Grey's Anatomy s20e06 Episode Script

The Marathon Continues

[GREY] Genetics. Diet. Exercise.
All of these factors have shown to be
the key determinants of longevity.
Okay, kids. Off to day care.
But researchers discovered another way
to predict our lifespans, our zip codes.
- Good morning. How's my little
- Hi.
Oh. What is this?
[LINCOLN] Bluey. It's educational.
Not what I meant.
"Property of Scout"?
I got a new one. And,
you know, he loves it.
And we talked about limited screen time,
now he has one of his own?
Mommy has a consult. I gotta go.
Hey, you're alive. Why
aren't you answering my texts?
My meditations for A Woman
Scorned podcast advises
waiting until you're no
longer angry before speaking.
Wait. You're mad? At me?
I am not a part of this.
Can you at least give me a hint?
I was covered in puke.
I'm gonna need a bigger hint.
You stuck me with a crappy assignment
when Schmitt was going to
put me on an impalement.
You got in the way of me learning
to become a better surgeon.
So, yeah. I am mad.
And I am not ready to talk about it.
[GREY] In some cities
I assigned you to cardio today.
a few blocks could
increase the likelihood
of dying 30 years sooner.
Where we live, determines how we live.
Do you have lunch plans?
[GRUNTS] I have back-to-back
meetings all day.
Our most important benefactor
family is coming into peds,
so I need to make an appearance.
I could go to that Chinese restaurant
that you like and bring something back.
You're not operating today?
Uh, today's an admin day.
You've had quite
a few of those lately.
Well, it's been slow.
I have a lot of administrating to do.
You're married to a very
important man, you know.
Well, if you get bored at
a desk, I can change that.
I'm important too.
Like I could ever forget that.
[GREY] And how we live matters more
than you might imagine.
June Sally's chest tube has
minimal output, no air leaks.
She should be ready
for discharge tomorrow.
Home in time for her birthday.
- That's great.
- Yep. Uh, Dr. Beltran,
I know that we don't know
each other that well yet,
but I did turn in my
fellowship application.
Oh, was I supposed to read
over your personal statement?
Yes, but it's fine.
I already turned it in
and now I'm-I'm hoping that
you'd put in a good word for me here.
Okay, get me up to speed. Why peds?
Doctor Webber suggested it.
People say I'm great with kids
and ped surgeons are
always in high demand,
so I'd be providing
a much needed service.
Noted. And noble.
So, you'll make the call?
No, but, um, thank you for asking.
[PA ANNOUNCER] Dr. Vardy to Radiology.
Dr. Kerry Vardy to Radiology.
Would you wanna study
together tonight at the house?
I don't know if
that's a good idea.
Good morning, everyone.
Here. Take one.
Aha. There, there.
Are we practicing suturing?
While blindfolded?
These are wellness kits.
As you care for your patients,
you need to make sure
that you are also taking
care of yourselves.
So we want to avoid exhaustion,
burnout, and depression.
Oh, I could swim in this.
[BAILEY] It holds 64 ounces.
It is important to stay hydrated,
along with getting quality
sleep and eating healthy.
Are these supposed to help
us finish our procedure logs?
It is hard to finish anything
if you are unwell, Millin.
Now, if you would pull out the workbook.
- It has recipes.
[YASUDA] Dr. Bailey,
Dr. Altman is paging me.
If I already care about
myself, may I start my service?
- Uh, that's the ICU.
[MILLIN] Ortho.
Oh, everybody's
[SIGHS] Okay. Go on, go on.
Hey, take your bags!
Thank you.
Never been to this part
of the hospital before.
Doesn't the prison
system have its own doctors?
There are some. Not nearly enough.
Um, couldn't they have
given this guy a TB test?
[ALTMAN] They may not
have the resources.
If it's tuberculosis,
it spreads pretty quickly
in crowded conditions.
That's why prisons need to contain it
as quickly as possible.
Do we know why he's in prison?
No, and it's not important.
I know. Was just curious.
Before we go in, this patient
room is a little different.
There are limited supplies,
bare furniture, and
everything is strapped down.
Not only to contain
potential TB, but also
- Anything can be a weapon.
- Right.
- Do you have your mask?
- Ready?
- Yeah.
[ALTMAN] Thank you.
[ALTMAN] Hello, Mr. Jiménez.
I am Dr. Altman and this is Dr. Yasuda.
Thank you for seeing me.
Is it okay if I listen to your chest?
Can we remove the handcuffs please?
Okay, can you lean forward for me?
Thank you. Now, try
to take a deep breath.
Okay, you can lie back.
We're also gonna do
some blood work, okay?
Misty Valentine, 15, MVC two years ago,
resulting in an
above-the-knee amputation.
- She's experiencing discomfort
- Try fricking agony.
She's now experiencing extreme pain
from the socket connecting her
residual limb to her prosthesis
which is negatively impacting
her mobility and coordination.
And my entire life.
Misty's a long-distance cyclist
Was a long-distance cyclist.
Her dream was to race a century
for the Grand Prix Seattle next year.
Impressive. A hundred miles.
Emphasis on "dream."
- Amputees can be badass cyclists.
If anyone can do it, she can.
- Catherine. [CHUCKLES]
- [AVERY] Shannon.
Anthony, so good to see you.
Where were we last
- That resort.
- The Maldives. Yeah.
[AVERY] And how is my Misty girl now?
You ready for surgery?
Thank you for getting
us in here so quickly.
Oh, of course.
So, what's the plan?
We'll be doing a
residual limb revision,
which will give your
prosthesis a much better fit,
and it should ease your pain
and improve maneuverability.
Over a hundred miles?
Because right now the thing falls off
just trying to get to class.
Not to mention the phantom pain.
We'll do our best
to reduce all of that.
But you're saying I might go
through all of this for nothing?
You work for a Fox hospital.
Do you know who works for Fox hospitals?
Top surgeons.
So tell me,
is that surgery truly
the best you can do?
- It's the standard of care.
- [AVERY] Standard?
In this hospital, that
family flies first class.
You just offered them coach.
That's not how I would
describe the treatment
The Valentines are not
just my dear friends.
They are major benefactors
to this hospital.
And if they decide to pull back
on their annual contribution,
guess whose salaries
I'll be cutting it from?
Do better.
I've only flown coach.
What the hell just happened?
That's what we call
the Catherine Fox effect.
[SIGHS] Stop. Mom, I'm
fine. Just back off.
Dorian. How are we doing this morning?
Dr. Webber, will you please tell him
he can't have a cheeseburger?
I haven't had real food the
entire time I've been here.
I'm afraid it's
gonna be a little longer.
This is why you need to let us help you.
- You're weak.
- Because I can't eat real food.
- Can you stop?
- [ADAMS] I got it.
How much longer before you
guys let me out of here?
We're not ready to talk
about discharging you quite yet.
- Adams?
- Your hemoglobin was low this morning.
What does that mean?
Should we be worried?
Anemia can be caused
by a number of factors.
First, Dr. Adams is gonna run some tests
to confirm that it's not a lab error.
- No. No more tests.
- Dorian
People come in every 20
minutes. I can't sleep.
I can't eat, I can't think
because all I hear are monitors.
I'm done.
No more needles, no more
tests, no more medicine.
I wanna go home.
- We just need to take some blood so we
- No.
You're not touching me. Get out.
- Well, he doesn't mean
- Out! Now.
Let's, uh Let's
give him some space, yeah?
Please don't give up on him.
He's just been through a lot.
- Oh, we understand.
- What about the hemoglobin?
I'll keep an eye on it.
- You need to take a break too.
- Yeah.
You go home.
If anything changes
- We'll call you.
- Yeah.
Let's do some repeat labs.
If he doesn't let you, just
come back every hour and try again.
- You think it's dilutional?
- I hope so. If it's not,
we're losing time diagnosing
what else it could be.
After all he's been through,
you'd think a blood
draw would be nothin'.
He's feeling a loss of control.
It happens with long-term ICU patients.
- How long does it usually last?
- Everyone's different.
All we can do is be patient.
[BAILEY] You fill up that water bottle.
[NURSE 1] Thank you.
- Who else?
- [INHALES DEEPLY] What's this?
Ah. A wellness kit that
I painstakingly assembled
on my kitchen floor
at 2:00 in the morning
for our ungrateful interns.
You know who cared about my
wellness when I was an intern?
- [STAMMERS] Nobody.
It's hard to prioritize wellness
when you're working 80-hour weeks.
[SCOFFS] That's
what the bags are for.
- Look.
- You You want me to
- Thank you.
That so hard?
- You talked to Bailey about me.
- No, I didn't.
You told Bailey what I
said on the roof that night,
and now we're getting lectured
on step counts and meditation.
I wouldn't do that.
Not without talking to you first.
Please. You're desperate
to get in good with Bailey.
Like you aren't?
If you're gonna be a snitch, own it.
[PA ANNOUNCER] Dr. Sellers, 4619.
Dr. Monty Sellers, 4619.
I think I've got a solution.
Tell me it's picking
up a custom prosthetic
- from the Maldives.
- Is that a thing?
No, I just haven't had
a vacation in three years.
- What's your idea?
- Osseointegration.
You want to implant a
titanium rod into her bone?
It'll attach directly
to the prosthesis,
which can reduce pain
and increase mobility.
Schmitt, can you tell me why
this is not a great option?
It's, uh, not going to the Maldives?
How many have you done?
Or have you done any?
- I know it's fairly new.
- [LINCOLN] Two.
I'm one of four
surgeons trained to do it.
How many of those were on kids?
Kids grow.
That means more operations
to adjust it over time.
But Misty's 15. She's
an adult skeletal-wise,
and this is the first surgery
I would have offered her
if she was over 21.
[SIGHS] I'm trying to
give her what she wants.
What she wants or what Dr. Fox wants?
But you said it, she's
15. She's still a kid.
Just because she wants something,
doesn't mean she should have it.
Yeah. What a concept.
Look, I'm not
saying that this surgery
isn't ever a viable option.
I'm saying we should tell Dr. Fox
that Misty needs to wait a while.
- [SHEPHERD] Good luck with that.
- Okay, what's happening?
It's not you.
I let our kid play with
a tablet this morning.
To be clear, he gave our
three-year-old a tablet
with his name on it,
despite many conversations
about screens and brain development.
Saying "no" is not his forte.
Do you want some privacy?
[BOTH] No.
Look, I've spent years working
with professional athletes,
most of them don't
have half of the passion
Misty has for cycling.
She has her whole life ahead of her.
How are we gonna tell her
to give up on her dream
if there's a chance
we can keep it alive?
Fine. If Misty's okay with it
and her parents are okay
with it, then I'm on board.
Wait, no caveats,
no threats if anything goes wrong?
I'm thinking it, but it looks like
you have enough arguing
in your life already.
[COUGHS] Is it tuberculosis?
[ALTMAN] We're still
waiting on your blood work,
but in the meantime, we're gonna take
- a chest X-ray.
- Okay.
So you've had this
cough for about a year now?
[JIMÉNEZ] More or less. It's
hard to keep track of time.
[ALTMAN] Any other symptoms, any pain?
I've had, uh, back
pain for a while now.
And lately my stomach has been hurting.
Okay. Can you please put
your arms up over your head?
- Great. Thank you.
[ALTMAN] Any weight loss?
Yes. I just traded in my pants
for a smaller size.
- [ALTMAN] All right.
- Mr. Jiménez, take a deep breath.
- [YASUDA] Hold.
- Okay. You can breathe normally.
Okay, TB usually appears
as a small cavitary lesion.
Is that
All right, we need to get him
up to CT as soon as possible.
This is definitely not TB.
[ADAMS] Can I come in?
I really need to send over another lab.
I'll just use your A-line. No needle.
- Are you gonna let me leave?
- Nope.
- Eat food?
- No.
Then, no, you can't come in.
All right, you're a smart guy.
You know it's not a
good idea to refuse care.
I was shot because I
had $40,000 in my pants.
Not all my ideas are good.
Low hemoglobin could be nothing,
but it could also be a serious issue
that needs immediate treatment.
I'll take those odds.
- Dorian, it's not about
- You don't get it.
This place is fun for you.
You get to cut people
open and save lives
and whatever the hell else.
I'm not sure that "fun" would
be the most accurate description.
I can't even go to
the bathroom on my own.
You wanna swap nightmares?
I need a break.
If you can't understand that,
could you at least respect it?
I'll come back in an hour.
We'd implant a titanium
rod in Misty's femur,
and place an abutment that attaches
directly to the prosthesis.
Less pressure, pain and chafing.
And no falling off on your way to class.
And because it attaches
to bone and muscle,
it'll grow stronger with use,
which increases mobility.
This sounds complicated.
Have you done a lot of these?
It's a relatively new technique.
I've done two, both on adults.
Obviously it's more involved.
But given Misty's age and height,
I think it's a viable option.
I don't know.
What do you think?
[SIGHS] I think, um
- I think this sucks.
- Dr. Beltran
No, I think it blows.
You're 15.
You should be deciding
what to do over spring break,
or whether to join drama club
or who's extra.
Do kids even say that
anymore? Probably not.
You shouldn't have to
be picking which surgery
is gonna make you more comfortable
as you walk to class.
So, yeah, I think the whole thing sucks.
It does suck.
So much.
I just wanna go back.
I want to walk and jump and dance
and ride without all the pain.
If this surgery will do that,
even if it's just a chance.
I think we have our answer.
Just try and take deep breaths.
Easy for you. I feel trapped.
This coming from a guy
who's been locked up
for more than 40 years.
Uh, that was supposed to be funny.
- So sorry.
Oh, things have really changed.
Know what a pay phone is?
Uh, I think I saw one in
an old-timey movie once.
You make a guy feel old.
When you're in prison, you stop.
The whole world just keeps going.
I wonder if Seattle Unified still serves
lemon-berry coffee cake.
That's what you think about?
School cafeteria food.
Best part of school free food.
And Mrs. Samba who who
would smile at me every morning
when she handed it to me.
Hey, I'm good at reading people,
and I saw your face
when you looked at my X-ray.
How bad is it?
Let's look at your CT. [CLEARS THROAT]
We're gonna start the scan
now. Please try to hold still.
Hey, thanks for coming by.
I could use a second
set of eyes on this.
Happy to help. Is this his X-ray?
He came in to rule out TB,
and then we found that mass.
It's big, but I
think I can resect it.
It'd be a hell of a surgery
on your first day back in the OR.
[YASUDA] Scan's coming in.
Oh, my God. Is
Are those mets on his liver?
[NDUGU] Yeah, and his spine.
His pelvis, his adrenal glands.
[ALTMAN] He has an 8 cm
lesion on the left upper lobe,
and two others on the right middle lobe.
Looks like multiple positive nodes.
Right. Yasuda, get us on the schedule
for an image guided biopsy ASAP.
Welcome back.
Can you confirm that home
health is set for Ms. Land
- in room 4877?
- Mm-hmm.
You okay?
[SIGHS] I'd be better if
this conversation was over.
I think you wish I'd
said something to Bailey
and you're mad I didn't.
I think you missed your
calling as a detective.
Okay, if you don't
wanna be real, fine,
but don't take
whatever this is out on me.
I don't deserve it.
You want real?
I eat chips from the
vending machine for lunch
because I am too busy
to go to the cafeteria.
Haven't had a full
night's sleep in months
because my upstairs neighbors
blast house music till 3:00 a.m.
And I don't remember the last time
I had a vegetable or drank enough water.
But it is not because I am
having a mental breakdown.
It's because I'm a first-year resident.
What flavor chips?
Sea salt and vinegar.
Sometimes sour cream and onion.
Correct answer is barbecue.
You're right. Lecturing
us on wellness is useless.
If Bailey wants us to feel better,
she should give us raises.
- And reduce our hours.
That is the first thing
we agreed on all day.
Go home.
- Dr. Bailey
- You wanna disrespect me
and this program,
do it somewhere else.
The pathologist said their prelim read
on the biopsy tissue is adenocarcinoma.
It's cancer?
Well, we have to wait for
the final pathology, but yes.
[ALTMAN] I mean, there are lesions
throughout his body. It's
definitely inoperable.
Okay, so, chemo.
[SIGHS] It depends on those results.
There is a lot of red tape.
It's a little out of our hands,
but we will definitely give him meds
for the pain and his cough.
And hopefully there are people
at the facility that can help too.
Wait. So we're sending
him back to prison?
- That's how it works.
- [YASUDA] But he's sick.
He was getting sicker
and sicker for over a year
and they didn't even
give him screening tests.
If we send him back now,
he's just gonna
It's a valid point.
We will talk him through his options.
Dr. Altman
We can at least talk to him.
Your three minutes are almost up.
[STAMMERS] You're making me nervous.
You have half that
time on the real test.
Bleeding after cardiac surgery,
TEG with prolonged K-time
(a) Give cryo.
[SIGHS] How pissed
do we think Bailey is?
She's not happy. That's why we
can't slow down on ABSITE prep.
You're right.
- Give me the timer.
- I don't need it.
- You think you're that fast?
- I know 3 minutes.
The time I no longer have
to make a soft-boiled egg.
You cook soft-boiled eggs?
Yeah. They're good
in salads and ramen.
Mmm. You're making me hungry.
Oof. It is way past lunchtime.
- Should we order pizza?
After Bailey's wellness lecture?
We have frozen peas, expired yogurt,
and I could maybe dig
up some stale pretzels.
- Buried in the cabinets?
- More like the couch.
So, pizza?
whatever's in these bags.
[SIGHS] Dr. Webber still
needs those labs on you.
Is there a burger inside that lab coat?
I'll just [SIGHS]
update your chart.
You are in grad school?
- I was.
- You're not going back?
Engineering was my
parents' dream. Not mine.
Yeah. My parents always
wanted me to be a doctor.
Congrats on not being a disappointment.
No, I mean, that was always a reason
for me not to go into med school.
Yeah. I don't really
get along with them.
Junior year in college,
I got into a car accident on my
way home from soccer practice.
Internal bleeding, broken bones.
The surgeons on call
that night saved my life.
After that I changed my mind.
I've never felt
that way about anything.
I don't know. You seem pretty
passionate about cheeseburgers.
- [ADAMS] Dorian!
I need a crash cart in here and blood!
- Page Dr. Webber!
- [NURSE 2] Right away.
Come on. Come on. Dorian,
I got you. It's okay.
It's okay. Just
hold on, just hold on.
[LINCOLN] Implant is in position.
Now we carefully screw it into the bone.
Schmitt, wanna do the honors?
Absolutely. Yes.
Wait, this is the only the third time
you've done this and you're
letting a resident do it?
He's got it.
You're gonna have to screw it
with a little more force than that.
- Mmm. There you go.
- [SCHMITT] Okay.
- Okay. Great. Fluoro.
- Damn it.
- It's in position, right?
No, it's not fitting perfectly,
especially if we want her to ride again.
[BELTRAN] What do you mean?
We're gonna have to
take the implant out.
And then what? How did
you not anticipate this?
You can't know until
you're doing it.
You have to feel the bone quality.
A CT won't show you that. We
have to take more of the bone.
We'll need her parents' consent.
So we're gonna tell her parents
that your plan is gonna cost
their daughter more of her leg?
Stay here. It was my idea.
I'll get their consent.
[SCHMITT] I can't wait to see
the Catherine Fox effect on that.
Let's just keep this dry.
[SHANNON] You want to
take more of her femur?
If that doesn't work, then what?
Maybe we should have stuck
with the original plan.
We're pretty close to making thi
I'm sure Dr. Lincoln can revert
to the old plan if
that's what you want.
We can do that.
Um, and Misty will probably feel fine
for a few months.
Then her residual limb
will begin to chafe,
her pain will increase.
She'll push through because
that's what competitive cyclists do.
She might not tell you right away
because that's what teenagers do,
which means she could
damage her leg even more.
Look, I know that this is
not exactly what you want,
and I know it's tough,
but I really do believe the
outcome will be worth it.
Let's do it.
- [WEBBER] What happened?
He was fine. We were talking,
and then all of a sudden
he started vomiting blood.
BP's tanking. Systolic's
in the 80s. Sats, 70s.
I gave him 80 mg of pantoprazole.
[DISTORTED] Blood is running.
Next two units are on their way.
Maxed out his oxygen.
His sats aren't responding.
Dr. Webber. I've been waiting for you
to get here to intubate.
[NORMAL] Dr. Webber!
I'll take it from
here, Adams. Good work.
I need to stop the bleeding.
Call us an endo tower.
[NURSE 2] Here's a laryngoscope.
[WEBBER] Have the tube ready for me.
Did you go to culinary
school or something?
I'm a surgeon, I like cutting.
- Me too, but not vegetables.
Yeah, I spent a lot of years
watching my mom turn
whatever was in our fridge
into something delicious.
- What do you need?
- Tongs, spatula, or ooh.
This works.
So, the key to stir-fry is
getting the pan really hot,
and keeping the vegetables moving
so they don't steam and get soggy.
- Mm-hmm.
- Do you have any soy sauce?
Maybe from takeout the other night.
What else does your mom cook?
Oh, chicken soup.
- Lasagna.
- Mmm.
Jook, which is a rice porridge.
Mmm. She give lessons?
She died.
No, uh, it's okay.
It's been a while.
Mine died when I was born. So
no cooking lessons.
- Come on.
Just, like, keep it all moving.
Hey, Bailey. Any of
those extra vegetables
from the wellness seminar up for grabs?
We were too busy to go
grocery shopping this week.
And as a department head,
I feel entitled to
- Be my guest.
- Are you sure? I don't have to
Owen, do you know how tired I am?
I mean, I I have three jobs.
[STAMMERS] I run a clinic.
I'm residency director,
a full time surgeon, and
and I'm a mom.
Actually, that's four jobs.
I'm lucky if I get five
hours of sleep a night,
and I took time out of my
busy, sleep-deprived life
to do something about the
well-being of our interns
so they don't end up stressed
and run down or burnt out.
Because I am a damn good teacher
and I care about these people.
And what do I get in return?
Just blatant disrespect.
You know, sounds like you could
use a little wellness yourself.
Excuse me?
When was the last time
you took a day off?
I mean, four jobs, five-hours
sleep. You might need a break.
Listen, you want to give
the interns permission
to take time for themselves?
Maybe you need to take your own advice.
There was this guy in my
cellblock that had colon cancer,
and by the time that he got
diagnosed, he went pretty quick.
It's just like that.
- So, um
- Mm-hmm.
when you have this many mets,
it affects a lot of your organs.
We don't know how long you have,
but it explains why you've
been feeling so awful.
Is there, like, any chance
that this could just [COUGHS]
magically stop spreading?
No, but there are treatments
that we could consider.
- That could fix me?
- [ALTMAN] It may give you more time.
But I'll be honest with you,
in your case, your circumstances,
it may cause you more pain than good.
- How long?
- Uh
It's hard to say.
Some people live months.
Forget it.
No treatment.
I spent a lot of nights
struggling to breathe.
Begging for someone to listen to me.
It won't change.
I was 17 when I got locked up.
Tough Tough as
nails on the outside
scared on the inside.
I would lie awake at night
praying that I wouldn't get stabbed
or beat to death.
I never thought I'd go like this.
I wish it wasn't
this way. I am so sorry.
I am too.
[LINCOLN] The implant is almost
in. Let's try this again.
Clockwise rotation
until I feel resistance.
Almost there.
Okay. That That feels good.
Okay. Moment of truth. Fluoro.
- [LINCOLN] Oh, thank God.
- [SCHMITT] It worked.
Yeah, see the implant is
just hitting the isthmus.
- It feels rock solid.
- Yeah.
- Nice work, Schmitt.
- [SCHMITT] Thanks.
Okay. Let's look
for the sciatic nerve.
[LINCOLN] Time for targeted
muscle reinnervation.
Hey, are you almost done
with Mr. Jiménez's
discharge paperwork?
Yasuda, the prison
transport is on their way.
What about enrolling
him in a clinical trial?
- Yasuda.
- I found one at the University of Chicago.
Uses immunotherapy and
stereotactic radiotherapy
for stage 4 lung cancer.
- He doesn't want treatment.
- And
You know, just because
the system failed him
doesn't mean that we should too.
There has to be
something else we can do.
His punishment was supposed
to be time, not not death.
Listen to me.
I know it is frustrating.
The suffering, the neglect, the pain.
And knowing that it
might have been prevented
with earlier intervention
just makes it so much worse.
But you know what else is frustrating?
Lying in bed alone and feeling like
feeling like you have no control.
That no one is hearing you.
We can't even begin to
imagine what he's been through.
We can't imagine what any of
our patients have been through.
So we have to trust that they
know their lives better than us.
I wish that people had listened
to him when he first got sick.
I wish that I could turn back
time and diagnose him earlier.
But right now, the best way
that we can take care of him
is to try to alleviate
any suffering that we can.
I'll finish the discharge papers.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- And, Yasuda.
- Yeah?
It's good that you care.
Not enough people do.
- [ADAMS] What are we looking for?
I won't know until we find it.
Ah. There it is. It's an
upper GI bleed from an ulcer.
Let's inject epi.
This is likely a stress ulcer
which can cause focal
damage to the mucosa
and have high risk of bleeding.
- [ADAMS] Ah. Still bleeding.
- Come on.
- [WEBBER] Let's clip it.
- Okay.
[ADAMS] Come on, Dorian.
- All right. Let's hurry.
- [ADAMS] Okay.
[WEBBER] Clip it.
There. Got it.
[ADAMS] Amazing.
Good job, everyone.
Oh. You did that like it was nothing.
I've been clipping upper GI bleeds
since before you were born.
You'll get there.
Let's get repeat labs.
- Okay. Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
Which of the following is not true
of preoperative selective
portal vein embolization?
- B as in "boy" or D as in "dog"?
"B" as in Bailey's
wellness plan kind of worked.
- I feel better.
- Correct on both accounts.
Unless she fires us
for being disrespectful.
I'm okay. I just want you to know
med school was a rough time in my life,
but I worked through it.
I'm good.
- Done?
- Mmm.
But if you did have to
drop out of medicine,
I think you have a career
in the restaurant business.
[CHUCKLES] Well, I will
settle for a full kitchen.
You and Yasuda need some real knives.
And you want us to do what with them?
I wash, you dry.
You had to take more of my leg?
I-I don't understand.
We did. Um, in order for
the technique to work,
the implant has to fit perfectly.
Now it does.
So, does that mean I'll
be able to ride again?
We are confident that you will.
I never thought this would be possible.
And now that it is,
I I don't even know what to say.
Catherine, these surgeons
have outdone themselves.
I'd expect nothing less.
When I race my first century
ride, will you all come?
- I'd love to.
- [BELTRAN] Of course.
- I'll make T-shirts.
- Deal.
- Okay. We'll come back
- and check on you later, all right?
- Thank you all again.
And whatever we can do to
support your work in the future,
don't hesitate to ask.
[CHUCKLES] You know I won't.
Now, enough of this shop talk.
- We got a lot to celebrate. [CHUCKLES]
- Yeah.
Millin, follow up
on her post-op labs.
Yeah, got it.
Yeah, I guess it really
does pay to be rich.
- Nice work, everyone.
- [SCHMITT] Hmm.
Schmitt, you really stepped up.
[BELTRAN] Can I just Thank you.
Thank you.
Do you have a problem with me?
- I'm sorry? What?
- I did step up today.
My bedside manner was excellent.
I successfully placed
Misty's implant.
Dr. Lincoln said I did a
good job. Why can't you?
Why does it matter?
I wanna be a peds surgeon.
Okay. Well, if you need my validation
or anyone's validation to
feel like you did a good job,
then peds is not the
right specialty for you.
Everybody likes validation.
- It's human.
- No, it's needy.
What happens when you mess up?
What happens when
there's a bad outcome?
What's gonna sustain you then?
Where's your heart?
Where is your passion for this?
Because that is what's gonna
get you through the bad days.
You show me more of that,
and then we'll talk.
What happened?
You had bleeding from
an ulcer in your stomach.
Dr. Webber went in with
a scope and stopped it.
[SIGHS] I left school
because I was miserable.
When I thought about
being a civil engineer
for the rest of my life,
I couldn't breathe.
I thought I'd work on
a boat for a few months
and come back
enlightened or whatever.
Instead, I got shot, and
now I'm stuck here.
We'll get you out of here.
You just gotta let us do our job.
That was pretty dumb, I guess.
Hey, you were tired.
I get it, you know,
but the best stuff is on
the other side of all this.
And you won't get there
if you push away the
people who wanna help you.
And then can I eat?
I'll bring the cheeseburger myself.
You gotta wake it up
You're going to the top ♪
You gotta open up The door ♪
It's what They waited for ♪
We've notified the penitentiary
system of your condition
and provided prescription refills.
And I sent documentation
for your compassionate
release application.
I appreciate it.
[YASUDA] Wait!
Wait. I have something for him.
[PRISON GUARD] Let me see that.
- Lemon-berry coffee cake.
- Yeah.
I haven't had this
since I was a youngster.
Nurse Ashley's son
goes to Fremont High.
So, she helped me out.
[JIMÉNEZ] Thank you.
I'm really going to enjoy this.
You gotta open up the door ♪
And when you come back, baby ♪
It's what they waited for ♪
It's what they waited for ♪
It's what they waited for ♪
Dr. Webber?
- Thank you.
- Oh, what's this?
You saved my son. Again.
Words will never be enough.
I'm hoping chocolate fills the gap.
Oh, you didn't need to do this.
Dorian's a great kid.
With that said, I'll never
refuse a box of chocolate.
Do I need to tell that
woman to keep her hands
off my man?
I saved her son today.
Look at you saving
lives on your admin day.
Mmm. I still got it.
- Yes, you do.
Hey. I I just needed to zone
out for a while. Don't judge me.
Um. Well, your brain is fully cooked.
I'm not concerned.
I heard your surgery went well.
Catherine was practically dancing
through the hallways.
Are you okay?
[SIGHS] I lost a NICU
patient this morning.
He had advanced
necrotizing enterocolitis.
His name was Jagger.
He was three months old.
And, um
I swear every time I went
in to check on his belly,
he just looked at me with
these piercing blue eyes.
It was like he was
looking right into my soul.
I'm sorry.
So, you and Lincoln have a kid?
Yeah, he's great The kid.
- The dad and I are not together.
- Mmm.
Well, I will let you
get back to your game.
Or you could help me crush some gems.
[GREY] No matter where we live,
we all wish for long, healthy lives.
All right. So, how does this work?
For our family, for our
loved ones, for our children.
Three, two, one.
Okay. Time to give me the tablet.
Come on, buddy. Work with me.
Okay. We are r Oh.
Oh, yeah. He got ahold of
it from under the stroller
before I could stop him.
Well, if Amelia shows up,
we're leaving without you.
- This is gonna be hard.
- He'll get over it.
- I meant on you.
[GREY] But even if the
odds are in your favor,
predictions are only
part of the picture.
We live in a world where
everything can change
in the blink of an eye.
[SIGHS] I'm sorry you got puked on.
If I could, I would give
you all the best assignments,
but I can't play favorites.
I've got a job to do.
- I don't wanna fight.
- Yeah, I don't either.
So Adams finished his procedure card.
You're closer to
getting back into the OR.
It doesn't matter.
Look, I I just wanna
be alone right now.
- Okay.
[GREY] You could be on top
of the world one minute
What is happening here?
[SIGHS] I came home early.
Are you feeling okay?
Well, I tried to step up
the intern wellness program.
It was a huge failure.
Yeah, I'm sure it's
not as bad as you think.
[GRUNTS] I'm not sure
it ever had a chance.
But the-the system is-is designed
to push doctors past their limits.
I'd say it was broken, but
I'm not sure it ever worked.
So you're giving up.
- I am modeling for the interns.
Self-care and wellness.
I didn't have
patients this afternoon,
so I decided to come home early.
Nice. Richard made you come
home early, didn't he?
- Hunt.
But, no, it was my idea to
send Tuck and Pru out for pizza.
- That is a good idea.
- Mmm.
In fact, um
I could use a little wellness myself.
Oh. Could you now?
but you never know
when the rug might be
pulled out from under you.
Anyone home?
When that happens,
which it inevitably will,
all you can do is hold on
You're moving stuff?
Yeah, I got a lot of books,
and I'm thinking about
putting a shelf right here.
You forgot this in the dresser.
and hope it won't end you.
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