Grey's Anatomy s20e07 Episode Script

She Used to Be Mine

Research suggests that we
start to recognize our mother's voice
from the womb around 31 weeks.
Child, I don't know why
you brought me all this way
just to watch you clean
somebody else's house.
I could have been home
watching my stories.
This is your new home, Granny.
It is?
- Did I know that?
- We toured a bunch of places, Granny,
and this is the one you picked.
- Remember?
- Denise
did I do that?
Do you do you have to go?
I can stay a little longer.
I've never seen this.
This is when you
were pregnant with Simone.
As soon as we're born,
our language skills begin to develop.
Okay. True or false.
CSF production rate is affected
by intracranial pressure.
- False.
- Stop!
Is it true?
N-No, you practically
rolled past that stop sign.
Why can't you just ask the
questions without back seat driving?
Why can't you just study
with the other interns?
- Okay.
- From birth to six months,
we mostly coo, cry and murmur
as the vocal cords mature.
How old is this thing again?
Leona is a 1975 Chevy G10.
- We've been through a lot together.
- And you paid money for this?
Shh. She can hear you.
No, no, no. Come on.
Come on, Leona.
Just a hundred more yards.
Come on, girl, you can do it. Come on.
So, you're just gonna
leave me here alone.
You have Leona.
Then we advance to babbling until
words start around 18 months.
Eventually, words lead to sentences.
And soon, we forget the time
when we couldn't speak at all.
Did you, uh, tell your mom
about Allison's playdate?
Yeah. Chloe at 2:00. Yeah.
And that she needs socks for the
- Indoor gym? She knows.
- Thanks.
I don't show up for work one day,
it's because Adams totaled
my car with me in it.
I'm gonna head to the cafeteria.
What was that?
Maybe it's waffle day.
He's just been kind of distant lately.
I mean, he's fine one minute, and
then hardly says two words the next.
I mean, he's normal around the kids,
but then once they're
asleep, he goes to bed.
Have you noticed anything?
- No.
- He said something to you, didn't he?
No. No. And I have to check my post-ops,
and now I can't stop thinking
about waffles.
So weird.
I spent 30 bucks on supplies
to repair the holes
you made on my walls.
Venmo or progress notes. You pick.
I pick you getting out of my face.
Okay, listen up. The ABSITE
exam is one week from today.
If it's not in your calendars,
you no longer work for me.
If you are late to the exam,
if you forget to show up,
you also no longer work for me.
- I like standardized tests.
- Said literally no one ever.
Except the one person who aced it.
So, what other programs
did you get into again?
And if you haven't already,
your completed procedure logs
should be submitted to Schmitt or Helm.
- Mine's done.
- Mine's almost done.
Well, in the immortal words of
Brandy, "almost doesn't count."
- Griffith. You're late.
- I know. I'm so sorry.
She has eyes in the back of her head.
I can see your reflection
through the window.
- Get it together.
- Morning, Dr. Bailey.
- Hey.
- Wow, it's everyone.
Are they in trouble or am I?
They're interns. They're
always in trouble.
Dorian Cardenas. Post-endoscopic
clip for stress ulcer.
H and H is stable. Tolerating
a clear liquid diet.
His labs are normal, and he
is ambulating and pain-free,
which is why today we are
downgrading him from the ICU.
- Wait, really?
- We know you'll miss having no privacy
and all of your suite mates
being in critical condition.
That's Yasuda's way of
saying congratulations.
Red Cloak Volume 12? I love this series.
It just came out, according to my son.
Oh, okay, I have to cut
this celebration short.
I'm needed in the OR.
I will see you upstairs.
Mmm. Mmm.
As much fun as this party
is, you all have work.
Millin, Griffith, Kwan, take the pit.
Yasuda, Adams, take
Dorian to his new room.
Chest tube, chest tube,
chest tube, chest tube.
I have one left on my procedure log.
Well, me too.
Want to bet who finishes first?
Loser buys drinks at Joe's?
You're on.
I got this one. Link, you got the other.
What do we got?
Gillian Mendelson, 46.
Status Post-MVC. GCS 15.
Brief LOC, small head lac,
complaints of headache.
I'd think it's a migraine
if I wasn't just in a car accident.
Let's get you inside and check you out.
Wait. I want to make
sure Cassandra is okay.
Cassandra Lewis, 45. MVC.
GCS 15. Left knee swelling.
We gave her morphine for the pain.
- Hi.
- Cass, you okay, babe?
Remember when the kids
were at soccer camp
- and we tried those gummies?
- She's okay.
We gotta make sure
you are too. Let's go.
Jayden, slow down. Mommy can't
handle any more broken
bones today.
- Miles Ferguson?
- Ooh. Ooh.
- Oh, this is a bad one.
- How far along are you?
Thirty-nine weeks.
I'm having irregular
contractions. Just Braxton-Hicks.
Nothing serious.
- How's your wrist?
- Wow. This feels like a trap.
Smart man. What happened?
I was moving furniture, getting
the house ready for a showing,
and you know, new shoes,
marble floors, I slipped.
It's his brokerage. He has
people who do this for him.
They put the desk in the breakfast
nook. It made no
sense. It made no sense.
We'll get an X-ray.
Ooh. Oh.
Is that another contraction?
Uh, just indigestion.
It-It started last week.
Uh, my OB says it's normal
- this late in pregnancy.
- Yeah.
Oh, th this is a contraction.
X-ray's pretty backed
up. It might be a while.
Why don't I run you up
to OB in the meantime
just to see how you're progressing.
Yeah, if we're stuck here
for a while, it makes sense.
Okay. Yeah, yeah.
Also, the OB nurses have
a secret stash of cookies
and I might know where it is.
Oh, well, that's too bad.
Jayden doesn't like cookies.
I do like cookies.
Okay. Well, let's go.
All right.
- Uh, don't fall off anything, please.
- Come on.
- What do you see, Kwan?
- I see nothing.
X-ray looks normal.
So why is my knee the
size of a softball?
There's a lot of blood. So we'll
have to insert a needle and drain it.
Kwan, can you book her
in a procedure room?
- Yep.
- Okay. Gillian's C-spine is clear.
You both are very lucky.
Any idea how fast the
other car was going?
- It wasn't. It was parked.
- It was mine.
We were at Hamilton Viewpoint.
- Isn't that where the
- Teenagers go to make out?
Yeah, we know.
I was going to say where
the trailhead starts,
but I appreciate the tip.
Between work and our kids, we
don't get a lot of alone time,
so I thought it would be
nice to meet for lunch.
And by "lunch," I mean,
not lunch, if you know what I mean.
Anyway, things heated up.
One of us must have
kicked the parking brake,
and the next thing you know, the
car was rolling down the hill,
smashed into her minivan, and my
brain felt like it was gonna explode.
Well, your neuro exam is good, but
we're gonna do a CT just to be safe.
- Okay?
- Great.
Oh. That's mine.
There it is.
Shut the curtain.
Please, shut the curtain.
Are you okay?
Car app said there was an accident.
You won't answer your phone,
so I called the police.
They said you were here.
Yeah. I'm I'm okay.
My head just hurts.
Um, doctors, this is Aaron.
- My husband.
- Huh.
Nice to meet you.
Dr. Bokhari to peds ICU.
Dr. David Bokhari to peds ICU.
- Dr. Ndugu?
- Yeah?
I know that it's been
kind of hectic for you
with the under-staffing
in your department.
If there's ever anything
I can do for you,
please don't hesitate to let me know.
Okay. Appreciate that.
Maybe we could grab a drink
and get to know each
other better sometime.
My schedule is a little crazy right
now, but I I'll keep that in mind.
- Okay.
- All right.
She seems nice.
Um, yeah, she is.
Did you need something?
Well, looks like
we're on Mr. Riley's
hiatal hernia together.
Yeah, looks that way.
Looking forward to it.
Me too.
Ooh, Jayden took her sweet time.
I was in labor for 72 hours.
Well, this baby is gonna
go a lot faster than that.
You are already four and
a half centimeters dilated.
So, we're gonna have to admit you.
I I can't be in labor. We're
not ready. My mom's not here.
My husband's in the emergency
room with a broken wrist.
Okay, um, Lauren, your blood
pressure is going up a little bit.
So just take some deep breaths.
That's great.
Okay. When was the last
time that you saw your OB?
It was, uh, last week.
They ran some blood work,
but I haven't heard anything.
- I was scheduled to go back tomorrow.
- Okay.
Um, we will call to follow
up on her prenatal records.
- And, um, send for blood and urine tests.
- Yeah.
- Will someone tell Miles? Okay.
- I'll get him up here.
Okay. Do you want
us to take Jayden to day care?
Jayden, do you want
to go up to day care?
There's so many fun toys,
and my daughter is there,
and she's almost as old as you.
You wanna go, baby? Yeah? Okay.
Can I have a kiss right here? Mmm.
- All right. I love you.
- Love you.
All right. Thank you.
That little girl
has no idea how much her
life's gonna flip upside down.
It's always been just the three of us.
Kids always handle stuff better
than adults think they will.
Dads, not so much.
Cassandra's in the procedure
room. You think the husband knows?
I think he knows they
went to Pilates and brunch.
I kind of want to see
how this turns out,
but Lincoln's letting me do a knee
aspiration, and I have a bet to win.
Mmm. Did I mention I only have
suture one more laceration for my log?
One chest tube, two IVs, and
then you're buying me drinks.
You sound very sure about that.
- Loser buys drinks and fries.
- It's gotten completely out of hand.
Aaron, please.
She's constantly calling and texting.
Always asking for a ride.
She depends on you too much.
Do you know how many times
Cass has driven Zoe to soccer?
Too many, if this is the
kind of accident she gets in.
- We should get a lawyer.
- For what?
Our bumper's gone, and
you're in the hospital.
I know she's your friend, I know she's a
single mom, but this should not
be on us. She rear-ended you, right?
Okay. CT's ready.
We can get you up now.
Great. I mean, okay. Okay.
- Okay, let's go.
- Bye, Aaron.
Smells of antiseptic,
doesn't have a view, but
It's not the ICU.
- And
- Surprise!
No way. James? Fiona?
They reached out and
insisted on being here.
- I hope that's okay.
- More than okay.
We're in the same engineering program.
Well, we were.
Don't worry. We brought all your work
from last semester so you can catch up.
No, we didn't, jerk.
We did bring a bunch of cards
from people back at school though.
- Everybody misses you, D.
- Not entirely sure why.
All right, let's get you settled here.
Wait. She she's in labor?
- Okay, I I need to sit down.
- You're sitting down.
- You sure?
- You're leaning against the bed
No, no, no. I mean I mean,
are you sure she's in labor?
She is four and a half
centimeters dilated.
Okay, I gotta get up
there. And where's Jay
- Hey.
- Ow.
Jayden is in the hospital day care.
You are no good to her
or Lauren with that wrist.
Your X-ray shows a
distal radius fracture.
- Is that bad?
- No.
We'll take you to the cast room so
someone from ortho can set the bone,
they'll make you a splint, and
then you can go have a baby.
Okay. Um how did Lauren seem?
- Was she scared?
- Not at all.
- She's doing great.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
I'll have a nurse get you
something for the pain.
- All right. Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
- How long does this take?
- It should be quick.
Well, I was hoping it would be longer.
If my head wasn't pounding,
I'd just as soon stay.
Well, relax while you
can and hold still, okay?
You want to know how I got
in this mess, don't you?
- You don't have to tell us.
- Kind of.
Aaron and I got married
right after law school.
We had our kids, we did our jobs.
And then the kids were
older, and work was
Well, I do tax law, and all of it
just got so boring. Uninspiring.
But then I met Cass at the PTA,
and she made life not boring.
So here I am with a giant headache.
- Literally and figuratively.
- Complicated.
Do you think she has a
subarachnoid hemorrhage?
No, her scan's clear.
Situation's a mess.
- Well, good luck.
- Yeah.
Any updates?
Husbands with broken bones
are forcefully inquiring.
She is five centimeters dilated
and progressing beautifully.
How's Miles doing?
Small break. They're
splinting him now.
He better not use that as an excuse
to avoid changing diapers
or do preschool drop-offs.
- You have one daughter, or
- Yeah, Luna.
But my partner, he has a
son. Same age, same chaos.
- Nothing like noise, right?
- Right.
You've got this. I'll
bring Miles up in a bit.
- Okay. Thank you.
- Can I have a
- Can I have a tissue?
- Sure.
Lauren, are you okay? Do you
have any headaches? Blurry vision?
Is something wrong?
Have her blood and
urine tests come back yet?
Okay. Just breathe. Breathe.
Damn it, her blood
pressure's skyrocketing.
Oh, oh, she's having
an eclamptic seizure.
Let's get her on her side. There you go.
Push six-gram bolus of
mag and page Dr. DeLuca.
We have to take her
for a C-section now.
Okay. You're okay,
Lauren. Okay. It's okay.
Nice work, Kwan. Keep going.
Guess this is the price
you pay for great sex, huh?
Seems expensive.
That's what I thought of
Gillian when we first met.
She'd show up to school meetings
in her pricey athleisure,
and just when the
meeting was about to end,
she'd always have one more question.
Everything about her should annoy me,
but she mesmerizes me.
Her voice, her persistence, her body.
And the sex.
Just mind-blowingly good.
Bust-your-knee-not-even-care good.
And I know she's not gonna leave
Aaron until the kids are in college,
but I can't stop.
Don't want to.
Especially when she does this thing
Okay. It looks like we're all done here.
You need an MRI on that knee.
Dr. Kwan will take you.
One more IV and you're done.
Can I get my bra back?
Um, how are you gonna pay for that?
Just wanted a bite.
Just like how you wanted to take a
bite out of the stew I made last night
and then it was gone?
Take as many as you want.
And that is how roommates share food.
Where were you this morning?
My grandma
- Got an underwire guy.
- Mm-mmm. It's my patient's.
Who is having an affair with my
patient who is married to a man.
- Juicy.
- I'm Team Gillian.
I think that marriage is
an antiquated institution.
Well, does her husband know that?
Oh. Radiology. Gotta go.
- That's all you.
- Thank you.
I love grapes.
So, what time is dinner at Joe's?
Oh, so it's dinner now?
- Are you afraid of losing?
- No.
I'm just trying to remember what
nights they do wine pairings at Joe's.
Oh, I got tied up
approving some purchase orders.
- Sorry I'm late.
- Late for
Surgery. Ndugu asked
that I scrub in with you.
- May I ask why?
- Well, he didn't say.
Richard, I appreciate you
looking out for me, but I am good.
I had three procedures
yesterday and one this morning,
and a hiatal hernia is nothing for me.
- Don't worry.
- Right.
Well, glad you're here.
- Talk to me.
- Thirty years old.
Gravida 2, para 1.
No past medical history. Rapidly
progressed into eclampsia.
- What's mom's name?
- Lauren.
- Ten blade.
- Okay.
Okay, Lauren. We're gonna get this
baby out, and then
you're gonna be fine.
Just a few more seconds.
I'm through the uterine wall.
Get ready, everybody.
Baby coming your way.
Have the NICU team on standby.
Baby looks good.
I know.
Ah, she's bleeding heavily.
Massaging the uterus.
Give her more Pitocin and push TXA.
Her blood pressure's rising again.
It's uterine atony and DIC.
We got a bleeder. Clamp.
- O-chromic.
- Watch out for the ureter.
Yeah. Okay. Bleeding's under control.
Okay, let's close the hysterotomy.
The sooner we get her upstairs,
the sooner she meets her baby.
She's hemorrhaging.
Okay, it looks like the upper abdomen.
It could be a liver
subcapsular hematoma.
Was she complaining of
right upper quadrant pain?
She was in labor.
I thought her pain was that.
I Okay. Um We're
gonna convert to an ex lap.
I need lap pads and page Dr. Bailey.
What do you mean her scan is clear?
- Aaron.
- You're clearly in pain.
We're gonna keep her in for
observation. This could be a concussion.
- She did hit her head pretty hard.
- You did?
Well, that's how she got the cut.
Why didn't the airbag inflate?
Oh, uh, it did. I I hit the door.
Can we not talk about this now?
But the cut's on the
right side of your head
Listen, the good thing is
If you were driving,
the door would be
- Oh, my head is really pounding.
- Try to keep the ice pack
She hit you so hard that
it flipped you in your seat?
That woman should definitely
not be driving our kids around.
She's irresponsible and
We're having an affair!
Could we please be anywhere else?
- What'd you say?
- An affair!
You know, sex? The thing
you and I never have anymore.
That's what Cass and I
were doing in the back seat,
like we've been doing for two years.
Two years! Any more questions?
I felt a lot better yelling at him.
Well, sometimes getting it
all out can be a huge relief.
No, no, I I feel awful
now, but when I'm yelling
my head doesn't hurt!
Lauren is at five centimeters.
I texted your regular OB,
but she hasn't responded yet.
Okay. Did, uh Did Lauren tell
you how on-brand this is for me?
She may have hinted a little.
We first met in college.
Intro to macroeconomics.
Yeah. She was so beautiful,
I just couldn't stop staring.
Didn't even notice there was no
chair where I was trying to sit.
Fell flat on my ass in front
of the girl of my dreams.
That's sweet.
Yeah, hurt like hell,
but she's worth it though.
Uh, they can take you to
Lauren Ferguson's room.
I'll check in as soon as
I respond to this page.
- Okay, cool.
- All right.
Dr. Ford to Pediatrics.
Dr. Sue Ellen Ford to Pediatrics.
You left the box of your
soccer crap in the garage.
Did you change the password
to the online study prep?
It kicked me out mid-session last night.
Because it's my login.
- Not the Benny story.
- Just here to check vitals.
So, James is telling Benny
about how Bronk Industries
is a corrupt government organization.
He's read the reports, blah, blah, blah.
- Who's Benny?
- Transfer student. Good guy.
Anyway, James is going on and
on until finally Benny goes,
"You don't know my last name, do you?"
Benny's last name is Bronk.
His dad owns the company.
You know who won't be recruiting
James after graduation?
Hey, could you guys give me a minute?
- Yeah, of course.
- Sure.
It sucks when your friends
move on without you.
No, that's not
I think my ostomy bag is leaking.
Okay, Gillian, we took
the image. Just give it a second.
Can I yell?
Uh, sure.
I'm really sorry, but it feels
so much better when I do this.
Gillian, I'm going to
turn off the intercom.
So just yell at us if you need anything.
Hey, so you missed the version
where she was yelling at her husband.
Uh, oh. Hey, have you talked to Teddy?
Hmm? Um, oh, Scans are up.
Yeah, I still don't see anything.
She was yelling into a
pillow the entire way up here.
We only got a break
when we did the scan.
Gillian, we are going to scan you
again, and this time
just keep screaming.
No problem!
Millin, what happens to the venous
pressure in the head
when we scream?
- Does it Does it shift?
- You are correct.
And so am I. There.
Gillian, you have something called
an Arnold-Chiari malformation.
It can be triggered by whiplash.
Screaming shifts your cerebellar tonsils
which relieves some of
the intracranial pressure.
That is why it is
making you feel better.
Can you make it so I
don't have to scream
- to feel good?
- Please make it stop. I'm sorry.
It is a straightforward
surgery to relieve the pressure.
We can do it tonight.
Thank you.
Can I see Cassandra?
God, I miss the OR.
I mean, the sterility of the
room, the clinking of instruments.
I mean, even the smell of the cautery.
The left and right
pleura are approximated.
It's the place where my brain
completely turns everything else off.
Um, BokHee, we're gonna
need another reload.
Yeah, I'm sure Owen is happy
that I'm out of his hair at home.
He has just been so great, taking
on the lion's share of parenting
on top of his 60-hour work week.
Then taking care of me I'm sure
was the last thing that he needed.
No, I bet he didn't mind.
Did I tell you about
the amyloidosis case I read yesterday?
No, but I'm guessing
you're about to. Another suture, BokHee.
The appendage of the man's right atrium
was literally green in the picture.
It's not the ostomy bag.
- It's fluids.
- So it's coming from the incision?
- Did my incision open up?
- Adams, get a fistula bag.
We need to measure how
much fluid is coming out.
It might be an enterocutaneous fistula.
It's when your skin becomes attached
to part of your digestive tract.
We need to get you to CT to make sure.
Will you tell my friends where I went?
- I don't want them to worry.
- Of course. I got you.
There you go.
Hey, I was finishing up a lap chole.
Came as soon as I
could. What do we have?
We did a crash section
and had uncontrollable bleeding.
I think it's a ruptured liver
hematoma from HELLP syndrome.
- We think or we know?
- The labs still aren't back.
Damn it, she's
bleeding from the uterus again.
- Should we take a VIR?
- No, she's lost too much blood.
We need to do a hysterectomy.
Heaney clamp.
Okay. How many units so far?
Four units of blood, two units of FFP.
She's gonna need more.
Ligating the round ligament.
All right, page IR.
Have them on standby for
an emergent embolization
if we can't get control in here.
Okay, uterus is coming out.
- Dr. Bailey, did you
- We're gonna need blood now.
- More lap sponges.
- Okay, suction.
Oh, my God, what happened?
Uh, Griffith,
call the blood bank and activate MTP.
Griffith, now!
Yasuda, what do you see?
- An enterocutaneous fistula.
- Recommended treatment?
We'll need to surgically remove
the connection that was formed
- between Dorian's small bowel and skin.
- Damn it.
For now, no food or
drinks by mouth for him.
He was just starting to
not be absolutely miserable.
If we don't restrict his
diet, it will only get worse.
Get a CBC, and we should think
about taking him back to the ICU.
News keeps getting better.
We already started IV antibiotics.
That should help soon,
but might be a few days
until we can operate.
You wanna tell him or should I?
Property returned.
Man, you find a bra that you love,
and they'll just stop making it.
It's a whole thing.
Didn't ask.
Uh, just checking with Lincoln
on booking Cassandra's meniscus repair.
Are you thinking about
backing out of our bet?
No, I love free dinners.
I hope you get one sometime.
Your smugness just
makes me more motivated.
Well, it's not smug if it's true.
In fact, if I lose,
steak and lobster at Nicoletti's.
You confident enough to up the ante?
Then if I lose,
we have sex in a car.
That's how confident I am.
Or how much you wanna
have sex in a car with me.
Dr. Beckett to the
ER. Dr. James Beckett to the ER
Is D okay? Can we see him?
We figured he'd be hungry,
but it's probably cold by now.
Well, he can't eat it anyway.
He loves chicken Parm. It's
from his favorite place.
Can we leave it for him to eat tomorrow?
He can't eat it tomorrow,
or the day after.
He might never eat again.
Really? Why?
Because he was shot.
Three bullets went into his body.
He's been hanging on
by a thread for weeks.
And he's already feeling disconnected
enough not knowing
how long he'll be here.
He doesn't need to listen to
stories about people he doesn't know
or graduations he won't attend.
He just needs to know that
you're actually here for him.
Hey, Adams, let's take a walk.
Maybe it's for the better
that you weren't here.
You obviously have no idea
what he's been through.
Adams! Take a walk!
I am so sorry about that.
I will be right back, okay?
- Are you out of your mind?
- Dorian's been here for 51 days,
and they waited till now to visit him?
Maybe he didn't want them
here. What is your problem?
Come on, Lauren,
you've got two beautiful
babies waiting for you.
BP is still dropping.
Um, doing a Pringle.
Uh, she's coding!
Damn it.
Okay, starting CPR.
- Okay, Wilson, keep packing.
- Yeah.
- Griffith, gown and glove.
- I haven't completed my procedure log.
I don't know if I should
I don't care about
the damn log right now.
I care about this woman dying
on the table. I need more hands.
Okay, remember when you and Adams
did the Pringle maneuver in the rig
- and you clamped with your fingers?
- Yes.
Okay, you're gonna do that again.
Come on.
All right, find the paraduodenal
ligament and squeeze.
- Got it.
- Good.
Okay. All right, hold
your fingers still.
- Mr. Ferguson?
- Yes. Yeah.
Your wife is in surgery
Lauren, is she
She lost a lot of blood.
But she is stable, and we
are taking her to the ICU.
Turns out her indigestion
wasn't indigestion.
Her pain was worsening preeclampsia.
It caused her liver to fail.
But your baby is healthy, and we are
doing everything we can for Lauren.
Preeclampsia? I don't understand.
Shouldn't someone have seen this?
I mean, we were just at our OB.
We were here for two hours
before she went into labor.
- Mr. Ferguson
- All we've done is plan,
you know, since the day that we
found out we were having another baby.
I mean, we read all the
books, the online discussions.
We just settled on a doula and a
lactation consultant, just in case.
You know, Lauren was not
gonna be another statistic.
This was not in our plan.
This was not in our plan.
I'm sorry.
- When can I see her?
- I'll go check.
Thank you. Okay.
If Lauren had
- I-I don't know if I could do this.
- You could.
Have you picked out a name?
We have.
It's Simone.
It means "faith."
Excuse me?
Emani. It means "faith."
I wasn't sure you'd still be here.
Gillian's the mother of my children.
I wanted to make sure she was okay.
Yeah. Well, Dr. Shepherd
repaired the malformation.
Gillian is recovering
in the ICU. She's okay.
Not exactly sure what had happened.
There was never any big fight
or anything. We just stopped talking.
And I told myself that
maybe that's what happens when
you've been married for 20 years.
You know what the other person is
thinking, you don't have to talk.
But I think
I was just scared of losing her,
so I didn't ask.
But now I've lost her anyway.
I am sorry.
All right, let's start
Miss Amelia on pressors,
and keep checking on
her every 15 minutes.
- All right?
- Absolutely, Doctor.
Dr. Crosley
to cardiothoracic surgery.
Dr. Bill Crosley to
cardiothoracic surgery.
I missed you in surgery.
Yeah. Sorry about that.
It's just been one of those days.
Um, I know you and Maggie
have been discussing divorce.
I just want you to know
you have my full support.
I've come to care for
you like a son. I
I don't want that to change.
So if you want to know that
nurse better, be my guest.
You're an attractive man
with quite a few years left.
You deserve to have a little fun.
Just you don't have to
avoid me like you did today.
It's only weird if you make it weird.
Actually, my bypass graft ran long.
That's why I didn't make
the hiatal hernia repair.
So, I just made it weird.
But, uh
it's good to know I
have your full support.
- Hey.
- Hey, what can I get you?
- Two shots of tequila, please.
- You got it.
Thank you.
You meeting someone?
Nope. I don't wanna talk.
Thank you.
- Refill.
- Yeah.
Dr. Wilson? Lauren Ferguson's
labs just came back.
I was about to head
home. Everything okay?
My patient's labs just came
back positive for HELLP syndrome
hours after she went through hell.
She won't recover for months.
Her four-year-old daughter
and her newborn baby girl
almost lost their mom today.
I'm sorry.
If If I'd just put
a rush on these labs then
all this could've been avoided.
I read about these awful
outcomes all the time.
I'm just part of the problem.
Don't you think you're being
a little hard on yourself?
My patient was sick,
and I didn't know it.
I don't know if I didn't
ask the right questions
or if I wasn't listening, but
either way, it's a problem.
I think I think I need
to quit general surgery
and focus all my time on OB.
Did you go apologize
to Dorian's friends?
After you called me out in front
of them, maybe you should apologize.
Maybe I should apol
You're lucky it was me that saw you
and not Schmitt or Bailey.
Otherwise, you'd be stuck on night call,
pulling objects out of drunk people's
butts like me most of the time lately.
So, you're welcome.
Would you have done
the same thing for Kwan?
You moved out!
And I didn't even ask Kwan to
move in. That was all Griffith.
So I am sorry that you two
didn't work out, but I
It's not about Simone.
You said you were done.
Yeah, because I was mad
that you stole the procedure.
I didn't think that
you would just, like,
disappear into the middle of the night
like my camp girlfriend
after I wrote her a poem.
Are you laughing at me?
No, I just
Yeah, I'm remembering what it was
like to fight with you, and it's
I mean, it's the most
normal I've felt in a while.
That is pathetic
There it is.
Mmm. I'm almost done.
Oh, your mom texted. The
kids are down, shockingly.
I'm afraid of losing you, Teddy.
I had an EKG two days ago.
Ndugu said everything is good.
It's not, Teddy.
It feels like
It feels like we're on autopilot.
The kids, their schedule, our schedule.
It made sense when you were recovering,
but now that you're better, it
feels like we're still far apart.
We don't talk anymore.
I am struggling in my work right now,
and I'm talking to Amelia about
it when I should be talking to you.
Owen, I want you to talk to me.
But I can't because I don't
- I don't wanna put more stress on you
- I'm fine.
You flatlined in front of me.
Owen, I I don't know what
else to do to convince you
that you are not going to break me.
Please, talk to me.
I mean, if there is anything
that I have been able to count on
in the last 20 years,
it's it's you, it's us.
I miss you.
I miss us.
What? Wait. What are you doing?
Children are less afraid to
say what they're feeling than adults.
I miss us too.
It's only as we get older,
that we learn to censor ourselves.
Maybe we do it because we're
simply afraid to rock the boat.
Ah. Another shot, Darren.
You got it.
- Does it even start with a J?
- No.
Oh, sorry.
- Oh, no.
- Picking up?
Let's go. Thank you.
I'm not at work right now, so,
technically, you can't tell
If you like your job, you will
not finish that sentence. Get up.
Or maybe we're terrified
that by saying what we feel,
or asking for what we need
that it will cause more drama
than there is to begin with.
- That doesn't look good.
- Uh, she wanted space.
But I'll check on her at home later.
So do milkshakes count
as a dessert or a drink?
Because we only bet drinks.
I'd say either.
I can cover them if you want.
No, no, I settle my bets.
So, I guess all that's
left is sex in a car.
Guess so.
Hey, you ate without me?
You have to sit here till I'm done.
So we choose, over and over again,
to tamp down our voices.
and a milkshake. Thank you.
To stuff it so far down,
it can make us sick.
Until we can't anymore,
and we have to let it out.
How do you know where everything is?
I've been here more times than I'd like.
Atypical abdominal pain. That's
what I should've been thinking.
You're not an OB-GYN.
I know, but I should've
said something to Dr. Wilson.
My mother died at Grey-Sloan
while giving birth to me.
Oh, I I didn't know
that. Simone, I'm so sorry.
I don't know all the details, but
I know someone missed something.
I always wondered who
those doctors were.
Now I know they're me.
Look at me.
Look at me.
You did everything
you were taught today.
Everything that we were taught.
This is why we need to be here.
Why patients like Lauren
need surgeons like us to care for them.
It is our job to make sure that
no one falls through the cracks.
To make sure that no
one overlooks their pain.
And And it's not fair.
No, it shouldn't be this way.
Lauren should be awake and
holding her baby right now. Yes.
But that doesn't mean it's
your fault that she's not.
Yeah, here.
Come on.
You get some rest.
Even if it's the hardest
thing in the world.
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