Grimm s02e09 Episode Script

La Llorona

Previously on Grimm How long have you had these feelings? Ever since I kissed her.
- Juliette, you're awake.
- Who are you? I was thinking maybe if I saw you at work, it might help me remember you.
- I could always take you home.
- Yeah, thank you.
It's the least I could do.
What's wrong? Me.
- Silencio.
- I know.
Shh! I like this one.
Señora! Señora! Papa! Papa! Papa! Papa! Papa! Papa! Rafael! Rafael! Rafael! Rafael! Rafael! Rafael! Rafael! Rafael! Did you bring it? You do this every year? Of course.
Are you kidding me? Halloween for us, come on that's, like, bigger than Christmas.
There's a long Wesen tradition of the all hallows' Eve midnight woge running through the woods scaring the crap out of villagers, literally sometimes.
And you continue this fair tradition in Portland? No, no, no.
I mean, I would If I could find some villagers, but, you know No, I can only imagine the fun my relatives must've had, man, back in the good old days.
Anyway, let me see it.
Oh, baby.
That's the one beautiful.
And just think of the history, man.
Yeah, all the skulls bashed in, bones broken, knees shattered.
Hey, those who ignore the past, et cetera, et cetera.
Now watch this.
Okay, check this out.
Wait till you see this.
Okay, come here.
Come here, come here, come here.
Okay, ready? Here goes.
That's pretty great, right? Unless you're a pumpkin.
Where? Yeah, on my way.
Promise me no one's gonna get hurt.
I promise.
Whoa, whoa.
Okay, okay.
Uh, please, sir, my Spanish is no bien.
Uh, por favor, wait.
Okay, wait.
No! No, no!Espera.
We're gonna need a translator.
This guy's English is about as good as my Spanish.
His name's Luis Alvarez.
I'm pretty sure he's saying someone took his kid Rafael, eight years old.
I've got unis searching the area.
There's fishing equipment down by the river.
I'm guessing he and his kid were down there.
- We sure the kid didn't drown? - We're not sure of anything.
I've called search and rescue.
They're en route.
Those Kayakers said they saw him running up from the river.
This is their cell phone.
He was shooting video, and he got something real interesting.
Put out an alert we'll take Mr.
Alvarez and the video back to the precinct.
Tell Sanchez to meet us there too.
Uh, already tried.
He's on safari in Botswana.
Por favor.
Hey, Juliette.
You busy? Yeah, we need a translator.
Search and rescue working the river just in case? Nothing so far.
There's a pretty strong current, but they checked five miles down already.
FBI? Waiting to hear if they want in.
- Come in.
Hey, uh, excuse me for interrupting, sirs, but I thought I should interrupt 'cause I think this is probably pretty important information.
- What is it, Ryan? - Uh, your translator's here.
Why don't you show her in? Right.
Of of course.
Yes, sir.
What can I do to help? He says he can't stay here.
He needs to find his son.
He says he went to go help a woman in the river, and he thought she was drowning, but next thing he knew, she was walking off with his son.
Ask him to describe the woman.
Long hair, white dress, didn't see her face.
He doesn't know her.
All right, is he married, divorced, any custody issues? His wife is dead.
Is there anyone who might want to do him harm? - No.
- Can he tell us anything else about the woman? He says she was crying.
That's why he went to help her.
He's saying these questions aren't gonna help him find his son.
We'll do the best we can.
But tell him he's got to take us to where he lives.
I need to book a flight The next flight to Portland, Oregon.
They're asking if he's found Rafael.
Tell him we need to get inside the house.
They really love their Halloween.
Dia de Los muertos Day of the dead.
Rafael? Rafael? All right, if there's an answering machine, we need to listen to it, and we need to check out Rafael's room.
Just his phone.
Rafael? Si.
Nick, she says she knows who took Rafael.
He says that she doesn't know, and she's not helping.
Let her talk.
- What's La Llorona? - The weeping woman.
It's a ghost story about a dead woman who steals children and drowns them.
- We believe in ghosts now? - Not that I know of.
What's going on? She's saying La Llorona took Rafael, and he's basically telling her to shut up.
All right, ask her if she knows who this is.
Silencio, por favor.
Okay? - Hey.
This what we're running with? Yeah.
All right, we'll start canvassing the neighborhood.
Have two officers stay in the house with Mr.
Monitor his cell phone, in case there are calls from the kid or whoever took him.
There's no hard line.
He wants you guys to stop talking and find his son.
This way, sir.
Okay? We're headed back to the precinct, but, uh, we need you to stay, if you can, until we find another translator.
Did she say anything else? Not about Rafael.
You okay? Yeah.
Yeah, I just, uh, don't know how you do this all the time.
I'll call you.
I saw the photographs of Duvall's body.
I know how badly he was tortured.
But we must find out if he talked.
If he gave up any names, it could endanger everyone who is involved with us, especially those working on the inside.
We need to know who Duvall met with the night he was taken.
I'll call you back.
Hey, uh, there's a Detective from Albuquerque.
She says she has some information about the missing kid.
Should I bring her in? Yeah, send her in.
Uh, now? Uh, yes, yes, of course now.
Valentina Espinosa.
- You're from new Mexico.
- Yes.
And you have information on the boy that was taken this morning? I do.
How long has he worked for you? Now, wait.
What time was that? Do you know anything about his boy, Rafael? Uh, were there any problems at home? - Okay, thanks.
- Had he ever tried to run away? Okay.
I appreciate it.
No problems at home.
Luis was a hardworking guy dedicated to his kid.
And nothing with Rafael either no problems at school or with his friends.
Detectives Nick Burkhardt and Hank Griffin, this is Detective Valentina Espinosa of Albuquerque.
Long way from home.
She's got information on the missing child.
We've been tracking this unsub for a while.
If Rafael Alvarez is the first child taken, then we can expect two more before the day's out.
She did the same thing in new Mexico? And Texas, Colorado, Arizona, and Utah, that we know of.
Seriously? She's abducted that many children? And if we don't act fast, they'll all be dead by morning.
This is research I've put together over the last five years.
Aw, dude, look at this.
Look at all the pieces.
Oh, it's everywhere.
Trick or treat! Wow! What a bevy of great costumes.
Oh, love the wolf man.
Looks like my Uncle Herman before they chopped his head off.
All right, one handful apiece.
Off you go.
Hey, stop it! That's my candy! Give it back.
Stop it! What you gonna do now, huh? Hey, that's not very nice.
Give her candy back, now.
- Make me.
- All right, since you asked.
Ow! Ow, ow! Ow! - Ahh! - There.
Okay, I did it.
Now let me go.
Now say you're sorry.
Ow okay, I'm sorry.
- Ow! - There.
Now, don't you feel better? I know I do.
No, and you're gonna be sorry.
Let's go.
You okay? - Thanks, Mr.
- You're welcome.
Want a lollipop? Thank you.
We have no forensic evidence nothing but the bodies of the victims.
Always two boys and a girl between the ages of seven and ten, all drowned.
How many are we talking about? That's hard to say.
I think there's been as many as 15, but I don't know for sure.
I've been able to document 12, always before midnight on Halloween.
Same pattern, but there could be more.
Some kids just disappear and are never found.
Some of the bodies wash up miles from where they were taken.
This is the only image we have, compiled by a few witnesses.
Looks like the same woman we're dealing with.
- You've seen this? - Yeah.
I got an iPhone video.
It's on my computer.
Oh, my God.
That's her.
You got an I.
? No, no, we never found one single fingerprint or any hard evidence, but we have confirmation of witnesses who all identified the same image.
You said she drowns them.
When the bodies are found, if they're found, they're never close to where the children were taken.
They're much farther down the river, but this woman is here now.
That would make Rafael Alvarez the first one taken here.
You said there's always three.
When I looked at all the other cases, all the children were taken near where two rivers meet.
Look, one child goes missing here, another from here, and the third from here.
And you know this how? Same triangle described in every city by the same geographical abduction points.
It's her signature Houston, Denver, yuma, and Albuquerque.
Did the father of the missing boy say anything about hearing a woman crying? Yeah, he did, which is why he thought she was trying to kill herself.
All the others who saw her heard her crying.
They all thought she was gonna kill herself in a river.
So this kid Rafael may already be dead.
Well, it's possible, but no bodies have ever been found until after midnight the day she takes them.
I think she kills them at the same time.
Captain? I got that file you requested.
Excuse me.
So You've been working on this one a long time.
I have.
- Never gotten close? - No.
What do you know about La Llorona? You know the story? - It's a ghost.
- Yes, a ghost story.
A mother drowns her three children in revenge because her husband leaves her for a younger woman.
I think our killer believes she's La Llorona.
So we're not after a ghost.
Of course not.
She's a dangerous predator, and we must stop her tonight.
I want you to call the Albuquerque police department, put in a request for a copy of Detective Valentina Espinosa's files.
Will do.
Anything specific we're looking for? All the data relating to this case everything they got.
Roger that.
- Wahh! - Ahh! Ahh! Boo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Why are you crying? - Are you sad? - Kalli! Kalli! I'm gonna find you.
Where are you? All kids were reported taken within five miles of the confluence of the rivers.
Where was Rafael taken? Rafael was taken here this morning.
Then the other kids will be taken from here and here.
That's a lot of territory to cover.
How is she moving around? I don't know.
No one's ever seen anything.
You mean she just appeared.
To the people that have seen her, she does.
another child abduction.
- Where? - Sauvie Island State Park.
Is it along a river? Yeah, the Columbia, right here.
Trick or treat! Yeah? No.
No, nothing here.
What? Where? Okay.
He wants to know if you found his son.
No, but, uh Tell him another kid was taken, looks like by the same woman.
No I'm not choosing between anybody.
They were having some kind of a Halloween party up there, and this is where the dad said he saw his little girl go down the path.
We searched the woods, up and down the riverbank.
This is all we found.
Uh, is he the one who saw the woman? No, no, no, that's another guy who was fishing down the river.
Where is he? Well, we have him back at the cars.
All right, let's, uh, bag it, get some photos of the area, and, uh, check for footprints.
And let's talk to that witness.
Got it.
We found where the little girl was taken from.
We also have a witness.
Just hold on.
We need to talk to that witness.
Just spoke to the FBI 20 minutes ago.
There will be a third child taken.
And to the captain of the Albuquerque police department.
We can't afford to waste time.
Apparently, the only Valentina Espinosa they have on file was relieved of duty three years ago.
We need to find those kids now.
The FBI wants you held on grounds of impersonating an officer and interfering with a federal investigation.
But, sir, a second child was taken, and she was right about that.
This is now the FBI's case, and they want her back at the precinct.
There will be a third child taken.
Just listen to me.
Put her in the car.
Bring her in.
You don't understand.
We have no time for this! Don't do something you're gonna regret.
- A Wesen? - Yeah.
- A cop Wesen.
What kind? - I don't know.
I'm a Balam, and you're a Grimm.
You're gonna put me in that car and take me somewhere to kill me.
We don't give a damn what you are.
We just want those kids back.
So we're gonna take you to the precinct like the captain said.
But if you try anything, he's gonna blow your head off.
Who is she? I think she's an angel.
That's awesome.
How'd you know a second child would be taken? Because there's always a second child taken and then a third.
You seem to know an awful lot about this.
I've been following her for five years.
You were thrown off your police force because you were obsessed about all this.
Were you involved with any of the kidnappings? No.
Where were you this morning when the first child was abducted? I was in new Mexico.
I made a plane reservation from there this morning.
You could still be involved with the woman that's here.
My sister's son was one of those taken.
- Where? - Albuquerque.
- How long ago? - Five years.
You call what I'm doing an obsession? It is.
But that's why 'cause we never found his body.
He was with me that day.
I saw the woman.
I heard her crying.
I went in the water to keep her from killing herself.
I've lived this again and again and again.
Lock me up.
It'll make no difference.
There will be a third child taken.
It doesn't matter what you think.
This is now the FBI's case.
They'll be calling the shots, and you'll be detained until they're ready to speak to you.
Oh, it's Monroe's house! - I love this place.
- It's so cool Trick or treat! Wow! Another great group of costumes.
All right, one handful apiece.
- Off you go.
- Thank you.
Trick or treat.
What do you want to do with him? Payback.
- I don't feel good about this.
- You believe her? Yeah, I do.
I think a third kid's gonna be taken.
So do I.
So how do we cover 100 miles of riverfront? Well, we can't, and we can't explain what Valentina's told us how this woman appears and disappears in all these different places.
So what the hell do we do? Oh, man.
If this is real, how do you ever sleep? Well, you got my back.
Yeah, but who's got mine? If this is real, how do you ever sleep? I think I got something.
She got a name? Yep La Llorona.
I thought we didn't believe in ghosts.
We didn't.
Three children were taken from the village on Old Souls Eve The men pulled their bodies from the river.
All of them drowned.
So she's got to be a Wesen, right? No, she's something else, something my ancestors couldn't figure out either.
This looks like the symbol Valentina showed us.
Abrazo del Rio.
Something about a river, that much I know.
I think "abrazo" means embrace.
Embrace of the river? What does that mean? Well, if she drowns the kids in the river, hell of an embrace.
But all of these entries are about the same thing a weeping woman who steals children, but none of them know what she is.
This dates back to 1519, veracruz, but it's all in Spanish.
No, translation bottom of the page.
In German.
Looks like it's been translated into a lot of languages.
"Having joined cortes and his expedition, "we have now moved on to veracruz.
"This is where I came in contact with the woman in the river.
"There are many stories of her and the children she has taken.
"I did not believe them at first, "but I set out tonight to find out find out for sure.
"If I am right, I will return with her head.
If I am wrong, I may not return at all.
" That's the last thing he wrote.
I guess he never came back.
Well, that breeds confidence.
All right, so what are we dealing with? Do we have any idea? Doesn't look like anybody's been able to figure that out.
No wonder Valentina's been obsessed with this.
Looks like your ancestors were too.
The FBI has no idea what they're dealing with.
We can't let them run with this.
Well, we're not going to.
Oh, man.
I knew I should've bought some more.
Oh, wait! Hold on.
You don't want to miss the show.
You're going with us.
You're transferring me to the FBI? Not exactly.
But you're still in custody.
You ever heard of the Abrazo del Rio? The river's embrace? No.
Why? Well, we were hoping you knew.
How much do you know about La Llorona? This is not a ghost.
I saw her.
This woman is real.
Yeah, real is a sort of relative term around here.
- What are you doing? - Taking a chance.
Why do you believe me now? We did a little research of our own.
And what did you find out? Enough to know it's worth pissing off the FBI.
We're going to the third part of the river, like you said.
We're hoping you're wrong, but we don't want to take the chance.
All available units 10-46, we have a 207, child abduction.
Be on the lookout for a ten-year-old boy, brown hair, 4'8", 90 pounds, name Tino Diez.
Reported missing from Bridgeton road and fourth.
- Where's that? - It's on the river.
The third kid was just taken here, and the other two were taken here and here.
That completes the symbol you showed us, - where does she drown the kids? - I don't know.
The bodies are always found downriver, way beyond where they were taken.
That could be miles of river.
The Columbia flows all the way to the ocean.
Unless the river's embrace is a place.
Abrazo,the embrace.
Brazos is "arms.
" We embrace something with our arms the rivers are the arms, and where they meet, that would be the embrace.
So she drowns them where the rivers meet the confluence.
Kelley point park.
- How far is that? - 15 minutes.
We have until midnight.
After that, she's gone.
Where is it? About a half mile down the road.
- That's them.
- Hey! Don't do it! Don't! No, no, no! Stop! We're police! You'll be all right! You don't! Get the kids! - Police! - We're police.
- Step back.
- You're safe now.
We can take you to your families.
Nick! - Nick, are you okay? Nick? What happened? What happened? I had her, Hank.
I had her And then she wasn't there.
- Where is she? - I don't know.
It's one minute after midnight.
Where's my dad? How did we get here? It's okay.
- Mom! - Oh, dad! We were so worried.
Just just just unbelievable! We believe in ghosts now? We won't know for another year.
Hey, Nick, Hank.
I have a couple of pissed-off FBI agents in the other room.
Well, that's too bad.
- You took a big risk.
- Wasn't just him, captain.
Oh, I know.
At least you got them back.
And what about Valentina? We're not gonna press any charges, considering.
And what about the feds? We couldn't have done it without her.
Like I said, they're not happy, but they're not stupid.
We'll just throw a little credit their way.
I'm not choosing between anybody.
This is so awesome.
I know, right? Dude, we should we should totally post this.
You can't post this, you idiot.
It's, like, evidence.
- Play it again.
- Yeah, come on, play it again.
Hey! Give that back! When you pay for my window, I'll be glad to give it back.
- We're not scared of you.
- Yeah.
Really? Hmm.
Well, how about now? Aah! Trick or treat.