Grimm s01e04 Episode Script


Oh, my God.
MAN: She's still breathing.
Call 911.
Hurry up.
Call 911.
Kiss me.
Yeah, I was in a car accident and a woman got hit.
She's hurt really bad.
She's just lying on the ground.
She's still breathing.
(INDISTINCT TALKING ON POLICE RADIO) Driver of the car is Leroy Kent.
Says he's driving home from work, drives onto the bridge, sees the victim running, she runs right in front of his car.
Says it happened so fast, couldn't do anything.
Get an ID on the vic? No wallet, no purse.
Looks like she just got out of bed.
Did Mr.
Kent have anything to drink? He's had a couple, but he's under the limit.
Any witnesses? Well, driver said there was one other guy.
Told him to call 911, but he didn't stick around.
We got guys out doing a canvass now.
How are you feeling? ls she dead? Yeah.
At first I thought she might be okay.
I mean, the guy said she was still breathing.
ls this the guy who told you to call 911? Yes.
I ran over there as soon as it happened and he just walked up.
Where'd he go? I don't know.
I called 911, I looked back, he was gone.
Any idea what he looked like? Not really, no.
I was pretty shook up.
I was paying attention to her.
We're done, if you guys want to take a look.
Thank you, Mr.
Barefoot, ready for bed, but still wearing makeup.
Maybe she wasn't alone.
We've got some glass here.
Windshield didn't shatter and headlights are still intact.
This didn't come from the accident.
There's no cuts or abrasions on her feet.
The guy said she was running.
She couldn't have run too far.
I wonder where she was running to.
Or what she was running from.
(CELL PHONE RINGING) (IN FRENCH) I'll call when it's finished.
HARPER: Notice the iris is fully dilated, filling the eye completely.
Looks like a shark's eye.
ls that normal? Well, there's usually dilation after death, but I've never seen anything like this before.
You get a tox report? Preliminary says she had a few drinks, not a lot.
Alcohol was.
What about drugs? So far none of the usual suspects.
Finding the unusual is going to take a little more time.
Any sign of sexual assault? No.
But there was something interesting.
No crush on the lungs.
What does that mean? She was asphyxiated, but it wasn't a result of the accident.
Someone suffocated her after she was hit by the car? So we got a homicide? These contusions around her nose and mouth, looks like somebody pinched off her air.
HANK: I got a hit on her prints.
The victim's name was Faith Collins.
Busted for a DUI a few months ago.
License was suspended.
Get an address? About a mile away from where she got hit.
We knew she didn't run very far, so it makes sense that she lived close by.
Well, maybe she was running from home.
I think maybe she was running from her husband, Roy Collins.
Got a record for spousal abuse.
(WHIRRING) You Roy Collins? What'd she tell you? She saying I hit her? She didn't say anything.
Well, that's different.
She usually complains about everything I do.
Well, she's not going to be complaining anymore.
We found your wife's body last night.
What? Your wife's been murdered.
Oh, no.
I know this is difficult, but we need to know the last time you saw her.
(STUTTERING) Last night.
What happened? I came home, and I was hungry.
Faith wouldn't get off the computer, like always.
She's got to connect with her 322 friends.
I mean, who the hell's got 322 friends? I mean, I'm hungry.
I've been working all day.
So you argued? Yeah.
And she walked out, you know, mad.
I didn't mean anything I said.
Well, did she tell you where she was going? No.
You go after her? No.
NICK: About what time did she leave? I don't know, 10:00 or something like that.
So she left, you stayed home.
That's your story? It's the truth.
Anybody see you? You talk to anybody? No.
I was waiting for her to come back.
She always comes back.
You guys think I did something to her? You think I'd kill my wife? Did you? Want to do yourself a favor? Why don't you come downtown with us, we'll put you in a lineup.
What do you say? You want me for a lineup? Arrest me.
But you don't got anything on me, 'cause I didn't do it.
Where is she? Her body's in the morgue.
When do I get her? Somebody will contact you.
RENARD: What do you got? NICK: Well, according to her credit card, Faith had a couple drinks at a bar called the Blue Moon at around 10:30.
Bartender said she talked up a couple locals, but she left alone.
She didn't have her car.
Her license is suspended.
We're checking with cab companies now to see who picked her up.
Called to the house four times for domestic disturbance.
The husband's been arrested twice for abuse.
I mean, it sounds like a battered wife who couldn't break the cycle.
You sure the husband's not covering? Could be.
He admits to arguing with her.
Any chance she talked to a family member about her problems last night? No calls on her cell after 9:00.
What about her 322 friends.
Maybe she reached out to one of them.
Hey, check it.
She posted last night.
Looks like a park.
Or a private garden.
What time did she send it? taken from her cell phone, the GPS coordinates should be embedded in the file, right? Map it.
That's right here.
HANK: Right near the bridge.
NICK: Definitely running distance.
Click "location.
" "The Bramble Haus, Bed and Breakfast.
" You know it? When do I have time for a bed or breakfast? Let's check with the cab companies, see if they made any drop-offs at a B&B you don't have time for.
Not bad.
You should make time for a place like this.
Check out this '67 MGB Roadster.
You ready for a little bit of trivia? Royal blue and chrome bumpers.
Collectors call that model right there "the most desirable MG ever made.
" Impressed? Mildly.
BILLY: Of course.
Yes, I remember her.
She came in, I'd say, it was after 11:00.
I was in the kitchen pulling up some biscuits for breakfast and I heard the bell ring, so I went and got the door.
Oh! Excuse me a minute.
I've got your bill right here.
I hope everything was to your liking.
Oh, Billy, we just love this place.
It's so magical.
Thank you.
Thank you.
MAN: Yeah, we'll see you on our anniversary.
BILLY: I look forward to it.
And tell your friends.
WOMAN: Five stars on Yelp.
And, you two, you guys are going to love this place.
They're a third of my business.
So, I'm sorry, where were we? The girl.
Of course, right, yes.
Um I showed her a room and the garden.
But she didn't stay? No, she didn't have a bag with her.
I'm sorry is there a problem? A cab dropped her off and didn't pick her up.
Can you explain that? I really don't know.
I mean, if they don't want to stay, I can't force them to.
You know, to tell you the truth, she seemed a little bit concerned or troubled.
And it's not really my place to get involved in guests' personal lives, so Can we see the garden? Of course, yes.
Oh But I warn you, you might want to stay.
(LAUGHS) Oh! Excuse me.
No problem.
Yeah, this is the place.
She came here and then what? I showed her these amber roses that bloom only in Portland, and my flowering wisteria.
And of course, the agapanthus, but don't get me started on those.
And then she said she wanted to sit for a moment and gather her thoughts, so I said that this Be careful where you step! That's (SQUISHING) Sorry.
I didn't mean to do that.
The toad is an endangered species.
It's the first sign of our extinction when toads die.
I'm sorry.
I didn't see it.
Well, if you can think of anything else.
Of course.
Yes, I'll contact you immediately.
Would you like me to show you out? No.
We're good.
Have a good day.
That's all I got, Jim.
Let me know if you need anything else, yeah? Can I help you? Yes.
I'm looking into the death of a friend of mine.
He was shot by one of your detectives.
Are you a lawyer? No.
Just a friend of the family.
Here's the newspaper article.
I brought it along so you'd know what I was talking about.
Take a seat, please.
WU: He wants to talk to the officer who shot his friend.
What did you tell him? I told him we don't give out that information.
Sir, he's waiting.
How do you want me to handle this? Tell him the detective's not available, that someone from the department will get back to him.
Yes, sir.
Make sure to get his name, number and address.
Do a background check and get back to me.
(INAUDIBLE) The cab picked her up from the bar, but why did she go to the Bramble Haus? She was probably just looking for a place to stay so she wouldn't have to go back home.
Cab driver could have recommended it.
What does it matter, she didn't stay.
That's what we need to find out.
She went there, but she didn't stay.
And she didn't call for another cab.
So you're thinking she ran from there to the bridge.
I think we have to run a background check on Billy Capra.
See if any other women have had trouble at his place.
Also, run a check on unsolved attacks on women or missing women.
NICK: "June, 1895.
"Kitzbuhel Alps, south of Rattenberg.
"I have followed and observed "a goat-like creature for several days now.
"I have finally been able to identify him as a Ziegevolk.
"Sometimes known as Bluebeards.
"I now know he is responsible for defiling several women "who seemed to fallen under some sort of spell.
"I have not yet been able to determine "how such an oafish man is so attractive "to these poor young women.
" (PRACTICING SOMBER TUNE) (KNOCKING ON DOOR) (KNOCKING CONTINUES) Really? Look, if I had anybody else I could talk to about this stuff, I'd go there.
I feel like I should complain, but I'm just not in that mode right now.
Come on.
You know anything about Ziegevolk? A little.
They're mostly like preachers, game-show hosts, you know? Actor types, you know? Guys who like to be in the public eye.
Why? Did one goat out on you? Yeah.
Do you know some? I knew one.
ln high school.
Elvis Greenspan.
Got all the chicks, like every hottie in school, okay? Kid was 5'4", weighed in at like 280.
It's hard to believe, but Ziegevolk give off this, sort of, scent.
You mean like pheromones? Yeah.
They secrete it in their sweat or something.
Chicks can't resist it.
And if one of these goat guys touches you, look out, man.
They own you.
Why do you think those Hollywood types are always hugging everybody, right? Would they ever kill? No.
Bluebeards have got a bad rap.
They're lovers, not fighters, you know? They like to have a lot of females hanging off their every word.
Not exactly the monogamous type, you know? They live for the rut.
The what? The rut.
Picking out the choicest females, you know? For breeding.
You see them in bars all the time.
They're players, one night stand type guys.
What are you thinking? I'm just wondering why certain people are attracted to each other? It's all about chemistry.
Oh! Well, that explains Dale Armistead.
The guy who stole your Guy, your first love.
That wasn't love.
Well, it certainly wasn't looks or intelligence.
You're one to talk.
I met your first girlfriend.
Okay, that was not chemistry, that was stupidity.
Well, how do you know you're not being stupid by being with me? I don't.
I just I think that there's a lot more to it than that.
You know, in biology, like systems tend to integrate.
That's so romantic.
How about we get the shopping done and go home and integrate? Give me the list and get the car started.
Lab results on the glass removed from the gashes on Faith's arm.
lt was regular window glass.
So it must have come from a house or an apartment.
Maybe she was trying to break out of a window.
Well, we know she was running from something.
What do you got on Capra? Well, all I got is that he moved into town about a year and a half ago, bought the bed and breakfast.
I'm having a little trouble on the background before that.
I think our boy must have changed his name.
But I did get a hell of a hit on missing women here in Portland in the last six months.
One came from Los Angeles, another from Seattle, and a third from Eugene.
All open cases.
Are there other clusters like this in other cities? I think we'd better find out.
NICK: It's the same story with each one of these women.
They all came here in the last four months and vanished.
Any record of these women staying at Capra's place? No, but then we figured he wouldn't want any record of them staying there.
And we think Faith got away from him, then he hunted her down and killed her.
We also found three other clusters of missing women.
One in Detroit four years ago, seven women there.
Another batch in Des Moines two years ago.
Six women there.
And four women in Tucson in 2000.
HANK: Here's the really weird thing, all 17 women were eventually found alive, 14 of them pregnant.
The DNA checked out to be the same father for each one.
So we got ourselves a serial rapist, not a serial killer.
This guy is definitely a breeder.
Well, can you connect him to Des Moines, Detroit, Tucson? We're working on it.
We think he changes his identity every time he moves.
Any of the women able to identify him? No.
Every testimony made it sound like they were kept in isolated conditions using some kind of gas to keep them disoriented.
They didn't know where they were or who was holding them.
If this is the same guy here in Portland, we need to be watching him.
Well, you guys keep watch, and just make sure he doesn't burn you.
We're on it.
Bon appétit.
We're good to go.
We can track this guy anywhere.
We're set.
Now all we got to do is wait.
Wake me when something happens.
(DOOR OPENS) Wake up.
Not funny.
No, he's coming out.
What? He's not taking the car? He's got to take the damn car.
I just got under the car and got a grease spot for nothing? All right, I'm going to follow him on foot.
You stay here, take a look around the house.
See if you can find that broken window.
That'll give us our warrant, which will give us our DNA.
Hey, it's Nick.
How did you get my new cell phone? Are you kidding me? I'm a cop.
I need your help.
(LAUGHS) I can pay you.
Seriously? What do I got to do? All you have to do is go to a bar That I can do.
and watch a guy and tell me what he does.
Who's buying the drinks? Me.
All right.
Where do I have to be? Blue Moon bar.
You know it? Do I know it? Dude, I'm there.
Shut the door.
You should rethink this.
(IN FRENCH) First mistake was coming to my city.
Second mistake was not knowing who you have to kneel before.
Your fellow reaper brought this death upon himself.
He followed the Grimm here.
That gives him the right.
He came without my permission.
I claim my revenge for his death.
I deny it.
Are you protecting a Grimm? (SCREAMING) (IN FRENCH) (PANTING) Okay, who am I supposed to be? Just yourself.
That's a little disappointing.
Okay, there's a Ziegevolk in the bar.
He's average height, kind of, on the skinny side.
I know a Ziegevolk when I smell one, okay? All right, call me when you get inside.
I want to know what he does and who he talks to.
How come you're not doing this? He's seen me.
He knows I'm a cop.
Plus, I want you to do it because you know about Ziegevolk.
Oh! Grimm work.
(LAUGHS) One more thing.
I saw him eating a toad.
Dude, he's a toad-eater? That means he's not just a breeder, he's a herder, okay? That's actually very rare for a Ziegevolk.
Well, rare or not, this guy is a serial rapist.
You got to get inside.
I need to know what he's doing.
Seriously? Come on.
That's like a beer and half an onion ring.
Half an onion ring.
Well, what's he doing? Trolling.
Talking to a very attractive woman.
He's got game tonight.
That must have been one potent toad he ate.
I can smell him from here.
Well, can you get closer to him? I need to hear what he's saying.
Check this out.
I am moving in on the bar.
Excuse me, pal.
There's an opening directly to her left.
I'm about 20 feet from the bar right now.
I can be at the opening Okay, I don't need to know everything you're doing.
Well, excuse me for being thorough.
I'm not talking to you.
(CELL PHONE RINGING) Yeah? HANK: Hey, Nick, I think I found the window that was broken.
I found a sliver of glass outside and the putty around the window was new.
You're inside the house? We got probable cause here.
I'm going to see if I can get a sample of that guy's DNA.
You still got him? Yeah, he's at the Blue Moon bar.
You can see him? Yeah.
Don't let him make you.
No, I'm being careful.
Call me if he starts back here.
Human beings are malleable, right? I think everyone needs emotional and physical rebirth.
I totally agree.
Right? Yeah.
But you got to have some place to do it.
Barkeep, double dead guy, please.
A sanctuary, a place where the world can't intrude, a retreat for people just like you.
WOMAN: That sounds like exactly what I need.
BILLY: Yeah? WOMAN: Yeah.
BILLY: It's simple.
(CHUCKLES) What a great name.
"Bramble Haus.
" Thank you.
Do you know the Bramble bushes, they extend these long arching canes that at first don't flower, but then with a loving touch produce a succulent fruit that is just bursting with flavor.
Double dead.
Any time you want to come by, just call the number or stop on by.
(MOANS) What are you doing? No way.
Dude, I can't be around that guy.
He's way too potent.
I almost bought him a drink.
No, I need you to go back inside.
I need to know what he's going to do.
He's hitting on a girl.
She's buying the full toad, you know? He gave her his card.
What more do you need to know? What? What, now you're mad? He's coming out.
(WHISPERING) You want me to track him? No.
You're done.
You did good.
Thank you.
You can go home now.
I don't want to go home now.
You know if you like gardens, I happen to Piss off.
One more.
Hank, come on, where the hell are you, man? (CELL PHONE RINGING) Pick up the damn phone! He's on his way home.
OFFICER: Portland Police.
Yeah, it's Detective Burkhardt.
I need a 20 on Detective Griffin.
Track his cell.
Tracking now.
Yeah, I'll stay on the line.
All right, call me back when you find him.
That was fast.
Why wait? I'm ready.
I'll show you a room.
I promise you won't regret it.
I really want to see your garden.
It's late.
But I think I have one more tour left in me.
Come on.
Remember me? Of course, yes.
You're the detective.
What can I do for you? I need to talk to her.
Me? Would you mind stepping outside? I just need to ask you a few questions.
Am I in trouble? What's this all about? Just come outside, please.
I'm sure it'll be fine.
Why don't you go with him and I'll be here when you get back.
Okay? I wish you'd just tell me what this is all about.
You walked into the middle of a police investigation.
(CELL PHONE RINGS) I need you to leave the premises.
Now! Yeah? OFFICER: We've got a 20 on Detective Griffin.
We've identified the location as the Bramble Haus, Bed and Breakfast on Longacre Road.
(CELL PHONE RINGING) Hank? Hank! (WOMAN MOANS) Where are you? HANK: Nick.
What happened? I don't know, man.
It's some kind of gas.
Look here.
Are they real? (AIR HISSING) He's got some kind of gas coming in here.
Got to get them out of here.
Yeah, but we have to shut that gas off first.
We'll come back for them.
Oh! I couldn't stay away.
Lucky me.
You leaving? Yes, it's such a lovely night.
I thought that I would take a drive.
I was hoping I could stay.
Well, why don't you come with me and we can talk about it, okay? Okay.
(SCREAMS) Did you see that? What are you talking about? Stand back.
No, the gas is going to blow.
We got to find something to break this door open.
No time.
Just us.
Let's do it.
One, two, three! (BOTH GRUNTING) Again.
One, two, three.
(HISSING STOPS) (INDISTINCT) You're going to be all right now.
It's over.
House is clean, car is gone.
He's in the wind.
God, I'd hate to lose this son of a bitch.
No more than I do.
Let it be my birthday.
You didn't get that grease spot for nothing.
Here you go.
We should really get going soon.
I can't believe I'm doing this.
I've never done anything like this before.
Am I crazy? Maybe I'm crazy to take you.
Are we leaving now? Stop! Police! Billy! Police! Out of the way! Billy Capra, stay where you are! (WOMAN SCREAMING) Get down! (TIRES SCREECHING) (GROANING) HANK: This is one sick dude.
NICK: We sent his DNA to Tucson, Des Moines and Detroit and I'm betting it's the same guy.
Well, at least he's off the streets, and out of the hotel business.
I can't believe any of these women want to be near this guy.
You know what? I'm betting it's the toads.
Yeah, right, toads.
(SCOFFS) If only it was that easy.
Maybe I'll get me some toads.
See how he likes being in a cage for the rest of his life.