Grimm s02e01 Episode Script

Bad Teeth

This is yates, I need harbor patrol.
What the hell? Good God.
- Stowaways? - Yeah.
Looks like.
Yeah, but what happened to 'em? Huh.
You are the Grimm.
You have the coins.
Give them to me.
- You killed my parents! - Ugh! Why'd you kill 'em? You find what you're looking for? Nick.
It's me.
Mom? There once was a man who lived a life so strange, it had to be true.
Only he could see what no one else can the darkness inside, the real monster within.
And he's the one who must stop them.
This is his calling.
This is his duty.
This is the life of a Grimm.
How? I have to take care of him first.
He's one of the men that killed your father.
With what I put into him, he won't be out long.
We have to make sure he was sent by the dragon's tongue.
You could see him for what he is? Yes.
All right, they're looking for you.
You're gonna have - hey.
- Kimura's in there.
We got an officer down on the porch.
Yeah, we know, paramedics are on their way.
You okay? Yeah.
He's alive.
- Should we turn him? - Yeah.
You shoot him? No.
He's got a wound here.
You stab him? It must have happened during the fight.
Cuff him.
I don't give a damn about his wound.
I don't want him hurting anybody else.
Sorry we didn't get here sooner.
- Was kimura alone? - Yes.
Where's Juliette? How's she doing? She's in the hospital.
What? It had nothing to do with kimura.
She's in a coma.
Something to do with an infection.
They're still trying to figure it out.
Look, Nick, we've got this covered.
If you want to go to the hospital - if my being there would help her come out of this, I wouldn't leave her side, but there's nothing I can do.
They're gonna call me when there's a change.
Well, at least we got this son of a bitch.
Looks pretty quiet in there.
Cats don't, like, um, play possum, do they? Not with what I gave it.
Bring me the cat.
What's supposed to happen? If it turns yellow, I'll have a good idea of what the toxin was that infected Juliette.
If it turns green, there's still a chance we can help her.
Hey, what about blue? We have to talk to Nick now.
Want me to leave a few officers? No, that's not necessary.
We've got kimura.
Well, get some rest.
Let me know if I can do anything for Juliette.
- I will, thank you.
- All right.
I need to get to kimura.
Well, that's not gonna be easy.
He's in police custody now.
But at least he's not going anywhere.
You don't understand him.
I do.
I've been following him for a long time.
You didn't want to kill him either, did you? No.
I wanted to find out why he killed my parents.
He's the last man alive who knows who betrayed us.
So what, is my dad just gonna come back from the dead too now? No.
He was killed in the crash Which I guess you know wasn't an accident.
The police thought it was you who died in the car.
Who died in your place? My friend.
Gina Serafini.
And why was she in the car? On the night they came for me, I didn't have much time.
You remember your aunt Marie came to pick you up.
Yeah, I remember everything from that night.
Well, Gina was staying with us.
I sent her away with your father, thinking they'd get away from whoever was after me, but they didn't.
Why didn't the police identify the bodies with dental records? The killers thought they'd killed a Grimm.
They took Gina's head.
The bodies were so badly burnt, there was nothing else to identify her with.
So you just let me think you were dead? It was the only way I could think to protect you.
I have a lot of enemies, Nick.
Did aunt Marie know you were alive? Yes.
It was safer for you if I was dead.
Stay back.
Hey, we tried calling, but dude.
What the hell happened here? Kimura.
Remember that guy I was telling you about? Oh, man, he's still here.
I can smell him.
That's not a him.
That's a her.
Stop! No! Don't hurt him! No! No! No! No! No! Do not hurt him! - Stop, stop! - His name is Monroe.
- He's a blutbad! - Yeah, and Rosalee's a fuchsbau.
They're both my friends.
Who the hell is this bitch? Hey! She's my mother.
You told me she was I mean, isn't she supposed to be, like, not so alive? Yeah, that's what I thought.
I don't believe what I'm hearing.
Are you friends with them? And we're friends with him.
Yeah, it took a little getting used to for us too, you know? Did you know she was coming? No.
Juliette is in real danger, Nick, and we don't have much time.
- Who's Juliette? - Oh, wow, so you two really haven't caught up in any significant way, I guess.
Juliette's my girlfriend.
And she's in a coma because of a hexenbiest.
The hexenbiest that Nick destroyed with our help, by the way, just, you know, for the record.
Nick, the spell is called l'esprit ailleurs.
Literall spirit elsewhere.
Oddly apropos.
It causes memory loss with symptoms similar to dementia.
So it's imperative thate stop the progression, like, asap.
Right now.
But we have all the ingredients.
We have them mixed, and they're cooking, but it takes 16 hours for it to be ready.
Well, will it bring her out of the coma? It's way more complicated.
Our first step is just to stop the memory loss.
Okay, just do whatever you have to do.
I'm just I'm so sorry this happened to Juliette.
And, uh Sort of nice to meet you.
Dude, I gotta be honest, your mother scares the crap out of me, man.
Look, you two should probably just keep your distance until I figure out what I'm dealing with in there.
Totally, I mean, family reunions can be brutal.
Our last one, we lost two cousins and a sheepdog.
- Okay.
- I mean, no one missed the cousins, you know, they're - this is Juliette.
She's very pretty.
How long have you been together? Where have you been for 18 years? More places than I care to remember.
Why don't you try? I went after those responsible for killing your father and my friend.
For 18 years? I had no idea how long it would take or where it would lead or how many times I'd be misled and deceived.
When I learned about the secret order, the dragon's tongue, that they were after the coins, I knew there was more at stake than just finding the killers.
I had to deal with the royal families who are trying to regain the control they had in the last century.
A lot of the turmoil in the world today is instigated by their agents.
Like the verrat.
You're learning.
That's good.
I wish I could have been the one who taught you.
When I learned that a Grimm had the coins, I was hoping it wasn't you.
I often wonder how I could have done things differently that night, but Kimura led me to you, and that's all that matters.
What about the coins? They've already taken up too much of our lives.
They need to be destroyed.
The sooner you give them to me, the better.
It's the only way I can protect you now.
Where's adalind? Why would you think I know where she is? You're her mother.
Well, that's a little old-school, even for you.
She's gone.
She played one last little trick.
She put Nick's girlfriend in a coma.
And I care about that why? Because it concerns me.
Can you really blame adalind after what he did to her? Yes! She should stay out of things that she does not understand.
Well, maybe you played with her heart a little too freely, and that confused her.
No, she knew exactly what she was doing.
Why do you care what happens to detective Burkhardt's girlfriend? Because she ties him here To Portland, to me, and if she dies, he could quit the force, he could leave, and I have put too much time and effort into him to allow that to happen.
Now, I need to know what adalind did.
A Grimm on his own is dangerous for all of us.
And I'm holding you personally responsible, and believe me, you don't want that.
That's amazing based on a pair of boots you could find out where the guy lived.
And his cabin is way out there.
I don't think Nick could have found it without me.
You went there with Nick? I thought you went there with Hank.
I did.
Nick? Oh, crap, the toast.
I got it.
I was just trying to make you a little Something.
I'm sorry.
For what? A lot of things on that list.
Where? On my way.
So I've got an investigation.
Gotta run.
You gonna be here when I get back? Yes.
How you holding up? All right.
It's gonna be okay, man.
Juliette's gonna come out of it, she's strong.
Well, I hope you're right.
I am.
I may not be awake, but I'm right.
Who's the ship registered to? Holding company based in Rotterdam.
Oh, it's a foreign ship.
The feds are gonna have jurisdiction.
Have they been notified? Yeah.
They're on their way.
Who reported it? Harbor master was called last night.
Three of them went inside.
Nobody came out.
Bodies weren't discovered until 6:15 this morning by one of the security guards.
He was pretty shook up by what he saw, and I gotta tell you, this one is, uh Well, I hate to ruin the surprise.
What the hell did this? Something out of my worst nightmare.
I don't think this container was used to lock anyone out.
It was used to lock something in.
Found out the container was loaded at le havre two weeks ago.
Name on the ship manifest is G.
Who are they, and what do they do? It looks like a holding company.
We don't know much more than that.
We contacted French police.
Waiting on a reply.
Yeah? Sir, the FBI agents are here.
Send 'em in.
You know the feds are taking over this, right? Sir, I think that might be a mistake.
It's not up to us.
Just collect whatever you've done, pass it to them.
Special agents Kanigher and durwell, this is captain renard, detectives Griffin and Burkhardt.
Hell of a mess we're giving you.
Yeah, we just came from down there.
You did a fine job securing the location.
Yeah, we appreciate it.
What do you got for us? All the prelim we could get.
Look, we might be able to be of some help.
That's okay, detective, we'll take it from here.
Security guard's truck was stolen last night from the docks.
If this killer's driving it, we'll get him.
Well, I understand that, there are aspects of this ca - hey, Nick.
Thank you.
Here's how it's gonna go.
First thing tomorrow, you'll be arraigned for double homicide.
A few hours after that, you'll be transferred to a maximum security facility, ere you will await trial, be found guilty, and sentenced to death.
Now, obviously, I will derive a certain amount of pleasure from that, seeing as I can't attend to you myself.
Then maybe you shouldn't have arrested me.
If I'd have gotten to you first, I wouldn't have.
Why are you here? I've seen the tattoos on your back.
I know who you're working for.
Too bad you didn't know you were going up against a Grimm.
So you know what I am.
It would have been better for you had you known whatiam.
At least now I know who has the coins.
I would have gotten them.
I knew there was one Grimm.
I didn't know there were two.
Mom? I did a little cleaning up.
Sorry, habit.
- Hope it's okay.
- Yeah.
Hey, look.
I've been thinking about everything, and I think I need to take you somewhere.
I never thought I'd see this again.
You know about this? Marie and I bought this trailer when our dad got sick.
We needed a place to hide everything that had been passed down to us.
We had 17 trunks hidden in the basement of our house.
Who else in our family had this Problem? That I know of? Your grandfather, your great-grandmother, and aunt Marie.
- And Uncle George had it too? - No.
Not everyone does.
In fact, nobody knows when it's gonna hit them or even if they've got it.
Women become aware sooner than men, but the only thing we know for sure is it's inherited.
There are a lot of people who'd like to get their hands on this stuff.
What did you think when you first found out about You know, all of this? I was only ten years old.
Your grandfather didn't even try to protect me, so as soon as the nightmares started, he wanted me to know exactly what I was gonna be up against.
I was so scared, I didn't sleep for months.
When I turned 18, he took Marie and me on the hunts.
The first couple were horrifying, but, uh, we quickly realized that we were doing what had to be done.
We spent hours poring over these books.
You know, I I never wanted this for you.
It's not as if you had much of a choice.
Lot of history here.
Your great-great-grandmother hilda, with this blade, castrated a rotznasig carcaju.
That's good times.
You know, this is all very important to us.
Now what? Uh Return them to the island of zakynthos, where they were forged.
It's the only way to destroy them.
So I guess you'll be leaving.
You know what, I guess I understand more now than look, you know, I have seen a lot of things.
I mean, I cannot judge the decisions that you had to make.
But you know, I just wish I didn't have to grow up without you.
So do I.
Maybe you can help me.
What is it? An investigation I'm working on.
I want you to look at this.
Where is this? A container on a cargo ship that left le havre two weeks ago.
Do you know what the scythe means? Yeah.
And you've dealt with one? Actually, I've dealt with three.
Was one of them French? We didn't do too much talking.
Then you were the one who returned the heads to mannheim.
You know about that? News travels fast.
No, I don't think that is reapers.
No, no, no.
No, something else drew those.
And if it's what I think it is It's worse than reapers.
I hope I'm wrong about this.
Were there any puncture wounds? There were a lot of wounds.
We need to go.
Well, what about the coins? Just put them away.
I need to see the bodies.
Hold on.
As you can see, your friends in the resistance aren't helping you, so why are you helping them? Hmm? I personally hate to resort to such medieval methods and would much prefer you join me for supper.
We're having a very nice lafite, and I'd like to toast your health.
All you have to do is give us their names, and you will walk out of here.
Well, maybe crawl out now, but at least you'll be out.
Why don't you think about that while I take this call? Bonjour, mon ami.
How was the voyage? Tres bien.
I have seen him.
And? It will be over soon.
The families will be very pleased.
I amonthephone! Is there anything else that you need? No.
I'll call you when it is done.
I'll look forward to it.
Can I help you? I have a list.
I have everything except for the pseudomonas aeruginosa.
I need it.
It might take me a couple of days to Now would be better.
I'll see what I can do.
Give me a call when you have it.
I'll give you my number.
This is the security guard, and the killer stole his truck, and I want to warn you, it's a little rough.
Or not.
You know what this is? Something with teeth this big? There's not a lot of choices.
Is it the - mauvais dentes.
From what our ancestors wrote, it's a vicious killing machine.
One of them can wipe out an entire village, but you better be careful.
Mauvais dentes is like a cat.
He'll watch, he'll wait.
If he figures out you're coming after him, he'll do something to draw you in.
This is Monroe.
Hey, Nick.
It's me and rosalee.
We're in the shop.
Weird thing just happened.
I just got an order from a hexenbiest.
And the few things on her list are the same that we're using for Juliette.
So we looked it up in a couple of rosalee's books, and we think we figured out what she's doing.
It's a wake-up potion for somebody in Juliette's condition.
I mean, this could just be a coincidence, but Totally.
We thought we should tell you anyway.
Well, who was it? I didn't get a good look at her, but rosalee got her number, didn't you? - Yeah.
- Okay, give it to me, I can get her address from her number.
- It's 503 - It's 503-555-0138.
- What did you find out? - Adalind's gone, I don't know where.
Obviously, she doesn't want anybody to find her.
But there may be a way to reverse what she's done to Juliette.
Then do it.
It's not the preparation that concerns me.
It's how it's given to her.
What do you need? Not "what.
" Who.
What are you talking about? How badly do you want to wake this sleeping beauty up? Right.
Where's adalind? I said, where's your daughter? You're the Grimm who destroyed her.
And I'm the Grimm who's gonna destroy you if you don't tell me where she is.
I don't know.
We haven't spoken since that night.
Don't you need a warrant to be doing this, detective? If I was here as a cop, yeah.
She is not here.
I have no reason to protect her anymore.
Well, then find her, or things are gonna get a little dangerous here for you.
Are you threatening me? I'm sorry.
I must have done it badly.
I thought I made myself pretty obvious.
If Juliette dies You're done.
She said she doesn't know where adalind is.
Did you threaten to kill her? Yeah, of course.
Want me to take a crack at her? No, she's telling me the truth.
I didn't think that was possible for a hexenbiest.
Was she involved in trying to kill aunt Marie? Not that I know of.
The only person I saw was adalind.
Why would she try to kill her? I don't know.
What? Before she died, did aunt Marie give you anything? Yeah.
A key.
I have no idea what it's for, it doesn't open anything in the trailer, but The sides of it make a Map.
Where is it? I only discovered these by accident when I spilled some ink.
What are you doing? Oh, damn! Okay, that was cool.
What is that? A page from one of the first diaries ever kept by one of us.
You see, legend has it that there are seven keys.
Seven? Forged by the knights who fought for the seven royal families in the fourth crusade.
Now, when you put the maps together, they make one big map, leading to the location where the knights hid the precious wealth they took from constantinople after they sacked and burned it.
Those knights are our ancestors.
Whatso they worked for the seven royal families.
Some of them did.
Well, they needed us.
So the wesen fought for the royals? Yes, and the royals needed the grimms to control them, as they do now, but there was one thing in the treasure the knights hid.
There was one thing that was more powerful than anything anyone had ever seen.
If the royal families got ahold of it, they could control the world.
Okay, so nothing really big.
I guess they hid this thing pretty well? Sure, yeah.
They made a map, they cut it into seven pieces, and they gave each knight a key.
- What was so powerful? - I wish I knew.
This is the only page left of the diary.
The rest was destroyed in the wesen wars of 1285.
Okay, now I have a headache.
Nick They know you have the key.
- Who? - The royal families.
They're the only ones powerful enough to send the mauvais dentes.
Now my guess is, they want the key, and they want you dead.
How would they know I have a key? I haven't shown it to anyone.
There must be somebody in Portland who knows.
I think we have to get to kimura because he might give us the connection.
We need to talk to him.
You cannot go to the precinct.
No, but you can.
Argh! This is special agent Kanigher.
I have information about the case you're working on.
The security guard's stolen pickup truck you're looking for is at the lumber mill on St.
Helen's road.
Who is this? A concerned citizen.
There's the truck.
Just where he said it would be.
Is he in the vehicle? - No.
- I see him.
He's inside.
FBI! Get over here! I am the one who called you.
What are you doing in here? Waiting for you.
Take out your identification.
I'm sorry, I don't have any.
Put your hands on your head.
Turn around.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Guards! Come on, open this cell! Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Guards, move! What happened? Kimura's dead.
In police custody? Somebody got to him.
Detective, it's agent Kanigher.
What's wrong? I'm in the old lumber mill out on St.
Helen's road.
I know it.
What do you need? He killed my partner.
He said if you don't come, alone, he's gonna kill me.
Detective, he's gonna The mauvais dentes killed an FBI agent.
He's got another, waiting for me.
He's drawing you in.
Let's not keep him waiting.
He's got the agents inside the building.
That doesn't mean he'll be there.
He'll want you to get close.
I don't know how, but he will try to deceive you.
He won't be predictable.
- Yeah? - Nick, we got the stuff for Juliette, okay? It's ready, but it's, like, unstable or something, and it's only gonna be good for, like - another 45 more minutes, give or take, and if we don't make it, we have to start from scratch.
Just meet us at the hospital, okay? We're leaving right now.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
Nick, what's wrong? Can't get into it right now.