having a good time.
I don't travel much.
And, uh, I'm glad I did it, but it's been a lot for me.
I'm a little nervous about making the trip back.
Oh, I see.
Um, have you told Alex or? No.
No, they've both been so great, Jo and Alex.
They're just so busy.
I'll feel better.
I will.
I'm just so ready to be home.
How is she? Hey.
Um Stable, for now.
Uh, so, before the husband wakes up, I just wanted to get the update.
Their baby is? Right where they left it.
What? Yeah.
The CT showed that the bleed was coming from the right uterine artery, so I embolized.
And the baby's blood supply is coming from the left side.
She seems happy with it.
Teddy, you saved their baby.
Well, we'll see.
- I mean, I hope she doesn't re-bleed.
- Mm.
- How's the husband? - Oh, he Fractured clavicle, - a small humerus fracture.
He's gonna be fine.
Go home.
Get sleep.
No, I'm gonna stay in case.
I-I want to make sure all three leave together.
I'll do that.
I'll stay.
You need to get sleep, and the baby needs sleep.
So, go and I don't know have Koracick rub your feet.
Owen She's my patient.
And Tom is at Hopkins for the week.
I'll be fine.
I'm just I'm gonna I'm gonna sleep right here.
- [SIGHS.]
- Hey.
Well, I mean, if you're gonna sit there Hm? You could rub my feet.
- Really? - [LAUGHING.]
You brought it up.
- White frost on the horizon - Okay.
I lost nearly my mind [BREATHES DEEPLY.]
- Having no one beside me but pining - Did that make you feel dizzy, the sound? - Like Like loopy? - I bear the loss No, it just kind of chilled me out.
I-I feel like I need a meeting.
- Whew! - Having let Mother Nature define me Hey, could we sit for a sec, you think? - Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
- Let's just find someplace to - Okay.
- We paid the cost [EXHALES SHARPLY.]
Isn't it a pity what's lost Sorry.
I'm falling apart here.
- in the meridian of time? - You don't need to apologize.
It's your touch I had a foster kid.
It's your touch Sort of.
- It's you - Betty Um, she was an addict and a runaway, and I took her in and White frost on the horizon tried to help her get clean - and tried and tried and - I once covered our heart And I tried some more and Having no even temper confided And then her parents came back, - and she went back with them.
- I bear the loss I'd been living a nation divided And I miss her.
- Deeper the cost - And I don't know if she's okay.
And I don't know if she'll be okay.
Summon the committee And I don't feel done.
We still vote with an aye You sound like - It's your touch - A mess? [SIGHS.]
- It's your touch - A parent.
It's you My mom cried for like three months after I went away to college, and I wasn't a drug addict.
It's your touch It's your touch - Thank you.
- It's you Ooh-ooh-ooh - My God.
- Ooh - You are just chiseled.
- Ooh-ooh-ooh - [CHUCKLES.]
- Like a statue.
- It's like your chin has muscles.
Yeah, well, I do work out my chin pretty hard.
- It takes a whole day.
Ooh-ooh-ooh I've been living a nation divided We bear the loss I should go to my room.
- And I should go - Having let Mother Nature define me - To your room.
- to my room.
Deeper the cost You have a presentation tomorrow, - and I am not fit for human contact.
- It's your touch It's your touch - It's you - See you in the morning? Yeah.
- What? What is it? Her BP bottomed out.
NURSE: Baby's monitor is showing decels.
I'm giving her two units of blood, and her pressure is coming back up.
All right.
Book an OR! Get ready for If I can't stop the bleeding, I'm gonna have to take her uterus out.
- Yeah.
Do you want me to do it? - Owen, stop it Teddy, I'm not saying that you can't.
I'm just saying you don't have to.
I know you feel you should be, but you don't have to be there if this woman loses her baby.
Thank you.
I'm okay.
You could get the father in here - so we can tell them what's going on.
- Okay.
Add, uh, 1 liter of lactated Ringer's, please.
Your sister has turned on me.
papà, nobody's turned on you, okay? But you need to learn how to control your temper.
People are getting concerned about you, and I'm trying to back you up here.
But I can't if you keep throwing tantrums.
I'll call her here.
We'll talk like a family.
No, no, no.
papà, no.
Not now.
I just spoke to her.
She needs some time.
Plus, she's got this pregnant trauma patient who might lose her baby, so just let her be.
Why? Why is she going to lose this baby? [ELEVATOR BELL DINGS.]
- I'm here.
- My embolization didn't work.
The baby is in severe distress.
We have to save the mother.
I'm gonna go up now, and I may need your help to do an emergency hysterectomy.
- Does she know? - I just got the husband here, and I'm gonna tell them both now.
- I can help.
- Great.
Thank you.
DOUGLAS: But the baby can't survive yet.
VINCENZO: I can keep it safe and sound outside the mother, but inside a simulated womb, where it can develop, while your wife gets the care and surgery she needs to survive.
- TEDDY: What's going on? - papà.
LIZZIE: You can save the baby? You can save us both? Yes, I can.
Morning! - Sleep well? - Yeah.
Yeah, it was a good idea to Sleep is so important for the, um - Brain? - Sure.
When What What are you doing today? Uh, I was gonna check out Logan's Nerve Block talk.
- Oh, me too.
- Perfect.
Yeah, but when is you thing? Uh, you d you don't want to go to that.
Of course I do! But first, coffee.
Which is not in my room.
There's coffee in my room.
: Dr.
Nasraban, 4521.
Ethan Nasraban, 4521.
Grey, you're being creepy.
I'm creepy? They're calling you the ruler of Atlantis.
Yeah, well, I mean, it's pretty cool.
Tilapia skin's rich in collagen, which promotes healing.
No more need for painful dressing changes.
I'm looking to apply a lot of those properties to my spray-on skin.
Ooh, the spray-on skin is back? Well, your boyfriend is putting lambs in zip-lock bags.
He can't be the only one changing the world, you know? He's not my boyfriend.
Well, that's not what Maggie said.
Or Richard.
Anyway, I'm not sure how that project is going.
I have a bad feeling.
Why? Why is that? Never mind.
I'm just gonna be supportive.
I get it.
Because he's your boyfriend.
How is Maggie doing? Is she nervous about the TV thing? Well, she put her makeup on twice, and then they wiped it right off and then re-applied it, so - [LAUGHS.]
- It's going great.
Hey, can he breathe underwater? - Just keep walking, Grey.
She told you she's afraid to go home? - But she seems to be doing fine.
- And she is.
But, you know, mental illness is like cancer and diabetes, any other chronic illness you have to monitor.
Why was she even telling you this? I asked her how she was.
Is this some kind of crusade for you, Bailey? I mean, first going after Dr.
DeLuca, now my mom? Wh I'm not "going after" anyone.
'Cause it seems like you're prejudiced.
It What? Against people with mental illness.
I'm not prejudiced, you jackass! I am a person with mental illness! [SIGHS.]
And I cope with it every day.
I take my medication, and I'm doing great.
But, sometimes, I need help.
That's That's why I asked you to stay on as chief.
And it's hard to ask for that help.
Your mother needs to ask, and she can't.
Your job is to make it so that she can.
So do your job, son.
What the hell? Tell me what happened.
Last night, I found Vincenzo DeLuca counseling my patient to gestate her premature baby in a bag.
What? He talked to your patient? Yeah.
He said that the fetus would be safe and sound in an artificial womb.
He He's working on I transfused multiple times overnight to buy time, but I'm just wasting blood.
I'm gonna have to operate soon.
But, Alex, we can do this? I mean, we can save my patient's 21-week-old baby? Can we really save them both? Hey.
Have you seen Maggie? - MAGGIE: Um, I know.
- [GASPS.]
Is that the woman from "Good Morning Seattle"? Huh! - Yeah, Maggie's very fancy now.
- Shh.
Right, uh-huh.
I-I I took the job here before anyone knew.
And you found a family.
I mean, I-I knew that, uh, my mom had been here and she was gone.
But I had no idea that I had a sister.
And, um, a man who, um I have a father [CHUCKLES.]
Bill Pierce, who raised me.
Hi, Dad.
Um, but Richard Webber is, uh, a bonus.
I don't know how else to describe it.
I'm I'm I'm very lucky.
Sounds like a pleasant surprise.
It's more than pleasant.
It's life-changing.
- Oh, my God.
- But you missed that crucial window, - the chance to meet your mother.
- JACKSON: What? - I did, but - That's a sign.
I came here to ask her whether I should find my birth mother, and then she's - That is a sign.
- gain a perspective on her - that no one else got.
- What? JACKSON: Uh, nothing.
- Um.
- Do you think What? I connected with my father a while back, and it was not the best idea.
It didn't alleviate any of my pain.
It just kind of created more.
So unless there's some big answer that you're looking for, you might just want to let it go.
MAGGIE: My point was, I was I was raised by You took my sign down.
wonderful parents who encouraged me to go for everything I wanted.
WOMAN: When we come back, we're making wraps the sandwich solution that brightens your kid's lunch box.
No, no, no.
papà, why were you even in there? papà.
- Dr.
DeLuca, you can't promise fake procedures with my patients.
Tell me something you try that could work.
I have a living subject.
And a dead one just last night! P-papà, you are reckless! You are thoughtless! - You just You just - All right, right now, we have a mess to clean up with this patient.
And you're gonna help.
No, no, no, no.
You stay here.
I mean it.
You've done enough.
I have to take you up to surgery now, and I will most likely have to do a hysterectomy.
That doctor he said he could save the baby.
The procedure he told you about is not yet available.
But he said it was.
He said he could do it.
TEDDY: It It hasn't been tested in people.
We don't have approval to try this procedure on your baby.
I-I approve.
I'm the mother.
I give you approval.
Do it.
Try it! I-I can't.
You'll just let our baby die? I'm sorry.
Um, is there any chance, any chance at all? [SNIFFLES.]
CARINA: I'll deliver your baby and make sure the baby is comfortable for as long as I can.
And And, uh, you can hold her.
LINK: This is Jason.
In 2014, Jason was a junior and goalie in high school and club soccer.
Scholarship material.
Protecting the goal got him a patellar fracture, comminuted tibial plateau, torn meniscus, ACL.
Still, he got the team to the state finals.
- He required multiple surgeries, all of which went well, had intense P.
sessions, and I prescribed him opioids for the pain.
When Jason died two years later in a car accident under the influence, I realized that he was a drug addict.
- And I had been his first dealer.
But here's my real point.
If I had to do it all over again, I would've made the same decision.
Ah Let me tell you why.
Opioids are undeniably a very effective way of fooling the body into thinking everything is okay.
Are you going to intubate? No.
That would just be cruel.
TEDDY: Heaney clamp.
- Pull back.
- Mm-hmm.
Get that.
Here? Yep.
- Okay.
- I got it.
0-vicryl pop-off.
What did you think you were doing? You know [SCOFFS.]
I mean, you must know that you couldn't try it on their baby.
Why would you give them false hope like that? We have the tools right there.
I could've saved a person's life Not yet! It's not ready.
We don't know if the baby would survive, how the baby would survive, if if the brain - would have deficits - Oh, porca miseria stop.
You sound just like the rest of them.
Oh, my God.
This is it.
This is just like it was that night.
What night? Andrea, what night? What do you mean "what night"? The night four people died, papà! It is just like that night.
Seven people come in mangled.
- I am the only one there.
- No, no, no, no.
People came, people offered to help, and you wouldn't let them.
I was doing the job that needed to be done! - And the roads are filling up - You see, this is exactly what they talk about.
This is delusional, papà.
Am I supposed to stop, let another doctor try and continue where I am? - They would've died! - They did! - They did die! - But, baby, I know And tonight, a pregnant mother might lose her unborn baby to a car accident, which is tragic, but it's merciful - compared to watching it die in a bag - I was standing on the ceiling at the hands of some scientist who doesn't know what the hell he's doing! papà, please tell me you can see that.
Saw a plane crash on the news [VOICE BREAKING.]
Are you too sick to see that? They say the chances of that happening How is the baby? Are about the same as finding you CARINA: Would you like to Yeah.
What I need What I need What I need - Hi.
What I need [SIGHS.]
- What I need - [SOBBING.]
What I need - Teddy.
You okay? - Mm-hmm.
Is you And me [CRYING.]
I'm paralyzed Like there's half of me That's missing [CRYING CONTINUES.]
- And me Look, I believe in your research.
I do.
But what happened with this patient was a major breach of protocol.
I can't have that.
So I've decided You need to reconsider right now what you're about to say.
- DELUCA: papà, don't argue.
- Do not interrupt me.
papà, you need to get help before somebody gets hurt.
Like that baby? I might have saved that baby.
But you let it die, and you let it die, and you let it die! Because of your cowardice and laziness, you will never know if that child had to die at your hands.
Damn it! You're stopping my research? That what you're about to say? No! You don't get my research! You don't deserve it! I take it and go! Cretini! [SIGHS SOFTLY.]
This actually makes it worth it.
I thought I read the text wrong, but, no, you are hosting a "fish fry.
" Yeah, waste not, want not.
Hey, grab a plate.
Bailey, can you do me a favor? Look, I need your help now.
Can you take back the chiefship, just for two days? - [SIGHS.]
- I still have a couple weeks left.
- I'm gonna take them.
- I-It's not a fast-food joint, Karev.
We don't cover shifts for each other.
I need to fly with my mom back to Iowa.
I talked to her, and you were right.
- She needs to get home.
- Did you tell her I talked to you? Hell, no.
I look like a thoughtful son.
I will try to fill your shoes.
Hey, tell your mother thank you for the hat.
You missed the good part.
There was a good part? You know, "error of my ways," all that stuff.
I will see you in Seattle.
You know, I-I didn't really have a choice but to give him those drugs.
You would've done the exact same thing I did.
I absolutely would not have, because I understand how addiction works.
- Back then, you would've.
- And I believe the drug companies also understand it, and they have made billions on the back of it.
Jason's leg was caught between a defender and a goalpost.
His knee was bent 90 degrees sideways.
No amount of ibuprofen or sound baths were gonna help him.
- He was talking about suicide.
- Yeah, and you gave him the means! And you would do it again.
You said you Not the same way, not blindly.
Amelia, science has given us a way to tell the brain to stop unbearable pain.
So far, there's no alternative as effect Are you just giving me your lecture now? A child is dead! You failed him! And you think I haven't felt that every day since Jason's funeral? When I saw the look on his mother's face, I left medicine.
For a year, I only trusted myself to fix bikes.
I quit.
But, then, I got mad.
Because, yeah, I failed, the same way we've all failed.
We blew the first rule do no harm.
But he needed those drugs immediately post-op, and that's where it should've stopped.
I should've warned him and his mother about the dangers of dependency.
I-I should've followed up with his GP.
The system is broken, and I'm doing everything I can to try to fix it.
So you're saying I missed the good part.
I'm trying to make it right for Jason.
You're trying to make it right for Betty.
Maybe we don't have to fight about this.
M-Maybe we could fight this thing together, like Batman and Batman.
You still want to hit me? - No.
- Because, for a minute there, it looked like you wanted to hit me.
I got a bit of a hair trigger.
It can be scary.
I'm sorry.
I've been in a weird place these days.
Well, I can roll with weird.
Want to get some dinner? Yeah.
"Just because you can doesn't mean you should.
" It's the kind of advice a mother gives a kid.
I I feel like I'm like I'm taking advantage.
Why? Because you're in a "place.
" - And I think you're insanely pretty.
- Floating on a high I feel ya But, as my mother would be the first to tell you - Got an ache inside - she never followed it.
The feeling is mutual.
And I need it Ooh I desperately want to be lost This isn't going anywhere.
- With you - This is just alternative pain relief.
- Till all of our energy crosses - I could use some of that.
It got her in a lot of troubl.
I want you all to myself - Mm.
- Mm.
It also won her awards.
Just keep me caught in your spell - Hi.
You stop my breathing, but keep my heart beating You made a merman today.
- I kind of did.
- You're bringing me outta hell Honestly, I think the tilapia's gonna do the whole job.
It's cheaper and better - than the spray-on skin.
- And I want you all to myself So, when I was on television being a human-interest story A very sexy human-interest story.
While I was on television talking about myself Mm-hmm.
I was figuring out a way to possibly heal burn victims around the globe for just pennies.
Time is running out That is the sexiest thing you've ever said.
- Mm.
- Don't waste it No more press.
Ooh I'm done with the press.
I'm gonna make something even better than mermen.
I wanna be out of my mind Oh, yeah? So you like competition? Don't you? - With you - [CLATTERING.]
- Leaving our bodies behind - I made a merman.
- Oh-oh-oh-oh - I want you all to myself - That's how records are broken, how moons are stepped on, diseases are cured Just keep me caught in your spell by people who are willing to try.
You stop my breathing, but keep my heart beating - You're bringing me outta hell - We call these people innovators, fearless, genius.
- Oh, I want you all to myself - Hey.
What happened to the lamb? My father's arranging transport back to Italy.
- We call them reckless - Ohh.
thoughtless, dangerous Go ahead.
Say "I told you so.
" And it's all right I wouldn't want to.
Don't open your eyes And it kind of bugs me that you think I would.
- I'm sorry.
- There's nothing for I just I-I shouldn't be around people right now.
us on the outside now I You stop my breathing, but keep my heart beating tonight Well, just let me know if you need anything.
- Thanks.
- Tonight - [DOOR OPENS, CLOSES.]
- I want you It's hard to know which one we are.
Oh, I want you all to myself Oh-oh-oh-oh Can you really find my mother? Just keep me caught in your spell Yes.
Do you really want me to? It's hard to know if what we're doing is just crazy - Oh, I want you all to myself - Yes.
I couldn't help myself.
Just keep me caught in your spell She lives in Pittsburgh.
Her name is Vicki.
I I want you all to myself or if it's going to change everything.
I want you all to myself