Grey's Anatomy s15e18 Episode Script

Add It Up

1 MEREDITH: Anesthesiology is a lot more challenging than it looks - [LAUGHS.]
- because it's mostly math.
Environment affects health.
And I want to quantify it.
See if we can have a positive impact on patient health pre- and post-op, even reduce the need for heart surgeries.
What kind of environments? - One, two, whatcha gonna do? - A patient's weight, their estimated blood volume, their lung function all these variables have to be accounted for.
Plant life improves physical well-being.
It decreases anxiety and lowers blood pressure.
Increases attentiveness.
Parker, leave that tree by the window.
I want to forget that we are in the city.
This is a jungle.
- Can you feel that rhythm - It takes careful calculation to suspend a person between life and death.
Full-body exposure to high levels of blue light reduces systolic blood pressure the same amount as it is reduced in certain drug trials.
So this could replace medicine? I want to find out.
And if one of those variables is off, you might wake up in the middle of your surgery.
So, we all know the neurological benefits of puzzles and games.
I want to see if those same benefits spread throughout the body, which brings us to door number three.
- Or never wake up at all.
I see you've found the game room, Dr.
- How are you feeling? BAILEY: Oh, my stress levels have never been better.
Ah, they never give you the long, skinny piece! Why do they do that?! So, any volunteers? Do do do do do do do Good to go - Hey.
- Hey.
Any, uh, word from your dad? Have you heard anything or Uh, no.
No, I haven't.
I have some rounds.
I should probably Yeah, sure.
: Dr.
Martin to Pediatrics.
Sarah Martin Hey, good news I can make it to the birthing class today.
I thought you were covering the ER for me.
You know, so could attend.
Uh, Webber's got it, but if you'd rather I didn't go, then - No, it's fine.
It's great.
Uh - Okay, great.
Well, I'll do my post-ops, and then I'll see you up there? I should have told him you were coming, too.
Oh, it's fine.
It's better than fine it's what I secretly was hoping for all along.
I think he and I are about this close to becoming besties.
You're joking, but it's what I'm rooting for.
Hey, I got to go change into my "supportive boyfriend" clothes.
You You good? [CHUCKLES.]
Yes, thank you.
Ow! Ow.
All right, move off whatever organ you're on, soldier.
At ease.
- JO: This is Jo.
Leave a mess - [CELLPHONE BEEPS.]
What are you doing in here? Hey.
I needed a change of scenery, and, you know, I have to say, the plants are actually very soothing.
What are you working on? What is it? Ingestible diagnostic device.
- Ingestible? - Mm-hmm.
I mean, I think.
I don't know.
It came to me in a dream, sort of, so How's Jo's trip going? Did she meet her mom? I don't know.
I haven't talked to her.
How's DeLuca? Where'd you say she was going, Pittsburgh? Yeah.
Is he still being weird? 'Cause he's on my service today.
Why do you keep changing the subject? Why do you? She [SIGHS.]
She's not answering her phone.
She hasn't texted all day.
I'm worried.
Well, okay, so, she's probably just gonna come home and tell you everything.
What about the Italian? Big blowup with the dad.
Does not want my input.
So I'm just trying to give him a minute.
Your boyfriend's being weird, and, uh, you're hiding out in plants? Well, if I was hiding out, you wouldn't be able to find me.
Blue light lowers blood pressure? Significantly.
And some studies suggest that it could even improve your mood, so And I'm not saying it's a cure-all or anything, but you might want to spend some time Okay, the room doesn't work that fast What's going on? Nothing.
Nothing? 'Cause the last time I saw you there was a fair amount of crying, and exactly zero chair spinning.
I might have had some insanely good sex at the conference in San Diego.
Oh, wait, what? You had insane sex with a complete stranger in San Diego? Not a complete stranger.
And not insane sex.
Insanely good sex.
And it helped my mood a lot more than this blue room.
Oh, okay, so, like a rebound.
- More like muscle bound.
- Oh, oh, oh, oh! - [KNOCK ON DOOR.]
- Knock, knock.
- Hi.
- Dr.
Uh I took a look at your sternal reconstruction thing, and I e-mailed you some - some thoughts.
- Oh, great.
Thank you.
Yeah, sorry it took me so long I was at a conference in San Diego.
- Nice room.
- Yeah.
Very blue.
It's very cool.
- Oh, my God.
It was a one-time thing! That is it! - I just needed some pain management.
- [SIGHS.]
Does this room change colors? Does it do pink? - No.
- Okay, then.
So, Mom just decided not to start back to work this week.
You don't know if she's in pain, or is she tired? She didn't give me a reason.
She waved her hand and said "cancer card.
" That's her new shorthand for - "Stop questioning me.
- WOMAN: Let's move! - Go.
- Get the second one.
FLIGHT DOC: Kari Donnelly, 50, complains of neck and back pain after a snowmobile collision.
BP 150 over 90, tachycardic with some leg weakness on exam.
Okay, got her.
Let's go.
Toby Donnelly, 22, snowmobile passenger.
Sustained a deep soft tissue injury to the left upper arm.
- Mm-hmm.
- Vital signs stable.
MAN: That's all clear! Is my mom okay? She always drives so fricking fast.
Will you tell her that? She [SCREAMS.]
All right, let's go! Let's go! Let's go now! - [SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY.]
- On it! WOMAN ON P.
: Dr.
Oper to Oncology.
Rick Oper Hey, I got your page.
Well 11-year-old girl with chronic pancreatitis.
And I've known this kid since she was 5.
Today, she's getting a total pancreatectomy.
And you're gonna give her the good news.
- Why me? - 'Cause I'm a nice guy.
What you don't feel like being a hero today? [ELEVATOR BELL DINGS.]
Are you solving for "Y"? It's 11.
Um Unh-unh.
It's not.
I took two years of Integral and Differential Calc.
I was going into theoretical math.
It's 11.
I just do this for fun.
And it's 14.
Shut up! Sorry.
- But how are you that good at math? - [CHUCKLES.]
Qadri, let's do it.
This is Nora Hillridge, age 11.
She was diagnosed with hereditary pancreatitis at age 5.
She's been hospitalized for the last six months.
And why haven't we helped her? A number of criteria need to align in order to perform her surgery her APACHE II score should be below 4, her amylase, lipase, LDH, and base deficit should be within normal limits.
Her fasting glucose and C peptide levels should be All right.
All right, got it.
DeLuca? The hope has always been to do a total pancreatectomy with in islet autotransplantation, so she won't get diabetes or even need insulin shots.
And today, all the elements have aligned.
Your numbers are perfect, Nora, and today - No.
- we are taking you to surgery! Ahh! - Nora! [LAUGHS.]
Oh, you can go back to school! [SMOOCHES.]
How long will I have to recover? DAHLIA: We'll have you out of here before you know it.
Thank you, thank you.
- Thank you! Thank you! - I - [LAUGHS.]
- Uh, okay.
- Major Altman? - I didn't see you'd signed up.
Does this room work? Studies show that 400 nanometers of blue light I just need to know if it works! I apologize for that.
I started to feel a little sore about an hour ago, and [CHUCKLES.]
I'm hoping that it's just stress, and if Pierce is onto something, then I-I just [SCREAMS.]
- Okay.
Okay, nope.
- Ohh.
Nope, not stress.
Feels more like like my body is pushing out all of my organs.
I'll get a wheelchair.
- Page OB! And Owen Hunt.
- Okay.
Stay right where you are, soldier! Not you! You go! Okay, okay, no, no.
Okay, no.
Okay, okay, wait, no, no.
You think Teddy wants, uh, soft or firm? Uh, I think Teddy has a partner for this class, so you can head out.
SHERRI: Okay, everyone, on your mats.
Moms leaning against partners - for lumbar support.
- [SIGHS.]
You want to hold or be held? - [PAGER BEEPS, VIBRATES.]
- Oh.
Uh, I gotta go.
He's very busy and, uh, important, so I'll just What is happening down there? Am I dilated? Effaced? Is there a foot sticking out? - I need answers.
You can scoot up.
- You're not in labor.
- Okay.
Your contractions are sporadic and not very strong.
Not very strong? What do they feel like when they're strong? You do, however, have cervical insufficiency.
Okay, where's the button? What button? I'm putting myself in Trendelenburg.
Gravity might help prevent preterm labor.
How about you let me put you in Trendelenburg? How about you push some meds to stop these contractions and stop pretending like now isn't the time to panic? I assure you, Dr.
Altman, I'll do everything I can to keep the baby inside, and if she's born today No, no, no, no.
She's not ready, and, frankly, neither am I - Wow, this is really not comfortable.
What the hell happened? - [EXHALES SHARPLY.]
- Hey.
- You okay? WOMAN ON P.
: Dr.
Campbell to the Stepdown Unit.
I thought we agreed we weren't gonna tell people - about what happened? - We did.
Why did you tell Maggie you were in San Diego? 'Cause I was.
At a conference.
Well, I told her I had sex at a conference.
Wait, so you told her about the sex, but I'm in trouble for mentioning a location? Okay, can I just reiterate that this was a one-time thing? I mean, it was just Pain management, like you said.
For acute pain, not chronic.
One dose.
Do not refill.
Ew, sorry.
I'm just saying, to be safe, I think we should probably steer clear of each other for a while.
- You really think that's necessary? - I do.
Because [DOOR CLOSES.]
- pheromones.
- What about them? - I really like yours.
- Okay, then.
I'll avoid you completely.
- You paged? - You paged? Oh, Dr.
Shepherd, uh, Dr.
Lincoln, Kari Donnelly she rolled her snowmobile.
KARI: Not on purpose.
Now, the films just came up, but I need to help Dr.
Toby says I was driving too fast.
I tell them, why have a throttle if you don't crank it? Well, this may be why.
Film shows fractures at C4 and 5.
Is that bad? How bad is it? We won't know how bad it is until we get some scans.
- Can you feel this? - Yes.
That's good.
- I'd like to take her for an MRI.
- I'd like to get her an MRI.
Oh, God.
Hey, uh, how we doing here? No palpable pulse in the arm, getting a weak Doppler signal, it sounds like.
Got some arterial compromise, as well.
I-Is my mom okay? Oh, she's stable we'll we'll know more soon, okay? Let's make sure you have no other injuries.
Snowmobiling was her idea.
She's always pushing me to face my fears.
She was right.
It was a lot of fun.
God, why is she always right? I know how you feel.
I mean, fun till she swerved to miss a tree and flipped us five times.
- Hey, uh, we should get a CT angio - [BREATHES SHARPLY.]
to determine the location of her vascular injuries.
- "Their.
" - Excuse me? "Their" injury, not "her.
" I'm a "they.
" I'm gender-queer.
- Non-binary.
- Got it.
Thank you for letting us know your pronouns.
Their preferred pronouns are "they" and "them.
" Oh, okay, uh, yes.
Uh, w-well, a-all right, then.
Um, w-well, let's get you all? "You" is fine.
Well, your ultrasound is fine.
Let's get you up to CT.
This is really why you paged me? Just read.
"Glenda mapped a town using a scale that was 5 inches and equals 1 yard.
What scale factor does her drawing use?" Okay, one yard equals three, divided by seven and 1/5 5 to 7.
2 is the ratio.
You didn't write! You need to write.
- Let's go again.
- DELUCA: Okay, okay.
Let's get her prepped, guys.
One more, please? An easy one.
All right.
"A line L is perpendicular to the line 2x - 5y - 8 = 0.
What is the slope of the line L?" That was supposed to be an easy one? Hey, Nora.
I, uh I got some bad news.
I just ran your pre-op blood work, and I don't know why, but your glucose level has shot way up.
No! She was just in the clear! Was it a lab error this morning, or what happened? I'm not sure yet.
The bottom line is, we have to put you on an insulin drip to lower your blood sugar, which means we have to postpone your surgery till we can sort this out.
It's been six months getting her to this point.
Well, let's just keep our fingers crossed, okay? Negative five over two.
Beat you.
I don't know how this happened.
Sorry about this.
Don't be sorry for me.
Be sorry for her.
Did Meredith ask you to do this? Throw me a bone? Give me a win? Is that what this is? 'Cause I'm good.
I had a bad week, and I moved on.
I don't need any favors.
I've got to get off this case.
Scans are up.
- Bulging disc at C5.
- Crap.
Did you see L-3? Yeah, L-4 is worse.
Total obliteration of the CSF space and displacement of the cauda.
She could end up paraplegic.
I'd rather not handle this case on my own.
If you're gonna take up all my time slots, could you at least put a cuff on so I can take your data? I'm about to beat the high score.
Which you just set 20 minutes ago.
Oh, then you should've hooked me up then.
You pressed "restart" before we could get the cuff on you.
You snooze, you Oh, oh, ah! See?! Look what happened! - [KNOCK ON DOOR.]
- Ah! I was wondering if we could borrow Dr.
- Is it urgent? - Yes.
I have a patient who's a math whiz, and she's crushing me, and I need backup.
May I go? In school, they called me "Numbers.
" - But not kindly.
- Yeah, go.
Hold on.
Uh, just how good is this math whiz? Yeah, please define "whiz"? [RIVAL SONS' "DO YOUR WORST" PLAYS.]
Oh, my, oh, my baby Devil's gonna get you if I don't first Take my, take my body Take my body and do your worst [THUMP ECHOES.]
"Insufficient cervix.
" I mean "insufficient" is something I've never been called in my entire life.
Are you sure this is really the best option? Dr.
Altman is following her own course of treatment.
That being said, um, I agree with it.
There is no hourglassing of the membranes anymore, so I think it's working.
- Um, I'll check on you every hour.
- Okay.
Okay, is there anything I can do to help, or Stay calm and talk to the baby.
Reassure her.
It'll be good for her to hear your voices.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Hey there, little one.
We still haven't bought you a crib, but we're almost ready.
- Owen.
- Eh My face is up here.
I'm not talking to you.
And you wait till you meet your big brother, Leo.
He's got so many toys to share with you.
Uh, okay, you can't use that voice.
This is your dad.
- I'm very pleased to meet you.
- Okay? Okay? - That's perfect.
Now she'll be afraid to come out.
Pleeeasse stay inside for another month or two, okay? - Okay.
- Okay, you're freaking me out now.
1,000 plus 20 plus 30 plus 1,000 plus 1,030 plus 1,000 plus 20 equals - 5,000! - 5,000! - 5,000! - 4,100! - 4,100! What? I call witchcraft! I got it right! But she got there first.
I bet you let me win.
Little girl, ask any of these people if I ever let anybody win anything.
She hasn't ever.
I give up.
This is embarrassing.
Don't give up, be on my team.
I don't think I make the cut.
Come on.
Come on.
- There you go.
This is so nice of you.
True or false 0.
9 repeating equals one? BAILEY: Okay, wait, i-i-if 3.
9 repeating is four MAGGIE: Times Times 10 - LEVI: False! No, no, true! No, wait, I-it's infinite 9s! - Oh, Schmitt, shush! - True.
It's true.
- Well, if you do it like that.
Nothing's going on, right? With my mom? Nothing I should be worried about? It's not, like, s-something, and you're just not telling me? Now, why would you say that? Oh, I don't know because I blithely assumed my mother did not have cancer when, in fact, she did, and none of you told me.
Well, I found out after you, if you'll recall.
Look, I know you're scared, son.
I'm not scared, all right? I'm just concerned.
They're all settled.
Do we really have to use this plural thing, even when she can't hear us? While they they can't hear us.
Okay, yeah.
It's not that complicated.
Not that complicated? We're talking about a single entity, but "they" is plural.
I mean, it requires a plural verb.
Or am I supposed to say, "They is"? No, look, if you're in a movie theater and somebody's coat is left in a seat, and you bring it to the usher, what do you say to the usher? Well, a number of things.
Um, I might say, "Someone left behind a coat," or, "I found someone's coat," or, "Turn this in to the lost and found.
" I might say, "Somebody left their coat.
" Then you'd be grammatically incorrect.
Excuse me? Uh, something's either grammatical or it's not.
"Grammatically incorrect" is like saying something is right-wrong.
- Scans are up.
- It's about time.
All right, Helm, what do you see? Absence of flow in the mid-brachial artery.
Okay, we need to get her up to the OR.
Really? Okay, them, them, them! Can we go now? Almighty Now I feel pins and needles.
You still feeling this? I do but less.
Why am I Why am I feeling it less? Kari, you suffered two injuries to your spine.
The lower one is quite severe.
Your neuro exam is getting progressively worse, so we need to get in there before you are paralyzed from the waist down.
I might become paralyzed? - No - We're gonna do everything we can to reverse the compression of the nerves.
Oh, God, please [CRYING.]
I can't do a wheelchair.
I never sit! [CRYING.]
Go Go ask Toby.
W-We're supposed to do a sprint triathlon next month.
We are going to do everything that we can.
Your boyfriend's being a jerk.
- What did he do? - [DOOR SLAMS.]
- [SIGHS.]
- Oh, wait.
None of my business.
Uh, he has to work this all out by himself.
I was just trying to do him a favor.
Well, I'm not getting involved, and please don't bring any stress into the green zone.
- Hey.
There you are.
- Hey.
I was just gonna actually take a break.
You want to go grab a coffee? Uh, I meant Dr.
Um, we think we know why Nora's glucose shot up.
Qadri found this under her pillow.
We think she may have sabotaged the surgery.
We got to go.
Why would you do this when we've been waiting and waiting? - Why? - Mom, stop.
I'm not stopping until you tell us why you Because I don't want to go back to school! [MONITOR BEEPING.]
I hate it.
It's all cliques and stupid girls with stupid crushes and stupid boys who get mad when I beat them at math.
Nobody sits with me at lunch.
- What about Lauren? - I missed too much school because I'm sick all the time, so she found other kids to sit with.
I don't have any friends there.
But here I do.
So I want to stay here.
Nora, we'll be checking your labs once you finish your insulin drip.
Once your labs stabilize I'll just drink more juice.
I don't want the surgery.
It's my body.
I don't want it.
I taught her that.
That it's her body.
I'm not sure what to do here.
Eileen, can we talk? WOMAN ON P.
: Inpatient Services, 3343.
Inpatient Services, 3343.
I didn't know I didn't know she hated school.
I didn't know she and Lauren weren't friends anymore.
How did I not know? Well, they reach an age where they like to keep secrets, like to figure things out for themselves.
It's not on you.
I called Lauren a bitch once.
Not to her face, but behind her back, to my daughter, I called her 10-year-old best friend a bitch because she was being a bitch.
To my kid.
And I wanted to protect her and be on her side, but maybe that's why Nora doesn't talk to me anymore.
Maybe I wasn't supposed to react, just listen.
But I'm not super great at that historically, so I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do now.
You're supposed to make her get the surgery.
- Today.
Right now.
- DeLuca Every kid gets bullied at school.
Most kids hate school at some point or another, right? Are you saying I should hold her down - Yes.
- No, no, look, this is my patient, DeLuca I don't know Nora.
I'm not attached to whether she has friends at school or not, but I would like to see her not die.
She's not dying.
Oh, my God, what are you - DeLuca.
- Look, she's in pain, right? Every time her pancreas flares up, it's extremely painful for her.
She's getting this surgery for a reason, so just make her get it.
Make her get the help that she needs.
Look, you are dismissed, Dr.
Walk away now.
Walk away now, or you're fired.
- I can't do this.
- Come on.
I can't.
It's just It's weird.
I don't know how to explain it.
I mean, I can I can give her orders like like like she's a soldier.
Are you serious? What? I'm good at that.
Th-This baby-talk thing it [GROANS.]
it just I don't know.
It's not my thing.
It makes me feel I don't know shy.
Oh, I-I'll turn around.
- How about that? - [SIGHS.]
Hi! Guten Tag.
That's German.
Technically, it means "good day," but I'm your mom.
But you probably already know that 'cause you're floating around inside me.
- I'm terrible at this.
I can't I - You're doing great.
No, I'm not.
I'm I'm terrible at it, and I'm already failing as a mom.
I'm I'm insufficient.
Teddy, that doesn't even make sense.
Look, and I'm sure I caused whatever it was that made her want to come out early.
I mean, I'm on my feet too long and didn't drink enough water, or probably forgot to take a prenatal one day.
You know, now she's gonna be born prematurely with underdeveloped lungs and and low birth weight and no crib and a a terrified mom, - who, despite being a surgeon - [DOOR CLOSES.]
knows crap about about taking care of babies What are you doing? - I[GRUNTS.]
am trying to show you that you are not alone.
Or, at least I think I am.
- Hold on.
- Owen.
Owen, you don't have to do this.
Give me a minute.
- Whew! - [CHUCKLES.]
Whew! Oh, yeah.
JACKSON: All right, Helm, what are some other ways that we could've prepared this vessel? TARYN: We could've done a vein patch or a saphenous vein graft.
Her anasto T-Their anastomosis looks good.
Hm, see? That wasn't so hard, was it? Well, yes, it was, as a matter of fact.
It was wholly unnatural to my ear.
You know, I had a mechanic who called me Ricky no matter how many times I corrected him.
Best mechanic I ever had.
I fired him.
You fired a guy 'cause he called you Ricky? I'm not a Ricky.
That's kind of a false equivalent.
Comparing an annoying nickname to misgendering I'm just saying that I understand what it's like when you're called something you aren't.
I've been called a lot worse than Ricky.
It's just just that the world moves fast, and I'm I'm trying to keep up, and I'm trying to adjust, and your attitude is not helping the process.
I had a girlfriend call me Jackie once.
Did you break up with her? - Damn straight I did.
Karev, Nora's new glucose panel came back.
Ah, this is good.
This is good.
And her potassium level is down, too.
So we can do it? I think we can if we can talk her into it.
: Dr.
Fisher, call Cardio-Path Lab.
Fisher, call Cardio-Path Lab.
Damn it.
You try to help a guy out a little, and now I gotta fire him.
Yeah, you know, I was about your age when I moved with my mom from Italy to Wisconsin.
they hated me.
I could barely speak any English.
They called me "DeLoser" for two years straight.
It was tough, but I got through it.
And trust me you are way cooler than I was.
- Unh-unh.
And my hair you gotta see my hair, Nora.
- Look at this.
Huh? That's me.
Believe me that kid got bullied.
Nora, kids are mean, and they're always gonna be mean.
But you can kick all their asses at math.
That makes you better than them.
You're gonna find friends.
You already made a bunch here, right? I'm gonna let you in on a little secret, too.
We're all a bunch of nerds here.
And we like you a lot.
And you're gonna find more of us I promise you.
You just got to push through.
So can you trust me? And push through? Yeah? All right.
This jacket's hilarious.
Hey, I still have that jacket.
AMELIA: Pick-ups, please.
LINK: You did a beautiful job on that first laminectomy.
Well, this one's tougher.
The vertebra is crushed.
This is the one that Let me see if I can ease if off.
If it shifts even a little, she's in a wheelchair forever.
Thanks for that.
- No pressure.
- Well, it's what it is.
And she's got that triathlon with her kid.
Okay, stop.
That's enough.
That's great.
Thank you.
Let me get that last bone fragment.
All right, let's run the potentials again, please? - [COMPUTER BEEPS.]
- See if she can walk.
- Strong motor and sensory signals strength throughout.
Okay, okay.
As soon as we get out of here, we're gonna reposition her for the C5 repair.
ALEX: Qadri, what do you see? Areas of necrosis.
But I think we can find some healthy islet cells in there.
Kids are mean.
I grew up in Utah.
I was the only non-Mormon in my school.
They put a garter snake in my backpack.
I was fat.
I was me.
That would be hard.
Karev, nobody told me you were starting.
No one needed to.
You're not on this case.
I'm the reason she consented to this surgery.
After I told you to stay away from her.
I meant what I said, DeLuca.
I don't want you anywhere near this.
I mean it.
Get out.
- Can you get - This little bit right there? Thank you.
I don't know how you do it.
- Do what? - Neuro.
This much pressure? Brains and spines, life and death, every time you set foot in an OR.
I'd go crazy.
Well, adrenaline's the only high I let myself have anymore.
I'm saying it's impressive.
NEUROPHYSIOLOGIST: We're losing the signal to both her upper and lower extremities.
What? Why? Did you nick something when we removed the disk? No, I wasn't anywhere near it.
Neither were you.
Okay, why are we losing signal like that? I-Is there residual disk? Penfield 4! Now they're gone completely.
Is her blood pressure dropping off? Is she getting her fluids? Her blood pressure has been stable.
This makes no sense.
Recheck the signal, please.
No response in arms or legs.
All of it? It's all gone? - Give her 1,200 milligrams of Solu-Medrol.
- NURSE: On it! She lost all of it? Arms and legs? All of it? [SIGHS.]
You look like you're about to throw up.
Oh, I'm not.
You're actually turning green.
- You should get down.
- Nope.
Gesture appreciated, but you don't have to suffer with me Yes, I do.
I'm in this with you.
And her.
We're in this together.
We're a family.
Every step of the way, okay? I know you're scared.
I am, too.
At least you know what to do.
You have Leo.
Last night, I put Leo's diaper on backwards, and he peed the bed.
Poor guy had to sleep in wet sheets.
I mean, we just do the best we can.
It's all we can do.
Your mom she's better than the best.
She's incredibly kind and hilarious, and she's so strong.
I remember I saw her do a thoracotomy in a helicopter that had no doors, and that patient lived, yeah.
She listens to Duran Duran way too loud and she can take down an entire pizza on her own, which I find insanely charming.
She is loyal, and she is fierce, and she would lay upside-down for weeks if you needed her to.
You'll never turn around and not have her standing right behind you, holding you up, okay? So, little one, you do not have to worry.
Your mom has got this.
- Owen.
Well, this is cozy.
- Hey, hi.
Hi, Tom.
Hey, Tom.
- God, is, uh, she okay? Are you okay? How's the peanut? - She's fine.
She's fine.
- Yeah? Just, apparently, I have cervix issues, and hopefully not anymore after today.
Thanks for the update, Hunt.
Sorry, I-I didn't want to worry any more people than I needed to.
No, I-I'm glad I'm here.
Listen, I'll, um, go get a coffee and check on a patient.
Do you need anything? No, good.
We're good.
- Hey, hey, give me one second, okay? - [DOOR OPENS.]
So I-I'm curious.
Uh, if Teddy had been in actual labor, would you have told me then? Or would you still have let me stay in that class? W She wasn't in labor, so what does it matter? Okay.
Here we go.
I know you don't like me.
Trust me, I'm not losing sleep over it, but if you plan to make a play here? If you're gonna show up with a ring and take advantage of the very old pain and vulnerability of a woman you have over and over again hurt and abandoned please rethink that.
Because I will not lie down, and I will not walk away.
I'll fight for her.
And that'll bring on a whole lot of drama and pain for the woman you claim you just want to be happy.
You don't know anything about my history with Teddy.
- Your history with Teddy - Yeah.
is you chose Amelia.
More than once.
My history is, I love Teddy.
I mean, I'm in love with her.
And only her.
And she deserves to be with someone for whom she is the first and the only choice.
Is she okay? Can I see her? [OCIE ELLIOTT'S "RUN TO YOU" PLAYS.]
She's not awake yet, Toby.
Your mom suffered an injury to her cervical spine.
Her cord swelled in surgery.
We did everything that we could, but she is paralyzed from the neck down.
And I'll run to you when the waters rise Oh, my God.
She's still here.
She's still your mom.
And I'll run to you if the bombs ignite She's gonna need a lot of help from you, - from your family.
I'll still call to you [CRYING.]
I can't.
I'm not if I lose my sight - She's the one.
- And I'll fall for you - She's the one with the - All the answers.
Yeah, I have the same mom.
Hammering on a glass floor The smart, strong, fearless mom who always has more sense than you.
Yeah, I know it very well.
Rapping on a black door I have, um learned that it's now Don't know what it's all for now, when she's the one that's hurt, when she's the one that needs you Don't want it anymore that's when you realize that she's already given you all that you need.
And I'll run to you when the waters rise You've got it.
You're strong and fearless already.
She already showed you how.
And I'll run to you if the bombs ignite So don't let her down.
I'll still call to you if I lose my sight Can I be there? And I'll fall for you if you need a fight When she wakes up? JO: This is Jo.
Leave a message! - [CELLPHONE BEEPS.]
- Hey, hey.
I just, uh I wanted to see if you were still on the plane.
I just I can't wait to hear how it went.
Look, I'm not some intern you can kick around anymore, all right? What you did today was unprofessional.
No, what you did today was unprofessional.
The way you helped out Nora that should have been the first thing you did.
But you're too pissed at the world about your dad.
And believe me, I know what a number our parents can do on us.
But you let it mess with your job today.
And with my patient's really excellent mom.
And it's messing with your relationship.
My relationship? What does it have to do with that? No, don't let it.
Just don't.
When people reach out a hand, you don't bite it.
I did it for years.
The only thing it gets you is they stop reaching out.
And I'll be all for you if you lose the fight - Hey.
What were your numbers this morning? Because if this is you relaxing, I'm gonna have to have you admitted.
Oh, well, maybe there are outside factors.
Huh? Just do it again.
Do it again.
Is your, um, heart pounding? Your pulse racing? I'm not 13.
Oho, oh.
It never ends.
- Did you read that? That's huge! - [CHUCKLES.]
- Hey.
- Hi.
Everything is okay.
Thank you.
MEREDITH: If only life's variables were as cut and dried as the rules of mathematics.
- Is this part of your study? - [DOOR CLOSES.]
Hm? Uh Uh, yeah.
This, too? Oh, no.
This This is, um This is a little trigonometry mixed with a little calculus mixed with a little logic.
It is the stuff of nightmares.
It's [LAUGHS.]
If only there were clear answers.
Right or wrong.
I want you to know I will never, ever forgive you for that.
I'm okay with that.
You sit there in your heartache Waiting on some beautiful boy to To save you from your old ways You play forgiveness Watch it now, here he come He doesn't look a thing like Jesus But he talks like a gentleman - Like you imagined - [LOCK CLICKS.]
when you were young When you were young But all you can do is eliminate as many unknowns as possible.
Can we climb this mountain? - Hey.
- Hi.
I don't know Higher now than ever before - I'm talking first.
- Okay.
I'm talking first because I don't do sitting at work wondering whether my boyfriend is avoiding me [DOOR CLOSES.]
- or being weird to me.
It's just I'm past that point in my life.
I'm not interested in it.
I have no time for it.
I know.
I ran out of minutes.
that started turning when you were young What? The thing with my dad.
I-I can't fix him, I can't help him, and I couldn't believe how much that hurt.
And I needed a minute to be hurt.
I didn't want to drag you down with me.
I needed a minute, all right? But now Sometimes you close your eyes - [SIGHS.]
Now I just need you.
Well, maybe I need a minute now.
- When you were young - Do you? - Do you really, though? - Maybe.
- I want to say yes.
Maybe I do.
When you were young - Did you make that? - Yeah.
When you were young You cook and you speak Italian? [CHUCKLES.]
You hungry? I'm starving.
The devil's water, it ain't so sweet Well, have a seat, and prepare to have your mind blown.
- Really? Wow, okay.
- Mm-hmm.
But you can dip your feet in Then pick an answer and hope.
Every once in a little while Jo? Jo, you asleep? You sit there in your heartache [WHISPERING.]
I missed you.
Waiting on some beautiful boy to - [DOOR OPENS.]
- To save you from your old ways - You play forgiveness - [DOOR CLOSES.]
Watch it now, here he comes Hope that, at the end of the day, it's an answer you can live with.

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