Grimm s01e10 Episode Script

Organ Grinder

Do not give up.
You've got to run.
I can't.
You have to.
Leave me.
(GROANS) (SCREAMS) Steven! (STEVEN GASPING) (PANTING) (CAWS) MONROE: You sure you don't want a latte? Yeah, black's good.
All right.
If you say so.
You look sort of uncomfortable.
This isn't something you actually want to talk about, is it? Well, my aunt, before she died told me I should break up with Juliette.
Shouldn't we be talking about this over a couple of beers at midnight? I want to tell her.
Tell her what? What I can You know, how I can see.
Blutbads and Siegbarstes and Hexenbiests.
Okay, okay, okay.
I see where you're going with this.
Now I definitely could use that beer.
Look, it's gotten too dangerous for Juliette.
She has no idea what I'm dealing with.
And that other night, when I got attacked in my house She could have been killed.
Have you not considered how you're going to do this? Well, I was hoping you could give me some advice.
(SCOFFS) I mean, haven't you ever had to explain who you are to anyone? You mean, like, a normal person? No.
There's no good outcome to that.
Either they believe you and think they're crazy, or, far more likely, they don't believe you and they think you're crazy.
Either way, it puts a strain on a relationship.
Well, I have to tell her something.
You know, I can't jeopardize her like this.
Maybe that's why your aunt told you what you have to do.
Look, isn't there a way that you could You know, Blutbad for her? Okay.
Just hold it.
Given the right circumstances, you know Like, in the heat of the moment kind of thing We can be seen if we want to be seen.
Which, by the way, accounts for a great many of your legends.
We would have gotten away with a lot more bad behavior if it wasn't for guys like you Grimms who can see us when we don't want to be seen.
So, I could bring her over here, and you could, you know, just a little bit.
No, no, no, no, no.
The vast majority of humans just can't process that kind of information.
They can believe in all kinds of stuff.
You know, gods, for example.
Angels and demons and dinosaurs and the Big Bang Theory and E equals MC squared, man.
But that's only because it's not right in front of them.
They're not looking directly into the boiling core of the raw universe.
So, you know, confronted with that kind of reality A lot of brains just turn to mush.
So, what am I supposed to do? Like I'm one to give advice.
Come on.
Even a normal relationship baffles me.
WU: Hey.
White male, late teens.
Looks like something pecked out his eyes.
Any ID? Nothing on him except for this.
This was in his pocket.
HANK: Puka shell necklace.
I haven't seen one of those since I was in Waikiki on my first honeymoon.
This kid looks like he went about 50 rounds with Mike Tyson.
HANK: Yeah.
Fall from the rocks didn't do him any favors.
The bruising looks post-mortem.
He probably died before he fell.
WU: White fluid in his nostrils and around the edge of his mouth would suggest drowning.
Well, he looks pretty pale, even for death.
Yeah, it could be the cold water.
Yeah, or this.
WU: Oh.
Anybody believe in vampires? Ha, ha.
I can't tell you exactly what his hemoglobin or hematocrit count was before he died.
But by my estimate, this kid was cruising at about a fourth of a tank of blood.
So, how many pints down is that? Oh, seven plus.
Well, could he have been a hemophiliac? I tested for that.
And no drugs in his system, either.
What about the wounds on his neck? Well Well lt could be vampires, or someone who wants to be a vampire.
Or somebody who wants to get a lot of blood fast.
These are about the size of an IV needle.
My hope, it's an IV.
So, how does a kid get stuck in the neck with an IV needle and end up in a river going over a waterfall? I saw a lot of this sort of stuff in the late 80's.
When the Satanic cults were all the rage.
But not lately.
Maybe they're making a comeback.
So, what killed him? Oh, he drowned.
But my guess is he drowned because he was incredibly weak from loss of blood.
So, was it an accident or a homicide? Nobody puts IV needles in their neck by accident.
(TYPING) We've got a hit on the prints.
His name was Steven Bamford.
And he had a record already.
Shoplifting, drug possession, B and E.
Last known address, Portland P.
Zip is downtown.
Check this out.
We found the body here at the base of the falls.
The river above covers miles of territory with limited land access.
There's no way to tell where he went into the river.
We start at the P.
box, see if anybody knows him there.
Print a few pictures to take with us.
He rented a box for about six months.
How often did he pick up his mail? Every couple of weeks.
But I haven't seen him in at least a month.
He ever come in with anybody? I never paid attention.
A lot of these street kids rent boxes from us.
But as long as they pay their bills, I don't ask any questions.
Hey, Nick, wait a minute.
Hey, that necklace you're wearing Puka shell, right? Yeah.
Why? You ever seen this kid around here? You cops? Don't worry.
He hasn't done anything wrong.
If you've seen him, it's important.
I've seen him around, but I don't know.
Where did you get the necklace? I traded for it.
With who? Look.
He's dead.
We're just trying to figure out what happened to him.
She sells them across from the square.
Her name's Gracie.
NICK: Nice necklaces.
How much? I'm not selling them.
They're donation only.
You can give me whatever you want and take whatever you want.
So you know we're police.
Look, we're not looking for a business license or anything here.
We just need a little help.
ls your name Gracie? Uh, this is Steven Bamford.
You recognize him? I'm sorry to tell you this, but we found Steven's body.
Steven's dead? Oh, my God.
I can't believe this.
Are you sure? We're sure.
What are you doing? Slow down.
We're just asking some questions.
Why? Who are you? Look, she didn't do anything, all right? That's not the question I asked.
He's my brother.
Steven's dead.
They just told me.
What? How did he die? He drowned.
HANK: Have any idea how he got into the river above Triple Falls? No.
Last thing we knew, he got a job.
What kind of job? HANSON: He was doing, like, ranch work.
They were picking him up or something.
When was that? Four, five weeks ago.
Do you know where they picked him up, or who picked him up? No.
When was the last time you saw him? After we took him to the clinic.
Free clinic on 15th? Yeah.
Was he involved in any groups or gangs? No.
Not him.
Being around more than three people made him uncomfortable.
Well, thank you.
Hey, you know what? My girlfriend is going to love this.
Who gets to talk to the police? That would be our office manager, Tom Daniels.
Let me see if he's available.
Tom? Two police officers here to talk to you.
He's thrilled.
Through the door.
I'll buzz you in.
You've got to eat when you can around here.
I'm the office manager, Tom Daniels.
(CHUCKLES) What's up? I'm Detective Griffin.
This is Detective Burkhardt.
We'd like to ask you a couple of questions about a patient you treated here.
His name was, uh, Steven Bamford.
He looks familiar.
If he's on the streets, I'm sure he was treated here at some point.
I can check the records.
Looks like we treated him about five weeks ago on the 17th for a spider bite.
What did he do? He got killed.
That's, um, not good.
I'm sorry.
Uh, can I ask what happened? We're still in the middle of the investigation.
Who treated him when he came in? Uh That would be Dr.
She's the head of the clinic.
Well, we'd like to talk to her.
Well, she's seeing a patient right now.
HANK: This won't take long.
We need to establish his medical condition when he came in for his treatment.
No, sure, I understand.
I'll print off the file for her.
Just come back tomorrow for the results.
ln the meantime, I am going to give you some prednisone.
But you need to take it every day, okay? Okay.
Feel better.
Sorry to bother you, Dr.
These detectives have some questions about a patient you treated.
I'm going to go finish my lunch.
How can I help? We found Steven Bamford's body.
Oh, what a shame.
Please don't tell me he OD'd.
No, he drowned, actually.
Anything you can tell us about him? Medical conditions he might have had? Well, I don't get to spend much quality time with my patients.
Looks like I treated him for a spider bite.
lt says here I did a cursory exam.
He seemed to be pretty healthy for someone who was living on the streets.
I gave him some antibiotics and told him to check back.
He never did.
Did he say anything about being offered a job? Not to me.
I'm really sorry.
I wish I could tell you more.
I have a lot of patients.
Thank you for your time.
Who offers a street kid a job, picks him up, and takes him away? Sounds like migrant labor.
(CELL PHONE RINGING) Cash under the table.
Going to be hard to track.
Motor vehicle accident? Why do you need us? (SIRENS WAILING) (GAGGING) (PEOPLE SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) Looks like a human heart to me.
That one looks like a liver.
And a lot of blood.
This is not a medical vehicle.
Then, what's it doing transporting human organs and blood? MAN: Easy.
Trauma team, he's yours.
(SNARLS) HANK: We're not going to get much out of him.
But we need his phone.
Dead driver's name is Andrew Probasco.
Born 1932.
And get this.
Died in 2005.
So, he died again today.
Fake license? Looks like.
Ironically, he was an organ donor.
(LAUGHS) What about, uh, plates? Yeah, stolen.
Registered to a Smart car in Tillamook.
Well, I have got expired lottery tickets.
A "get one free" pizza at Gianni's.
If only he ate six more.
(CHUCKLES) And a credit card in the name of Hallie Calder.
He didn't look like a Hallie to me.
What about fingerprints? Oh, funny you should ask.
Got a match on his prints to half a dozen crimes all over the state, but no ID.
He was an unknown.
Never been caught.
So, we got nothing.
Are we depressed? Were you able to get any info off the driver's cell phone? Yes.
And no.
Can you just give us the yes? No.
Obviously a burner.
But we were still able to pull the SEN off the SIM card.
Of course, the service provider will need a warrant before they release the records.
And that would be up to you.
And that's all you've got? That's all I got.
You've got a bunch of blood being illegally transported and a dead kid missing seven pints.
Maybe we should check to see if there's a connection between the two.
When we get the DNA results back from the samples taken at the accident, let's see if we can get a match to Steven.
It's worth a shot.
You know, I've been at this job a while.
But it seems like this town is just getting weirder.
NICK: "Geiers have an innate ability to move through trees, "staying above their victims, who walk beneath them, unaware.
" (EXHALES) "Geiers are the most vile of all.
"They harvest human organs while the victims are still alive, "seeming to take pleasure in the savage pain they cause.
"Carnage on the front lines has provided them "with a seemingly endless supply of viscera for their terrible trade.
" Hey.
What are you doing for dinner? Well, there was a heart, kidney, liver, gall bladders A lot of blood being transported when he got hit.
Driver had a fake ID.
We can't identify him.
The only thing I know is he was a Geier.
I saw him right before he died.
What's my favorite color? What? You know, you never ask me about anything else.
Like sports or music or who the hottest Bond babe was.
You know, like normal conversation? I'm just saying.
lt would be nice to switch it up once in a while, you know? Well What's your favorite color? You don't mean that.
No, really.
I want to know.
Well, I feel so much closer to you now.
If there are organs involved, then most likely it was a Geier deal.
What do you mean, "deal"? Geiers are like herbalists, you know? Eastern medicine types.
You know how some humans use exotic animal parts like bear gall bladders and rhino horns for, like, you know Medicinal remedies and aphrodisiacs and stuff? Which is ridiculous, because it has no effect whatsoever.
Here's the thing.
Human parts for creature enhancement? That actually works great.
You're serious.
Oh, yeah.
Our exotic animals are you.
What, you're telling me that Geiers deal in human organs? Well Okay.
This might be a little awkward.
But, for example, you probably didn't know that your testicles I mean, not your testicles, specifically, but that part of the human male anatomy has a kind of a Viagra-like effect on certain species.
Not that I ever had need to I mean, everything works great.
Oh, no.
That wasn't awkward at all.
Okay, so, where would someone like you get something like that? Um There's a place that I've I've heard of.
Not that I've ever, you know, been there.
Or anything.
May I help you? Uh, yeah.
I'm here for the, um Catch of the day.
Got some ID? I haven't had a Blutbad in here in a long time.
(CHUCKLES) I haven't seen a Fuchsbau in a Waschbar's age, myself.
What are you looking for? Um Maybe a little Gallenblase.
It's fresh, isn't it? Gallenblase doesn't stay on the shelf long enough to get old.
Three ounce or the six ounce? Huh? Oh, it's really for a friend.
So, I don't know.
Um Six ounce? I'll be right out.
You want it gift wrapped? No.
If you're partial to mixing, I find that gall bladder flavor goes very well with the white tea.
Just the powder, thanks.
That will be $300.
Are you kidding me? You must not have bought some in a while.
The price has been going through the roof.
You're not going to say that when you hear the price.
Are you kidding me? That's exactly what I said.
How do you know you just didn't pay $300 for oregano? I don't know.
Put it in some white tea and find out.
I think I'll go with the crime lab.
By the way, he's a Fuchsbau.
So, count your fingers after you shake hands.
Three hundred bucks? I'll owe you.
HANK: You've got a connection.
This confirms that the DNA from some of the blood in the S.
matches the kid.
Well, that would explain the holes in his neck.
Somebody was taking his blood.
And selling it.
But none of the organs in the S.
match Steven or one another.
So, we've got a lot of blood and a lot of human body parts from different people.
Somebody has been harvesting human organs, and not from a hospital.
Check out this histology.
No lesions, fat, cirrhosis, or pathology of any kind.
Young and healthy.
Perfect specimens.
Red market.
They pulled Steven off the street.
Maybe that's where they're getting their victims.
Homeless kids and runaways.
Nobody would miss them.
Then, we need to run a check.
See if there are any missing street kids.
But there may not be any missing reports filed.
Let's expand our search to out of state.
(CELL PHONE RINGING) Yeah, Burkhardt.
LAB TECH: I got the report back on the contents of that bottle you wanted identified.
I've got to tell you.
It's a little bizarro.
Pure human gall bladder.
Dried and ground.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Anything else you need to know? No, that's it.
Thank you.
You know what? I'm going to go check the warrant on that driver's phone.
How are you? I am here for the Catch of the day.
Fuchsbau, right? Oh, my God.
Let's talk about the Gallenblase.
Don't kill me.
Who do you get your Gallenblase from? I don't know what you're talking about.
Yeah, you do.
Human gall bladder? (GRUNTS) Don't hurt me.
I didn't do anything.
You're selling human organs.
I'm just the shop owner.
I don't kill them myself.
ls that supposed to make you innocent? You are going to tell me everything you know.
The guys will kill me.
Maybe you shouldn't be in business with them, then.
You can take your chances with them or with me.
But right now, I'm here and they're not.
I don't know their names or where they are.
One of them makes a delivery once a week.
How do you get in contact with him? I text him when I need something.
Write down the number.
Same guy makes the delivery every week? He's the only one I ever saw.
This the guy? Yes.
When do you see him next? I was supposed to get a new shipment yesterday, but he never showed.
Well, that's because he's dead.
Oh, God.
You killed him? Show me the rest of your supply.
You no longer sell human organs.
Yeah, Dispatch, this is Detective Burkhardt.
I want you to run a number for me.
WOMAN: Go ahead.
I'll text it over to you.
And call me when you get something.
WOMAN: Okay, will do.
(SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) Wow, it looks like stuff I used to wear in college.
Where did you get this? I actually got it from a street kid I was interviewing on a case.
That means there's more to this than just some cheap gift.
Uh, that actually cost me $20.
You softie.
You know, actually, I was thinking Maybe for dinner tonight, we could, uh Uh-huh.
Where are we taking this kid? It's actually two kids.
A brother and a sister.
Living on the streets? That's so sad.
How old are they? Still in their teens.
Well, do you even know where to find them? I think I do.
Well, let's get going.
I'm hungry.
You're sure you're okay with this? Well, I can't exactly let you go alone.
There's no telling what you might buy.
Gracie? Hanson.
Uh, this is Juliette.
I really love the necklace.
You made it, right? HANSON: What do you want? Hanson.
He's not here by accident.
I just want to figure out what happened to your friend Steven.
And Juliette and I are going to go grab a bite to eat, if you want to come along.
We can take care of ourselves.
Speak for yourself.
I'm going.
Yeah, I'm going.
Do you need any help? (SIGHS) No.
I've got it.
Where are you guys from? Idaho.
Oh, I've been to Idaho.
Whereabouts? Near Pocatello.
Why do you want to know? Sorry.
Hanson doesn't really trust police.
That's cool.
He actually had to win me over, too.
Thanks for the food.
I know you're probably wondering why we're living on the streets.
It's pretty simple.
Our parents sucked.
Gracie, you don't have to tell them anything.
No, you don't.
Look, I just wanna know if you know anybody else like Steven who disappeared.
People come and go all the time.
Yeah, but did anybody get jobs and never come back? Yeah.
He left about four weeks ago with Steven.
All right.
Did he say anything before he left? Anything about the job, where he was going He just said it was going to pay, like, 10 bucks an hour.
Either of you offered jobs? No.
Did Kevin or Steven, uh, mention how they found out about this job? Yeah, Kevin said some guy in a white van just came up to him in the street.
What street? I don't know.
You ever seen this white van? Mmm-mmm.
What was, uh, Kevin's last name? Standish.
You liked Kevin, didn't you? Yeah, I did.
You must miss him.
When he left with Steven, did he ask you to go with him? Yes.
You never told me that.
I wasn't going to leave you.
You were sick.
Did Kevin say anything at all when he left? Yeah, he said he was going to call and leave me a message at the shelter.
But he never did.
All right, look.
If either of you ever see this white van, you think you can call me? Yeah.
Got to go, so Thanks for the food.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
You know, you're pretty good at this.
You should have been a cop.
No, it's just girl instinct.
I know what it's like to have a guy disappear and not call you.
I feel sorry for those kids.
Yeah, so do I.
And I owe you a better date night.
(CHUCKLES) No, you don't.
That was fine.
Anyway, we still have time for dessert.
What? (CELL PHONE RINGING) I love you.
DISPATCHER: I've got an address on that phone number you sent.
Yeah, what have you got? Yeah.
All right, got it.
(THUNDER RUMBLING) I'm sorry I didn't tell you what Kevin said to me.
It's okay.
I wouldn't have left you.
I know.
I know.
You think he's okay? Yeah.
He's okay.
(SCREAMING) (BEEPS) A hundred and one.
I'd tell you to stay in bed, but I'm going to give you some antibiotics.
And if your throat gets worse, you need to take them.
You can do that, right? Yes.
You still selling those shell necklaces? Yeah.
You want another one? Um, maybe next time.
Where's your brother? Outside waiting for me.
And when was the last time you ate? Last night.
What about this morning? I ate a lot last night.
A detective took me out for dinner.
I had a steak and some fries.
A detective took you to dinner? Me and my brother.
He's trying to find out what happened to Steven and Kevin.
I know you probably don't remember them, but Anyway, Steven is dead now.
So (SIGHS) He's trying to find out, uh, if we know anyone else who got jobs.
Well, do you? I don't know.
I just said that they got jobs from somebody in a white van and I'm supposed to call if I see it.
Well, I just want you to stay out of the rain.
I don't want you to get pneumonia.
And take these twice a day with food, if you can find some.
Thanks, Doctor.
Kevin Standish was reported missing from Cody, Wyoming, May of last year.
Apparently, he left Portland the same night Steven did in a white van.
Steven turns up dead, and Kevin is still missing.
That's what it looks like.
If someone is operating on these kids, where are they doing it? We don't know.
But we have information from the driver's phone.
Well, believe it or not, there was only one number ever dialed from it.
And dialed a lot.
We triangulated it down to a radius of 1,000 feet northwest of town.
Pretty remote area.
Closest address hit was RENARD: If someone is dealing in stolen body parts, there's going to be a lot of families who want answers.
I'm going with you guys on this one.
HANK: I don't like the looks of this place.
We have a warrant.
Open up.
(GUNSHOT) We've got some kind of greenhouse out here.
What the hell? (COUGHS) These are human organs.
Hearts, gall bladders, kidneys.
This is unbelievable.
Why would you dry them out instead of selling them for transplant? Some cultures use animal organs to make medicines and aphrodisiacs.
Bear gall bladder, rhino horn.
So, what, if animal liver is good, a human one must be better? Well, whichever way you look at it, it's still cannibalism.
Uh, I think it's pronounced capitalism.
How may I direct your call? HANK: Who is it? It's the clinic.
You're going to the shelter tonight.
Not without you.
You're the one who's sick.
Not me.
I'm not going there alone.
You're the girl that sells the necklaces.
Well, I'd sure like to buy a couple.
ls it too late? No.
They're in my pack.
I've just got to get them out.
You're Hanson, right? Yeah.
I thought I recognized you from the clinic.
HANSON: What are you doing? (GROANS) TOM: Hurry up.
Get them inside.
(GRACIE GROANS) Go! (BOTH GROANING) HANSON: Where are we? GRACIE: Let go of me.
Where are we going? Get them inside.
What are you doing? TOM: Here we go.
HANSON: Gracie.
(GRUNTING) GRACIE: People will find us.
You're not going to get away with this.
HANSON: You can't do this.
TOM: Move it.
Move it.
HANSON: Let go.
(SOBBING) (SIREN WAILING) We have a warrant to search the premises.
There's nobody here.
Everybody has gone home.
Open it up or we'll break it down.
They're not operating on anybody here.
There's got to be another place.
Let me talk to her.
Look at me.
Very closely.
I know what you are.
I don't know what you're You're a Geier.
Oh, my God.
Where are the kids? (STUTTERING) I I'm not asking you as a cop, so don't expect me to behave like one.
We got them.
Where are they? Getting prepped.
I didn't think you'd want to wait.
I don't.
We'll do them next.
Let's start with the girl first.
We finish up tonight's work, and that's it.
I can have the trucks here by the morning.
And what about the records at the clinic? Everything that matters has been destroyed.
We're good to go.
I'll take care of this.
(GUN FIRING) So much for the surprise! Police! I got this.
Get her.
(LEAVES RUSTLE) (SHRIEKING) (NICK GRUNTS) (GASPS) (SCREAMING) Gracie? Gracie, can you hear me? Hey.
Everything's okay.
It's all going to be okay now.
Where's Hanson? Hanson's fine.
I saw Kevin.
He's here.
We have Kevin.
How did you find us? (CHUCKLES) This town is definitely getting weirder.
MAN: Did you get your present? Where should I send the thank-you note? You made your point.
Now, we are making ours.
The world is becoming more complicated.
Only for the simple minded.
You are going to have to control this Grimm or get rid of him.
What I do and how I do it are none of your concern.
I speak for the Verrat, and they have a different opinion.
Things are getting out of balance.
A Grimm on his own is like a samurai without a master.
Well, this one has a badge and a conscience.
That is your problem.
You know, next time, you might want to deliver your message in person.
Next time we will.