Grimm s01e21 Episode Script

Big Feet

(PANTING) It's 9: 18, maybe 42 degrees and we're on the trail of a genuine hominid.
There have been reported sightings all over Bluff Creek Valley, so we decided to come and check it out for ourselves.
Oh, look, look, okay.
See this? These broken branches? Common sign of Bigfoot or Sasquatch as the native peoples would say.
Marking his territory.
(BEEPING) Dave, are you there buddy? Right here.
I think we're close.
Are you ready to try the call? DAVE: I don't know, man.
What if I screw it up? Dave, you can do this.
You've listened to Bigfoot calls from all over the world.
Just let it loose.
All right.
Okay, here it goes.
(HOWLING) (LAUGHS) (WHISPERING) Who's that? VERA: Come here.
You've got to see this.
Can't really tell what it is, but we're definitely onto something this time.
Doc Silverton? This is Thom Carson.
I've got a horse that's been attacked.
Hey, Doc.
Thank you for getting here so quickly.
Of course.
What happened? I heard something bothering the horses and I came outside.
I was thinking I was gonna see a cat.
What I saw was something much bigger.
(HUSHING) lt just tore Trapper up really good.
Definitely bite marks.
Really deep, too.
Wide jaw, teeth spread apart.
We'll need to clean these wounds up and then I'll give him a shot of antibiotics.
I'll take some blood as well, test the hematocrit.
You were right.
Whatever it was, it was big.
You ought to see where it went through the fence.
Show me.
Shouldn't these Snapped the rails right in half.
What's that? That's weird.
Look at that.
This isn't horse hair.
Thom, look at that.
Did you run outside barefoot? My feet are big, but they're not that big.
You sure it was an animal you saw? Oh, no.
I took a shot But I didn't think I hit anything.
Tracks lead off that way.
We better check it out.
I don't see them anymore.
lt went in this direction.
There's a shoe right there.
What? Oh! It's a damn foot! Oh, my God! Oh, my God.
What in the hell did this? (CELL PHONE RINGING) Hey, honey.
Am I late? You still with the horse? What? No, stay there.
Don't touch anything.
I'm on my way.
(INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER) Hey, you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Hey, Thom.
HANK: These wounds look like they were made by an animal.
Maybe a wolf? I don't know.
If these footprints are what Thom and Juliette followed from the horse attack, I'm thinking whatever did this was human.
The answer's obvious.
These murders were committed by a barefoot man carrying a wolf.
What kind of man could do all of this? I think the Forest Service takes this one.
Let's get some dogs out here.
See if they can track it.
COP: Yes, sir.
WU: Hey, guys? Maybe they got something that'll tell us what we're looking for.
Let's hope so.
I saw him.
He's here.
Who? Bigfoot.
lt was Bigfoot! He killed them.
He's still out there! He's still out there.
Don't let him get me! Don't let him get me! We ID'ed the vics as David Gimlin and Michael Patterson.
Both 25 and both were self-described crypto zoologists.
Which means? Bigfoot hunters.
Witness said that they were attacked by Bigfoot.
So Bigfoot wears clothes? Call off Forest Services, this one's ours.
Where's the witness? ln the hospital, sedated.
Whatever it is she saw it scared her half out of her mind.
We'll circle back there tomorrow morning, see if she's in any shape to talk about it.
And get Tech to enhance the image.
Maybe we can get an ID.
Can you imagine this thing hitting the Internet? This footage stays in-house.
Press gets a hold of this, it's going to be a circus.
NICK: Are you okay? What was it that killed those people? I don't know.
But we got an image from the camera.
lt was wearing clothes.
If it's the same thing that attacked Thom's horse, it was not a man.
Lie down.
Oh, that does not look good.
What happened to you, man? How does a Wildermann get shot in the leg? All right, I've got to get something to clean that wound.
Not working.
What you don't have a job? Yeah, no, I know, the recession's hitting everybody, I guess.
(COARSELY) No, I have to get Get Get out.
Get out? What, you want to get out of here? (GROANING) Larry, what happened? (GRUNTING) Larry? Oh, Larry.
You don't seem to be retracting.
Oh, this could be a problem.
Yep? WOMAN: ls this Detective Nick Burkhardt? Who is this? This is Claudia Harding with AP.
I'm calling about the killing of Michael Patterson and David Gimlin by what some people are saying was Bigfoot.
What can you tell me about the Oh.
Got a wakeup call from the Associated Press at 5:00 a.
I got one at 4:30.
I spoke to the hospital on the way in.
Vera Saldona's doctor said she still under observation.
She's still raving about Bigfoot.
Warning the doctors and nurses not to go into the woods.
Well, I guess we have her to thank for the circus being in town.
MAN REPORTER: Can you tell us who, or what killed the two men up in Bluff Creek? WOMAN REPORTER: Was it an animal attack? Do you have any suspects? We are conducting our investigation.
We have a number of leads that we are following as we speak.
Now as soon as we have some concrete information, you'll be the first to know.
Thank you.
I need your help.
What's the problem? Well, you heard about this Bigfoot attack? Yeah, I'm working on it.
Well, me too.
I didn't expect this, I'll tell you that.
What? I may have Bigfoot on my couch.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
Dog handlers just called in.
They found a wallet a couple miles from the crime scene.
Looks like it might be our guy.
They wanted me to relay the information and see if you could meet up with them.
You know, I'm going to check with the techs, see if they can enhance that image.
All right, you do that.
I'll spend some time with the dogs.
Frank, it's Juliette.
Hey, how have you been? Good, how are you? I'm good.
Real good.
Actually, I have a small favor to ask of you.
I want to run a DNA spectrum, but I don't have that kind of equipment in my lab, so I was Bring it over, be happy to run it.
No, actually I was wondering if you could maybe sneak me in so I could take a look myself.
Ooh, is this like top secret? No, it's not top secret, more like middle secret.
I would definitely owe you one.
Sure, no problem.
Thank you.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) Nick, it's open.
Shut it, will you? And lock it.
Thanks for coming so fast.
This is Larry.
Larry? Yeah.
I think he got shot in the leg.
And I would have just called a hospital, but He's not really in an explainable condition at the moment.
And I've never seen anything like this before.
You mean anyone can see him like this? That's why I didn't just 911 it.
Why doesn't he just Woge? I don't think he can.
Wait, what did you just say? Woge.
lt roughly translates to "the wave that overtakes one.
" You know? The change? The surge? The massive hormonal jolts.
Well, why doesn't he woge? Or would it be de-woge? Just woge, okay? And I don't think he's controlling it.
I think he's stuck.
Like half in, half out.
That would explain the Bigfoot.
Well, in his case, yes.
Monroe, your friend killed two people last night.
Nick, I know this guy.
He is no killer.
I mean, I've known him for like four or five years.
(SIGHS) Look, a few of us meet up at the Helvetia Tavern, okay? It's like an informal support group.
We all have trouble controlling our various urges.
Well, it looks like Larry lost the battle.
Maybe, but this doesn't make sense, man.
I'm telling you, Nick, Larry's a very chill dude.
Last I heard he was even seeing Brinkerhoff.
Who's Brinkerhoff? Konstantin Brinkerhoff.
He's a therapist, specializes in identity issues and impulse control for those of us who need a little extra guidance.
I think he just wrote a book about confronting the inner man.
A Wesen therapist.
We have issues, too, you know? And let me just say, a lot bigger than like teenage angst insecurity.
Personally, I'm not much of a therapy guy.
I mean, really, who wants to hear me talk about my childhood? Believe me, I know what I did wrong.
(SNIFFING) What is it? You guys aren't using search dogs, are you? Yeah, we are.
Why do you ask? They're here.
(DOG BARKING) That's great.
All that's missing are the townsfolk with pitchforks and torches.
Those dogs are going to lead them straight to your house.
No, they're not.
That's why I mark my territory.
You can see it's totally freaking them out.
That's sort of freaking me out.
Yeah, but this might be the opportunity we need.
Opportunity to do what? Monroe, if they find that Larry's in your house They're not going to find Larry.
Help me get his shirt off.
Uh, okay.
What are we doing? No reason the trail has to end here.
Monroe, that is not a good idea.
Well, you know what's a worse idea? Them, finding you and me here with Larry looking like that, don't you think? You know what people do to things they can't explain? I don't want my house torched, man.
I don't want crosses burned on my front yard.
I'm just saying this is how legends wind up killing innocent people.
(SNARLING) They got something! Hey, let them run! WOMAN: Get 'em! (DOGS BARKING) They're close! (GROWLING) (ROARING) (DOGS WHINING) (PANTING) Hey, you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
I don't know about Hank.
What happened? You know how I told you we can be seen when we want to be seen? Well, the dogs were on me, so I dealt with them, but I kind of bumped into Hank before I logged out.
He saw you as a Blutbad? Yeah, but only for a second.
I was wearing Larry's shirt and Larry Behind you! Get it out! Please.
(GROANING) I didn't mean to.
I didn't want to.
But I tried.
(GROANING) Hey, Larry? Hey.
(GROANING) He's not breathing.
I think he's dead.
I'm sorry, Monroe.
(STUTTERING) What do we do? We can't leave him here, okay? I don't want you tied to this.
We have to move the body.
Okay, I'll be quiet.
I won't I won't say anything.
NICK: What's up, Hank? Something strange is going on out here, man.
Like what? I was out with the dogs.
They found something, but it scared the hell out of them.
I went to check and got hit.
You got hit? You know by what? I don't know, but I'll tell you one thing, whoever or whatever I saw was moving fast.
But it had to be the same guy.
He was wearing that red shirt.
I'm coming back to the precinct.
Right here.
(GRUNTS) This is where the dogs caught up with me.
How is that? Does that look natural? We should go.
Hang, hang on a second.
Look, if you say he killed people, okay.
I'm not second guessing, but I just can't believe he'd do it.
I know everybody has a trigger and believe me it took me years to learn to, you know, adjust.
And I know Larry had some trouble, but this just doesn't make sense.
Maybe it had something to do with this thing he pulled out of his neck.
When they find his body I'll have forensics check it out.
Larry, you fought the good fight.
And for guys like us, it's a battle we fight every day of our lives.
Now I don't know what went wrong for you, man, but we're going to find out.
Rest in peace, brother.
Alles hat ein ende, nur die Wurst hat zwei.
That sounded really beautiful.
What does it mean? "Everything has an end, only the sausage has two.
" My father used to say it whenever anyone died.
You said Larry was seeing a doctor? Yeah.
He's got an office downtown.
He sees a few guys I know.
ls he one of those Wildermann.
Wildermann? Smart loners.
Like the woods, cabins, campfires, hiking.
You know, back to nature, eco-warrior types.
Thoreau, Emerson, Abbey.
Same as Larry.
But if you're thinking of talking to Brinkerhoff avoid couches, you know? BRINKERHOFF: And finally, what do we risk in confronting our true selves? Well, quite a lot.
Because we fear that our inner self is somehow base and primitive.
Worst of all, out of control.
Therefore, keep it locked up.
Pretend it's not even there.
But I feel that there is another way.
Instead of approaching your inner self like a dangerous stranger, why not approach it as you would a stray dog? Hold out your hand, fingers curled in, of course.
And let the relationship unfold slowly with caution and compassion.
With respect and with love.
Thank you.
(APPLAUSE) Who shall I make it out to? Uh, Larry Mackenzie.
Are you a friend? No.
I'm investigating a homicide.
I understand Mr.
Mackenzie was a patient of yours.
You were helping him with a certain problem he was having.
Give me a minute.
I heard rumors that someone like you was here, but one hears many rumors in a psychiatric practice.
You know, you're hated and feared by the Wesen.
It's interesting that you chose to join the police.
I need to ask you about Larry Mackenzie.
Does your partner know? Or anyone at the department? If you don't mind, I'll ask the questions.
I'm sorry, it's in my nature to be inquisitive.
And this is such a rare opportunity.
We all have secrets, Doctor.
Let's talk about Larry's.
How long have you been treating him? As you know, Detective, I can't speak about specific patients.
Right now I'm not asking you as a detective.
Hostility posing as professionalism.
Adaptive but ultimately isolating.
I can subpoena your records, get a search warrant for your office, one way or the other.
Mackenzie is struggling with issues of impulse control.
Any violent tendencies? No more than normal for Wildermann? You pose an interesting dilemma.
And your treatment consisted of? Twice weekly cognitive therapy visits.
What we call "the talking cure.
" Larry's been making great strides.
Any drugs involved in the treatment? Wesen Prozac? Doesn't exist.
Everyone wants a quick fix, but with issues of identity, the slow way is the fast way.
There are no shortcuts.
We've got our killer.
Guy walking his dogs found his body in Walten Park.
I'm there now.
Killer's name is Larry Mackenzie.
Matches the wallet they found when they were tracking him.
On my way.
All right.
I would love to talk to you about your identity issues sometime.
I'm good.
Are you? You can only walk in darkness so long.
Sooner or later the inner man emerges for all to see.
It's never a question of if, only when.
You okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
What kind of fine? I don't know.
But when I ran into this guy, he looked different.
We found this in his hand.
I think it's a drug delivery implant, the kind they use for pain medication.
It's got a serial number.
Should be able to track it back to the manufacturer.
Find out what was in it.
After conducting an intense manhunt in three counties, I am pleased to report that we have found the body of Lawrence Charles Mackenzie, our main suspect in the brutal murders of David Gimlin and Michael Patterson.
We are confident that we have our man and that there is no further danger to the public.
lt attacked my friend Wallace and then it came at me.
I've never seen anything like it.
I'm not crazy.
I swear to God I'm not crazy.
Get the rest of his statement.
Sir, let's come this way.
Looks a lot like what happened to the other two.
And based on what this guy's saying it sounds like it, too.
Wallet's still here.
If it was a robbery, I doubt they'd put the wallet back.
Another Bigfoot or copycat? Yeah.
Could be him.
Let's check out the other body.
HANK: Same deal.
Not wearing any shoes.
The bottom of his feet pretty beat up.
He was on the move before he got here.
Anything on the ID? Alan Evercroft.
Forty-five, a lawyer from Lake Oswego.
Married, three kids, no priors.
What the hell is he doing out here? There's something in his neck.
HANK: Looks like the same thing Mackenzie had.
SEBASTIAN: We got the preliminary results back from the DNA tests and to tell you the truth it's inconclusive.
What do you mean? What it looks like we've got here is a single organism that is composed of two or more genetically distinct cells.
You mean like a chimera? Yeah, it's a bit of a mosaic.
Can you email me the results? Sure.
I'll give you what we've got.
All right, thanks Sebastian.
I appreciate it.
"Para-human is a descriptive term "used to identify an animal human hybrid.
" "Extensive research has been done into gene and cell combinations" "from different species inserted into bacteria and domesticated animals "for medical purposes.
" Holy crap.
(MUSIC PLAYING) Hey, hey, Reynaldo.
How you been, man? Good.
How about you? Not bad.
Not bad.
Thanks for taking the time.
You want to see a menu? Don't need to.
Same old, same old.
Still doing the veggie thing, huh? lt works for me, you know? So look, the reason I wanted to talk to you was about Larry.
Mackenzie? I can't believe what happened to him.
I'm shocked.
Saw it on TV last night.
When was the last time you heard from him? Here.
About three months ago.
And how did he seem? Well, tell you the truth it was kind of weird.
We were all hanging out, sharing stories, doing the steps, you know the drill.
Larry walks in, no one's seen him in weeks.
Sits down with this big smile on his face and he says, "I'm cured.
" Not improving, not getting better, cured.
Says he found a way A foolproof way to solve our problems overnight.
So what is this miracle cure? Some kind of drug or Didn't say.
He was like a religious convert.
All I know is that he was going to see Brinkerhoff.
And he wasn't the only one.
You remember Alan Evercroft? Dan Murray? Yeah.
Good guys.
They're all excited about Larry's new deal.
They went to see Brinkerhoff too.
And that was the last I saw of 'em.
I guess it must have worked.
Either that or they don't like me anymore.
So how come you didn't go see Brinkerhoff? Please.
Quick fixes aren't my style.
Besides, who says I want to be cured all the time? I just want to be able to control the urges, you know? Yeah, don't we all.
Anyway, the way I feel miracle cures wind up being worse than the disease.
That reminds me of Larry's old joke, remember? What's the best way to help a friend quit drinking? BOTH: Tear his arms off.
(SIGHS) It's a shame about Larry, though.
I really thought he had it figured out this time.
CSU TECH: This is the subcutaneous drug delivery pump.
We extracted it from Mr.
Evercroft's neck.
What kind of drugs was it pumping? Trace amounts of steroids, a mixture of homeopathic herbs and spices, but nothing illegal and nothing that would make the average person go ape, so to speak.
What about the serial number? You run that down yet? Yeah.
It's manufactured by Keimarm Industries.
I want to know who ordered them and when they were shipped.
We already made the call.
We're waiting for them to get back to us.
(CELL PHONE RINGING) Yeah? Nick, it's me.
I just got done meeting with a friend of mine who knew Larry, he said there were two other guys who went to Brinkerhoff with him, Dan Murray and Alan Evercroft.
I'm going to try Whoa, whoa.
Did you say Alan Evercroft? Yeah.
Him and Dan Murray.
Alan Evercroft was killed last night.
What? Yeah.
We found him dead at a crime scene.
He had the same kind of pump in his body that Larry did.
Oh, man.
That is so not good.
I just found out Brinkerhoff sold Larry on some kind of miracle cure, Alan Evercroft heard about it from Larry and decided he wanted one for himself.
What about the other guy? Who? Dan Murray? I don't know.
I mean, I can give him a call.
Whatever Brinkerhoff is giving these guys is definitely not helping.
We haven't linked him to the drug pumps yet, and even if we do, those ingredients are not illegal.
Doesn't mean they're not bad for us.
I'll call you when I know something.
Just got another name of a guy who might be on the same drug.
All right, give it to me.
Dan Murray.
Hey, Dan, it's Monroe.
No, Monroe, this is Travis, Dan's brother.
Oh, hey, Travis, how are you doing, man? I was calling for Dan.
(STUTTERS) I guess you didn't know.
Dan died two days ago.
Are you kidding me? Yeah.
He He had some issues that we weren't really aware of.
He was doing real good we thought.
But something must have gone wrong.
We We don't even really know what happened.
The neighbors said they heard a horrible sound coming from his apartment.
By the time they got there, Dan had climbed out the window.
He fell to his death.
The police chief in Troutdale says Dan Murray apparently killed himself by jumping out of a third story window after tearing up his apartment.
The neighbors said it sounded like there was a wild animal loose in his apartment.
They found another drug pump in his neck.
HANK: That's the third one we've found.
(KNOCKING) Just got a call from Keimarm Industries.
They're the company that manufactured the pumps.
Do we know who ordered them? A psychiatrist here in Portland, Dr.
Konstantin Brinkerhoff, three months ago.
How many did he order? Four.
RENARD: You've accounted for three? So far.
Think you better find out where that fourth one is.
(GROWLING) May I help you? We need to talk.
I'm sorry.
But my office is closed for the day.
I'm not here for me.
I want to know what you did to my friends.
Excuse me? Dan Murray, Alan Evercroft and Larry Mackenzie.
What kind of drugs were you pumping into them? You need to leave now.
I'm not going anywhere.
What you are doing is irresponsible and it is a threat to all of us.
Look, I'm sorry, but I really do not have time to discuss this with you, so if you don't mind They're all dead because of you.
Your friends struggled.
I tried to help them.
I supplied them with a targeted suppression program, one that took it out of their conscious and unconscious control.
That's your idea of help? They no longer wanted the ability to choose.
That was what was making their lives so difficult.
They told me all about your group meetings, clearly you have the same issues.
Are you an animal? Or are you a man? Of course I have those issues, man.
We all do.
But if you can't choose, (STUTTERING) then you're neither one, you're nothing.
The loss of choice is a small price to pay for freedom.
Except for the part where they went crazy and started killing people.
The drugs work.
But in my effort to help quickly, I couldn't take the time to test them as much as I would have liked to.
So you just thought you'd test it out on them and hope for the best.
(GRUNTING) The problems seem to start when the dosage drops.
There's a complementary effect and the patient goes from stable to unstable and becomes suspended in the middle.
But I've fine tuned the formula.
I hoped that my efforts would prove to be successful for all of us.
I still do.
But as you can see, freedom's not easy to achieve.
You have to help me.
(GRUNTING) (SNARLING) NICK: Brinkerhoff, police! You okay? Yeah, but you got to stop him.
Brinkerhoff's been using the drugs on himself.
He's out for blood.
He's on the street.
What's he doing here? He's a patient.
We got a suspect on foot heading north on Park Blocks.
Request backup, we are in pursuit! (TALKING INDISTINCTLY) (GROWLING) Please, somebody help! We're being attacked! DISPATCHER: We have a report of an attack on Twelfth and Alder.
That's got to be him.
MAN: Bigfoot! (PEOPLE SCREAMING) (SIRENS APPROACHING) Thank God you're here.
I don't know what it was, but he grabbed some woman and dragged her into the theater.
Stay here! There.
Brinkerhoff? If you can understand me, give yourself up.
She's alive.
HANK: Nick, behind you! Stay with the woman.
I got a victim up here on the theater catwalk.
What the hell? That's Dr.
Did you see it? See what? No, his face.
lt changed.
I'm telling you it was different.
I saw him.
(STUTTERING) I'm telling I'm telling you it was different.
lt just changed.
Just right there, did you (BREATHING HEAVILY) Hank.
Did you see To Larry, Alan and Dan.
Maybe they felt like they didn't know who they were.
But we know.
They were our friends.
FEMALE NEWSCASTER ON TV: came to a tragic end tonight when the suspect fell to his death after terrorizing theater-goers.
The body was identified as that of local author and psychiatrist Dr.
Konstantin Brinkerhoff.
So it appears the reports of Bigfoot were nothing more than mass hysteria as witnesses say Brinkerhoff wore a costume mask during I don't know.
What? I gathered some hair samples at Thom Carson's ranch, from whatever it was that attacked that horse.
I mean after I saw those people in the woods, I just wanted to make sure.
And? And I took them down to the lab at OHSU and looked at the DNA.
And what did you find? The test results were inconclusive.
The DNA wasn't human but it also couldn't be matched to any other known species so I don't know.
Sometimes tests are wrong.
Well, yeah, normally I would think that, too.
But, Nick, I checked and rechecked and All right.
I know how weird this is going to sound, but for the first time in my life I'm starting to wonder about things like Bigfoot.
What if What if all of the stories we've heard, what if they're not stories? What if they're real?